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I Can’t Waste Any

I sneak out to a pool with Joel and end up his slave
I eased the screen door closed trying not to make noise. The summer night air was warm. I looked left then right to make sure the coast was clear. I quickly took off down the side walk. Two blocks later I pulled my phone out.

“I’m here where are you?” I muttered under my breath and hit send on the text.

Seconds later my phone buzzed with Joel’s reply. “Pulling onto Oak St... be there in a sec.” I typed a quick response and waited in the shadows trying not to be seen. I wore a red and black plaid shit and jean shorts that just teased the boys. Underneath I had a cute black bikini. The strings of the bottom poked out of the sides of my shorts and I had on a pair of Toms to complete my out fit. As I waited I put my hair up in a pony tail, showing of my neck.

Joel pulled up seconds later. “Sorry to make you wait, I had to get some gas for the car."

I hopped into the passenger side of Joel’s car. It was some V-something, it was supposed to have a large number of horse power. I don’t really know what all that means but it was Joel’s pride and joy. Any way Joel was sitting in the driver's seat, one hand on the wheel, only wearing his swim shorts and flip-flops. His curly brown hair flowed over his perfect dreamy eyes.

He had one hand on the wheel and the other moved from the stick to my leg. His arms were perfect and strong, leading into his shoulders. His shoulders were perfection. His chest and abs reminded me of a Greek god. He loved to keep in shape. A scholarship athlete, Joel was going to go to college to play ball. He was every girl's dream and my reality! I loved him!

“Ready to go swimming?” he asked. 

“Yeah, but why can’t we swim at one of our pools?” I asked. 

“Because that’s boring,” Joel said smiling as he rubbed my thigh. “Do you know any one who lives in Riverbrook?”


“I don’t either!” Joel smiled as he turned into the upperclass neighborhood. We drove slow looking into backyards for pools. I was nervous.

“Joel, what if we get caught?”

“Are you kidding me, it's a bunch of old people who are probably asleep and besides if they did catch us we’d just run!” Joel pulled the car over and shut it off. He got out of the car walked around to my door and opened it for me. I loved the way he opened doors for me. I felt like a queen around him and he was my king.

Joel reached into the back and pulled out two towels then led the way through to the back yard of an extremely large and nice house. Sure enough there was a huge pool. Joel looked at me, smiled and dove into the deep end. I looked around still scared that we were going to be discovered but saw nobody. Joel was probably right, the owners were asleep.

Joel surfaced on the other side of the pool, the water dripping down his perfect body. He smiled at me as he asked, “Are you getting in?”

I looked at him and slipped out of my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt. Joel’s eyes lit up with lust as I turned and bent over, dropping my jean shorts. I folded my clothes neatly, set them on a table and dove in.

I surfaced in front of Joel. He looked at me. My heart was racing. I kissed him, he kissed me back. Then I pushed off him and swam to the deep end of the pool. He swam after me pulling at my feet and legs. We played and splashed around for a couple of minutes, winding up arm in arm back in the shallow end of the pool.

Joel pulled me in for a passionate kiss. Our tongues started to dance in each other's mouths, Joel’s hands had found my perfect ass and he kneaded my cheeks. My hands explored his chest and abs. He slid a hand over the front of my bikini, a finger traveling the length of my clit. Joel turned me around without asking and started kissing my neck.

“Joel, right here?” I questioned. 

“Yeah,” Joel said, his hand reaching around me and slipping into the bottom of my bikini. He rubbed my pussy and my knees went weak as a moan escaped my mouth. Joel’s free hand found my breasts, freeing my perky boobs from the bikini top. Joel pinned me up against the wall of the pool, bending me over the pool deck. He pulled at the strings to the bottom and let them float off.

I could feel his dick as he teased my slit with it. Joel twisted and pulled on my tits as he sucked on my ear lobe. I was on cloud nine when he thrust his cock into my pussy! I let out a moan as Joel pumped in and out of me with long slow strokes.

“Oh Joel... yes oh...” I gasped as Joel sped up. Joel was fucking me hard now with long hard stroked. He was really giving it to me hard.

“You like that Jess, you like getting fucked in a stranger's pool. You're my little slut aren’t you?” Joel taunted.

“Yes, I’m your dirty little pool slut,” I screamed. 

Joel started fucking me really hard now, I was moaning on the edge, about to cum when Joel said, “You better not cum slut, not till I say! Now beg me for it.”

“Oh baby please make me cum! Oh my god, please! Your dick is splitting me in half.” I was on the edge of exploding, I needed to cum! Joel’s dick felt good in my tight little pussy; I couldn’t get over the size of his cock, it hurt it was so big but in that erotic good way!

“Hey what's going on out there!” a man's voice yelled. Lights turned on in the house. A silhouette stood in the door way. “Who’s out there? I’m calling the cops!”

Joel thrust hard into me. “Cum, slut,” he demanded.

I came. My body thrashing on Joel’s cock. My eyes rolled back into my head. I arched my back pushing my hips and pussy back onto Joel’s cock. “Oh my god! I’m cumming! Oh, your dick is so big it's making me cum!” I yelled.

I could hear the man talking on the phone, telling the cops what was happing. It was driving me crazy. Joel pumped into me three or four times really hard then pulled out and practically threw me out of the pool. I quickly gathered my things. Joel climbed out of the pool, my bikini bottom in hand, his cock still hard sticking out of his swim shorts.

“Run!” Joel yelled. We sprinted to his car, jumped in and sped off. My bikini top was still pulled down so my tits were exposed. The bottom was laying in Joel’s lap, framing his exposed penis. It was so large and so hard.

“You like my cock? Yeah suck it bitch!” Joel demanded as he pushed my head down. It was all the encouragement I needed. I took his cock in my hand licked his head, stroking it. My grip was firm as I stroked his cock. My tongue danced around his tip. I stroked his cock and bobbed my head in time with his hand, every few strokes I would hold pause my hand pulling the skin on his shaft tight. When I did this I would bob a little deeper all the while swirling my tongue.

Finally Joel pushed my head deep onto my cock. I could feel his dick jolt as he shot his load into my mouth. The first spray filled my mouth up then a second spray and a third. Cum was leaking out my mouth Joel pulled my hair and lifted my head as a giant fourth load splashed onto my face.

“Don’t swallow yet! You know what you are, Jess? You are my slut!” Joel laughed. I was, he was right. I was his slut. “You are my bitch, my sex slut, my fuck whore! What are you?”

Mouth full to the brim with his cum I answered, “Your slut, your cum slut, your fuck whore!” Cum was spilling down my chin. “I’m your bitch!

“That’s right you are, and you will do anything I tell you to.” James pulled into a park. It was dark and empty and his head lights shined on a playground.

“Yes, anything.”


“Because I’m your... I’m... your... sex slave.” The words came from my mouth naturally.

“Get out take your top off,” he said. I did as I was told. Through the windshield I saw Joel reach into the back seat and pull out a belt from a pair of pants. Joel got out of the car walked to me and pulled me by the hair to the playground. He tied my hands behind my back with his belt and bent me over the play set. 

“Oh fuck!” I yelled into the night air as he slammed his cock in me. Joel pumped in and out of me as hard as he could. Leaning on me with hand in the small of my back Joel pulled my pony tail, arching my back. The angle changed and forced his cock to stimulate my g-spot. We fucked like that for a couple of minutes then Joel pulled me to the swing set. He forced me down so that my head hung over the swing. Joel kneeled down behind me. Pushing my arms, he pushed me out then Joel slammed me back onto his cock. Over and over again, swinging me onto his cock.

“Cum, bitch, cum!” he told me.

I came on his cock, shaking and moaning in bliss! Joel picked me up and set me down on the hood of his car and untied me. He then slammed his cock into me again. This time Joel started to fuck me slow. He reached around and started to finger my clit, I started to cum again instantly.

This finally pushed Joel over the edge. He pulled out of me, spun me around, pushed me to my knees and came on my face. Another massive load splashed out of his cock onto my chin, nose and forehead. Another splash hit the car. I leaned over and sucked Joel’s cock clean, then licked the cum of of Joel’s car. 

“I can’t waste any!” I said looking up at him.

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