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I take Deb Dogging... Her First Time

A cyber fantasy brought to reality
The evening is warm in the English countryside as I pull into Deb’s driveway.

It is dusk and I can see a light burning through the front window. I park the car and walk to the front entrance. This is our first meeting and even though we have been chatting for quite a while on the internet, we have never met face to face, though we did exchange photos. Her husband is gone on another business trip and her daughter is spending the night at friend's home.

I ring the doorbell and hear a cheery voice say, “I will be right there.” She opens the door and I behold her beauty. She is tall and curvy with sparkling eyes. She is wearing a long, gray trench coat which she opens to show that she is dressed just as we discussed online. She is wearing a lacy black bra, semi transparent black panties, thigh high black stockings and lovely black heels.

I step forward, sliding my hands inside her coat and embrace her. We take time to relish our first kiss. I hold her close so that she can feel the evidence of my arousal pressed against her. I slide my hands down the bare skin of her back and caress her panty clad bottom. We separate from our intense French kissing and I ask, “Are you ready to go out?” Deb replies, “Yes I am. There is a car park not far from here. I will direct you”.

We get into the car and Deb guides me through the town and we arrive just after dark. There are several cars there and in the shadows we see men and women walking about or in small groups by a car here and there. We find an area where we can park and not be too close to the others but close enough where we can keep an eye on things.

“Why don’t we get in the back seat Deb? It has a lot more room.”

We get out, leaving the windows down and slide the front seats forward. We get into the back seat and in no time we are actively engaged in a heavy petting session. Deb is everything I expected and more. She seems to really enjoy my large hands fondling her body and the deep kisses. I notice a movement outside and whisper, “We have company honey.” Deb seems to become more excited. She lowers her hand to the front of my trousers and rubs my throbbing cock. I open her coat, exposing her to the eyes of the men outside. I slide my hand up her stocking encased thigh until it comes to rest over the crotch of her panties. She unzips my trousers and frees my 8 inches of thick, hard flesh and encircles it with her soft hand. I pull down the front of one side of her bra, revealing her large pink nipple which is hard and long. She moans as I take her nipple in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it, nibbling and sucking it hard. I can tell Deb is enjoying this, since it has been quite some time since she has had this kind of attention.

The men outside seem to be moving in closer and a couple have their cocks out stroking them. When I whisper this to Deb she moans again. My fingers slowly stroke up and down the crease of her pussy. Her pussy lips are engorged and the panties are very wet.

I slip the crotch of her panties to the side exposing her bald pussy to everyone, then slowly, gently I spread the lips and draw tiny circles around her hard clit. Her moans of pleasure increase. She pushes me back against the far door and leans down to take my cock into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head, licks the shaft and then takes me all the way into her throat. I arch my back forcing myself all the in her soft, wet mouth.

The men outside are becoming more animated. One asks if it is okay to touch her. She raises her head and smiles. “Oh yes, please do,” she says huskily. He strokes her thigh and then slips his fingers between the open lips of her pussy. She adjusts backward slightly, still maintaining good contact with my cock as she sucks it. She moans again as the man slides two fingers inside her and begins finger fucking her. I know she has been wanting to do this for a long time and I am so pleased that I am the one she chose to do it with. I swore I would do what I could to bring her out of her shell.

I hold the sides of her head and fuck my cock in her mouth and throat. She turns more in the seat, now on her knees with her bottom to the door. I ask her if she would like to fuck some strange cock. “Oh darling, yes I would,” was her reply. I ask the man with his fingers in her pussy if he would like to stick his cock in her. “Damn straight I would!” he says. I tell him to open the door which he does. I ease Deb back until her knees are on the edge of the seat with her ass pointed out the door. The man slides a condom over his cock and then moves close to rub the head of his cock in her wet pussy. He lines up and slides his throbbing member as deep as it will go. Deb lets out a groan and looks up at me with the most sensual look I have ever seen. She puts her head back down and really starts sucking me off in earnest. The man is fucking her hard and deep and in no time at all he groans loudly as he fills his condom with spunk buried deep inside Deb. She is shaking in the throes of orgasm herself and groaning on my cock which sends shockwaves through me.

The man withdraws from her pussy and another steps up. He spreads the cheeks of her ass and starts licking and rimming her. It is like she is possessed. He gets her ass all lubed up, slides a condom over his cock and slides it into her pussy for a few strokes then withdraws and presses the fat head against her virgin ass. Deb is coming unglued. My cock is about to explode in her mouth and he sinks his cock slowly all the way into her tight hole. He starts sliding in and out as Deb is screaming with ecstasy. “Fuck me, fuck my ass,” she pants. I am in heaven watching this lovely, full breasted British lady swallowing my cock while having her ass pounded by a total stranger.

“Deb, I am going to cum honey!”

“Yes honey, fill my mouth,” she replies between moans.

My cock explodes like never before, shooting streams of thick, sweet cum into her mouth. Deb slurps and sucks not wanting to lose a drop.

The man pounding her ass reaches the point of no return and drives deep one last time as Deb explodes in another gut wrenching orgasm.

She licks and sucks my cock completely clean then pulls me up to kiss her deeply, I taste my cum on her tongue. She turns to the man who has pulled out of her ass, slides his condom off , licking and sucking him clean as well. Then she turns to kiss me deeply again, giving me a taste of his cum.

The men outside sense that this show is over and begin to disperse. We close the door and embrace once again. “Deb honey. You said you wanted to explore new sexual experiences. Did you have as good a time as I think you did?”

“Oh my God, that was unbelievable!” Deb replies. “I wish I had done this sooner.”

“Now take me home. We can get naked, soak in the hot tub, drink some wine and get ready for a couple more days of fun. This horny old Yank didn‘t fly all the way over here for a one night stand.”
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