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Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night

Two Lush friends get together for hard long fun sex.
I joined Lush awhile ago and met some wonderful friends. Within hours of joining I met a friend who became very close and dear to me. She was my first friend. She has followed me since I started writing. Hello's are exchanged every day. Chatting happened when we had time. We spent long hours talking about life. We got to know each other very well. We exchanged photos and email addresses. We exchanged story ideas and improved our combined knowledge of writing. She read all my stories and I read all hers. I spent time editing a lot of her stories. She has progressed in her skills as a writer. Her imagination and grasp of fantasy amazed me and everyone.

We chatted daily, and during one of our chats, Summer Jones gave me her full real name. With a little help, and some more information I got from the internet, I found where Summer lived. I asked her about it, and she got a little concerned, but conceded that I was correct. She dared me to come visit her. Visiting her was not a difficult thing. One thing that made it easy was that, quite literally, we were neighbors. She lived, and worked about 15 miles from where I lived.

One day as we were chatting, she confessed that her day was very tough, and she wanted a full body massage with a warm bath. We had exchanged phone numbers one day, so we could text and talk to each other. Today, she sent me a text, asking me to come visit her. I was already in her neighborhood, looking for her place. I found it and went into her backyard onto her patio.

Summer stood in her den, facing the patio doors naked. I almost tripped over a planter, as I walked up to the door. She started laughing, and would not let me in. I had seen many pictures of her naked, but nothing compared to seeing her standing there. As I was standing there, she was dancing around flaunting her body at me. Her breasts were bouncing and swaying. Her nipples were big and pointing at me. She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them, pushing them at me. As she was teasing me, my cock was growing in my pants. Her hands lifted her hair up and let it fly around her head. She put her hand down over her pussy and spread her legs to show me she was wet and ready.

She danced closer to the door, teasing me with her body, laughing. She turned around with her back to me, shaking that beautiful tight ass. I was watching her move, feeling my cock growing even larger and harder. She bent over showing me her tight little button and her swollen, wet, spread, pussy lips. She backed right up against the glass, leaving an impression of her pussy and ass on the glass. She danced away from the door, and turned to face me. She moved back to the door, and pushed the front of her body against the glass, leaving an impression of her tits, stomach and pussy again. As she stood there, she reached over and opened the door for me. Before I could move, she ran at me and jumped up in my arms.

She moaned in my ear, “I am so glad you are here. I so want to get fucked hard tonight. You are the one I so want. Get in here and get your clothes off!”

My cock was pushing hard against my pants now, and her pussy was seeking to get my cock. Our lips locked in a tight, hungry, deep tongue kiss. We kissed like that for what seemed like ten minutes. We were like lost lovers, who had not seen each other for a long time. Our tongues were probing deep, and trying to capture each other. Moans came from deep within our throats. Our bodies entwined to keep us together. I carried her with my arms wrapped around her into her den. I lowered my arms so my hands could grip her tight ass. When I did, she leaned back, broke our kiss and started to remove my shirt. She leaned her head against mine and kissed my ear.

She moaned, “I want to feel your hard cock against my body. Get it out of those pants NOW!”

I quickly dropped my pants and boxers to the floor, where I stood. Her legs were still wrapped around me and we were both naked now. She was singing in Arabic in my ear and I was grabbing and rubbing her tight ass. Her pussy was wrapped around my cock. She was moving her pussy up and down against my cock. Her clit was riding up and down the head of my cock. Every time it ran over the head, she would shudder. I could feel my cock getting wet from her pussy. I moved over to the couch carrying her with me. She did not want to let go. She was having so much fun.

“ This what you want Summer?” I asked.

“ OH YEAH! I want your hard cock next to me!” She moaned.

Her mouth was seeking my cock and she was hungry. Her hand had my balls and was rubbing them hard. My cock was aching from so much attention. She was a hungry tiger with a fresh kill and was devouring me fast. I was thrusting hard into her mouth, fucking her face. She was taking my cock down her throat, deep throating me and holding it there. Her mouth was sucking me hard, and her tongue was licking up and down the top and bottom of my cock. She was popping my cock in and out of her mouth with a loud sucking noise. I was moaning from the sheer pleasure I felt. I had never had such a strong and wonderful blow job in my life. She was AMAZING!

“ Summer, I AM CUMMING! I AM CUMMING NOW!” I moaned, as I blew a huge load deep in her throat. She took every drop and swallowed it easily. She raised her head and looked me in the eyes with a huge grin of satisfaction.

“ Was I worth the tease and the wait?' She asked innocently.

“ Summer you were definitely worth the teasing and the wait. That was the best I have ever had.” I practically yelled at her. “Do you still want the full body massage and warm bath?”

“ You better believe it! You ain't getting away that easy tonight. We have a lot more to do and I want my pussy filled with your hot cum several times.” She replied hungrily. “Right now I want to get dressed and go get some dinner. All the work today and this teasing has made me very hungry. I want some pasta and vodka/tonics .”

We got dressed, went out through her patio to my car, and drove to a small pasta place, that was her favorite. Dinner was wonderful. We drank quite a few vodka/tonics and ate a good hearty meal. We were feeling no pain when we left dinner. We walked to the car holding hands like two lovers. I stopped and bought a bottle of vodka, her favorite. We drove back to her place. As I was driving, her hand was stroking my cock in my pants. Her legs were spread, and I could see her clean shaved, bald pussy glistening at me in the reflected lights.

Wen we got to her house, we went back in through the patio. I got some glasses from her kitchen while she got comfortable. We opened the bottle and poured a few drinks. After two drinks we were ready to get it on. She had changed into her favorite black silk robe that hung to mid thigh. She had not tied it and I could see she had nothing on underneath. As I poured, she turned on some music and danced around for me. As she danced her robe spun open revealing her hard body. Her breasts were jiggling and her nipples were hard. The music paused and she stopped. She held out her arms to me, her robe dangling open.

“ Come take me. I am yours. Ravish me NOW!” She demanded.

I turned to Summer, and looked into her eyes. She looked back at me with a come hither look, begging me to ravish her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her tight against me. Our lips met again, and our tongues wrapped around each other probing. We kissed, and fondled each other. Her lower body pushed hard against me, feeling my hard cock grow against her. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pulled my mouth closer to hers. We turned, and fell onto the couch. We kissed and kissed for a long time. As we laid there, I ran my hands through her hair, and heard her moan softly. Our lips were locked with our tongues probing, and sucking each other. I moved my hands down her back pulling her tightly to me. Her moans came louder and more often. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

We sat on the edge of her bed, My hands went to her robe and took it off. As my hands moved down her body caressing her breasts and nipples, her hand was unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing. She removed my shirt and threw it across the room. We hugged, and exposed her breasts to the cool air in the room. As soon as they were released, her nipples sprung out pointing up and hard. I ran my thumbs over her nipples, as she rocked her head back, and let out a long loud moan. We kissed again and held each other tightly. There were moans rumbling from both of us now.

I bent my head down, and took her nipple between my lips, and sucked hard, probing it with my tongue. As my tongue rolled her nipple around, her hand had gone to taking my belt off. I nibbled on her nipple, and sucked it further into my mouth. She put her hands behind my head, and forced her breast further into my mouth. Her head was thrown back with a moan coming from deep in her throat. I moved my mouth to her other breast. I took it deep in my mouth, and bit down on her hard nipple putting it deep in my mouth. She screamed, but her legs were shaking. Her breasts were wet and her nipples were big and hard. She was getting ready, and I could see her eyes flashing with lust. She wanted me now.

“ Are you ready to get fucked Summer? I am going to make you groan and scream.”

“ Bring it on! I want you to rock my world!” She moaned.

Her hands went to my pants and unbuttoned and unzipped them. She pushed them to the floor and grabbed my cock which poked out of my boxers. I ran my hand down her hard stomach to her pussy. It was dripping wet. She was ready. Before I could put my hand on her mound, Summer was on her knees with my cock held firmly in her hands. She was stroking up and down my cock, watching the skin move and cock grow. She ripped down my boxers, and I kicked them with my pants to the other side of the room. She stood up, and pushed me, sitting onto her bed. I laid down with my legs hanging over the edge.

My cock was standing up with Summer holding it. She hovered near my cock, figuring her next move. Her lips and mouth went to my balls first. She sucked them into her warm mouth. It felt so good. I was starting to moan and grab the blankets. No woman I had ever been with attacked my balls first. My cock went rigid. Summer felt it happen and continued with my balls. She was working so well on my balls, that my cock was aching for the feel of her mouth.

“ How was that Baby?” Summer asked.

“ You are so awesome, Summer. No woman has sucked me the way you do. Don't stop.” I moaned.

Summer got on the bed with her ass pointing at me as she lowered her mouth close to my cock. She was so wet. She spread her legs over my face and moved close to my mouth. She was grinding her pussy against my mouth and filling me with her cum.

“ Baby eat my pussy hard. I am so wet and hot to feel you eat me deep.” She moaned.

I spread her legs apart and her pussy outer lips opened wide exposing her inner swollen lips. There was so much juice in her pussy it was dripping onto my face. I pushed my mouth against her lips and pushed them open. They spread wide and were pulsing against my mouth. I put my hands on her hips pulling her grinding pussy harder on my mouth. Her pussy was pushing up and down hard against my mouth. My tongue was deep inside moving in and out. Her pussy was flooding and I was licking it all away.


I moved my tongue deeper into her pussy. I put my thumb and forefinger against her clit and rubbed it. She started to twitch and move her pussy up and down against my mouth faster. I nibbled her clit and she screamed. I had never had a women be as vocally expressive as Summer. She was moaning, humming, screaming, and yelling. Her body was vibrating with every move I made. She was on fire. I was getting her so turned on and she was enjoying every minute. Her hips were slapping against my face and her pussy was flooding my face. I was licking as fast as I could. I could feel the tension building in her pussy as a large orgasm was building. She pushed down hard on my face and held it there as she flooded me with her cum.

“ OH, OH, OH, I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!” She yelled.

Her body shuddered for at least two minutes, as her orgasm spread. Her cum came gushing out onto my face, and I tried to suck and lick it all, but it was too much. Her pussy laid flat on my face as she laid still. Now it was her turn to ravish me.

“ Get up on the bed!” She said to me, as she moved to the middle. “I want your head on the pillow, and your legs down at the end.”

I moved as she directed, and my cock was poking straight up in the air. Her hand reached for my cock and started stroking it hard and fast. Her other hand was massaging my balls and making them get harder too. She was really stroking me hard and fast. This went on for five minutes. When she stopped, she looked at me and swung her leg over my body. She was now sitting on my stomach, looking at me. I reached up, and grabbed her tits, and started squeezing and pulling them. Her nipples got bigger and I pulled on them. There was fiery lust in her eyes. Her breathing had quickened, and her hips were moving back and forth on my body. Her ass was bouncing up and down just above my cock. She was shaking her head and her whole body in time with the music in the background. When the music stopped between songs, she rose up off my hips, and positioned her pussy over my rock hard, throbbing, cock. The next song started and she plunged down on my cock pushing it deep into her pussy.

“ OH! OH! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” She screamed. All the while, she was rocking, swaying, and bouncing to the music, my cock moving with her in and out. She was getting wetter and wetter and moaning louder. She was grinding down hard on my cock, pushing it deep inside her pussy. Our bodies were making smacking noises, as she rode up and down my cock. My hands were squeezing, and pulling her breasts, as they bounced up and down. We rocked like this for three more songs getting wetter and hotter.

I moaned to her, “Get on your hands and knees doggy-style!”

She quickly got off my cock, and presented her tight hard ass to me. I put my hands on her hips, and spread her cheeks apart. Her pussy was dripping wet, waiting to be filled again. I slapped her ass a couple times, and she groaned loudly. I put my hard, throbbing, wet, cock at her pussy lips. She rocked back and literally sucked my cock in. I was thrusting hard and fast into her hot, tight, wet pussy. She was pushing back against me, as hard as I was thrusting in her. Our bodies were slamming each other. Her tits were swaying and bouncing. I reached, and grabbed her tits, and squeezed them. When I pulled on them, she pushed harder at my cock, getting it deeper inside her.


I could feel her pussy getting tight around my cock and my cock was getting rigid. The rising noise was in my body as I built up to fill her pussy with my cum. Her pussy was grabbing my cock and holding it deep in her pussy. She was thrusting me back and forth and her pussy was sucking my cock.

I slapped her ass a few times and she screamed, “I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!”


I felt her cum flooding round my cock, just as I blew my load deep inside her, filling her pussy up. We kept thrusting in and out, as I emptied my cock, and she flooded around my cock. We stayed like that, until our flooding ended, and I had been sucked dry. We were both spent from our fucking, but we knew that the night was far from over.

We got up from the bed, and looked at each other. We still had lust in our eyes, but we needed to get clean. It was time for a shower. I loved showering with a woman. It was the best way to explore her body, but also turn her on in many ways. I knew from our chats, that Summer liked taking showers and having sex. I was ready, and she was willing. We walked into her shower, turned it on and got out the coconut body wash. I washed her body from head to toe, paying special attention to her breasts, ass and pussy. I covered her with soap and proceeded to rub it into her skin. Her nipples got hard, and I made sure I massaged them extra well. Next came her ass. I spread her cheeks and washed them well, including her button. As I washed her button, my finger slipped inside. She shuddered, as it felt good, and she wanted more attention there. I pushed my finger deep inside and thrust it in and out. As I did, she was moaning, and moving with me.

“ Don't stop thrusting your finger in my ass. It feels so good. I want to so feel your cock there later OK?” She said to me, looking back over her shoulder.

“ You better believe it Sweetie. I am going to pound your ass good.” I reply with a sly smile.

She turned to me smiling broadly. She grabbed some other body wash, not coconut, and proceeded to soap me down. She pinched my nipples, and pulled them hard. It felt nice, and did not hurt. She washed my feet and legs, and poked her finger in my ass. It was not an unpleasant feeling, but I did not like it. She reached down, grabbed my balls, and covered them with soap, and washed them gently, but with vigor. She soaped up her hands, and grabbed my now rising cock. She washed it gently, stroking it up, down, and twisting around it. I knew what she was doing, and it was alright with me. She was getting me ready, to fuck her ass in the shower.

She did not rinse my cock, but turned away from me, bent over displaying her button, ready for plunder. I put my finger inside her ass, making sure it was ready. She turned to me and smiled. I spread her cheeks and slowly inserted the tip of my cock in her ass. She held in a muffled scream, as I tore her open. Once I got my big cock head in, she relaxed, and it was easier. I slowly thrust in and out, pushing deeper with each thrust. She was moving with me, and moaning with pleasure. I started thrusting faster, and harder, and she kept up with me. She was now moaning louder. Her body was shuddering, as small orgasms took her away. I was getting harder, and feeling my balls tighten, and my cock get rigid. All of a sudden, I exploded, and filled her ass with my cum. She stopped, and shuddered for a long time. Her ass was throbbing around my cock, sucking my cum out.

“ WOW! That was the best fuck in my ass, I ever had. You made it such a pleasure. I am still shaking from it.” She cooed up at me.

We got out of the shower, after rinsing off. I took a big cotton towel, and dried her off completely. Her breasts and nipples reacted to my touch, as did her pussy and clit. This woman was a horny one, tonight. She was insatiable. I was in for a long night. As She dried me, my cock was rising. She was licking her lips. There was no other orifice for my cock to fill. I was sure, she would find something to do. I saw her smile, and smiled back.

“ I want my massage now. Let's get it started.” Summer said.

I put a mat covered by a towel on the floor. We were both still naked and horny. I was not sure how much of a massage we were going to get done, but it was worth a try. Summer came out of her room with a bottle of coconut massage oil. She laid on the mat face down, presenting me with her beautiful legs and ass. I put some oil on my hands, and started with her feet. I rubbed her feet and moved them around to loosen them up. I moved up her calves, and loosened them up. All while I was rubbing her body, she was moaning and moving. As I massaged behind her knees, she started to giggle, and her hips started bouncing on the mat. I slid up her outer thighs, and she started to moan louder. I rubbed her inner thigh, and she spread her legs, giving me full view of her pussy. Her pussy was glistening wet. We had just had a shower, and dried off, and she was already wet to fuck some more. I was surprised. She wanted me again. I put more oil on my hand, and rubbed her tight ass. It was so tight, it was hard. I slid my hand between her cheeks, and she opened up her ass. I massaged her hips and her back. Her shoulders were so loose that they rotated easily. I massaged her neck and her head.

She rolled over, and presented the front of her naked body to me. I started back at her feet and worked up to her knees. I skipped her upper thighs and pussy area. I rubbed her stomach, and she was moaning again. I rubbed her neck and shoulders. She was relaxed, but also turned on and ready. She looked at me with lust in her eyes. She was ready for a normal straight fuck. I rubbed her breasts and nipples. They got hard, and I pulled and flicked them. I tugged her breasts, and she started groaning. Her hips were rolling, and legs were spread, wanting my attention. She reached out, and grabbed my cock, and started stroking it hard.

“ I want this cock deep inside me NOW!” She groaned. “I am still so horny, and want to have you fill me again.”

She rolled on her side, and wrapped her mouth around me, and started sucking me deep in her throat. I grew quickly. She had my balls in her hand. She wanted me ready quickly. Her mouth was moving on me so fast. I was growing and getting so hard. She released me, and laid back down. She spread her legs really wide. I knelt between them, ready to cram my cock deep inside her. I paused just at her entrance.

“ Ram it in me NOW! I want to feel you deep inside me!” Summer pleaded.

I reared back, and rammed my cock hard, and fast, deep in her pussy. My hips slapped her hips hard, and we started humping fast. We were moving hard and fast and deep. She was pulling me deeply inside her and I was thrusting in hard. We were moving so fast and hard, that the mat was moving on the floor.

“ Let's switch to doggy-style?” Summer moaned.

We switched to doggy-style, and I continued pounding her pussy. She was screaming with pleasure, and pounded back at me. My cock was moving hard into her pussy. She moaned loudly. Our bodies slapped together, making loud noises. I was going faster, thrusting hard into her pussy. She was pushing back on me, to get me deeper into her. I felt like we were running a long race, and we were approaching the finish line. Her pussy was flooding around my hard cock. We were moving faster and faster. I felt her pussy throbbing against my cock urging it deeper. I felt her pussy trying to hold me in. I pulled almost out of her, and she moaned with the loss.

“ PUT it back in! I want you deeper, harder, and faster. CRAM THAT COCK IN ME! MAKE ME SCREAM!” Summer yelled.

“ OK Sweetie, brace yourself! I am going to ram my cock deep and hard into your pussy.” I whispered, as I kissed her ear.

I pulled out of her, and positioned my cock against her swollen lips, grabbed her hips, and thrust my cock hard and fast, deeply into her pulsing, wet, begging pussy. My hips slapped her hips with a resounding, loud slap. She grunted and screamed. Her pussy clenched my cock, and held it tightly. She had a big orgasm, and was flooding around me with her cream. My cock was held, like in a vise, as her pussy pulsed and squeezed me. I was, oh, so close to blowing my load. I started moving in and out in short, fast, hard strokes which kept her flooding. As she flooded, I was building up to blow a huge load deep in her pussy. My balls got rigid and the roar started in my head. It sped down through my body and poured out of my cock deep into Summer's shuddering, throbbing, pulsing pussy. The more I shot, the more her pussy sucked up. She was milking me so fast and hard. We stayed like that for a long time. She lowered her body to the bed, and I laid on top of her still deep inside. Her pussy was not going to surrender up my cock. I was her prisoner, held in the grip of her tight pussy.

We laid together for about a half hour, just enjoying being coupled. As our orgasms subsided we spooned. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping a breast in each hand. One of her hands was firmly holding my now limp cock. We fell sleep that way and ended up sleeping through the night.

“ Good morning Sweetie. That was some night last night. Did you get what you wanted from me? I got what I wanted from you.” I said as we woke up in the morning.

“ That was the best night I have ever had without planning. You really fucked me hard. My legs hurt and my pussy is still throbbing. I am ready to take you on again right now.” Summer said as she grabbed my cock and started stroking me hard. I rose quickly to the occasion.

I leave the remainder of what happened to you the reader to imagine.

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