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I love to swing, just haven’t found the right man to join me.
My name is Deana. I live right in the middle of corn country; Iowa City, Iowa. I’m sales rep for a major department store, with two cats and a dog named Cuddles. I stand five-five in heels, am a full figured woman, with long red hair, green-eyes, and a zest for life, love, and adventure. I was introduced to swinging six year ago by my now ex-husband and loved every minute of it. Or I did, until he got jealous of me having more fun. So I quit. He has since divorced me and married a younger gal. As for me, I am still the sassy, sexy redheaded woman I always was. I still want to swing. Just haven’t found the right man to join me.

His name is Robert, he is six-two, has salty brown hair, that touches his shoulder, greenish-blue eyes and a smile that light up the whole room when he enter it. He is the vice-president of the Hub City Brewing Company, Stanley, Iowa. He is divorced also, and an active swinger. He says he likes watching porn, and says that sex is a favorite hobby of his. He loves America, baseball, and apple pie.

It’s six pm, when I arrived at the Kiss Club in Des Moines, Iowa. The place is a friendly no pressure kinda swinging club. Most of the events are, ‘Come as you are,’ parties. They do not allow single men or women, unless they have been verified. I’m an active member having attended many parties with my ex.

Robert and his wife were members of the club, however she has since divorced him. That night, he decided to go by himself, after all he was an active member. He arrived at 7pm.

The club was illuminated, with soft lights, which dimmed when dancing commenced. The two of them were mingling unaware of each other.

He spotted me from across the room. I was wearing an aqua colored dress slit clear up the side, not showing much, but very alluring. He licked his lips, and told himself, ‘Now there’s a refreshing site, but she does looks awfully familiar, wonder where she is from?”

He moved toward me, stopping by the bar, and picking up an extra club-soda, knowing it would be a nice ice breaker.

I saw him walking toward me, his salt-n-pepper hair, lay in ringlets across his shoulders, and added to the handsome physique. My heart skipped a beat, and I told myself, ‘Now there is someone I could go for.”

He introduced himself, “Hi there, my name is Robert, and I thought you might like something cool to drink.”

“Thank-you, my name is Deana.”

We soon began to talk, like long lost friends. I told him about myself adding that one of my hobbies was writing erotica.

He smiled, “I love reading erotica, watching porn, and my favorite hobby is sex.”

“There is nothing wrong with any of that. I love to watch porn too, as it spices up my sex life in the bedroom, and I love sex I always have.”

“It’s unusual to find a woman especially your age that is into writing, reading, watching and doing erotic things.”

I chuckled, “It’s harder to find a man who is intelligent, and doesn't just yell can I get into your pants.”

“By the way, you look stunning tonight if you don’t mind me saying so, that color accentuates your green-eyes. You look familiar have we met before.”

“Thanks. I don’t think so. However since you read erotica, you might have seen my profile on Lush I am the author Kandikiss51. By the way, I also have sexy, erotic, pictures posted there.”

“Now I remember, that is where I saw you. Your pictures are very sexy. Do you chat on Lush too? I am looking for a woman who does a naughty kind of chat. ”

I laughed, and blushed, “I always chat naughty there after all it’s and adult site.”

“Cool well I hope to become one of your naughty chat friends.”

I winked, “I’ll look forward to that.”

“When you’re not involved in naughty chat, what do you like to do?”

“I write poetry, short stories, and read. I don’t care to watch TV, there is not much on worth watching nowadays. I love going out to eat, and going to the movies. I’m also a big Harry Potter fan. I don’t like to sit at home and wonder, now what do I do now? What do you like to do?”

“For one thing I am probably the only person alive who is not a Harry Potter fan. I have a son who plays baseball in college and I try to catch his games as often as I can. I’m also a die-hard Chicago Cub’s fan.”

“Oh, I don’t like baseball unless I am watching the game live from the stadium. I love to sit, and watch movies at home, or just snuggle.” I watched his reaction closely as I wanted to know what he thought about my next statement. “Sometimes I talk about sex on the phone, with a few friends. I’m very picky and have to know them for at least two years, because there are many weirdos out there.”

He laughed, “We all get picky as we get older. Around here I remind myself that every day above ground is a good.”

“I’m like fine wine, I get better with age.”

“Do you like hot-tubs?”

“Yes I do, I also love to swim. I go swimming at a couple’s house that is a mile from me. Most of the time, we don’t wear suits. After all I am also a bit of an Exhibitionist.”

He felt his cock twitch; ‘hum this could get very interesting he told himself.’

“If I remember it right, one of your stories said you played with both sexes. Naked all day at the pool has to be fun.”

I held up my breasts, “Yeah I just have to watch that I don’t burn there babies.”

He laughed. “I like big, beautiful ‘babies’.

I asked, “What is your favorite thing to do with a woman?”

“My problem is even at 59, if I am with a naked woman, or better yet two, I have a constant erection.”

I moaned softly and said, “Mmmm, if they were playmates that could be very exciting.”

He took a drink, “Well what do you want to hear, what I like to do sexually or otherwise?”


“I like to go to the movies, dinners, go to sporting events, plus pools and hot tubs. I love to go to concerts of the bands, we heard when we I was twenty something.”

My eyes lit up, because we had many similarities. “I love going to the movies, going to musical concerts in the park, I love 50, 60 and 70's music, always did, and of course country. I love hot-tubs and pools. I have been to a couple of the St Louis Cardinal games with my kids.”

He flashed me a devilish smile. “Now are you ready for the sexually part?” He paused. “Was that a yes to the other part of what I like?”

“Yeah, I was just thinking, because we like some of the same things. So continue with what you were going to tell me.”

“Well first I believe the women should always cum first and more often than me. I am of average length, and have above average girth, plus I can last a long time.”

I felt my nipples harden and my juices start to soak my panties. “Mmmm, I like men with stamina.”

“I like to start arousing a woman by touching, and kissing, nothing sexual, but yet sort of. In addition, I love to give massages. I would begin by rubbing her feet, legs, thighs, and then proceed to her shoulders, and arms. I give pretty good one, which usually ends with her very happy.”

“Oh, that sounds fun. I love giving and receiving massages too. I love to kiss a man, starting with his lips, and then use just my lips, tongue, and fingers, to turn every inch of him on....well almost. I save the best part for last. That is my favorite thing to do to a man. God we are alike in many aspects, hum.”

“If a women smells and tastes good, I like to lick her vagina and clitoris. If she likes it, I’ve been known to use a finger in her anus.

My body responded, and yelled at me, ‘I wish he’d invite me to his hot-tub, I need to fuck this man!’ “Yes, I love my ass done.”

“Then I would do it. I even like to tongue it when she is really aroused.”

I laughed, and tried not to show how hot I was for him. “Oh my god, when a man does that it sends me into orbit,”

“I would try.”

“By the way, I also love to suck cock, and yes swallow.”

I heard him gasp, he told himself, ‘I wonder is she like to leave here, go to my place, and join me in my hot-tub?’

“You’re making my cock stir now, because having it sucked might just be my favorite thing.”

“I’ve always loved to suck cock.”

“Have you done anal?”

“Yes, and if the person knows what he is doing, I love it.”

“Damn, I’d like to try that with a woman. I myself don’t like anything, bigger than a single finger in my ass while being sucked, the experience is just explosive.”

I batted my eyes, and felt goose bumps cover my arms. “I love to suck a cock, and tease a man’s ass with my finger, because it turns me on. By the way you are turning me, but then again, that isn’t hard to do.”

He knew then that Deana would play with him, in his hot-tub. “I also love to play with tits; I know that some women can cum with by having just her tits done.”

All I could think of was sitting naked when him in the hot-tub. “I get close to cumming when my tits are played. Depending on my mood and the guy I am with, I climax three or four times, and more. If someone bites my nipples while rubbing my clit, I will squirt cum all over them.”

He licked his lips, leaned into her, and whispered, “Biting your nips while rubbing your clit sounds fun to me. What do you think about going to my place, and my hot-tub?”

“I’d say, I thought you’d never ask.”

We left, and I followed his car to his place, my hands shaking worse than a teenagers on her first go all the way date. I spoke aloud, “Deana, are you crazy,” then before I could change my mind, I squealed, “No, I just need a good old fashioned fucking!”

When we got to his place, he was a perfect gentleman, and opened my car door, helped me out, and escorted me to the door.

He led me into the back yard, where the hot-tub was, and showed me were to sit. He then asked if I wanted a glass of Merlot.

“Yes please, and then we can finish our conversation.”

He disappeared for a moment, the returned with two chilled glasses of wine.

He pulled up a chair next to me, and we toasted, “Here’s to new friends.”

He took a sip and asked, “Can I ask you something?”


He looked nervous, and blurted out, “Does the size of a man’s cock bother you?”

I touched his arm, looked into his eyes, and replied, “Robert, I don’t care about cock size, it’s what you do with it that counts.”

“Do me a favor doll, rub your left nipple while I get fresh glass of Merlot, do you want one?”

“No I’m fine.”

“Okay, is that nipple hard?”

I sat my glass down, and purred, “Both of them are already hard. If we were in the hot-tub, you could pour that wine on my nipples, and suck it off. God, that is so arousing.”

“Well how’s about I skip the glass of wine, and show you were to change and find a robe. You don’t mind going el natural in the tub do you?”

I sat my glass down, and with an excited tone to my voice, said. “Baby, hot-tubs were made to use without clothing! I’m more than ready for some kinky fun!”

He smiled, and laughed. “Oh I forgot to tell you about my love of licking whipped cream from a pussy.”

I blushed, which is my normal color when aroused, and giggled. “Do you want that with a cherry?”

He chuckled then showed me where to change. While I changed, he took his clothing off right there on the patio. Then he moved the wine glasses next to the tub, and then climbed in.

He watched me walking out, and couldn’t wait to see what was under the robe. When I got next to the tub, I took off the robe and laid it on the chair. Hot-damn, she’s gorgeous, a full figured woman, with big tits, and trimmed bush, and red hair on her head and cunt, he thought.

“If you don’t mind me saying so baby, you’re beautiful. By the way your wine glass in on the small table to your left.”

“Flattery will get you every where.” I climbed into the tub, sat down on the little platform, picked up my drink, and took a sip.

He then informed me, “When I think I might be having sex all night a woman, I take a Cialis. That way I can have fun fucking.”

“A night of sex is fun, because I hate wham-bam sex.”

He set his wine glass down, and pulled me close. As our eyes met, his lips came down on mine, and we kissed passionately.

He then asked, “Deana do you have any toys?

“Yes a seven inch vibrator that looks like a cock, although I doubt they are purple.”

“Do you use it often?”

“Yes, sometimes three times a day, why?”

He almost dropped his wine glass, “Oh my, you are one sexy, randy babe! If you are cumming on average 10 to 15 times per week, you are good.”

If I wasn’t careful, I would climax too quickly, and I wanted things to last long into the night. I blushed, and then changed the subject
“Robert, I think you’re a sexy guy. What color are your eyes?”

“Thank-you. They are hazel, with flecks of green in them. The color changes depending on what color of clothes I wear. Many women say they are my best feature.

“Mine are green, but turn blue when I am aroused.”

“Mine appear greener when I am turned on.”

He pulled me close, kissed me hard, and growled, “I think we are going to have a lot of fun. Please sit that sexy body on the edge of the tub, and let take you over the edge quickly.”

I moved and sat with my feet dangling in the water. He picked up my right foot, and began rubbing it all around with his hands, kneading it softly. He did the same thing to the other foot.

Next he moved up my legs on all sides, not even coming close to my cunt, just concentrating on my feet to calves.

“Ohhh that feels good,” I purred as I relaxed, well part of me did anyways, because my pussy was screaming, ‘touch me!’

After that he did my tummy area, with a light tickle, arousing me even further. He then didn’t massage me where I thought he would next. Instead he moved, and run his fingers behind each ear for a couple of seconds.

“Does that feel good baby?”

“Yesss,” I hissed.

Following that, he brought his hands across the just the top of both my tits, then under each one.

“Oooh Robert that feels divine!”

He instructed me to position myself so he could get between my legs, and have access to my ass and pussy.

He moved his hands to my ass, without sliding the fingers between the cheeks, rubbed up and down. He then licked his finger, slid it between my buttocks, and began to tease my anus. With his other hand, he found my clit, and began rubbing it.

After a few minutes, he stopped teasing my ass, and continued to tantalize my clit. The other hand now caressed the labia, slowly, urging me toward my climax.

My whole body shook with delight. My pussy was dripping as if someone turned a faucet on, wow he was good. I knew if he kept this up I would cum like a freight train out of control. I arched my back and pushed my cunt into his hand.
“I can tell by your face baby, that you love what I’m doing. Are you getting close?”

I closed my eyes, shook all over, and hissed, “Yesssssss!”

“Good baby-girl, you do not mind me calling you that do you?”

“No. Oh fuck Robert, make me cum honey!”

He lowered himself to his knees, and began licking my clit while his fingers teased the lips and my anus once more. He paused only long enough to say, “Cum hard for me baby!”

His words pushed me over the edge and I shrieked, “Oooooooooh baby, I am cumming!”

He lapped up all my juices, then sat down, and took a sip of his wine. “Did you enjoy that?”

All I could do was purr, “Mmm, wow!”

He gulped his wine down, and confessed, “I will never understand a gay man, or even a one that is bi. However, I sure do like the ladies bi, sounds like a sort of a double standard, huh?”

“Not really when it’s a threesome.”

“What kind of threesome, MFM, or FMF?”

“I’ve done both, after all I’m pretty easy going when it comes to swinging, if treated right.”

“Which one is your favorite?”


“Have you ever been DP'ed?”

“I had a toy in each hole, plus a cock in one and toy in the other, but never two cocks. I plan to try it one day too.”

“You should.”

“I figured with the right playmate, I can have a lot of fun.”

“Yes you can, go for it girl.”

“Why not, I still consider myself sexy as hell, my divorce never changed that.”

His eyes twinkled with lust, “You are. Sexy is between the ears not in the crotch.”

“I know, some people just don’t get that. Sex is what me make it, if you want to have more fun, go for it, and make some.”

“Do you enjoy oral more from a guy or gal?’

“I like both, the first time a woman ate me, I thought I was going to pass out when I climaxed, wow! I also know a few guys who do it well, and send me into orbit.”

“Most women will tell you it is better with another woman, and part of it is knowing who is doing you. But again 90% is between the ears, again. I do it well, I promise.”

“Well you don’t have to prove that baby.”

“Have you ever got into any bondage?”

“I was tied up once, because the guy wanted to see how many times I could cum. OMG, I came six times in an hour, I think, as I lost count. However, he wouldn't let me tie him up, and I said that’ no fair.”

“I like a little bondage, no SM no pain. But I like it when the one bound is getting 90% of the pleasure.”

“I like it when there is nothing but pleasure involved.”

“Well if you tease me, and pleasure me, you are welcome to tie me up someday, and have your way with me.”

“Oh that will be fun to try. Are you ticklish?”

He grinned, “Not to much, but a little, and I wont tell you where. Are you?”

I giggled and blushed, “I’m very ticklish. I will find out where you are Robert, sooner or later.”

“I hate to sound like a lonely old man, but I have not met any gals like you before.”

“There aren't that many that let it go and just have fun. Life is too short to wonder about what did not happen..........make it happen.”

“Oh, sure I have gone out with a couple and three women, who acted like sex was a chore or a favor they had to do for you.”

“I was taught that sex is fun.”

“So was I by both my mother and father, they just said wear a condom.”

“When I came home from college on my first break in my freshman year, my dad asked, “You gettin any and how’s the pot?”

“My grandmother taught me about sex, as my mom, always went ballistic when some one merely mentioned the word, s-e-x.”

He wiggled restlessly, then said, “Since you had a cum break, I need a pee break. By the way, I don’t think I could ever get into golden showers.”

“It’s really not my thing, I’d rather fuck yah.”

“Fucking is a good thing, especially in a hot-tub. However, they are really better for head and hand jobs.”

“I have an idea, why don’t you sit on the side. I guarantee I’ll give you one hell of a blow-job that will make you see stars.”

“Yes it would.”

“I think every man should cum that hard...........otherwise sex can be boring as hell.”

“Agreed. Hey are you trying to get a rise out of me.”

“Sure why not?”

“Honey, one of my favs is to have my nipples licked and sucked, while a gal is giving me a super slow hand job with nice hot oil. The longer it lasts the more fun it is and I have shot cum for yards on one of those.”

“I have done that,” I winked. “Are you ready for some more sexy fun baby?”

“Please don’t be offended, but tonight was for you and you only. I want to meet you again, and next time, it will be your turn to do me.”

I frowned, I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. “Promise, you’re not saying that just so I won’t get mad?”

He pulled me close, kissed me hard, looked into my eyes and said,
“Baby, I don’t say things I do not mean. We will meet again, I swear, my dick will belong to you for the night.”

“Okay, are you free next weekend?”

“Let’s make it Friday night around 7 pm, that way……we have all evening to do what you want to do… me.”

I licked my lips, gave him the directions to my place, and told myself, ‘Robert is in for one very pleasant cock hardening surprise.’

Ch 1, Robert’s massage…

I was so excited Friday, I couldn’t think straight, all I could do was wonder what I would do to Robert first. Would I kiss his sweet lips, and fondle his cock? No, I’m going to give him a slow sensual massage and make him come so hard he will see stars.

Around five p.m. I fixed supper, ate, cleared the dishes, and then headed for the bathroom. I was going to shower, and pamper every inch of me.

As I ran the wash cloth over my tits, I groaned, and my clit screamed, “Touch me.” I fought the urge. I wanted to save all my energy or later, but then again, cumming would relax me. I chuckled and squealed, “Oh to hell it would, it would wind me up tighter than a spring on an alarm clock.”

So I continued the shower, shampoo my locks, and then shaved a few areas. I paid attention to my pussy, because I hated hair below my clit. Next I stepped out, dried off, and perfumed my erotic zones. Dried, and fixed my hair, then went to find a slinky outfit to wear.

I walked over to the closet, and opened it. A million thoughts went through my mind, what to wear, or not to wear. I finally settled on a silky wine colored lounging outfit, suitable for a back yard rendezvous. It was easily removed, sheer enough to be concealing, and accentuated my cures. I then picked out matching four inch ‘fuck me’ heel, went over, and set them next to the dressing table.
I walked over to the dresser to pick out a matching bra and panty set, but decided to go commando.

I then sat on the bed, trembling with so much excitement; I wanted to masturbate once more. Again I fought the urge, and exclaimed, “Calm down sweety.” As my mind rationally told me, ‘you’ll be fine, that’s it deep breath, there are we calm now.’ “Hell no,” I chuckled. I wanted to go get a glass of wine, to settle my nerves but decided not too. After a few minutes I decided to just go for it and get dressed.

I donned the outfit, sat down, and applied just enough make-up to accentuate my eyes and lips, after all they are my best features.

I checked my watch, 6:45p, time to hurry a bit, he’d be here soon.
I was double checking everything when I heard a knock on the door.

My body shook so hard with anticipation that I had trouble stepping into my heels.

I headed toward the front door, looked out, saw it was him, and opened it.

His eyes told me he liked what he saw, as he pulled me close and kissed me hard.

I returned the kiss with all the passion in me, and felt light headed.

“Hello gorgeous, you look sexy enough to eat.”

“Hi sexy, if you’re ready, I all set to go.”

“Doll, I’ve been ready since six am.”

“Well then, let’s not dilly-dally and waste time talking.”

He escorted me to the car, opened the door, I got in, and slid across the seat near to where he would sit. He walked around crawled into the driver’s side, turned to me, kissed me hard again, as his fingers caressed the silky fabric.

“Uh-uh, you need to wait, until we are in the hot-tub.”

“Aww, if I must, I will, spoil sport.”

It didn’t take us but twenty minutes to get to his place, and my crotch was moist.

He asked if I wanted a glass of wine, and told him that I’d love one. We toasted again.
He then took a drink and said, “I had something weird happen to me the other day.”

“Oh really, care to tell me about it?”

“Sure, I had a second date with this gal that I really liked, and I thought liked me. We went out for drinks, she looked great, and I had a really nice time. We talked, and I figured things were going well. So we left the bar and went to her place. We were kissin and huggin, when all of a sudden she said, “This is a far as it goes, I left my husband because all he wanted to do was screw.”

“Damn, that sucks; what a tease.”

“Yeah, what is up with some of these folks today?”

I chuckled took a drink of wine and replied, “I don't know, if I knew that, I’d be rich.”

“She was weird; she seemed really nice but hated sex, that’s no fun.”

“Yeah, no fun, at all,” I giggled.

“What did you do today?”

“Oh not much, worked on a story, talked to my dad, and a couple of friends. Why, what’s on your mind?”

“Nothing really.”

“How’d you like to join me in the hot tub for a massage?”

Without waiting for him to reply, I walked toward the house to get ready. Only this time I wouldn’t wear a robe. I took everything off, neatly laid it on the bed, and grabbed the beach towel provided for me. Next I looked around the bathroom, and spotted some oil, perfect for a massage. I concealed it the towel and walked outside.

When I stepped outside naked, he was already in the tub, and the wine, and glasses next to it. He whistled, as I got closer, he growled, “Grrrrr, come here sexy!”

I carefully laid the towel down, and climbed in. I moved into his awaiting arms. We kissed long and hard, and I felt his cock growing against my thigh.

I then reached for the oil and purred, “I found some oil to relax your muscles...all but one.”

“Oh nice, I’m up for a nice long slow cum.”

I poured the oil on to his neck and shoulders, and started kneading the knots out, slowly, with firm pressure moving my hands in circles. Following that I did his arms, and fingers, stopping only long enough to steal a kiss.”

“Mmm, that’s nice.”

Next I did his lower back, and then pinched his cheek lightly. “I don’t want you go to sleep.”

I than moved down to his feet, with soft sensual touches I began rubbing. I massaged his toes, foot, ankle, and calf of one leg, then doing the same thing to the other.

Next, I moved between his legs, making sure my nipples brush his oily skin, several times. I watched his reaction, as I turned him on with the massage.

“Deana, you are very good, ummmm, it feels nice.”

“Thank you, I do try to give a man a lot of pleasure this way.”

I massaged each knee, and thigh, making sure, I brushed his balls, but not really touching them. I did one leg than the other, and licked my lips hungrily, as I saw his cock growing hard.
“Lie on your back darling,” I purred.

I moved to his upper body, kissed him hard, more than once, our tongues doing the dance of lovers. Then I poured the oil on to his chest, rubbed it in. It was then I remembered he loved his nipples done. I tweaked his right nipple, licked, and sucked it in. I toyed with it for a while, then bit it, and did the same thing to the other one.

 “Ooooh fuck!”

“Mmm, I knew you’d like that!”

I then progressed downward, slowly, going near his cock, but not touching it yet. I shuttered, because I was as turned on as he was. I wanted him to touch my clit, but this moment was for him, not me.

I stopped, and asked, “Feeling relaxed baby?”

“Ooooh I am, please play with my nipples some more.”

I moved back up to his chest, played with his nipples, sucking and biting then, harder this time. I felt him jump and knew he liked it. “I love doing a man’s tits, mmmm.”

I then kissed him deep and hard, repeatedly, and cooed. “Baby, I love doing a man’s nipples, mmm.”

“Your lips feel so nice on them, and you taste heavenly doll.”

I was about to turn his motor up more than a notch or two, as my next step was his cock, balls, and ass.

Drizzling the oil on his cock, I started moving my hands all over it, slowly, up and down. I then told him to spread his legs. As I stroked his shaft, I leaned down and licked his ass.”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels so good!”

I stroked him harder, with deep long strokes as I watched his reaction.

“Oh fuck, please slow down baby I want this to last, don’t make me cum yet!”

I stopped, and moved up into his arms, and we kissed. The oil on his body lubricated mine, making my nipples harder, and my pussy so wet, the juice was flowing down my thighs.

“Mmmm, ooooh, you taste so good baby,” I purred.

He pinched each nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

“OMG, Robert I love that!”

 “Can I fuck your tits baby girl?”

“Please do, I love a titty-man.”

“You’ll love this,” He leaned down and sucked my nips.

“Mmm, oooh, yesss!”

He then reached down and started to play with my pussy and clit. “Please don’t stop rubbing my dick with your tits.”

I wrapped my tits around his cock, as his fingers tantalize my pussy, which was now drenched.

“Oooh I love the feel of your globes on my dick.”

My hands trembled as I slid my tits up and down the shaft, going slow, as I wanted to make it last…so when he did blow, it would be all over me.

“Hot-damn, that’s the way baby!”

I stopped, to kiss him hard. I then returned to moving my melons up and down his shaft, stopping several time, then repeating it.

“You’re driving me crazy.”

This time when the head of his penis came close to my mouth, I flicked the end of his cock with my tongue......then waited, and slid my tits up and down once more. Seeing the pleasure in his face excited me more.

With a shaky voice, he hissed, “Can I lick your pussy while you suck my cock?”

“Yes, let’s 69!”

He moved, I slid under him, grasped his cock, and run my tongue all over it slowly......teasingly.

He licked the outer lips of my pussy.
“Oooh, eat me baby, as I suck your cock….which I love doing.”

He licked me deep and slid a finger inside my hole.

I took his cock slowly into my mouth, as I wasn’t ready to make him cum....yet.

“I love to tease a woman.”

I didn’t answer, just licked my finger, and teased his ass, a couple of times. I knew that if I kept doing it, I’d have all of his cum, running down my throat, but didn’t want him to cum……yet. My body on the other hand was near climax.

“Deana, I know I’m taking a long time to cum, but keep going.”

“No problem sugar, I love it.”

I sucked him deeper, as I slowly rolled his balls, which were full.

He bit my clit, as I stuck a moistened finger in his ass. He quivered and shouted, “You’re going to make me cum!”

“I want you to”

“I want to baby girl!”

“Do it then!”

“You know my rule, girls cum first and often! Oh baby your mouth feels so goooooood!”

I sucked him deep again. He bit my clit again, my climax surged through me, and exploded all over his fingers!

I stopped sucking for a moment, and shrieked, “WOW!”

“Doll, keep sucking me please, I am close!”

I engulfed the shaft once more, while I slid my finger into his ass, fucking it as I sucked hard. “

Do it baby.....fill my mouth with cum!!!

“Please don’t stop!”

I nibbled the head of his cock, flicked the pee hole with my tongue, and swallowed the whole shaft clear down to his pubic hairs. I fucked his ass in unison of me sucking him hard as my tongue tickled the shaft and head, especially that sensitive area under the head….harder……deeper, as my index finger fucked his ass. Repeatedly, knowing he was about to explode.

I felt him tense up, and a growl escaped his throat. “Fuck, don’t stop I am almost there!”

I sucked him hard, as my mouth, fingers, and tongue, urged him to cum. I bit the head of his cock gently, as I held on to his hips, as he fucked my oral cavity.

“Do it baby...........cum!!”

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!”

My fingers squeezed his balls lightly, and I sucked harder, deeper, and faster!

“Do it Robert, cum for me baby!!!!!”


I swallowed hard not wanting to miss a drop, and felt the reward spraying against the back of my throat. I thought he wouldn’t stop cumming, but love it. My mind shouted, ‘Mmmm, oooh yeah, yummy!’

I licked the last drops off my lips and said, “Wow, you taste good!”

“Baby girl; what you did just rocked my world!”

We kissed long, deep, and hard. I then spoke from the heart. “You something Robert, I could really get used to this.”

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