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I had an urge that needed satisfying - Part 3

As a sixteen year old girl, I’d say I’d had the best day of my life. I’d experienced so many firsts, from my first orgasm through masturbation, to having sex with my five best friends, two girls and three boys and now Issabella and I were alone, she was staying the night. We hadn’t bothered dressing after the others had left, trying instead to tidy up the house and prepare the nights meal for when my parents came home from work.

My bedroom was tidy, bed made with clean sheets and duvet cover and windows opened fully in an effort to get rid of the smell of sex that had filled the room. I collected the stained sheets and Issabella her clothes and we headed downstairs to put them in the washing machine. Even though I was by no means ashamed of losing my virginity and having sex so much that day, I thought it best to eradicate any evidence before my mom and dad arrived home. They weren’t the strictest parents but there seemed little point forcing the fact that I’d suddenly grown up and developed urges, in such a surprising fashion and might be less tolerant than I thought.

We started the washing machine and moved into the kitchen to have a drink and prepare the evening meal. As we stood a few feet apart, I couldn’t help eyeing Issabella’s beauty. Standing a few inches taller than myself, her olive skin accentuated her looks, even her bikini lines were darker than my flesh but it had been a good summer and she was extremely dark from her tan. She had always suggested that she carried too much weight but though her thighs, bum and stomach were solid in appearance, in my eyes, it made her sexier. Her boobs were mesmeric, perfectly shaped, despite being a D cup, there was no sag, dark brown areola offset her hard nipples, and perfect for sucking I mused as I gazed at them. Everything about her was sultry, long, flowing dark hair and eyes but then the dimples on her cheeks when she smiled, showed she had a cheeky side too.

It had been a fantastic summer, the sun had been shining virtually every day but most of this day the six of had spent in my bedroom having sex. Now, with the evening meal cooking, Issabella and I could relax for a while. We poured ourselves a juice, went outside into the back garden and sat down on the lawn, enjoying the afternoon sunshine on our naked bodies. Dad had mowed the lawn on the previous night, perfectly manicured, typically English with regimented stripes of light and dark green and flowerbeds awash with colour, a lovely peaceful place to sit and relax.

For a few minutes we simply sat, enjoying the peace and quiet, happy to just hold hands and take an occasional sip of juice. Eventually, Issabella broke the silence, “I think I’ve always fancied you but I never realised how much until today.”

I could feel myself blushing as she continued to talk, “As soon as you kissed me, I was hooked. My whole body tingled when your tongue touched mine. And, oh my god, look how sexy you are.”

I tried to respond but before I had chance, she said more, “Sex has been great today but I’ve only been turned on when I’ve thought about you. I think I’m Lesbian!”

Finally, I had an opportunity to reply, “I’ve always thought you were the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen but I’ve never had sexual feeling about anyone until today. Emma was incredible but the feelings I had with her, wee nothing compared to those I had with you.”

Issabella smiled, before I continued, “When we kissed, I was tingling all over and I know when you touch me I’ll cum and cum hard!”

It was as though we knew instinctively what each other wanted; we had put our half empty glasses onto the grass, immediately moving closer together. Our lips met, caressing tenderly before Issabella’s tongue began licking across my lips. An instant later our mouths opened and tongues began to move slowly together, kissing passionately. It wasn’t long before we were lying together on the grass, enjoying the intimacy, hands and fingers moving up and down the others body.

We kissed and cuddled for twenty or thirty minutes but all the time, very aware that my mom would return home from work soon. After yet another tender kiss, looking into Issabella’s eyes I asked if she wanted to have a bath with me, realising that the likelihood was that we both smelt of sex. She didn’t reply, simply smiled, got to her feet, and took me by the hand, leading me inside, upstairs and into the bathroom.

It was so warm inside the house, the sun shining through the windows. We sat on the edge of the bath, as the water began filling it, lapping over our bare feet while we exchange more tender kisses. After a few minutes I stood up and picked up a sponge pouring shower gel over it. Isabella smiled, immediately standing up in front of me. I began by running the sponge around her neck, the lather from the soap dribbling down her body as I continued lower, over her breasts and stomach. As I moved the sponge over her pubic region she opened her legs as I washed her tenderly. All the time I was looking into her eyes as she watched my every move and as I cleaned her legs and feet, she turned around for me to wash up her back. With the bath still filling with water and Issabella’s body covered in soap lather, it was my turn to be washed, firstly standing with my back towards her. She began at my feet, working tenderly up each leg to between my arse cheeks and up my back, when I turned, allowing her across to my front. Despite it being the sponge touching me and not Issabella’s fingers, having her wash me was an extremely erotic experience, especially when she lingered between my legs, rubbing very slowly and seductively. As I let out a moan of pleasure, my hips pushed harder onto the sponge and her hand and she smiled mischievously.

With both of us covered in soap and the bath virtually full, we sat down in the water, facing each other. I turned off the taps, then pulling the shower head to its lowest point and turned on the shower, the jet of water cascading between us. We put out heads under the water to wet our hair. Then, taking the bottle of shampoo, we poured some on our hands and then began washing our hair. Once we’d rubbed thoroughly, together we moved into the jet of water, allowing it to rinse away the soap.

Our hair was finally free of soap but with the water still cascading over our heads, we looked at each other and kissed tenderly, lips gently caressing, Issabella sucking on my bottom lip and my tongue trailed slowly between hers.

After another minute, I turned off the water and with our legs apart, mine on top of hers, we moved closer together, sharing another kiss. Beginning tenderly but once our tongues entwined, the passion ignited, our arms pulling the other closer. We were lost in the moment, the feeling of her soft skin on my fingertips as they wondered up and down her back and the pleasurable sensations of her doing the same to me, we hadn’t heard the front door open, everything else was an irrelevance. We didn’t hear mom coming up the stairs or through the open door into the bathroom. It seemed as though we’d been kissing for an age and even when mom started to talk, we made no attempt to stop immediately or cover up our naked bodies.

“Oh! Do you mind if I come in and use the bathroom”, mom stammered, with an obvious air of shock in her voice but as I looked at her, she made an effort to appear as if what she’d walked in on was nothing to be ashamed of.

We told her to carry on as if we weren’t there. With those words, she smiled, lifted her skirt, pulled down her undies, sat on the loo and began to pee. She began to tell us about how hot it had been at work, even with all windows open and fans on full blast and that she was desperate to get out of her clothes. All the time she was talking Issabella’s fingers continued to wander over my body, all over my back, up and down my thighs, up my stomach and around my breasts. With me facing mom, surely she had to see what was going on but still she talked. Then, kicked off her undies, lifted her hips to pull off her skirt and began to unbutton her top.

I let out a moan as I felt Issabella’s fingers eased very slowly inside my pussy, my body tensed, hips pushing onto them. Mom asked if I was ok, at the same time as taking off her top and as I said yes, she removed her bra to leave her naked. She got up off the loo, flushing the chain and moved across the wash basin, looking down into the bath. There was no way, I thought that she wouldn’t have seen where

Issabella’s fingers were and as she gazed down, I felt fingertips beginning to tease my g spot. I bit my bottom lip in an attempt to restrict my moans but as Issabella’s fingers teased faster, my breathing became heavier and hips respond with greater desire and urgency.

As my mom turned to fill the wash basin, I looked at Issabella as if to say, my mom’s here too, please stop but with a sparkle in her eyes, she simply smiled a cheeky grin and teased my g spot harder and faster. I couldn’t stop myself moaning, despite trying as hard as I could, lying back into the bath, legs opening wider as she began to rhythmically ease her fingers in and out. Ripples and waves were formed as my body began to writhe in response. I took a guilty glance in mom’s direction, noticing that she’d altered her position, allowing her to view the scene. As I caught her eye, she smiled at me, a sign of approval I thought and noticed her nipples were fully erect.

The more my body responded and louder my moans, the less subtle Issabella became, switching quickly between, teasing my g spot, pushing her fingers in and out of my pussy and stroking my clit. Very quickly, she’d got me to the point where I thought I’d climax but it was as though she had total control of my body, keeping me on edge, making me more desperate.

“When did you start shaving Jo”, mom asked, taking no notice that I was moaning in pleasure.

Issabella giggled as I struggled to get out a reply, the only words I could muster through moans were, “earlier today!”

With those words mom asked, as she turned fully to face us, “Do you think I should do mine. Your dad might like it I think.”

Once again Issabella’s fingers moved to my clit, circling and stroking hard and fast as she leant forward to kiss and suck my left nipple. That was all I needed, gasping as my body tensed as my pussy contracted violently, I was going to cum. It was a strange feeling to climax under water, I knew I was squirting but was as though the water was muffling the sensation.

I lay motionless for a minute or so with my eyes closed, feeling Issabella lying on top of me, her legs between mine as she kissed my lips tenderly over and over again. Finally, I opened my eyes, to see her smiling contentedly.

It wasn’t long before the three of us were talking as Issabella and I got out the bath and started drying. We knew that time was moving on and it wouldn’t be long before the evening meal would be ready to eat. We left mom in the bathroom once we were dry, heading to my room, still naked, to try and find something to wear.

Even though mom had opened all the windows, it was still hot and humid, combined with our desire to see as much of the others body as possible, neither of us wanted to put much on. Without hesitation Issabella picked up the dressing gown that she’d had on earlier, pulled off the belt and put it on. “God Issy, you look so sexy like that. But you’re not covering much”, I said.

The dressing gown was white, made to look even brighter, contrasting against her dark skin, with her standing up, it barely covered her bum or pussy and with no belt to hold it together, there was an occasional glimpse of flesh from her pussy lips up to the mounds of her perfectly shaped breasts.

“Don’t you like me showing myself off then”, she replied.

“It’s a bit of a shock Issy. Before today, you’ve always covered up. But, oh my god, I like seeing your body!”

She smiled, whilst playfully opening the gown, flashing her body, before I added, “But remember dad will be home soon, so, he’ll see you too!”

She laughed, reminding me that she’d had sex with five people today, three guys and two girls, been naked for most of the day, maybe, my dad seeing her body would turn her on even more. I tried to make her talk quieter, fully aware that mom could hear her every word but to no avail, she ignored my plea.

I was sat on the bed, thinking of what I should put on but before I had chance to look Issabella had my wardrobe open, making a choice for me. She found nothing at first, moving on to look though the drawer where I kept my night clothes and with a smile, handed me a buttoned, sleeveless pink pyjama top and nothing else. I laughed as she passed it to me, telling her that it was very revealing but her only response was a dirty chuckle. I wasted no time slipping it on and standing up to look at myself in the full length mirror. I’d brushed my hair, which was still wet and had tied it back, the top hung loose from my shoulders, with no buttons fastened. My stomach and mounds of my boobs were clearly visible, as were my nipples through the flimsy material but then as I looked lower, even closed, the top didn’t fully cover my pussy or bum.

Issabella jumped up excitedly, giving me a quick kiss on the lips, took me by the hand to lead me out of the room and towards the stairs. At the same time, mom was coming out of the bathroom, carrying her discarded clothes in her right hand. She stood in the doorway, with a proud grin on her face and asked, “Well, how do I look girls”, spreading her legs, pointing out her freshly shaved pussy.

”Very cool and sexy Mrs C”, was Issabella’s immediate response.

Mom giggled like a naughty schoolgirl before looking at Issabella and I, “Seeing you two dressed like that, Chris will be hard all night. I hope that’d ok Issy”, she said.

As we turned to go down the stairs, Issabella chuckled and quipped, “Well, it won’t be the first hard cock we’ll have seen today”, continuing to go downstairs, not waiting for a reply.

We carried on into the kitchen to begin putting out the food for our evening meal but we were a few minutes early, it was still cooking. I couldn’t resist turning to cuddle Issabella, sliding my hands inside the gown as I pulled her close to me. It wasn’t long before our mouths were locked together and tongues caressing feverishly, followed quickly by the fingers of my right hand teasing her clit hard and fast. I could feel her legs buckling as she got closer to another climax. She pulled away from our kiss, pushed herself up onto the table behind her, lying back, spreading her legs wide. She moaned louder and louder, saying, “Oh god, yes Jo. I’m going to cum”, an instant later as I continued to tease her clit hard, she was squirting her juices over my thighs.

I leaned forward on top of her, kissing her tenderly, at first, then as our mouths opened with greater passion but just as I began to grind my pussy on Issabella’s the buzzer signalled that our food was ready. I gave her one last tender kiss, sucking and licking her bottom lip, her legs wrapped around my waist, holding me close. Just as I was about to get up mom came through the door into the kitchen, wearing a small satin nightie, falling just below her bum, held on by two very thin shoulder straps. “If Chris sees you two like that, god know what he’ll do”, she said giggling.

With mom by the cooker, I stood up and pulled up Issabella. We adjusted our clothing, then immediately got to work helping to put the food on the plates and sure enough, just as we were finishing, the sound of a key and front door opening, meant that dad had arrived home. Mom, immediately left what she was doing, heading from the kitchen to greet dad.

Issabella and I continued to do what we’d been doing but our ears pricked when we heard mom talking to dad, “Prepare yourself for a bit of a shock. I caught Jo and Issy in the bath together, kissing. I think they’re gay!”

Even though we tried, we couldn’t hear dad’s response but we heard her continue to tell him that we weren’t wearing very much. All of a sudden, I felt very nervous but at the same time, excited and as I looked at Issabella take on a more reserved and shy appearance, one that I was more used to seeing. I wanted to reassure her, trying to hide my apprehension, so, gave her a lingering kiss and telling her that she looked gorgeous and very sexy.

The food was ready to be taken into the other room, so, we took two plates each and took them into the front room. Dad and mom were already in there, dad sat at the far end of the dining room table, the two of them still talking but as soon as we arrived, they went strangely quiet. I was aware of dad watching our every move we made. We put the plates on the place mats and were about to sit down, when dad broke the silence, “I didn’t know you had such nice legs Issy. You’ve never shown off your body before. You’re stunning but what you and Jo are wearing, it’s not hiding much!”

We both burst out laughing, at that moment I could see that Issabella had relaxed but when she said, “Well, you’re lucky we’ve got something on. We’ve been naked for most of the day”, I choked a little.

We’d all sat down, to begin eating, when mom asked “Haven’t the boys and Emma not been here too?”

Suddenly, I felt very nervous as both mom and dad looked at us but we couldn’t lie and told them that they were but instead of more questions, dad simply looked wide eyed, saying, “Well, if they saw you two naked, they’ll have cum loads!”

All of us laughed, even when Issabella and I quipped that every one of our friends had cum a lot during the day.

We all talked continuously whilst we ate, the atmosphere was very happy, with an air of excitement, even my parents appeared more enthusiastic than normal. Dad was still wearing his work clothes, black shoes, socks and trousers, white shirt and blue tie, eventually commenting that he felt very over-dressed compared to the rest of us but as we chatted, off came his tie and shirt unbuttoned bit by bit, to reveal a lightly haired upper body. Issabella was sat to my right, as dad began to unbutton his top she slipped her left hand onto my right thigh, gradually moving her fingertips to my pussy. I looked at her sternly, half hoping she’d stop but something else inside me was desperate for her to keep going. My pyjama top had worked its way apart, exposing most of my body, just about holding on to cover my nipples but as her fingertips trailed slowly up and down my pussy lips I wouldn’t have cared if it had have come off completely.

Mom and dad had finished eating and though still talking, I think had noticed that my breathing had shallowed and was taking mouthfuls of my food much more slowly. Dad had shifted a little, trying to peer below the table to see what was going on. My legs had opened, enabling Issabella to slip her fingers into my pussy and was, very slowly teasing them in and out. I managed, somehow, to clear my plate as did Issabella and knew if she continued teasing me I’d be experiencing another climax. My hips and body began to writhe and buck but just as I’d decided to take off my top mom said, “Well, I’d better get everything in the dish-washer!”

But before she had chance to get up off her chair, Issabella looked at me, saying, “Come on sexy, we’ll go and do it.”

I was stunned, I’d expected Issabella to make me cum but as she took hold of my right hand I got up to follow her. As she pulled her fingers out of my pussy I felt my juices oozing out and down my thighs and wondered if mom or dad had noticed. We picked up everything that needed washing and took them into the kitchen. I swilled everything off, passing them to her to place them in the machine. Even though it only took a few minutes, there was no sign of my parents downstairs, so, we went through to the living room to watch TV.

I sat on the left side of the sofa as Issabella turned on the TV. Playfully, she dived onto the sofa, so her feet rested on my lap, looked at me and grinned as she wiggled her toes. I noticed that her gown had opened, exposing her pussy, stomach and boobs and couldn’t help thinking, wow!

“You have gorgeous legs Issy. And god your feet are so sexy. I think I’m going to kiss your toes!”

She giggled as I picked up her right foot, cradling it in my right hand, moving it to my mouth and continued to laugh as I kissed each of her toes softly. After each kiss her toes wiggled excitedly but then as I licked up the underside of her big toe and took it into my mouth she stopped laughing and said ”Oh god Jo, that is so nice!”

So, one by one, I licked and sucked each of the toes on her right foot, all the time looking into her eyes. I could see she was enjoying what I was doing, so, couldn’t resist kissing inch by inch up her foot and then slowly up her lower leg, each kiss soft, allowing my lips to linger for an instant on her skin. Once I’d reached he knee, I put that leg down, immediately picking up her left and repeated my actions. I maintained eye contact as much as possible but as I approached he knee, I glanced down at her pussy. She was definitely turned on, her lips glistening in anticipation.

I slid off the sofa, moving to kiss further up her legs. Beginning at her right knee, I kissed up slowly, again the softest kisses I could manage, lingering as I had before, working gradually to her groin, down to her lower thigh until I could taste her arousal. Issabella parted her legs, breathing heavily but then letting out a moan of frustration as I started to kiss down her inner thigh towards her knee. Once there, I lifted her right leg over my shoulders, so I could kiss up her left leg back towards her pussy.

She altered her position a little, more diagonally across the sofa, at the same time pulling her arms out of the gown to leave her naked once more. I reached her groin and inner thighs, kisses more intense, licking and occasionally nibbling her soft skin. I let the tip of my tongue trail slowly up and down either side of her pussy, without touching her lips. Issabella was becoming more desperate, her hips pushing up onto my tongue and lips but I wanted to tease her more before she was going to cum. My kisses moved to where she’d shaved, hearing her moan as my kips caressed her sensitive flesh, continuing higher onto her stomach, letting my tongue swirl around her belly button and probing inside.

“Oh fuck Jo, that’s heaven”, she moaned.

I was surprised at how turned on I was, simply by pleasing her, all new territory for me, exciting beyond words, hearing and feeling her respond to me as I continued to kiss and lick all over her stomach. I looked into her eyes, pausing from kissing, as if waiting for permission before I ventured onto the mounds of her breasts. Her chest was rising and falling beneath me as she breathed heavily

My tongue started to circle her right breast, moving closer each cycle to her areola and hard nipple but before I began to tease that I teased her left breast in the same way. I could feel Issabella’s thighs squeezing together and hips bucking but as my mouth enveloped her left boob she moaned as though she was about to cum. I sucked as much of her into my mouth as possible, allowing my teeth to graze her flesh as I drew away slowly, closing my mouth to take hold of her nipple, pinching and pulling it gently until I could feel it stretching then began teasing it faster and faster with my tongue. I released it, immediately kissing and licking softly, before sucking and pinching once more with my teeth, pulling and teasing, whilst she gasped and moaned in pleasure. I moved to her right nipple, repeating what I’d done to her left. Each time I pulled and teased her nipple her moans grew louder and more desperate but just as I was about to start kissing back down her stomach, she gasped and tensed hard. “Oh god”, she moaned. An instant later I felt her cuming, squirting her juices onto my stomach and boobs.

I looked up at her as soon as I felt her first squirt hit my body, her face filled with pleasure until she finally began to relax, smiling, running her fingers tenderly through my hair and pulling at my pyjama top. I smiled back at her, lifted my arms, a second later I was naked too.

I’d no intention of finishing my seduction; I was feeling so good pleasing her and started to lick down her stomach once more, paying special attention to her belly button, swirling my tongue around it and probing in and out over and over again. Eventually my lips ventured lower, with each kiss edging closer to her pussy, Issabella breathing heavily in anticipation. Her legs opened wide invitingly as I used my warm breath to tease her pussy lips. I kissed her lips as softly as I could, pulling away as her hips pushed upwards wanting more. Using just the tip of my tongue, I traced up and down her slit, slowly and softly.

Hearing her moan was turning me on so much, her pussy lips dripping with her juices. My tongue pushed slowly inside, as deep as I could go, then began circling, slowly at first but then faster and faster, her hips grinding against my mouth. I could feel her throbbing harder with each movement of my tongue, which had moved to probing in and out with an increasingly fast pace. Pulling away for a moment, using the fingers of my right hand, I spread her lips to expose her clit.

I kissed the tip softly, Issabella groaned, my tongue circle and stroked before I took it between my lips, sucking gently, then harder and harder. She gasped as I took her clit between my teeth, pulling until she gasped and moaned louder. “Oh god, yes Jo”, she moaned as my tongue began to tease mercilessly, faster and harder. I felt her hands clutch at my head, her body writhing desperately. Faster and harder I teased, all the time biting and pulling on her clit, pussy spread wide, until with a scream and gasp her body tensed violently. Harder I teased, faster and faster, till suddenly my mouth was being filled. She was cuming and cuming hard.

I backed off, giving her chance to regain her senses, swallowing her juices that had filled my mouth. Then I began to move up her body until I was on top of her, kissing her tenderly and then more passionately as our tongues caressed. As our bodies shifted, I felt my pussy on hers, instinctively we both started to grind. From a slow controlled rhythm our movements became desperate and full of lust, focussed completely on the other, not realising that we were no longer alone. Issabella spread her legs wide, raising them above her waist, her pussy lips opening. I lifted my legs around her hips, the two of us no longer kissing, grinding together frantically, moaning more and more as our clits began to tease the other.

I knew I was going to cum, my pussy pulsating, contracting and releasing harder and harder but just as I thought I was going to, Issabella tensed beneath me, clutching my arse cheeks with her fingers. An instant later I felt her climax, her juices squirting onto my pussy. I was so turned on as she continued to cum my own orgasm began, moaning in ecstasy, the intensity of feelings overwhelming.

We lay motionless for a while, trying to regain our senses, bodies glistening with perspiration and juices oozing between us but then we looked at each other, smiled, then as we cuddled, we kissed, tenderly at first, then more passionately, our tongues caressing slowly. Eventually I rolled off her onto the sofa, to her left and both giggled nervously when we saw my dad sat, in his shorts in the chair adjacent to us, a second later mom walked in, in just her nightie, sitting down in the other armchair.

Even though mom had seen us in the bath earlier, I was very nervous about being naked with Issabella and having just had sex with her, wasn’t sure how much they’d seen, plus, it was the first time since I’d grown up that dad had seen me without any clothes on but at the same time, I was so turned on. Eventually, as I felt Issabella’s fingers tracing patterns with her fingertips over my stomach, I smiled at both of my parents, getting a reassuring one in return. Looking at mom I noticed her nipples were erect, easily visible through the thin fabric of her nightie. She was sat with her right foot underneath her left thigh, showing me enough of her pussy to assess that her lips were swollen, guessing that she must have had sex with dad. Dad was slouched in his chair, his bum just about on the seat, his legs apart a little, his shorts doing nothing to conceal his arousal, his right hand on his stomach, fingers underneath the waistband, I couldn’t help wondering what was on his mind seeing us on the sofa naked. It was as though nobody really knew what to say but clearly, we were all looking at each other but then the silence was broken by dad, “Does anybody want a drink?”

“Stay there Mr C, I’ll get the drinks with Jo”, Issabella said as she immediately sat up.

Everybody wanted something cool to drink; it was so hot and humid. As Issabella took hold of my right wrist, to pull me up, I felt so sticky with perspiration, my thighs still weak from the energy sapping orgasm I’d experienced and thought I might struggle to stand up, let alone walk. As Issabella stood up and pulled at my arm, I noticed that dad was looking at us, almost as though it was the first time he’d seen two naked girls and as we started to walk towards the door, I’m sure his cock grew bigger. Issabella was holding my right hand, just as we moved beside dads chair he blurted out, “My god, you two are stunning. I can’t believe you’re naked. It’s my lucky day!”

We giggled but as we were going through the door, Issabella, with a cheeky glint in her in her eye, turned to look at my parents and quipped, ”You two should be naked too. We have been all day!”

I gave her a playful slap on her arse, she smiled, as if liking the sensation and we continued into the kitchen.

“Did you see the wet patch on his shorts Jo”, Issabella said excitedly.

”Shush”, I scowled, recognising that the doors were open and they could hear what was being said.

But she took no notice, being far too excited and turned on, continuing, “He must be so turned on”. And after a short pause, as if thinking, she answered what I been wondering earlier, “He was there when you were making me cum. And saw us fucking after. I was so turned on Jo!”

I was speechless, embarrassed, feeling like a naughty child being found out by their parents and waiting to be told off but at the same time, Issabella was right, it was such a turn on to have been caught and seen as we were. As I got the orange juice from the fridge, listening to her talking, I could feel my pussy pulsating, body was tingling and juices trickling onto my thighs.

“Oh my god Jo, look how wet you are”, Issabella exclaimed as she looked at me.

We both laughed, at the same time filling the glasses with the juice. Once filled, we took two glasses each and headed back to the living room. As we turned the corner into the room, we couldn’t believe our eyes. They’d obviously thought Issabella had been serious, both mom and dad were now naked. Dad was sat similarly to before, apart from his feet been further apart. The surprise was that mom was on the floor, between his feet, stroking his cock very slowly. Casually, Issabella took their drinks over, handing them to them and giggling, said “that looks fun!”

I choked as I walked passed her, trying not to shows my shock at Issabella’s audacity, went to sit back on the sofa but mom had motioned to sit beside her on the floor. So, after handing a glass to Issabella, I sat cross legged next to mom and a moment later Issy was beside me, the two of us watching, wide eyed, mom’s fingers stroking up and down dads cock as he looked at our naked bodies.

The only one that hadn’t finished their drink quickly was my day, who by comparison to the rest of us looked quite calm, occasionally sipping juice from his glass but not once did his eyes stray from looking at us. His cock was twitching visibly as mom stroked him, even though she was moving slowly and a steady trickle of pre-cum oozed from his knob.

After a few minutes, nobody had uttered a word; I felt the fingers of Issabella’s right hand begin teasing up and down my back. I particularly liked when her fingertips stroked at the base of my spine and between the cheeks of my bum, body tensing against her as she did it. She picked up that I was enjoying that and appeared to linger in that area longer each time. I was getting more turned on by the second, with her touching me at the same time as watching mom’s actions. I glanced down between Issabella’s thighs, immediately surprised to see how wet she was. She caught my look and immediately smiled but I didn’t expect her to take hold of my left hand and guide it invitingly to between her thighs.

Dad let out a groan as my fingertips touched Issabella’s pussy and began teasing her, slowly moving up and down her slit. I was expecting her and I to make love where we were, on the floor and with mom and dad close by but to my surprise, she stood up, looked at me and held out her right hand. “Come on sexy, let’s go to bed”, she said, winking at me.

Time had gone by so quickly since mom had arrived home. Even though it was summertime, the light was starting to disappear as the sun was going down and as I looked at the clock on the wall I noted that it had gone past nine o’clock. It was going to be another warm night, even with all windows and doors open we would be sleeping on top of the covers, naked for all to see. As Issabella began to pull me up, I paused, as I was on my knees to kiss mom on her cheek and say goodnight. She smiled at me as I got to my feet but continued to stroke dad’s cock, not once letting her rhythm diminish.

Issabella leant down to kiss mom and thank her for the evening meal and for letting her stay. It was dad who replied, telling her that she was welcome to stay anytime she wanted and that we had made his day. We laughed at his reply but as I did every day I kissed him goodnight. I giggled as I felt his hands take hold of my bum and squeeze my cheeks, then moving away, I heard Issabella say it was his turn and looked to see her peck him on the cheek and him squeeze her arse as he had mine but wasn’t surprised to see her glance down to view the action between his thighs.

Moments later we were skipping up the stairs and going, firstly, into the bathroom to use the loo and brush our teeth and then to the bedroom and bed. I threw the quilt onto the floor and dived playfully face down onto the middle of the bed. I felt Issabella get on top of me, straddling and sitting on my legs, just above my knees. I made a half-hearted effort to struggle free but as I did she slapped the right cheek of my arse pretty hard, causing me to gasp a little, so, tried to break free once more. Again she slapped, harder than before, this time on my other cheek. I don’t know why but my pussy began to throb hard, I was definitely turned on, as for a third time I felt the stinging sensation as she hit me again.

She adjusted her position, firstly moving so she could spread my legs, then sitting between them. Tenderly she brushed my hair away from my neck and then began kissing me softly. Involuntarily I let out a moan of pleasure, enjoying the sensation of her warm soft lips on my skin. I began to get those tingly feelings inside as her kisses ventured lower and lower down my spine until eventually she reached my bum. The fingers of her hands teased each of my cheeks gently, my mind racing not knowing what to expect, my arse made extremely sensitive by being slapped so hard. She even used her hair to tease my back and bum until eventually I felt her tongue touch the base of my spine. Then, as her fingers spread my cheeks apart her tongue began licking lower. I could feel my whole body tense in anticipation, her tongue circling the rim of my bum slowly but as it spiralled inside, deeper and deeper, I moaned, “Oh god Issy, oh god, yes”.

As her tongue explored deep inside my bum, I could feel myself getting extremely wet, aware that the sheet beneath me was being soaked as my juices trickled steady from my pussy. I was moaning more and more, surprised at how turned on I was, feeling as though I’d cum at any moment. Issabella swirled her tongue, as if exploring inside my hole, then probed in and out slowly but then, suddenly fast. I was struggling to breathe, so intense were the sensations, moaning loudly as my hips bucked, grinding against the sheets. My pussy throbbed harder until it contracted violently, an instant later I was squirting my juices onto the bed as I climaxed.

I lay motionless for a few seconds before rolling onto my back, Issabella crawling up to lie beside me, her face heavily shadowed, the light falling quickly as time passed by. It wasn’t long before the two of us began kissing, tenderly at first, more passionately once our mouths opened and tongues touched. Gradually it became dark, our eyes closed and we fell asleep. What would tomorrow bring, surely it couldn’t be a better day, could it?

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