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How It Started.Exhibitonism as A Married Couple #2

Now That We Have Shown Off My Body for Others To Look At..We Dont Want to Stop Doing It


With my pussy burning with fever so hot, I strolled backed to the dressing room, and lustfully look at it in the mirror. My clit was no longer hiding inside her hood, it was fully erect and throbbing out of control. I just wanted to stroke it off . My swollen thick lips were parted just enough to see the tiny droplets of my sexual wetness flowing freely.

I cant take the heat anymore, placing the palm of my hand against my kitty while I spread my long sleek legs widely before the mirror.

I watched my fingers slipping into the wetness, as I began working my firey box already into a frenzy. In the mirror, I watched teach finger disappear into the narrow entrance of my honey pot, one by one, until I was moaning in delight.

I was so hot, I had to get off. I carded not if the camera was watching or if anyone could hear me moaning softly. I was beyond waiting, I needed relief, as I was so turned on by these guys looking me up and down as I modeled revealing outfits for my Poppy.

My fingers were completely buried inside my hungry pussy, looking in the mirror, as I watched  them plunging in and out of my saturated hole. I began rubbing the cum from my fingers onto my bullet shaped nipples then pressing them between my lips. Tasting my cum, I started sucking it into my mouth one nipple at a time, over and over  until I had cum running down my quivering legs.

Satisfied, for the moment, I slipped my own mini skirt and tank top on, and joined Poppy in the lounge. We went to the register and purchased all the items I had modeled, as I will always remember how they made me feel..Mmmmmm yes, as the guys watched me with their lusty eyes.

In the car, we talked about how much fun it was, when I told Poppy " yes Poppy, it was fun, and I want to to do more things like this!"

Poppy replied, " Baby Girl, I love the way you flaunted your stuff, and by all means we will do much much more. than that.....

We arrived home, still intrigued by the attention I was shown, we discussed other venues that would cater to our sexual desires of exhibitionism.

We do not do the normal flashing, just to show my tits and ass, as we like to play when we do so when least expected by onlookers. The surprise of being busted, or in a situation where we can do whatever we please in a controlled enviroment.

My wifes' ass looks delicious in a small scanty pair of booty shorts, a skirt that clings just at the ass cheek line, or a thong that seems to vanish out of sight.

My wifes' titties are like perfectly rounded melons, with extremely dark erect bullet shaped nipples in the center of a choke cherry colored circle. Most light colored tops cannnot camoflage the dark nipples nor the dark circle on which they sit.

My wifes' ever wanting to cum pussy, shaved clean right up to her thick lips, has the most perfect solid camel toe on display, and now we are ready to flaunt it.

We sat around sipping wine and planning what we should do on our first planned act of exhibitionism.

We talked about doing it in a movie, at a crowded club, until Tai mentioned "what about You Poppy, I like it when you get just as nasty" she asked.

I quickly responded with a nasty grin across my face, "Lets get ready and go have some drinks and dinner at The Waterfront. 

The waterfront is a great place to hangout after dark, with all the little bars packed full of people getting their drink on.

Tai emerged wearing a thin off white spegetti strapp tank top, braless ofcourse, and a sexy short black skirt that molded to the curves of her rounded ass, "Tada" she announced.

"Wow Baby, your so inviting" I whispered into her ears while working my hands onto her ass.

"Check me out as I walk Poppy," as she rocked her ass casually from side to side before bending over.

Will this outfit do, she asked a bit nervously, as I gazed at all she was putting on display.

"Are you ready to take this step"? I asked her, as we were about to get into the car.

"I think a couple of glasses will help me to relax Poppy, but yes Im ready" she stated confidently while slinging her legs into the car.

As we pulled up to the valet, she giggled "Poppy, your so Bad as the valet opened her car door for her.

Easing one leg out at a time, he offered his hand to help her up from the car seat.

His eyes seemed to pop forward out of their sockets, as he realized he was lookin right into her barren kitty. Then leaning forward, allowing her head to clear the roof, he was eyeing her swaying melons.

Standing upright, she tugged the skimpy skirt inplace, as his eyes roamed her entire body momentarily.

We looked at each other with a full grin, with the knowledge that she was ready to play.

As we walked down the medium, the valet was still checking her ass out, I raised the skirt so he could have one last peek at that lucious ass.

The music was loud from an outside band, as we flagged a waitress and ordered a couple glasses of Merlot.

Her body instinctively began to sway to the beat, especially her full rounded titties. As we walked around, she started becoming more comfortable and a bit more daring.

A group of guys were hanging out just ahead of us, as I noticed Tai raising the skimpy skirt so that the edge of her golden ass globes were visible with every step she took.

Go Ahead Baby Girl, you got their attention I advised her.

With that she spun around, reaching to wrap her arms around my neck allowing the skirt to hike up even further than before. We kissed passionately, she whispered, Poppy, I like this, I really do, it makes me so hot for you.

Walking by them for the 2nd time, she gave a big sexy smile and swayed her ass and tits a bit harder for them. Realizing that my wife was enjoying giving mini peep shots of herself to others made me even hotter for her.


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