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Her Secret Fantasy

A womens secret fantasy that comes true.

Jack and his wife Ann, went shopping at a high end store. Jack went with the idea of replacing his wife’s wardrobe because she had gotten a new job. Ann, however wanted to satisfy on of her fantasies, but never told Jack what it was. She felt the surprise might make the experience that much better.

Jack didn’t like to shop to much because Ann is always running around from store to store trying to get the best deal possible where as Jack goes into the store knowing already what he is going to get before he steps inside the store, so he is out real fast.

They both enter the store hand in hand. The greeter at the entrance of the store said, “Good morning.” Jack and Ann both acknowledged the greeter in return saying, “Good morning” simultaneously giggling as they past the greeter almost as if they were a new couple just starting their relationship.

Ann wonders around the store taking her time browsing through the selections; occasionally picking something out from the racks. Ann picks up a skirt from the rack and turns to Jack.

“What do you think?”

Jack is giving her a good look over trying to decide if he likes the skirt. “Hmm. I think it’s one of those that you need to try on before I can weigh in. It’s hard to tell from here where the skirt will end, and how it will look on you.”

Ann just smiles at the response. She continues to shop while Jack keeps looking at his watch, just watching the time go by. Ann notices this, but instead of getting mad she wants her husband to be happy to come along shopping and spending time with his beautiful wife.

“Okay babe. I’m going to try these on. I want you to tell me what you think,” said Ann.

Ann approached the fitting room area with Jack in tow right behind her. “How many clothes do you have?” asked the lady behind the desk.

“Eight,” responded Ann.

They lady gave Ann the number eight signifying that she had eight articles of clothing inside the changing room stall. Ann walks in behind a curtain and follows the hallway as it bends to the left for more privacy. She glances around to see all the stall doors are open indicating no one is inside so she picks the middle room on the right hand side.

Ann changes into a white skirt with the matching blouse. She stands in front of the mirror with a disappointed look on her face, obviously not liking how the outfit clings to her body as she had hoped it would. She goes back into the changing room to change into another outfit. Next she tries on a Khaki colored micro skirt with a black blouse that purposely left the top few buttons undone to show off her voluminous breast.

Ann looks into the mirror and is very pleased with how she looks. She hopes that Jack will fill the same way as she exists from behind the curtain. Jack wasn’t able to speak at first taking everything in her beauty from top to well skirt. “You look absolutely amazing,” Jack said and watched his wife light up with a smile.

Just as she was about to head back into the dressing room area, the lady who was behind the counter had left to assist another customer. Ann seizing the opportunity quickly motioned for Jack to follow her, which he was more than glad to.

Ann walked into the stall and waited for jack to follow her lead, but he didn’t, so Ann grabbed him by his shirt and force him into the stall. “Sit down, and what ever you do. Don’t make a sound,” Ann said.

Ann pushed his legs apart slightly, giving her enough room to rub her sweet ass up and down his crotch area making him gasp with excitement. Her moves became faster and she added a bit of a twist to her sexy lap dance as she moved her skirt rode up a bit higher and her panties were now on full display.

Ann stands up and grabs her ankles as if she was stretching her back. “I want you to pull down my zipper with your teeth,” Ann whispered seductively. Without hesitation, Jack immediately lunge forward, gripping her zipper with his teeth, and pulled down revealing her sweet ass covered in a red thong panty. The skirt drops to the ground. Jack sits back up waiting for what is next until he heard a commotion heading into the changing room area.

How could Jack’s luck be that bad he thought to himself? It sounded like someone was trying on clothes the stall across from where they were.

Ann turned around and just smiled at Jack, knowing he now is put in a position that you had secretly wished for. “Remember, if you stay quiet they won’t know anything is happening,” said Ann as she whispered into Jack’s ear.

Ann then straddles Jack erection with her went pussy lips dripping into her panties await to feel Jack’s hard throbbing rod at the entry. Knowing that he wanted to feel more, Ann undid his zipper, and fished through his pants to pull out his cock.

Ann began to stroke Jack’s cock slowly driving him crazy, making sure that the tip was place at her glory hole feeling the moistness from her inviting pussy. Stopping only to rub his cock around her wet panties to stimulate his sensitive head. After all, you have to make sure that you don’t leave nothing out.

Ann then turned around facing away from Jack, pushing her panties aside and slowly sat down on his erect throbbing cock all the way down to where she felt his balls on her ass cheeks. Ann begins to fuck him slowly. Swaying her hips in a circular motion that she knew Jack loved as he watched her dimples in the small of her back.

Jack totally forgot where he was because he suddenly tensed up as the door across from where they were opened up and heard the sounds of high heels clicking on the floor heading towards the mirror. This didn’t faze Ann not one bit as she continued working on her man with a huge grin on her face.

Ann leans backwards arching her back closer to jack moving her left arm behind Jack’s head as she passionately kisses his cheek and neck while still moving her body seductively.

“Tell me when you are getting close to cuming. I have a special treat for you,” Ann whispers into his ear softly.

Ann then leans forward again placing her hands on either of Jack knees and begins to ride him up and down a bit faster. Sensing how turned on he is, she pulls his cock out turns around places his cock between the fabric of her panties and her wet pussy lips. Ann rides his cock up and down, but focuses most of her moves on that sweet spot just under the head knowing that is Jacks weak point.

Jack’s breath becomes more rapid as his heart beings to race. Ann places one finger across his lips to quiet him down because they was still someone in the dressing room area. Ann rubs her clit vigorously with Jack’s cock making her cum harder than she has done in the past.

Ann trembles as her eyes roll back. She paused to let her orgasm subside a bit, but that only made Jack more frustrated because he to was close to orgasm. Ann leans in for a passionate kiss on the lips and is met with Jack’s lips in return.

Jack slips his thumb under Ann’s panties to reach her clit and moves his thumb in a circular motion to give his hot wife another orgasm. Ann continues to hold the kiss and she rubs Jack’s cock vigorously, grinding her pussy at the same time, bringing Jack close to cuming again with seconds.

Jack grabbed Ann by her waist and gave it a good squeeze as an indication that he was about to cum. Sure enough, less than a minute later Jack lets his seed fly out of his cock in record pace filling up her panties with his warm seed as Ann cums again.

“I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you taking me out shopping when I know that you would rather be at home watching the football games,” Ann whispered into Jacks ear.

Ann changed back into her clothes while Jack shove his now softening cock back into his pants and zipped it back up.

Ann left the dressing room first to give the clerk her items. “I didn’t like the way they fit. Is can you look in the back to see if there is a smaller size of this white skirt?” asked Ann.

“Sure thing hun, I will be right back,” responded the clerk as she quickly whisked away from her post.

Ann watched as the clerk left to check for her. She quickly got Jack out of the stall and back to the main floor as if nothing happened.

“I will meet you in the car,” said Jack.

Jack went to the car reviewing what had happened. Then it hit him that his wife still has his warm seed in her panties. That thought alone turned him on again. Ann returned to the car.

“Please show me what I did,” demanded Jack.

Ann was all to willing to show him her wet spot. She even rubbed it in a little and pulled out her finger to taste it. “Now that taste good,” Ann said smiling.

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