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Hiring a new Assistant

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A great train pleasure.
It all happened few months ago during the summer when it was an awfully hot day. I left work early around three o'clock in the afternoon. My car had broken down a few days earlier and I had to take a train to get home. I had left the office and went straight to the train station. Both the station and the platform from where my train was leaving were crowded with people as it was rush hour.

The day had started badly for me and I was in a bad mood. I was keeping to myself, listening to music from my ipod and was not paying attention to others around me. However after few second I had the feeling that someone was looking at me. So I moved my head around and saw this handsome man standing a few meters from me. I could see from the lust in his eyes that he was undressing me in his head.

I should mention that whenever I am in a bad mood, I wear a really short skirt, barely covering my tight ass. It makes my mood that much better knowing that men will enjoy the view and lust after me. This particular day I had picked the shortest one and matched it with high heel boots over the knee, a white shirt and a light coat. I had dispensed with a bra and today I was wearing a tiny sheer white g string. I felt good about my appearance. I looked at this handsome, tall, dark haired man for few seconds and then went back to my music and my own personal thoughts.

Finally the train arrived and crowd on the platform started getting in trying to find seats. I moved slowly as I hate a crowd so I was one of the last to get onto the train and of course found the train packed tight with people. Somehow I was able to find a spot where I was able to stand although I had no room to move around owing to the number of people standing around me like sardines in a can. The train started to move and those standing moved with it. I suddenly felt someone leaning up against my back and buttocks. As the carriage was so crowded and everyone jammed in tight, I realized that there was no chance for me to find a place where I would not be touched by others around me so I didn’t say anything and went back to my thoughts and music once again.

However I was unable to concentrate on my thoughts as this person continued to rub up against me and I could feel his breath on my neck. Every time I moved a bit the person moved with me. I started to become irritated and turned my head around with the intent of being rude and mean to this person as I was annoyed at their behaviour. At the instant I turned my head around on that instant I felt the person rubbing his hurdles against my ass, and that made me even more annoyed and I had every intention of lecturing them about good manners.

To my complete surprise the person giving me all this attention was none other than the handsome man whom had been lusting after me on the platform before the train arrived. I needed something to get me over my bad mood, and decided that this maybe just the way to brighten up my day. I moved my ass a bit over his hurdles and from my actions he understood exactly what I wanted and had my approval to proceed.

While moving my ass into him, I felt his cock getting harder and bigger by the second. I too became aroused through the excitement of being in a public place and engaging in sexual activities with a total stranger. My cunt was getting wetter and wetter. I moved my hand behind my back and touched his cock which by then was hard as a rock, full erect and I could feel it pulsing in his pants.

He started kissing my neck and I lifted my skirt and took his hand and moved it between my legs. He could feel how wet my cunt was as juices flowed down from it onto my inner thighs. He took his penis out from his pants and put it between my legs. I so wanted his cock and needed it in my cunt. He teased me for few seconds while he rubbed his cock over my soaking wet g string. He then pulled the g string to the side with his hand and put his hard throbbing cock against my cunt hole. As the train was moving and shaking along the rails and with others in close proximity to us, we both knew it was not going to be easy to fuck. We both wanted it to happen as we whispered dirty thoughts to one anther, my hand on his cock and he fingerfucking my wet cunt. I so needed his cock buried deep inside my pussy. As the train lurched one more time he entered me and started to move all of his hard thick cock inside me. What a feeling, I wanted to scream, but there were people all around us. We moved with the train. I was so turned on and having sex with a total stranger in a public place was making me even hornier.

Two station stops later I could feel his orgasm building up and that he was ready to shoot his cum deep inside me. I could also feel my own orgasm start to build. Luckily some people got off the train at that stop and we were able to squeeze more tightly together. All of his hard cock was buried deep inside my wanting hole which made me feel that I was in heaven. I never wanted that feeling to stop as he continued to pound me, however I knew that he was so close to blowing his load inside my cunt. He came hard inside me, moaning as he did and I felt his hot cum shooting into me, deep and such a big load. I wasn't quite ready to cum at that stage however I told him he must make me cum before our journey was over.

He kept his cock inside my pussy for a short while longer then removed it from my well used cunt as we were concerned that others would notice our sexual play and complain to officials. His sperm was dripping from my cunt onto my inner thighs. I told him again that I needed to cum and that he must satisfy me. I also knew that he wanted more of me, the woman he had lusted after just a few minutes ago on the platform never dreaming that his fantasy would unfold this way.

Somehow a seat close to us became available. He kindly offered me the seat however I had other ideas in my mind. I pulled his arm and made him sit and I then sat on his lap. We made sure that others did not notice what was happening as I raised my ass just an inch and he again took out his cock from his pants. He pulled my panties to the side and there he was, again inside me hard as a rock pumping away at my cunt. This position was much easier for us as the shaking and moving of the train was assisting our fucking as we moved in a way that just an inch of his hard dick was coming out of my pussy. Again I felt in heaven with this beautiful cock inside me. I was so close to cumming and he could feel my orgasm building. He started to move faster pounding my pussy as my cunt lips tightened and squeezed on his cock. His cock started pulsing and shooting cum once again into my cunt as we came together. I wanted to scream out loud from the pleasure this man and his cock had given me. I could however only take a deep breath and let it out, as his cock continued to be deep inside me. I didn’t want to stand up nor did I want his dick to leave my pussy, but I had to, my station was next.

As the train came into the station I stood up, covering him for a second so he could put his cock back in his pants. I then started to move towards exiting the train. I wanted to look at him once again. I wanted to say something to him so I turned around and looked him deep in his eyes and said “thanks” and I then left the train.

When I got home I was in a great mood. I took some papers that I had brought home from work in the hope that I would complete my work obligations that evening, however I could not concentrate on work as my mind kept drifting back to that amazingly handsome man and his gorgeous cock. The work was left unfinished although my plan before taking the train was to look at some CV’s of potential candidates for my assistant's role who were coming to my office next day for interviews. I decided not to review that evening and I sat on the sofa, opened a bottle of wine, listened to music and thought about the train incident until the end of the evening.

Next morning, I got up in a great mood and went to the office. I hated interviews but I desperately needed an assistant. I had decided not to look any of the CV’s and just to take the one individual who made the best impression on me and was qualified for the role.

You can imagine my total surprise when the third person who entered my office for their interview was that handsome man from the train.

Guess who I hired….....
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