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Husbands Stepson

Always wanted to show off

This is my second marraige and my husband and I always fantasized about somebody watching us fool around.  I had never really thought about showing my body off in the past years but my husband prompted me to do something one night  recently that really got me started and already i find myself wearing sexier clothes to work and shopping.

My husband was married before and has a 22 year stepson from his first wife.  Things weren't going well for him since the company he worked for closed down and needed a place to stay for a while since his Mother remarried. He is living with us now and paying rent

Anyway, about a month ago, hubby and I went out for the evening and told his Stepson Jim that we would be back late.  Jim enjoys watching our big screen TV when we aren't there and when we came back, he was watching a movie.  We told Jim we were going straight to bed and he could watch TV as long as he wished.

When hubby and I drink, we always get rather adventurous as far as trying different positions etc.  As hubby was playing with me, he whispered, "Why don't you get us another drink dear".  I said ok and started to put on my robe since I had to pass through the living room to the kitchen.  Hubby stopped me and told me to put on his favorite nightie and then make a drink.  I hesitated for a minute but then realized he wanted me to look sexy for his Stepson.  I actually became a little excited knowing he wanted me to show off in front of Jim.  My nightie was very sheer and left nothing to the imagination.

I was a little nervous but went to the kitchen and I could feel Jim's eys staring at me as I moved around making two drinks.  I became brave and yelled to Jim if he wanted a drink.  I was surprised when he said yes.  I was shaking as I carried his drink in to him since ths was my first time ever exosing myself to someone, especially a young man in our family.  I asked if it was a good movies he was watching and he said, yes it was.  I handed him the drink and his eyes were busy taking in the view.  I do shave my pubic area except for a small patch above my lips.

I returned to the bedroom with our drinks.  I told hubby that Jim wanted a drink aslo and looked at me.  That turned on hubby and soon he began eating me which is my favorite part of sex.  I can reach several orgams and I soon moved his head away after the second one.  Hubby was getting so turned on that he said, "Dear, go make us another drink and offer Jim one again".  I told him I still had one had one but that I would make him one.   Hubby jerks off when he gets really excited which turns me on more but he doesn't cum just yet. I started to go for his drink but hubby said, "Take off your nightie for me please"  I pulled it off and this time I was excited knowing Jim would see me completly naked.

Wow, I was nervous yet very wet when I walked to the kitchen.  I stopped and asked Jim if he wanted another drink which he did.  He could see me from the living room and I purposely bent over to get something from a lower cabinet.  My vagina protrudes nicely when I am turned on and knew Jim saw it all.  I handed him the drink as I walked in the living room and I know he was wondering why I was letting him see me naked. 

After returning to the bedroom, hubby had other planes and told me to go down and tell Jim that we wanted to use the TV to watch an adult movie we had just bought.  Then it hit me, hubby wanted to have sex in the living room after Jim went to his bedroom.  I did as he said and Jim said the movie was over any ay and went upstairs to hiis bedroom.  Soon, hubby and I went into the living room, both naked and put our favorite adult movie in the DVD player.  Soon, hubby had me on the big sofa and was probing my pussy as I held his manhood.  Hubby whispered to me, "OK Dear, scream out like they do on TV".  I was so hot by then that I would do anything and I soon scream out, "don't stop please don't stop, ohhh".  I did that a few times and then hubby had me go down on him.  He whispered, "Jim is at the top of the stairs watching us".  Hubby was almost ready to cum but pulled my head away and was soon entering me from behind.  I screamed some more and hubby was really punding me hard.  He then said, "Ok I am ready".  He sat back down and I was soon sucking again.  I love it when he cums in my mouth and soon it was running down my chin as he sat back exhausted.  I had taken a quick glimpse and sure enough Jim was on the to step watching.

That was the best sex we ever had and we talk about it everytime we have sex now.  My fear is that Jim will take it the wrong way and think I want sex from him but things are just as they were since Jim probably doesn't know that we know he was watching.   This Saturday we are going out again and want to repeat our show.  Will post another as soon as we do,  Alice

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