How It Started Pt. 4

By TheRookie61

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After He Left
As soon as my friend was out of the door, I practically ran to the bedroom. I figured my wife would be naked when I got there, but I was wrong. She was still dressed in the outfit she had been wearing that evening. I stood there looking at her, unsure what to make of the situation. I didn’t have to wonder long.

“Come here” she said, as she crooked a finger at me.

Her eyes had that glazed look that she gets when she is horny. When I got to near where she was lying on the bed, she told me to kiss her. As I leaned over, she took hold of my zipper, and I noticed how heavily she was breathing. Damn, she was hotter than I had seen her before. I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth. While trying to suck my tongue down her throat, she took my cock out and began to stroke it. It was already as hard as it had ever been. Then she took my hand and pushed it towards the gaping leg hole on her shorts.

“Feel it” she said.

When my fingers touched her pussy, it was even more soaked than the last time it had been, when she had worn the football jersey. As my fingers touched her she let out a long moan as she bucked her hips.

Being surprised at how soaked she was, I decided to see just how excited she really was. I knew I could easily slide in a couple of my fingers, so I tried three. No problem! Out came three, in went four. She was so wet as they slid in all the way up to the knuckles of my hand.

“See how fucking hot my pussy is? I almost came when he touched my tits, I was so excited from everything,” she said “then when he put his hands down my shorts and put his finger in my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting that and almost collapsed from the shock of it.”

Then she started sucking my cock, and suck she did. She was moving her lips up and down it like a woman possessed. Then she took my hand and placed it on the back of her head. I took her clue and started fucking her mouth, slowly at first, then faster as she was pulling my ass towards her.

“So you like this, me fucking your mouth? Holding your head as I fuck it?” I asked her.

"MMM...HMM,” she moaned around my cock.

I was aware of her rubbing her clit, as I fucked her mouth.

"Did you enjoy him seeing your tits all night, not knowing he was REALLY going to get to see them later?"

Again, she answered with “MMM...Hmmm.”

I wanted to hear more. "Did it make you hot pulling that strap between your tits like that, letting him see all of your tits? Or when he was holding them both, sucking your nipples? How about when he felt your pussy? Did that make you hot?" I asked her.

I finally got what I wanted to hear, a real answer. "God, yes! I was so fucking excited, I could hardly breathe. My knees were weak; I bet he could feel me shaking!"

I asked her if her pussy was wet, when he felt it.

"Yes it was. I was SO fucking wet knowing you wanted your friend to see my bare tits."

With that she started sucking my cock again. After fucking her mouth awhile longer, I told her I wanted to fuck her pussy now. She quit sucking and asked how I wanted her. I told her to get on her knees; I wanted to fuck her doggy style. When she had knelt down, I could see she was so wet, her juices were running down her legs. I like to tease her for awhile when we fuck, so I'd stick the head of my cock in, then pull it right back out. She kept trying to push back to get all of my cock in her, but I was having none of it. Not just yet.

"Man, you are soaked babe! That cunt is hot isn't it?"

She answered “Yes, it is.”

"You know he's home jacking off that cock right now, thinking of how he sucked your tits and even felt your pussy."

She threw her head back and moaned. I could tell she was really getting into this now. I slid my pussy soaked cock between her ass cheeks and she started shuddering.

"He's seen your tits and pussy now. I bet you'd like to see his cock wouldn't you? See what he has between his legs."

"Maybe,” she said.

I took my cock off her ass and asked again. "You do, don't you? You want to see his cock don't you?"

Very quietly she said "Yes.”

That’s what I was waiting for, to hear what she wanted.

"Would you like to feel it in your hands? Maybe suck it a little, for him?"

She hesitated then answered "Yes, I'd like to see it. I want to see what it's like outside his pants.”

She told me, she had seen his hard-on through his jeans.

"It doesn't look to be as big as yours, but I'd still like to see it.”

With that I put my cock at her pussy lips. I thrust my cock all the way in, in one fast motion. I started slamming my cock into her pussy.

"Here's what he's dreaming about doing to you right now. He's thinking about fucking that hot pussy of yours, as he's stroking his cock. What do you think of that?"

I hear that moan that is getting to be so familiar now.

"Oh God yes!"

I asked her if that thought turned her on, him thinking about fucking her.

"Yes it does. Is that ok? Is it ok, that it turns me on, thinking of him playing with himself, while he's thinking about fucking your slut wife?"

I assured her that it's fine with me, if it makes her hot thinking about it.

"Think about getting to see his cock. It's hard from you holding it. He can't take anymore and he has you take off those shorts you wore tonight. Then you know what he'd do?" I ask.

"No what? What would he do, have me suck it?"

"No.”I answer “he'd do this.”

Then I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I held her hips as I slammed in and out of her soaked pussy.

"UNNNNNGGGHHHHH , I'm fucking cumming now!"

After she had cum for what seemed the umpteenth time, I pulled out my cock, and shot my hot cum all over her back and ass.