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How many licks does it take to...

My girlfriend is DETERMINED to get stoned at the concert, even if we are short on cash.
It was summer 1998 and my girlfriend Kate and I were arriving at the Gorge at George for a weekend of rock. We'd been a few times before and always had a blast. This occasion would prove the most memorable by far.

We decided to skip the first couple bands and took the opportunity to set up the tent next to our microbus. The camp area was filling up fast and we didn't want to worry about it for the rest of the day. After having a bite to eat and doing a little people-watching, we introduced ourselves to our neighbors on either side, familiarizing ourselves with the surroundings.

A while later, our neighbors (a cute couple) dropped by with a joint, offering to share. We both eagerly accepted the gesture and set about getting baked with them as we talked. "I wish we could return your kindness, but we need to find a bag first," I said, knowing Kate and I were out of pot. They told us not to worry, and that there were plenty of people selling weed around the camping area. Kate's eyes lit up and I knew what she wanted to do.

I went to retrieve my wallet but couldn't find it. I asked Kate, who said she hadn't seen it. I was really pissed but didn't want it to ruin the weekend, so with Kate's last $20 and our fingers crossed, we set off to find a little weed to twist up for the music later on.

After a few tries, it didn't look promising. Every jerk there was charging $50 minimum for a bag of weed. We were just about to call it quits when we were approached by this guy offering to smoke us out. "This must be our lucky day," Kate said with a smile. We agreed and he invited us into his shabby looking tent.

While sparking up the joint I noticed the stranger's eyes roaming over Kate's body. She wasn't the prettiest girl (not ugly), kinda plain-Jane, but she did have quite an attractive body (5'6", 125lbs, brown hair & eyes, 34c's). She was a ballet/jazz dancer and it showed. The short cut-offs (almost daisy dukes) and bikini top she was wearing couldn't help to avert the looks she was getting either.

"Got any of that weed for sale?" I asked the unshaven stoner as we passed the doobie around. He didn't answer and instead continued puffing on the joint, leering at Kate's crotch as she held her knees to her chest, her shorts not covering very much.

The joint was almost gone and I was about to ask him again when he said, "How much you lookin' for?"

"Well, I lost my wallet and all we have is $20," I replied, expecting him to pry his eyes off Kate's body to answer me, to no avail. He persisted, his squinted gaze still cast lewdly upon her thighs, shamelessly adjusting his junk as if to call attention to his manhood as he undressed her with his eyes.

"Tell you what bro, I'll trade you a little bit of this weed for a little bit of that ass," the shaggy stranger offered, again, grabbing his package through his shorts and motioning to Kate, with a wicked grin.

"I don't think..." I started to say, expecting to hear Kate voice her disapproval as well as we looked at one another. But when she didn't say anything I wondered why. Still waiting for her response, I gave her a look of impatience and she blushed a bit, biting her lower lip in embarrassment. I was genuinely shocked when she didn't immediately balk at the notion and my mind raced. "What in the hell is she thinking?" The thought echoed in my head.

Kate grabbed my arm tight and pulled herself close to me to whisper in my ear. "I really, really, really want to get stoned during the concert tonight, besides, what's a little meaningless sex?" she said with a naughty tone and puppy-dog eyes.

I couldn't believe my ears, my girlfriend was entertaining the notion of fucking some strange guy, presumably right in front of me. My mind was awash in the carnal possibilities, filling me with a quiet rage. "Pretty pleeeeeaassse," she pleaded with me. I figured 'in her mind, she was asking for permission to procure some weed, in mine, she was begging me to let another guy fuck her. I was frozen, not knowing how to react until I noticed our new acquaintance already whipping his cock out from his shorts as if to sweeten the deal, wagging it proudly about.

I was struck with an odd sensation. My heartbeat quickened at the prospect of my girlfriend being so naughty, so slutty... something that was new to me. A shiver went through me and my cock began to swell as my mouth formed the words "OK," without thinking about it. Kate looked at me with a dash of disbelief, and a helping of excitement. I couldn't believe what I'd said either, and I was mad with anticipation of what might happen next, still unsure about what I had just agreed to.

She acted a little shy as she turned her attention towards our frisky friend, precociously biting her lower lip as she blushed at the site of his half-erect, nearly 8" member. I was almost shaking as I watched Kate slowly remove her top, adrenaline coursed through my veins. She looked somewhat ashamed as she exposed her lovely tits, timidly making her way towards him. She looked over her shoulder at me as she grabbed his cock, a look of mock-surprise on her face as if to lighten the tension. My cock became rock-hard as I watched her stroke his stiffening member.

"Give it a kiss why don't you?" the lucky bastard said motioning to his cock, offering it to Kate.

She moved to his side and coyly lowered her head into position, giving me a profile of her face. Her breath quickened as her lips drew near his tip and I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. She hovered just over his cock, seemingly uncertain, before looking over to me for reassurance. Our eyes locked as she instinctively pulled her hair to the side and softly kissed the tip of his cock. She continued to watch my face as if to gage my reactions, not able to hide the approval bulging in my shorts. I heard her moan a bit as she took notice of my erection and began going down on him, his swollen rod slipping past her soft lips and into her eager mouth.

There was a fire in my belly. I almost felt sick, but at the same time, was exhilarated to see something so taboo and so up-close. I certainly never expected to see my girlfriend sucking another guys dick, but even more unexpected was the fact that I was aroused by the act. I watched intently as Kate continued to sensually polish his pole with her lips and tongue, his hands groping at her bare chest all the while. My cock strained against my shorts, begging for attention and I couldn't keep my hand from squeezing it a bit out of frustration.

The tender blow job lasted only a couple minutes and although I didn't want her to stop, I was intrigued by the idea of what was coming next. Mesmerized, I looked on as Kate raised herself up on her knees and began wiggling out of her cut-offs, pulling her panties along with them. She kicked her flip-flops off and slid her shorts and knickers right down over her feet, teasing me with glimpses of her sweet twat and her trimmed bush.

As she straddled him, Kate looked bashfully over her shoulder to find my gaze fixed on her ass, watching the guy's fully-erect cock poised for entry. She arched her back and reached around, spreading her ass-cheeks giving me a better view of her beautiful, pink pussy lips as she slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing shaft. She let out a moan as his tip pressed against her entrance, still closely monitoring my reactions. After gyrating her hips a few times, she managed to work the head of his engorged member inside her already moist pussy. I watched in amazement as his girth parted her puffy, pink lips, now stretched tightly around his thick muscle as it slowly disappeared into her. "Oh my god, that feels good," Kate said with a hint of shame in her voice as she must've seen quite the expression on my mug.

Hearing her say that she liked it, really added to my arousal, my hand now shamelessly rubbing my stiff knob through my shorts as I savored the visual feast before me. Kate kept her eyes on me as the scruffy pot-head buried his boner deep inside her, practically turning her inside out as he pulled back out, her labia clinging to his rigid cock. Soon, she was riding him with enthusiasm, moaning loudly as their bodies slapped together. I couldn't take it anymore and freed my cock to stroke it properly. I was hypnotized as I kept witnessed his length probing her, which might have been why I didn't notice our audience sooner. Through one of the many holes on the dealer's patch-work tent, I could see at least two sets of eyes peeping on our fun. Then I heard a muffled comment and a female giggle and knew we had been caught by some lucky passers-by.

Undaunted, I continued to stroke and squeeze myself for all to see, and kept my mouth shut about the onlookers. Kate watched me and I watched her. Before long, her body tensed up from an oncoming orgasm, her pussy clamping down on it's guest as she shuddered in climax. Sensing that he too was close to finishing, she lifted herself from his twitching cock a mere second before he erupted, landing spurt after spurt of his thick, white seed at her dripping entry. I was working on a fat load myself when Kate crawled over with a devious look in her eyes, taking my hardness in her hand as she went down on me. She flinched a bit at the feeling of the furry stoners tongue at her entry, apparently lapping up his own juices along with hers as she started to suck me off. It didn't take long and I couldn't hold back any longer, as I let my load spill into her soft, warm mouth.

Now leaking from both ends, she was a masterpiece of lust, her face contorting with ecstasy as she reeled from another approaching orgasm. I remember thinking that I'd never busted a nut that good before, and how odd that was, given the circumstances. After several years together, I thought our best sex was behind us. Turns out, the best was yet to cum.

Later on that evening, we found ourselves hanging out with our neighbors again, returning the favor by smoking them out. "Did you guys get lucky?" they asked with an insinuating smirk and a mischievous giggle. We both blushed a bit learning that they had been our peeping-Tom's. We ended up spending the rest of our weekend with the young couple, mostly in our tent.

*Although loosely based on actual events, to protect privacy, the characters names have been altered, along with some of the details.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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