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Husband Shows Me Off On Our Honeymoon

Husband Shows Me Off On Our Honeymoon

After dinner, Jimmy takes me naked for a walk around the resort.
Starting over in a new life with a new husband turned out to be even more exciting than I ever could have imagined! After many years with my first and looking forward to many more, it was so unexpected to become a widow so quickly. Over the next couple of years, I started to believe that my life would continue being on my own and was trying to adjust.

Then Jimmy came into my life. It was like I was a teen experiencing first love again! My heart would pound, my voice waver, and my whole body trembled when I was in his arms. We did not wait long to marry. For our honey moon he took me to an amazing resort in the Caribbean and it was there that I started to experience what I can only describe as sexual liberation.

While I had always had good sex throughout my first marriage, I had never dreamed that at my age and being a grandmother that I would have sexual adventures outside of what I had always considered “normal”. But I have looked after myself, I dress young, and wear a medium – size 10. To top it off Jimmy turned out to be quite adventurous and often at my expense. While I was very nervous at first, I was getting used to him and getting used to doing things I never would have done not that many years ago.

My first adventure came at the resort. Talk about a romantic place! Our suite was ground level and close to the beach, which I prefer. It was not close to any of the resort pools, which were usually over crowded in the day. So whenever possible, we would enjoy the beach and head into the ocean whenever we got too hot.

Every night we went to one of the different restaurants in the resort and I always enjoyed dressing up a bit. Then after dinner we would either dance to one of the live bands, just sit and enjoy the music, or go for a walk through the resort properties illuminated with those great Tiki torch lamps. Very romantic!

This one night we were getting ready for dinner and Jimmy came over to me, kissed me, and said, “I want you to do something special for me tonight.”

Replying positively, he then asked me not to wear any underwear. I decided to wear a long spaghetti strapped summer cotton dress that quite hugged my body. It was quite freeing not wearing a bra or panties, but I was a little concerned that my nipples might get hard and be visible. Telling this to my husband, he just grinned and said that he hoped they would! As it turned out, he had bigger plans.

We had decided to go for a walk through the resort after dinner so I wore my fancier flip flops rather than heels. Our eating area was right in a sandy part beside the beach, so it was wonderful to feel the sand on my bare feel while we ate and went through an entire bottle of wine. Normally I would only drink a glass, but Jimmy kept refilling my glass and the bottle was gone before I knew it. I was feeling the wine all over. I had to hang on to Jimmy when we left the restaurant area for our walk.

I whispered, “I’m not sure how long I can walk like this. Don’t let go of me!” He laughed and held me tight. Every now and then he stopped and kissed me. I surrendered my mouth to him any time he wanted and he took every opportunity he could.

As we were walking along one of the many torch-lit paths, we came across one that veered off into a nice flowery area. There was a gazebo there and I presume it was used for weddings and pictures. It was quite dark and he led me to the gazebo and proceeded to kiss me deeply again. This time though, his hands were roaming all over my body. It felt amazing! I just let me do what he wanted and responded by offering him my tongue anytime his lips were on mine.

While we were kissing and his hands exploring, he would stop them at my breasts and play with my nipples through the cotton material of my dress. I knew they were hardening, as I was getting turned on, and loving every moment. His hands traveled to my ass and he clenched me and pulled me in tight to him and we continued to kiss. Then he stopped and twirled me around so that I was facing away from him.

From behind he started playing with my nipples again, but this time tweaking them harder. It wasn't too long before one hand dropped down to my waist, then down to my pussy. I felt his hand, gently at first, rubbing me in circles. I know I sighed loudly and leaned back into him.

“Are you turned on?” he asked wickedly.

“What do you think?” I sighed in return.

Then he did the unexpected. His hands went to my shoulders and he slowly pulled the spaghetti straps over my shoulders and down so that my breasts were bared. I went to complain but he turned my head towards his and kissed me deeply again. As we kissed his hands played with my breasts and he even squeezed and gently pulled at my nipples making them even harder. As he kissed my neck and shoulders he slowly lowered the dress down over my hips. I felt it fall to the ground.

He turned me around, knelt down and lifted my leg up so I could step out of the dress. As I bent my knee his tongue darted into my pussy. It shocked me so much I grabbed hold of his head to keep my balance as he targeted my clit. He stopped, let me put my leg down, and lifted up the other to move the dress out of the way.

He stood up and held the dress in his hand. As I tried to complain he bent over and attacked one of my nipples with his mouth. Sucking like mad, I thought I might pass out from the experience. Between the wine and being so turned on my head was floating somewhere outside of me it seemed. He alternated from one breast to the other making my nipples as big and hard as he could. It was like he was trying to make sure they were both extended to the max. It was then that he surprised me again.

With my dress in hand, he said, “Now we will walk back to our suite and I will finish what I have started when we get there.” I felt a shiver go all through me. It was part being scared, part being excited, part looking forward to getting fucked. I am not sure which was the strongest, but I felt them all.

He took me by the hand and started down the path. It was deserted, fortunately for me! He held my dress in one hand, my hand in the other, and I was holding my flip flops in my other hand. Again, every now and then he would stop and kiss me or gently bite one (or both) of my nipples.

It was then that I heard voices on the path up ahead. My heart started to beat wildly. There was nowhere for me to go because there were bushes and all sorts of foliage on both sides of the pathway. As the voices got closer, I could tell it was another couple.

Jimmy looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I will go in front of you.” Well that didn't do much to make me feel any better. I know I look okay, but I’m not a twenty or thirty year old anymore. At least the lighting was low.

The other couple approached. They appeared to be a little older than us. The pathway wasn't wide for four people across, so Jimmy did as he promised and walked in front of me. The couple coming towards us did the same thing, but the guy let his wife – partner go first.

As we passed, Jimmy said, “Good evening” to them, and they both replied with the same. As I looked at them and they realized that I was naked, I could see the surprise in their eyes, but kept on walking. I never looked back, but knew they had stopped to watch us (well, me, I presume) as we continued on.

When we were out of range, Jimmy turned around and kissed me deeply again. He pulled me into him and put his one free hand on my ass.

“You are beautiful, my love!” he whispered.

“Get me back to our room before we see anyone else, please!” I replied.

We walked along and I didn't know if we were getting closer or going away from our suite, as there were so many paths throughout the resort. Soon we heard more voices approaching.

“Not again,” I groaned.

Jimmy stepped ahead one pace like he did before. As the couple approached, Jimmy suddenly stepped back so that I was right beside him. He was on the outside and I was on the inside. If I didn't move over I probably would walk right into the couple heading our way. Jimmy blocked me from doing that.

As we got closer, the couple looked up to see us walking towards them. They were about our ages and were definitely having a good time. They were laughing and walking with an arm around each other. They looked up at us and stopped in amazement when they saw me naked and Jimmy fully dressed.

He said, “Good evening,” to the couple like he did before.

"Hi," I offered very weakly.

The guy’s eyes were as wide as they could be and his mouth dropped open; he was definitely speechless.

Surprisingly, the gal laughed and said, “Wow, I wish I had the nerve to do that! Wouldn't you like me to, honey?” as she looked at her guy.

We kept on walking and Jimmy looked back at them and said, “Have a great night.”

I could feel their eyes glued on my ass. I gave it a quick wiggle, as my way of saying goodnight. Fortunately our suite was close and we barely got into the door before I pounced on Jimmy.

I had him undressed and on the bed in a few seconds. I jumped on top of him and kept riding him until I came. I couldn't believe that I was so ready to explode. It didn't take much longer for Jimmy to do the same. It felt like he was shooting his cum hard enough to reach my tonsils!

That was the first of many events that happened on our honeymoon and many more since then. The biggest lesson I am learning is that even if you are older, you can still have a lot of fun! It just takes the right partner and the right attitude.
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