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I Saw What You Did in Class

When no one thought you were looking, I saw you taking those pictures.
Sitting in class on a hot afternoon listening to the lecturer go on and on about something that we all lost interest in halfway through class, I looked over and saw you. You were sitting at your desk texting on your phone, not paying any attention to what was going on around you. As I sat there watching, I noticed you look around real quick and then when you were sure that no one was looking, you quickly put your phone up your shirt, snapped a picture and then resumed texting. That peeked my interest. I was curious as to what you were doing. Then to my amazement you put the phone between your legs and up your skirt to snap another picture. Oh, how I wish I could have been the person you were texting with.

I watched you for the rest of class and did not see you taking any more pictures and was slightly disappointed. So as we gathered our things up I decided to follow you too see what you might do next. I had a free period and didn’t have another class for an hour so I had time to kill. Walking a little distance behind you, I noticed that you started to head for the river that runs next to the campus while still texting on your phone. As we approached the river, you walked down the little incline to the bank, out of eyeshot of most of the people on campus and sat down on the sand. You never noticed that I dropped down a little distance away from you at the same time.

I pulled out my phone and pretended to play on it while watching what you were doing. I saw you look up and peek around and notice me, however we did not make eye contact and you probably assumed that I was busy doing something else. So then you snapped another picture from between your legs and resumed texting. I positioned myself so I could see you more clearly, but make it not look obvious. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as you quickly removed your panties from under you skirt and hastily put them into your bag before taking another picture from under your skirt. This time I was sure that the person on the other end was getting a full shot of your pussy. I was starting to get hard and had to shift myself to a more comfortable position.

It went on like that for a few minutes. Before I noticed you sucking your fingers and the sliding them between your legs, to what I can only assume was to play with your pussy, taking pictures all the while. I saw your back arch and more pictures being taken before you took a final picture of you sucking your pussy juices off of your fingers. Then getting up, without even putting your panties back on, you started to walk off and passed right by me and gave me a small smile. I could smell your sex as you walked near me and could almost get a glimpse up your skirt as you passed. I had to know what you were up to, so I decided to follow once more.

As you walked away, I notice you sneaking another picture up your shirt when you thought that nobody was looking and then ducked into a building. I was pleased to see that you were in fact heading to the same classroom that I was. I never knew that we had more than the one class together. But, I do have to say I was excited. I wanted to know what you were up to. So taking a seat next to you, I began to work on my assignment, while trying to glimpse what you were up to on your phone. I briefly saw a text come in with the simple words, “Truth or Dare” on them to which you replied “Dare”. You were playing a game, a hot and nasty game. I just wished you were playing it with me and not someone else. Watching you was really turning me on and I was having a hard time trying to keep my hard cock from poking through my jeans making it noticeable to everyone around.

I heard your phone buzz as another text came through and I saw what it said. “Take off your bra from under your shirt there in class. Once you have it off, take a picture of your tits and send them to me.”

WOW! I was sitting next to this beautiful woman with what I could only imagine were D cup breasts, who was about to take off her bra in class. That just made me have to adjust my seat again and my cock throbbed against my pants. So looking like I was busy doing work I saw you look around and notice that everyone else was occupied with their work and the teacher was at their desk looking at the computer. You reached up your back and undid the clasp of your bra and then carefully sliding it off through your shirt you hastily put it in your bag next to your panties, which I could see were sitting there obviously wet. Then taking your phone you quickly snapped a picture under your shirt again and then preceded to send it to the person on the other end. I stole a quick look before you sent it; all I could say was that you had amazing tits. They were so full and ripe! I just wanted to squeeze them and pop those gorgeous nipples into my mouth and suck on them.

You didn’t get any more texts for the rest of class, but I could not finish anymore of my work because every time I tried to concentrate on something I got an image of those tits. And then looking at you I could see them perfectly formed under your tight shirt with your nipples poking out of it. I wanted more. I wanted to see more of you. So when class was ending I took a piece of paper from my notebook and wrote a simple message on it. “I just wanted to let you know, that I saw you today. You were amazing! Truth or Dare?” Then putting my cell phone number on it, I dropped the note into your bag right on top of your bra and left the class.

I can only hope that you reply back to me and want to play this same game with me.

Do you want to play a game? Truth or Dare?

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