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Hospital Exposure

Hospitals are not concerned with modesty

A few weeks ago, my wife Dee and two co-workers were returning from a client meeting and while entering a taxi, the cab was struck by a pickup truck . Dee was thrown against a parked car and was knocked unconscious. Ted, one of Dee’s co-workers injured an arm and luckily, Joanne, the third member of the group was uninjured.

While Dee and Ted were attended to by the EMTs and placed in the waiting ambulance, Joanne called and told me what happened. I ran out of my office building and went straight to the hospital. Jim, one of my co-workers who I told what was going on drove me to the hospital so I wouldn’t have to bother with parking my car. I got there in time to go in with Dee, who was still unconscious. While I did the check-in procedure, Dee was taken to an ER exam room to await the doctor. I found her in a large room with eight make-shift exam stalls separated with cloth drapes. The drapes were not able to be closed completely and I could see people moving around the common area of the room. I looked more closely and noticed that I could also see into the similar stalls on the other side of the room.

Dee seemed to be sleeping as I stood beside her bed holding her hand. I glanced down to the floor and saw a familiar cloth in a basket under her gurney. A closer look showed it to be Dee’s coat and pants suit. I held it up and saw that it was in several pieces, apparently having been cut off of her. Searching the basket I found the rest of Dee’s clothes including her bra and underpants. I peeked under the sheet covering her and saw that she was completely naked. I was wondering if this happened in the ambulance because there wasn’t enough time for her to be stripped while I was in the check-in booth. Knowing that she and Ted were in the same ambulance, I wondered how much of Dee’s clothes removal he was able to see.

Suddenly, the drapes parted and a young guy dressed in scrubs came into the stall pushing a cart with various paraphernalia on it. He asked if I was family and I told him I was. He said he had to insert a catheter since Dee had not awakened yet. Two orderlies came in behind the guy and each took one of Dee’s legs and spread them apart as the guy lifted the sheet to Dee’s waist. There she was, spread open to the eyes of three strangers and to several people in the hall. I also spied Tom, seated on a gurney across the way. He didn’t see me because he was staring intently at Dee’s shaved, wide open pussy. We all watched the guy insert a catheter tube into Dee’s urethra and feed it to her bladder. He cut and attached the end to a small pouch and clasped the pouch to Dee’s gurney. He then took some salve and placed it around the tube entering Dee before the guys placed her legs back down and she was covered with the sheet.

I was stunned at the total lack of privacy afforded the patients and mentioned it to one of the nurses when she came in to check on Dee. The nurse said they were not concerned with modesty as much as saving lives. I let it go at that. By the time the Doctor came in to check on Dee, she had awakened, but was still a bit groggy. When asked if she felt any pain, Dee said that her right hip was hurting. The Doctor felt under the sheet and Dee winced a few times. He pulled back the sheet to uncover her leg and felt around some more than told the nurse to get her x-rayed. He pulled the sheet completely off of Dee and proceeded to feel and probe her entire body. I was mesmerized by Dee laying naked on the gurney and I finally glanced at the drape opening and saw I wasn’t the only one with the view. Several people on the other side of the room, including Tom ware watching intently. Surprisingly, I started to get an erection.

Dee showed she felt pain in her shoulder and the Doctor added that area to the x-ray orders. Now covered, Dee was wheeled to x-ray and I was allowed to go with her. It took six guys to get her on the x-ray table and, of course, the sheet came off twice. I was used to Dee being exposed by now that I didn’t react one way or another.

Back in the stall, we waited for the Doctor to review the pictures and he finally came in and said both areas, the hip and shoulder, were bruised, but would heal in a few weeks. However, since she was unconscious for a period of time, he wanted her kept overnight for observation.

After she got settled in her room, Dee asked me how I felt about her being seen naked by all those people. I told her what the nurse told me and she smiled. Dee shocked me when she said she actually got turned on by the experience. She said she almost had an orgasm when she saw Tom ogling her naked body. We found out that Tom watched from three feet away as Dee’s clothes were cut off of her. Turns out the EMTs thought he was Dee’s husband. Lucky Tom.

Later, Joanne showed up and told us that the police report showed that the pickup driver was under the influence and there would be a big settlement by the company he worked for. At least Dee’s ruined clothes will be covered. I’m not sure how much of Dee will remain covered, though.

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