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Holidays, and Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle

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Contributing Authors: Organplayer1 
He wanted her to experiment, and had no idea what he started!
So we are in our room by the ocean,and you’ve just returned from a visit downstairs. You always like the upper floors so we took the 23rd. I pour us a drink and you take a sip. Our eyes meet and I see a look that sends blood racing to one place, and that always feels good. Licking your lips you lower your glass.

"I think I'll head out to the balcony," you say as you turn and with an elegant flick of your wrist, toss a pair of panties at me. "Do try and prove useful," is tossed over your shoulder as you turn and walk outside.

I watch your sexy ass as you walk away, heels and short skirt exposing delightfully long legs that go all the way to heaven. I look down at the panties in my hand and as I suspected they are the pair you were wearing today.

And they are soaked.

My cock thickens as I bring them to my face and deeply inhale your hot wet sex. The scent is different I note, a momentary pause as I inhale again. More musky than the usual cast-offs you offer me, like freshly fucked pussy...

I look out to where you are standing on the balcony, leaning on the railing. I know my role in this passion play. You are feeling yourself and want me to ‘service’ you. Your hair wafts in the light summer breeze, and I can see you are unbuttoning your soft white cotton blouse rendering your beautiful breasts available for all to appreciate. I love this blossoming you, something we’ve talked about, and I’ve encouraged. You lean onto the railing with both elbows and spread your long sexy legs, arch the small of your back, putting that sexy ass out there, and showing me just how you want to be taken. Looking back at me with that devilish expectant look that says, "You know what I want, so get busy!"

I'm nearly naked, as you requested that morning, only wearing the studded cock ring you gave me when we left for holiday. I have my hard cock in one hand, face buried in the new ‘toy’ you just tossed me, and frankly more aroused than normal for some odd reason. I approach you as though approaching an orgasm goddess.

With both hands I caress the curve of you ass through the sheer fabric of your scant excuse for a skirt. I squat down and spread your cheeks. You push back, indicating your approval. I repeat, this time with my hands up under your skirt. I lightly kiss around your rosebud and very lightly probe it with the tip of my tongue. My eyes close as I enjoy the taste and feel of you on my tongue. You simply hum your approval.

I spin around and shuffle beneath you, sitting with my back against the railing, and looking up at your glorious pussy I notice it looks a little plump, aroused, full. I lick my lips as I recognise that look, and think it’s probably from last night’s lovely escapades. I stretch my neck up and teasingly kiss, lick, and tickle my way up your silky thighs towards your waiting wet love nest.

"HELLO, Ray!" Shocked, I look back at the door to our room expecting to be embarrassed by who you are greeting but no one is there. Then I realize ‘Ray’s’ voice is coming from the balcony beneath us. That fucker was having some loud party earlier while my Niki was downstairs getting her hair done. Some girl was getting it pretty hard. I could hear her moaning and enjoying it for over an hour, and I admit I jerked off listening to it.

"Hello, Niki, good to see you again." Kissing and sucking your swollen clit I think, "Again? When was the first time?" Then you adjust your stance squatting ever so slightly to force your pussy down onto my mouth. You have never been this wet or messy before. My face glistens with your wetness. You growl to me so that only I may hear, "Eat me, babe, and if you make me cum again I will let you cum.”

Again! There's that word, "again". My cock is so hard and I am so fucking horny I almost didn't hear it. I let the thought pass and with the new challenge presented I attack the task at hand with a new passion. Sucking and flicking your clit with my tongue, I slide a finger inside you, and quickly add two more, your wetness amazing, and hot. I’m soon finger fucking you with all four you’re so open, the wetness running down my hands. You moan and hiss at me.

"Mmmm good job, you’re getting there." You grab my hair and start to grind your pussy into my face.

"Ray, I want to thank you and the guys for you help earlier today. You were all wonderful, and I really enjoyed meeting Jamal." I wasn’t surprised at the relative composure in your voice, you’d always had a talent for hiding what was going on inside, and it was one of the things I loved, that I knew just how horny or turned on you really were from the tiny telltale signs I’d come to know.

At this point I'm virtually fist fucking you, tongue working your clit, but I'm no longer in control of your pleasure. You have my hair with both hands and are humping my face with wild abandon, murmuring under your breath, "Eat me, eat me, eat me!" and only composing yourself long enough for a sentence or two to your new friend below.

"Ray, we'll have to do it again some time soon. Perhaps Marty can come and watch, or help you guys!"

"Niki, the pleasure is all ours. We're having some other couples over tomorrow. Perhaps you two would enjoy that?"

"I'm sure we will, Ray, and thank you, we’ll be there!" With that you come all over my face and cry out loud. “Oh fuck yyyeessss.”

I'm sure I hear Ray chuckle as he goes back into his room.

You release my head and fall, weak-kneed, back onto a balcony table, panting, sweat running between the breasts that are nicely framed by your blouse. Dazed and lustful eyes look down at me. My face is glistening, right hand dripping wet and left hand nursing a massive hard-on that’s dripping precum.

"Niki, it sounds like maybe you were the one the neighbor down stairs was partying with this morning. Did those guys you mentioned fuck you?" You help me up off of the balcony floor before turning and walking back into the room.

"No, Marty, they didn't fuck me." You pause at the door, look over your shoulder at me and smirk. "I fucked them, and I loved it. How'd it taste, baby?" I stared, a slow dawning starting to take place in my brain. "You wanted to experiment on this trip. You wanted to travel with someone who would keep up with you... push you.” You toss your head and wink. "Careful what you wish for because you let the genie out of the bottle and I'm not going back in!"

Turning, you continue to walk inside, your voice drawing me after you like a helpless fool after the pied piper. "I told you I would make you cum if you did me first and you did. You did a wonderful job," you purr as you crawl up onto the bed, a beautiful display of your pussy drawing my eyes to it. You remain on your knees, a glistening wet heaven on full enticing display. “Now get over here and fuck me while I tell you all about it!"

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