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How It All Began Ch.05

How It All Began Ch.05

Jack extracts his revenge on Tanya with Fay's encouragement.
Reclined on the chaise longue, Tanya watched her young student straddle her lover. Idly she slid a finger inside her greasy aroused sex and Tanya devoured the sight of Jack's hard fat cock disappear into her student's cunt.

Jack threw his head back as Fay sat on his hot meat, it eased into her as Fay's pussy was ready for him. As she leaned forwards to squat over him, Jack watched Fay's wet pussy lips stretch over his cock. This thought of their audience watching this gratuitous display and the sensation of Fay's tight hole made him groan deeply. Fay plunged herself down again on it, splaying her plump labia with his girthy cock.

Pausing, Fay braced herself with one outstretched hand onto his chest. Mesmerised, Jack watched as Fay worked a slim, pencil vibrator into her arse.

Only soft breathless whimpers broke the air, Fay sat on his cock, grinding her hips to feed Jack effortlessly in and out of her. Fucking him in reverse, she leant forward as Jack witnessed Fay's tight sex working his fat hard cock and shining with her pussy juice. Looking to his side, Tanya had taken to feeding a substantial toy into her sex as she watched them perform for her.

"Fuck, this feels so good," moaned Fay sliding her cunt down onto Jack's hard cock again.

From her prone forward position, Fay leant back and slowly adjusted her legs to allow her elbows to lock. Fay's spread legs showed her puffy, scarlet sex, deeply aroused and very wet; she was content their audience would get a good view. Pushing Jack's substantial meat inside her again, her cunt took it more readily and a gratifying gasp eased from her mouth. From the corner of one eye, Jack watched as Tanya rose from the chaise to stand and leer at Fay's cunt working on his cock.

"Fay, you are such a slut," purred Tanya.

"My cunt was made to fuck," giggled Fay with an immediate return.

Jack's restorative powers had already kicked in and Fay gasped as she winced; feeling his full girth inside her. Fay slowed a little and several shallow in and out movements eased Jack inside her. Once his shaft was buried to the hilt, Jack moaned at being so deep inside her; feeling her wetness heated his balls.

"My cunt feels good doesn't it?" purred Fay.

"Fuck yeah," gasped Jack.

Feeling the bed move slightly, he could see that Tanya had joined them, "Mmm Tanya, yes! yes!" hissed Fay.

A sharp gasp and then contented moans filled the room; punctuated by small pants of delight. Jack couldn't be certain what Tanya had done to Fay until he felt Tanya's mouth sucking on one of his balls.

Jack could barely move, with Tanya's attention between Fay's legs, her body had become something of a dead weight. With only enough purchase to stab two, possibly three inches of his cock into her; Jack stuffed his cock into his young slut. With all the attention she was now getting, Jack knew that she was going to cum hard.

"Jesus, that fucking cock looks incredible, your pussy lips are stretched around it," gasped Tanya.

Fay tightened a little more, Jack knew she was on the way to her climax.

"Make me cum," pleaded Fay, "please make me cum."

More panting gasps from Fay filled the room, Jack could only suppose that Tanya was licking her clit.

"You want this cock to fuck me don't you?" purred Tanya, "Tell me you want to see it fuck me?"

Fay squealed breathlessly, Tanya's words had brought Fay's dirty mind into their deviant act. Jack knew that a debilitating, raucous orgasm was evitable.

"I want to see him fuck you hard." gasped Fay between snatched breaths.

A smooching sound of one hurried kiss followed another, then another.

Fay moans increased in volume and violence, as Jack took the weight of her leaden body and stabbed his meat to the hilt of her again. With increasing force, he plunged his hard cock into Fay's crimson sex. Tanya revelled in the sight of Fay's body so helpless and rapt in pleasure, sheened now in sweat, her hair matted and wet with exertion. With each of Jack's pressing thrusts into her, Tanya's mind turned to the creature fucking her; she felt her wet cunt in anticipation.

Tanya pressed her face into Fay's pussy again, flicking her tongue at her hard clit enjoying the taste and smell of their congress. Mere moments later, Fay's foul mouthed reaction told them all it was going to make her cum hard.

"You fucking dirty bitch!! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" squealed Fay breathlessly.

Jack gasped loudly as Fay's pussy spasmed violently; Fay moaned as his cock head hit that place inside her again. Emboldened now, Jack grazed the fat head of his cock shallowly inside her again and again as Fay body wrenched in a series of malevolent convulsions. Stroke after stoke yielding a more breathless half-paralysed whimper; a rolling, crashing wave of pathetic groans were gathering momentum.

"Yes, you fucking bastard, fuck my cunt, yes, yes! Y.Y.Yes!!" hissed Fay.

Tanya knew what was happening, fingers replaced her tongue and the sounds of muffled gasps for air were interlaced with the sound of messy wet kisses between them.

"You dirty fucking slut, cum on his fat cock, cover it in cream so I can suck it off," hissed Tanya.

"Fuck me Jack, keep giving it to me, don't you fucking back off now you cunt! Fuck me!!!" spat Fay.

"Mmm, that's it, cum on his cock, cum on it you bitch!" demanded Tanya.

Grunting hard, Fay body felt like a heavy rag doll on top of Jack as she exhaled rushed lungfuls of air and the sinews in Jack's arms strained to bear her weight. Remorselessly and without any finesse, Jack's cock found its mark inside her, again and again. With one colossal shake of her body, like the felling of a tall building, Faycrashed over the edge.

"I'm cum.. I'm," sobbed Fay.

Clasping her hips firmly, Jack gave Fay a series of merciless fast strokes into her cunt. It was fiercely tight as Fay bellowed a deep moan shaking violently on top of him. Her breathing rattled through her helplessly spasming body as Jack wrapped his strong arms around her.

"Yes, cum you nasty fucking whore!" encouraged Tanya.

Fay's response was only fractured croaks and gasps; her body shook intensely as the sinews of her muscles jarred and jerked uncontrollably. Jack let her collapse onto him writhing ferociously. Jagged tremors shook her petite frame letting out a long deep fractured groan. With one final push, Jack buried his cock up to his hilt and felt her cunt spasm on him relentlessly. Each seizure of her cunt squeezed and grasped at his steely hard cock demanding his seed. Sobbing for air, Fay yelped to feel the undulating contractions of her orgasm fight against the hardness of Jack's cock stuffed deep inside her. Gasping despairingly for more air, Fay bore down hard using what little strength she had to push her cunt down on Jack's shaft.

Jack's only retaliation was to impale his cock deeply as Tanya watched spellbound at his response to her crippling orgasm. Tanya dipped her fingers into herself as she witnessed Fay fucking his cock through her orgasm. With each slow stroke inside her, Fay's breathing became more controlled and measured.

"Mmm, there's a good slut," purred Tanya, "make him feel your pleasure."

"God I love that cock," moaned Fay breathlessly.

Jack pushed her upwards as Tanya pulled on Fay's outstretched hand; lifting herself from his cock. Tanya's hand held his hard shaft admiring the shiny coating of Fay's pussy juices coating his still stiff shaft. Jack moaned at the sensation of the wet velvety heat of Tanya's mouth sliding down on him to taste her young student's climax.

"Fuck!" moaned Jack.

Fay lay to one side of Jack, nuzzling his ear as she watched Tanya taking Jack's prone cock. "I wonder what they made of that. I wonder if they came with me?" whispered Fay.

Jack smiled and gasped helplessly, throwing his arms over his head as Tanya's attention on his cock overwhelmed him. Fay watched as Tanya's held Jack's cock, toying with it as she licked his shaft and sank her mouth over the head of his cock. Jack closed his eyes as Tanya teased and goaded his cock into staying fully hard.

As Tanya's mouth left Jack's cock, she slowly wanked him as she knelt up on the bed.

"Mmm, now it's my turn," purred Tanya.

Crawling up the large bed, Tanya rolled to lie between Jack and Fay and they looked to each other instinctively. This was their fantasy, an older woman to play with, to fuck and to use. They had rehearsed this in their fantasies many times.

Joining Jack in placing soft tender kisses onto Tanya's breasts and nipples, Fay placed a litany of soft kissed down her stomach and around the creamy smooth skin of her upper thighs. Fay looked up, looked first to Jack and then to Tanya as she smiled and placed her mouth onto Tanya's pubis. Tanya squeezed her eyes tight shut as Fay's slow and languid movements teased the sensitive skin around her Mons and labia. Parting her legs to reciprocate, Tanya moaned in contented approval as Jack watched Fay slide her tongue into Tanya's folds.

"Yes, yes," gasped Tanya.

"I know how much you want to cum," replied Fay wickedly, "I know how you like to cum."

Lying on his side, Jack was grateful that his cock was not required for now. He kissed and softly caressed Tanya's ample breasts fascinated by each piercing as he playfully flicked at one with his tongue. The undulation of Tanya's hips made her breasts sway slightly and Jack couldn't resist kneading them as he kissed her pouting lips.

Watching Fay and her tongue buried deep inside Tanya, Fay's fingers rubbed slowly on her clit making Tanya writhe. Looking up at Jack, Fay smiled with her eyes, happy to show Jack how she went down on a woman's cunt. Another groan from Tanya was matched by her body rising again and Tanya's urgent mouth met Jack's. In an effort to confine Tanya, Fay placed her hands on each of Tanya's breasts, pulling at her nipples and rolling them between two of her slim fingers. It was a feeble gesture as Fay quickly resorted to holding onto to Tanya's hips, the tip of her tongue poking under Tanya's clitoral hood making her buck faster.

It was a rush of stolen breaths, gasps and groans, Tanya's gratitude of Fay's attention held Jack rapt. Jack knelt up on the bed to watch Fay tonguing and sucking on Tanya's clit. Fay's fingers were buried inside her and Tanya pulled Jack to her mouth once more for a deeper, passionate clinch. Fay's arm was moving in a tempo that suggested she was finger fucking her with more urgency. Tanya groaned louder as Jack avidly watched Tanya's naked body writhing on the bed.

"You bitch! Bitch! Fuck!" gasped Tanya.

Tanya's hands pushed Fay's head into her sex as Fay redoubled her efforts with her fingers; adding a slopping and sloshing sound to Tanya's moans.

"Fuck my cunt!" spat Tanya.

Lapping at her sopping wet clit with renewed vigour. Fay's fingers made a deep slopping sound as Tanya groaned and started to shake.

"You bitch, you bitch, you're... you're.... y...," groaned Tanya

Fay's tongue flicked at Tanya's sex and made her whole body jolt violently from the bed. Tanya arched her back pushing her breasts tight against her body and then fell into the bed in a series of jolting tremors. Squeezing her body tightly, she crunched her abdomen as Fay's ministrations made her writhe in ever stronger waves grinding her pussy onto her fingers.

"I'm going to cum!" squealed Tanya.

Tanya lifted her hips from the bed and with it; Fay rose from Tanya's cunt leaving only her two fingers delivering a furious tempo into her cunt.

"Cum you fucking bitch! Cum on my fingers!" taunted Fay.

Tanya's pelvic bone rose and fell in rapid jerks as Jack kissed her, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Pushing Jack away feebly, Tanya gasped for more air and her breathing shallowed and stuttered. Trying to speak, Tanya's body lurched heavily and with her pubis pointed upward in a series of jolts and staggers, a deep groan left her as a trace of liquid fired from her cunt.

As she pushed her groin down to the bed, Fay's fingers quickly slid into her cunt.

"Squirt you bitch, show them how you cum!" shouted Fay.

Tanya groaned again, a wobbling crescendo of sound as she lifted her pubis again; her tight stomach muscles spasming hard. Her eyes rolled back as she exploded with another larger jet vented from her.

"Fucking 'ell!" gasped Fay.

Tanya let out a series of guttural deep groans as she writhed hard and crunched her body again from her midriff which made her breasts shake with the force of her climax. Fay placed her fingers into her again, Tanya's cunt sounded sodden and splashy and with more furious finger fucking, another groan left Tanya as she lifted her cunt from the bed again

"That's it fucking cum! Cum on my fingers!" added Fay with a clear delight in her voice.

Tanya squealed again as Fay's remorseless fingers slammed into her sopping wet sex, making a sloshing sound as she crashed back onto the bed throwing her head back and lifting her hips from the bed this time.

"Yes! Yes! You fucking slut!" rasped Tanya.

Tanya screamed as her body stiffened, each limb tensed, her back arched pushing her breasts taut across her torso. Jack watched spellbound as her body trembled with fine jerking motions that amplified into deeper, harder undulations of her body. With one hard unfeminine grunt, more liquid squirted from her cunt as Tanya's eyes rolled back into her sockets. With one more push of her body, she evacuated a smaller dribble of liquid and yelped pathetically as she collapsed into the bed.

In a mixture of astonishment, shock and sheer lust, Fay sported a massive smug grin on her face as she began to lap at Tanya's cunt to taste her juices.

"Fuck me," gasped Jack incredulously.

Tanya's body slowed measurably, breathless and her sharp breathing of soft sighs eased into longer contented moans.

"You beautiful, beautiful girl," gasped Tanya caressing Fay's hair.

Kneeling between Tanya's outspread legs, Fay was clearly pleased and moving to straddle Tanya. Planting soft, tender kisses onto her slightly breathless mouth, Fay and Tanya entwined into each other's arms for more intense, deeper kissing. Jack took in the sights of Fay on top of Tanya as she kissed and nibbled on Tanya's neck, ears and lips. Gauging the strength of Jack's cock first, Tanya took Fay's hand and guided it back between her own legs.

"Hmm, you are fucking soaking Tanya," purred Fay, "I think you could use some cock now couldn't you?"

Tanya nodded and turned to Jack.

"Lie down Jack," demanded Tanya.

Laying across the width of the huge bed, he watched as Tanya and Fay untangled themselves and provided the room for Jack to lie prone on the bed. With his cock almost upright and curved menacingly thick and hard, Tanya straddled him. Jack could see that they were in the full field of vision of that persistent camera.

Pausing for a moment, Jack wondered what on earth they would be thinking watching that. They had seen Fay fucking her pussy to orgasm, his arse fucked and Fay fucked to another potty mouthed orgasm. To top that, Tanya had been fingered into squirting onto the bed and carpet.

"He is a big boy! Watch me take it all in," asked Tanya.

Feeling the firm grip of Tanya's hand on his cock, Jack let out a moan of anticipation. Fay wanted to watch Tanya spear herself onto his burgeoning cock. As she penetrated him, Tanya took his whole length in one slow movement into her. As soon as she felt the hilt of his cock pushing against her sex, Tanya slowly starting riding his cock. Jack moaned again at the heady senses of Tanya's slow fucking completely engulfing his cock again and again. Looking at Tanya's womanly body, her breast swung slowly as she slid up and down on his fully engorged cock. Reaching out to knead them, Fay sat watching from the side of the bed revelling in the sight.

Riding on Jack's cock took some concentration from Tanya, it felt filling and the sensation from riding such a fat and rigid piece of meat was different from her usual diet of vibrators and dildos. Tanya savoured it and felt a slight spasm from her hungry cunt. Looking down to watch his cock impale her, Tanya squatted over Jack's cock in a gratuitous exposure of her sex filled with his meat. Fay gasped, watching her lover's cock slide with increasing effortlessness into Tanya's crimson sex.

"You fucking bitch Tanya, look at that fat cock in you," exclaimed Fay "Your pussy lips are so tight around it.".

Tanya gasped as she placed her full weight onto Jack burying him completely. For Jack, Tanya only felt imperceptibly more accommodating that Fay, her body felt softer and more cushioned. His cock felt hotter insider her and much wetter. Jack groaned to the attention Tanya was giving to his cock, rubbing her cunt up and down his pubic bone, riding him brazenly.

"God, he is thick. How do you take him?" asked Tanya.

"I have to be very wet, he makes me cum just with his cock," replied Fay softly.

Jack could feel a shift of weight, Tanya was leaning back.

"Watch your man's fat cock sliding in and out of my cunt," demanded Tanya.

"Fuck Tanya, you are creaming," gasped Fay, "you filthy bitch, it looks made for you."

A series of smooches followed between them as Jack watched Tanya and Fay share a collection of passionate kisses.

"Finger yourself for me, I want you to cum watching us." demanded Tanya.

"Fuck!" gasped Fay.

Jack moaned again as the sensitive head of his cock could feel the slightly rough nature of the spongy muscle inside Tanya's cunt. Arching her back, Tanya moaned again as after several strokes, Jack was hitting that spot over and over again with the head of his cock.

"Yes, Jack, there, right there, don't stop," moaned Tanya.

Tanya ground on his cock rubbing her sex on the hilt of his cock, grinding her clit onto his smooth pubic bone. Jack replied by pushing his cock upward filling her again, at the apex of his push, Fay's whimpering filled the air.

"Oh God..., " gasped Fay again.

"You always were a horny bitch for a vibe on your clit," laughed Tanya.

Fay was squirming a little now as she consumed the scene in front of her. Using what leverage Jack had, he pushed himself into Tanya and the spring of the mattress providing added assistance. Fay watched transfixed at the sight of Jack's cock sliding into Tanya reddening cunt. Her eyes alternated between watching Jack's cock sawing into her and the look of ecstasy on Tanya's face. Fay's approval for their performance was measured by the sound of a vibe being passed over Fay's clit.

"You cum now bitch," demanded Tanya.

To provide inspiration, Tanya leant back, showing Fay how Jack's cock fucked her. Her taut stretch showed off Tanya's statuesque body with her smooth sex splayed by Jack's fat meat.

"See?" demanded Tanya.

Tanya using her experience gave Fay an explicit view as she lowered herself onto Jack's cock, the position making groan deeply. The fat girth of Jack's cock didn't just hit that spot now, it was rubbing its length all along it. The amplitude and pitch of the vibe varied as Fay devoured the sight in front of her.

As Fay started gasping between sobs of air, Jack's determination to fuck Tanya made Fay moan only more deeply. Forcefully Tanya held Jack in place, as Fay watched his hard cock gliding in and out of her flushed sex. Tanya had trapped her sexual animal underneath her body and was now grinding her beautiful sex over Jack's cock to gratify herself. In Fay's eyes, Jack had been tamed and his education had graduated to the next step. Each time she shared him, she would spectate as they put Jack through his paces using his cock or arse. With one last push of the vibe on her clit, a breathless Fay started squirming.

"Shit, shit! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" groaned Fay.

Fay groaned hard and tensed again as Tanya pulled on Fay's hard nipples. Gasping for air again, Fay took her orgasm as her calves clenched and she drove the vibe deeper into her sex.

"Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!" Fay squealed.

"Yes, watch his cock in me!" demanded Tanya. "He is such a good fuck."

With a shuddering large force, the strength of which surprised Jack. Fay leant back and pushed her pubic bone forward, gasping for air and the vibrator unlocked another orgasm from her clit. Fay threw her arms around Tanya's neck as she came hard.

Pulling the vibe from herself, Fay tenderly fingered her sex. Each softer intake for air was marked with a whimper from her mouth as her orgasm ebbed.

Tanya lifted from his hard cock and Jack looked to see it held firmly in hand. Fay slumped forwards lying next to Jack and he admired the sight of her flushed prone body.

"Fucking hell Tanya, that was so good," gasped Fay.

"Hmm, that is a special cock," interjected Tanya avidly looking at Jack's cock, "I can see why she is such a good slut for you. Get on top now Jack, I want to feel you fuck me."

Tanya lay right back and spread her legs ready to receive him as Jack positioned himself. Taking his cock in her hand, Tanya guided it into her, holding the base to limit how much he could fill her with it. Holding himself up, Jack could feel Tanya's stockings against his legs as they locked around his.

Easing his cock into her, Tanya's eyes widen and her nostrils flared as she expelled air in protestation.

"Fucking hell Jack, slowly!" yelped Tanya.

Jack smiled, slowly stabbing his cock in and out of her to get Tanya to accommodate it again. Tanya moaned fully with each slow impaling push into her until Jack's pubic bone met hers.

Tanya grabbed Jack's arse with her hands, pulling his cheeks apart and clearly using the grip she had to direct Jack and his tempo.

Looking in her eyes, Tanya's arousal had now flushed her torso with blotches of red and her nipples were red and hard. She moaned as Jack took one and playfully bit it gently, his hips making the short thrusts needed for Tanya to moan her approval.

Jack pushed against Tanya with more energy now and each of his long thrusting movements increased in tempo. Using his knees, his legs adjusted against Tanya's own to provide him with the necessary leverage he needed. It was all he needed for Jack to begin pounding her sopping wet cunt with more malice. Tanya responded by pushed her manicured nails into his skin, and through gritted teeth Jack continued. Tanya moaned louder now and her nails stopped applying almost skin tearing pressure. Responding with a hard grunt, it didn't ease Jack's malice as he pushed his full length into her harder still.

Lustfully, Jack moaned, the sensations from his aching and engorged cock were heady and he felt for the first time the sensations he yearned for; the sensations of his own orgasm stirring.

"You do like that don't you Jack?" asked Tanya.

Jack looked Tanya in the eyes, the glint from them conveyed more than words and Jack leant in to kiss her passionately. Cannoning into her again, Tanya's body lost some of its fight. Tanya moans were muffled as she tried to shake Jack's mouth from her own.

"Fay, you know what to do? This animal needs taming," hissed Tanya.

The bed shook a little as Fay hopped from it and Jack leant in to kiss Tanya firmly and wantonly. Each response was more eager, more desperate as her tongue slid into Jack's mouth. Jack pushed on into her, bucking his cock harder and deeper into her lascivious body. Her response was instinctive and Tanya's legs locked around him tightly.

Pausing to watch, this was an act of insurrection and Fay knew it. This was Jack, the animal, breaking free of his bonds and it aroused Fay intensely. Staring at his taut body, now sheened with sweat, working on her mentor made her pussy flood with her juices. Fay knew that Tanya would exact a price from Jack's body if he dared to assert his body onto her, but this was Jack's cock fucking her.

Yet Fay wanted to make it hard for Jack, she wanted to fuck him because she knew it would make him work harder for his release. Tanya might have underestimated Jack, thought Fay, and it would be fun to make sure she never did again.

In surprise, Jack gasped as the object pressing into his arse was removed and felt Fay's cool of her wet fingers pushed into his ass again and threw his head up.

"Keep fucking her Jack!" demanded Fay.

He could feel a flood of heat from Tanya's cunt as he winced, one finger fully penetrated his arse again. A cool sensation followed and his cock throbbed hard as Fay fingered his arse again. Each stroke was more laboured, yet felt so good to Jack, he groaned again as Tanya's body rose underneath him, writhing and a whisper of gasp left her mouth into his ear.

"Mmm, Jack, you look beautiful being penetrated," gasped Tanya.

For Jack, he knew her resolve to dominate him was weakening, he redoubled his effort and Tanya moaned again. His head bowed to suck on one of Tanya's nipples, flicking it with his tongue as she relented a little further. Feeling her mons rising now in anticipation; Jack denied her for a split second and made her wait before delivering a harder grinding thrust into her. On his outstretched arms, he placed the deadweight of his haunches on top of her, splaying her legs firmly in place.

"You like that don't you Tanya?" asked Jack.

Tanya's hips moved with Jack's slow, measured thrusts, her breathing was becoming more laboured. That was the only answer Jack needed and he seized his opportunity; she was clearly heavily aroused. This was now a battle of wills; Tanya's experienced body against his youthful athleticism. Increasingly his tempo, Jack could feel his own perineal muscles tighten yet he was some way from his own climax. Feeling another upswell in confidence, Jack fluid thrusts gained more vigour from a lazy, gentle movement into one of more purpose. Tanya responded with a groan, drawing in a huge deep breath and moaning louder as she exhaled.

"Uh, uh..." moaned Tanya.

Fay's finger left him as Jack kept moving, instead he could feel something else filling him. It felt familiar and he involuntarily moaned; he knew that the sensations would head off the inevitable. He looked down Tanya's cunt and his own cock sliding into her again, she was creaming on his cock.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Jack.

"My turn to fuck you," said Fay, "my turn!"

As their eyes met, Jack looked upon Tanya; half open eyes sparkled as she looked upon Jack.

"You look so good being penetrated Jack," smiled Tanya with a hint of contempt.

In Tanya's mind, Jack would make a very compliant slave to her perverted desires and she groaned at the thought of Jack assisting her and her hedonistic friends. Tanya imagined the pleasure on their faces as they used him and he returned the favour. Now, she would play along to his assertive fucking; he had earned that right for now.

Fay was using the weight of her petite body to fill him with the strap on cock again, Jack visibly winced as he could feel his arse being stuffed full of cock again.

"Fucking hell!" groaned Jack.

"Fuck that cock Jack," instructed Fay, "I want you to cum hard with this cock inside you."

Maintaining such staccato movements from his hips, Jack could push the head of his cock as hard as he could to slide it up against the roof of Tanya's cunt. Jack moved in closer, kissing Tanya's neck softly and rising to her ear, all the time, Jack was being fucked as his body moved to each of Fay's thrusts.

"You are our bitch now, Jack," gasped Tanya goading his futile effort.

Facing her, Jack smiled into Tanya's eyes; he could tell it was a bluff now as her cunt grasped at his cock. Again and again, Jack found that fleshy spot again and each time Tanya's body betrayed her. Jack had seized the initiative and Tanya tried to mouth more words to goad him; each time Jack nailed her. As Jack smiled at Tanya looked as if she was drowning on the flow of sensations from her cunt.

Jack lingered at that place in her cunt again with smooth strokes grazing the fat head of his cock at that spongy constriction he could feel. As he withdrew it made Jack push against Fay's cock which only made his cock throb harder. When Jack could position it right, it made Tanya groan and thrash a little. Jack himself couldn't help but groan at the assault of sensations, Tanya's velvety cunt enveloping his cock and Fay's soft body driving a cock into his arse.

With another deep moan from Tanya betrayed her sense of authority, Jack was fucking her instinctively now. Groaning heavily, Fay impaled him on her cock, and pulled on his hardened nipples.

"Jack, you dirty little shit, I'm going to fuck you like this all the time." hissed Fay.

"Shit! yes, yes, anything, I'm so fucking horny," gasped Jack.

"I would love to see you take some hard cock as you fucked some pussy," replied Fay.

"Fucking hell Fay! You dirty bitch!" spat Jack.

Looking down upon her, Tanya looked at Jack with an astonished "How have you done that?" look. No man had fucked her like this, so strongly and urgently as this in a very long time. Tanya would not let any man do this to her, yet with his cock inside her; she hungered for it.

Jack smiled and lowered himself to kiss her lips tenderly and moved to her neck. Softly sucking on her skin around to her ear, he took the lobe into his mouth. Each shallow fluid stroke of his cock matched with a deeper one now as Jack maintained control. Backing on the cock each time prompted Fay to push it hard inside him making his cock throb violently. Jack looked upon Tanya again and her face pleaded with him not to stop. She was not fighting Jack's thrusts any longer but grinding her pubic bone on the hilt of his cock as he pushed it into her.

"I want you to cum on my hard cock you dirty bitch," hissed softly Jack into Tanya's ear.

Tanya moaned deeply as she submitted to him.

"Not so fucking brave now are you?" goaded Jack in retribution.

A long, low rumbling groan left Tanya.

"Your cunt's going to know it's been fucked by the time I have finished with it," spat Jack.

Tanya moaned deeply and began to squirm harder against Jack's body, holding him close to her as each of his thrusts found its mark. Fay gripped onto Jack's hips, driving the strap-on cock into his tight arse with increasing force.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Jack

Fay's languid movements required a smoother level of finesse from Jack to give Fay more time to react and withdraw the cock from his arse as he moved back; there could be no pounding and hard deliberate thrusts into Tanya's cunt. The symbiotic fucking, the sense of experience together meant that Fay was also more considered when sliding the cock into his arse.

As he pushed his cock into Tanya, Fay was pushing the cock into his arse only without the force to make Jack's body move. Looking down upon her, Fay could see that Tanya's eyes had rolled upward as her breathing shallowed. Jack had learned to exploit the same place that Fay had ruthlessly exploited.

"Oh Tanya, not so assertive now are we?" hissed Jack. "Cum on my cock bitch, fucking cum good and hard and I'll spunk my seed deep into you,".

Tanya groaned deeply, her body moved to match his again. Tanya moved to grind her clit on the base of his cock harder and Jack pushed her back onto the bed firmly.

"Fuck her Jack!" squealed Fay.

Tanya was impaled upon him as she spasmed again and she could feel the fight ebbing from her. The sensations of this girthy cock now abusing the most sensitive place in her cunt had left Tanya helpless. Jack's fucking was sensitive, fluid, it was luxuriant. It was wrong that a young man could do this to her; they meant to be her playthings. This was different, he was relentless, powerful but but yielding to him excited her enormously.

"Yes, yes. Fuck me," whispered Tanya breathlessly, "Fuck me, and make me your whore."

The sensations from his prostate were shooting a myriad of sensations to his balls and shaft. Jack groaned and Fay could tell Jack was clearly enjoying this. When Jack was like this, she loved to submit to him at this moment. This was when he became alive for her, the time when a normally kind and sensitive man became a fucking animal.

Jack knew his adrenaline was kicking in, his ears ringing, his muscles that were tiring felt strong and weightless. This was the hours of working out in the gym that endured him now. He slid his cock deep into Tanya's pussy in another languid passionate thrust that filled her completely before giving her those shallower thrusts on that spot again.

"Cum for him Tanya, he's getting closer," rasped Fay.

Increasing speed of the short fluid stabbing motions made Tanya lurched upwards, leveraging her body against his by throwing an arm around Jack's neck. Fay could see that Tanya was lost in what Jack was giving to her so Fay slid the cock from him slightly. With the sensation of the cock withdrawn from him a little, Jack took full advantage and took charge.

Almost immediately, Tanya responded and Jack gasped as he felt her spasm softly on his cock. Summoning all his strength, he lowered himself to her and pinned her to the bed as he entwined his fingers between her and held her down. Jack firmly fucked her wet sex; with an assertive deliberate force from his cock pushing it deeply into her. A pain seered into his shoulder, Tanya lost in passion bit him making him yelp loudly. As Jack powered into her again and again, Tanya's only retort was sobbing out loud groans over and over. Again, Tanya pressed her teeth into his muscular shoulder and Jack yelped again. As he winced and he rode through the pain of Tanya's teeth baring down on him as he drove his cock into her harder still.

"Fuck! Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Tanya sobbed.

His cock slid into her again, short rocking movements from his cock massaged that sensitive spot again and Jack was rewarded with the velvet wet confines of her cunt squeezing his engorged cock. Knowing her climax built, Jack's intent was made all the more obvious with a relentless shallow assault on her cunt. Tanya's pussy muscles confining his cock tensed and wave after wave of convulsions and grasped his swollen shaft. Each wave slightly stronger than the last; each shallow thrust teasing her g-spot and her increasingly loud sighs and moans held him in the throes of her powerful orgasm.

"You dirty fucking bitch Tanya, cum on his cock!" rasped Fay.

Tanya exploded again with another deep moan, as Jack upped the tempo drastically as her body tensed to expose the sinews and ligaments in her neck. He salved them with a shower of soft sucking kisses and delivered a ferocity of fucking, thrusting hard into her. As he fully penetrated her, the sensations made her squeal and her body thrashed under him helplessly. Her body stretched rigid and stiff shook and bucked as Jack responded by placing the full weight of his hips onto hers. As she thrashed harder, Jack pulled her tighter into him, she couldn't fight his strength any longer and he would not relent.

"Harder Tanya, you'll have to cum harder than that!" spat Jack.

Tanya groaned again, helpless as she submitted fully with the thought that for the first time in a very long time, she was being truly fucked by a man. As the sensations of his thick cock sliding in and out of her creaming wet cunt, she was aware he was still fucking her. He was still there, still in control and still hitting those places that made her climax. Another groan left her, she didn't want to groan but she did nonetheless, he had broken her resolve and for the first time in an age, she felt fulfilled.

As the realisation washed over her, her mind stopped fighting the sensations and her body embraced the pleasure Jack's cock was giving her. He was fucking her and only the natural elasticity of her muscles was offered as resistance to Jack as she truly relaxed to him. Helplessly she grinded her clit against him like an inexperienced lover trying to selfishly trying to bring on another orgasm. Selfishly trying to make him yield, trying to milk his youthful cock and have him explode inside her.

Her clit responded again and again, each time with a small shudder trembling though her body and the contractions in her pussy muscles grasped at his cock. Such was the pleasure and her desire for it that they became involuntarily, Tanya yelped and stuttered one breathless jagged moan after another. She ground herself on the hilt of his cock to try and extract another small orgasm from her clit. Jack felt each one as a weak spasm from her cunt muscles and topped with a soft, deep groan as each orgasm shook her body.

"Fuck his cock, you fucking love it don't you Tanya? You fucking slut!" shouted Fay

Fay conveyed her pleasure by thrusting her cock into Jack's arse harder again. Tanya was incoherent, groaning and gasping as her eyes rolled back under her eyelids in delirium. Tanya groaned loudly again as her body contorted underneath him, utterly helpless against his strong muscles. Her fingers trying to extract themselves from his, holding her as he fucked her sopping wet cunt. As another orgasm coursed through her, her pathetic response was to meekly shudder as the pressure on her clit made her cum again.

"Cum harder! Make me spunk in you!" goaded Jack.

Each orgasm was a small petite death, an explosion of colour behind her eyelids and each one brought a deeper and tenser contraction inside her as she came. Each spasm on his cock offered more and more friction and as Jack groaned deeply, his cock flexed to that familiar swollen state that he knew well, he was ready to spill his cum.

Jack pulled his cock from deep inside her, mercilessly, he found that spot again and Tanya wailed. Utterly defenceless, she groaned loudly as she felt the fat hard of his cock massaging her pussy walls in that place again. Her resolve welled up inside her as one last stand and her hands broke free from his grip. Tanya tried to fight him off her but with her body so weak and with her head rolling from side to side; she could only submit as her muscles began to tense and shake.

"Uh, uh, uh," groaned Tanya.

Fay withdrew her strapon cock from Jack's arse and knelt beside him now to watch Tanya being fucked. She resorted to rubbing Jack's balls in an effort to end Tanya's torment; she had never seen Tanya in such a state. Softly squeezing them, she felt the weight of them and their heat as he kept grunting and driving his cock into her. Tanya spasmed again and again, her shallow breathing almost silent now, her mouth rounding out to speak silent words that never came.

"Take it bitch, take it there!" Jack hissed.

Her body pathetically thrashed underneath him again as a powerful orgasm began to build inside her.

"Oh God no, Oh God, no uh, uh, uh," groaned Tanya.

"Fucking cum for me! Harder!" hissed Jack.

Her body couldn't ride it out, she couldn't control her body any longer and as she began to shake involuntarily. Another groan left her and her legs and abdomen tensed as her cunt began to spasm more violently. Sobbing in more air, Tanya could only move pathetically to Jack's thrust, as her cunt muscles grasped Jack's cock tightly sending a huge surge from their nerve endings. She yelped as Jack's fully gorged cock had filled her, she shook violently again as the weight of Jack's body pinned her down.

Tanya groaned noisily at the sheer terror of the unfamiliar sensations she found herself enduring. Jack's cock felt steely hard inside her, its total lack of flexibility rubbing up and down her pussy walls was unbearable. Its rigidity and thicker girth as he approached his climax was almost unmanageable. It felt different, he felt huge and the sensations were so overwhelming that her mind raced in panic. She knew she'd lost control and as her body shook again involuntarily and uncontrollably, her cunt was on fire. Her cunt muscles gripped his cock hard and yet could only feel it slip through them making her spasm more violently.

Tanya squealed, she couldn't stop her orgasm from coming now and she feared its malevolent violence. Powerless, she could do nothing to stop her inner muscles gripping his cock harder and harder; clenching it hopelessly as it sawed in her bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh god, god! You're fucking huge! Pull it out, pull it out!" sobbed Tanya.

Jack ignored her and instead stabbed it into her rubbing that engorged swollen wall in her cunt with the head of his cock. His cock was aflame joined by delicious throbbing warmth from his balls driving him on; his cock swelling larger towards his orgasm.

Tanya moaned louder, writhing on him and thrashing on the bed as her orgasm hit her so violently she limply with weakened fists tried to hit at Jack's body. Then a huge wave smashed through her body, a gargling croak left her mouth, and then another massive wave tore through her. The sweet, momentary relief between these waves left her limp like a ragdoll; her arms flopped above her head to rest on the bed. Her body had reached his crescendo and shook intensely as Jack moaned loudly; her cunt massaged his cock with a tense and firm violence that made him exhale loudly.

"I'm cumm...," groaned Jack.

As Jack grunted hard and loudly as he impaled her cunt completely, he roared hard as he felt the heat of his seed and the intensity of his perineum tightening. His cock flexed hard as moments later, her sex was bathed in warmth from his essence. Tanya's cunt muscles undulated to grip him; her groans matched each powerful spasm.

Fay watched avidly as Tanya groaned loudly and shuddered uncontrollably as she idly rubbed on her clit. Hearing Tanya's loud groans and watching her body shake violently in a jagged hard thrashing was beyond any orgasm she'd ever seen. Jack kept thrusting and kept cumming as his cock throbbed uncontrollably; groaning as his balls burned to vent his cum.

Tanya's head lolled to its side and into the bed and her moans were softer now. Sheened in a spray of sweat that sparkled on her body, her breathing was random and Tanya gasped hard for air as she trembled weakly. She was silent as Jack pushed his cock into her over and over again, her body flushed pink and limp as she twitched from her mons as the electricity from her orgasm trembled through her.

Jack pulled out, his hair wet with his exertion and his muscles enflamed pulling his skin taut. Droplets of sweat ran down the valley of his spine as he rose from her and wanked his still spasming cock over Tanya's body. Summoning the last of his cum, a few pearly white drops splashed on Tanya's considerable breasts.

Collapsing on the bed next to her, breathless, wet with sweat, he snatched short deep breaths as he cock twitched again and again.

For a few moments, he looked at Fay, her expression a mix of astonishment and incredulity as they looked upon Tanya. She was almost motionless, her breathing shallow and rapid and her eyes staring at the ceiling; her skin blotchy and flushed pink. Between her legs was a red and pink shining sex that was oozing white goo in a sticky line onto the bedsheets.

In the heat of their passion, they had forgotten all about their audience and remembering they were still there, he looked anxiously to Fay.

Fay moved in to console Tanya with a soft kiss. Fay's hand slid down cupping her sex and Tanya with her eyes closed, moaned a little. Jack remarked to himself that she was still conscious as Fay slid her fingers into her wet cunt to sample the spunk that Jack had pushed deep into her. Tanya turned to look at Jack, damp and breathless with a look of half concern, half gratification and she dispassionately looked to the ceiling.

"Fucking hell Jack, that wasn't part of the plan," whispered Tanya breathlessly.

As the realisation of situation snapped slowly into focus, Jack tenderly stroked her hair; softly kissing her tender lips.

"You ok?" asked Jack.

"I've never cum like that, you fucking bastard!," laughed Tanya weakily, "you delicious, sexy, animal bastard. No cock has ever done that to me."

Jack softly kissed Tanya, her eyes closed to receive him and reciprocate his tenderness.

"Fuck Jack, I thought we'd pushed you too far." Fay laughed. "Fucking hell that was scary, I'm kind of glad that wasn't me. You'd have broken my cunt I'm sure."

They all laughed. Tanya shifted to her side and used her arm to prop up her head; Jack couldn't help but look at his heavy and copious load that had leaked from her cunt.

Tanya looked to the webcam and smiled, she knew exactly how that orgiastic fucking would have been received by them. She smiled again as she happily felt Jack's cum leak from her. She placed a finger into her sex and pulled it from her to inspect it, and then slid it into her mouth to savour its taste. Jack felt his still erect but spent cock flex, there was only release for him and his cock was still hard and still ready.

"So. Jack. Bisexual eh?" asked Tanya smiling.

"Curious," Jack replied again with a wicked smile.

Fay looked at Jack and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, come on, you must have known by now?" replied Jack

"I had kinda guessed Jack," added Fay, "I told Tanya what we had been doing and she said you might be, I've been hoping it was true, it turns me on so much."

Jack paused and his look turned to one of pensiveness.

"Just, erm, don't surprise me with that one huh?" asked Jack.

They all laughed again, harder this time.

"I'm sure we could both help you with that one though, say yes?" pleaded Tanya.

"Yes of course, you are one hell of a woman Tanya," replied Jack.

Tanya rose from the bed and clasped her cunt with her hand.

"Fucking hell Jack, how much have you put in there?" exclaimed Tanya.

Jack smiled as he looked to see Tanya's hand covered in his gooey cum as it seeped from her.

"Mmm Tanya, let me attend to that." stated Fay. "Jack, go and sit down, relax a little. Tanya needs a little girlie TLC."

With that, Jack hauled himself off the bed, his cock still hard but not as hungry now, he grabbed the champagne bottle in its bucket to pour himself a drink. Sitting in the armchair, Jack watched Fay crouched between Tanya's legs as she licked his cum from her thighs and cunt.

Jack looked to the webcam, the silent one-eyed observer and wondered who were the people watching this abandoned and deviant fucking. It intrigued him that men and women would have been watching and maybe wondering what it would feel like to sample his cock or Fay's cunt. Jack wondered if they were coolly watching or were they now also fucking; sucking; being fucked; wanked or fingered after watching their live porn film.

Wickedly, Jack looked to the cam and smiled to the unknown audience, raising his glass to toast them with a Cheshire Cat grin. Then he shifted his position back to watch Fay eating his cum out of Tanya's well fucked sex.

Seeing Fay's own cunt framed by her tight arse from behind only confirmed that he felt outrageously horny still and wanted to fuck Tanya and Fay again. He knew Fay could take more and Tanya would be a little less assertive with him now she had sampled his capabilities.

Smiling to himself in self-congratulation, Jack looked out of the window and as the dusky sky was turning more to an inky darkness, the night had barely begun.

As Fay's velvet and deeply feminine touch roused her, Tanya's sex throbbed with the post-coital glow of being so comprehensively fucked, and the attention she was receiving to her swollen hard clit. As Tanya cast her mind to how it felt being fucked like that, she wanted more of it and she smiled that Jack's fate had indeed been sealed.

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