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How It Started Pt.2

More Fun
During the week we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what we wanted to do the next time my friend came round to visit. We couldn't decide how to let him have other looks at my wife, so we let it go for a while and didn’t think about it.

Finally, the weekend arrived and my friend phoned to see if we wanted to play some games. I asked my wife and she said that as there was nothing on the television we might as well, so my friend told me that he would be round as soon as he had eaten his dinner.

As soon as he hung up I told her that I had an idea, so she asked me what I meant. I went into the bedroom and got out an old football jersey of mine, you know the type, the sort that is made of a kind of mesh.

Walking back into the living room I had it rolled up in my hand, so she couldn’t tell what it was right away. I slowly let it unroll in front of her.

“Want to wear this tonight instead of the pajamas?” I asked her.

She looked at me, then said “Sure, why not?”

I threw it over to her; she took off her blouse and started to pull the jersey over her head.

“Whoa, Whoa! Hang on a second,” I said.

She stopped and looked at me, with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Take off your bra,” I told her “he can’t see your tits with a bra on.”

She looked at me in disbelief.

“Are you serious?”

I told her that I was completely serious, unless she was uncomfortable doing it.

“Are you sure you want me to wear this without a bra? He’ll be able to see my tits all night and he’ll realise that we know that he can see them.”

Again I told her that I was happy but only if she was, I didn’t want her to feel uneasy for the whole evening. She said she would think about it; maybe wear it with the bra. I didn’t argue, as I was both surprised and pleased that she had agreed to go this far.

It didn’t seem long until our friend was pulling up in front of the house. As I turned to see what my wife was going to do I saw her slip her bra off her shoulders, although her hands were shaking. She quickly pulled on the jersey and then tossed her blouse and bra into the bedroom. I was happy to see that when she pulled the jersey on, you could still see her nipples poking against the material. The white of her breasts was easily noticeable as well.

As soon as my friend came in he looked her way, but didn’t really take in what my wife was wearing. We sat and talked awhile, and as he was sitting across the room from her, he still never let on. Soon we moved to the small table to play games and we took up our usual seats. My wife’s nipples were clearly visible beneath the bright light and, within minutes, she had his undivided attention.

Getting up for something to drink, I casually walked behind his seat to try and see what kind of view he had. Not only could he see those dark areolas from his angle, he could also see her nipples straining to get out.

As the night went on I noticed, that if she moved just right, a part of her left nipple would actually be out of the material. My cock was about to force its way out of my jeans, I was as hard as I had ever been and wondered if anyone had noticed.

Finally, after finishing our games, we returned to the living room for more talk and my wife sorting out the drinks for us. As she leaned over to put his drink on the end of the table I could see her tits clearly silhouetted through the jersey. I noticed that my friend kept his hands on his lap and he would occasionally adjust himself, when he thought that no-one was watching.

After we had talked a while, my wife told us that she was tired and was going to bed and said goodnight to both of us. My friend agreed that it was getting late, he was going to call it a night and had better be getting home, in two seconds he was gone.

As usual my cock was rock hard and I headed to the bedroom

“Well?” she said.

I told her everything that I had seen while she got undressed for bed, needless to say her pussy was soaking, which wasn’t surprising.

Taking my cock out I stroked it as she lay on the bed and played with her pussy. Then I moved to the side of the bed and put my cock near her mouth. She slid around, so that her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. I let my cock slip into her mouth and, as she sucked my cock, she continued to rub her pussy.

“You like him seeing your tits, don’t you?” I asked her.

“mmm...hmmm” was her muffled answer.

Then she took my cock from out of her mouth.

“You like it too, don’t you. You like your friend seeing your wife’s tits, don’t you?”

“Yes, I love it.” I told her.

With that she started cumming and moaning, then started furiously sucking my cock again, using her hand on my ass to push it forward, sliding my cock down her throat. When I was close to cumming, she told me to cum all over her tits. Another night and another huge load. I never knew that it was possible to have so much cum!

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