In and on the car!

By AvaK

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It all started through this website, I got chatting to a guy and didn't expect him to be any different from the other guys that attempt to chat me up on here (a little boring and very much the same every time). Turns out he was sexy, really fucking sexy, had a good sense of humour and could get me dripping wet without even saying much. We'd spoke for a while, maybe a month or two, always talking about what would happen if we were to ever meet up. He only lived an hour and a half away from me but I never thought we would actually meet.

I'd just finished work at 6pm and checked my messages as I always did, it was no surprise to see that I had a message from him (let's call him James for the purpose of this story), it read "I got out work early, put a skirt on and forget the underwear, see you in an hour babe ;)". My stomach flipped and I started to get a little nervous. Shit he was already on his way! I got home from work and did what he had told me to do, put on a short denim skirt that barely covered my tight ass and a tight black cami with no underwear. My 32D boobs were perky and looked awesome in a cami with no bra, my nipples were hard and showed through the thin material easily. I quickly scraped my long think platinum blonde hair back into a messy pony tail, sprayed a quick squirt of my favourite perfume (gucci guilty) and grabbed my leather jacket. I heard a car pulll up outside and I instantly knew it was him, but he must be early, it can't have been an hour already?! I checked the time, 6:51pm, he was early but not by much. I took a deep breath and stepped outside.

I was greeted by the sight of James grinning from ear to ear sat in the drivers seat of his Ford Focus ST. Fuck, he looked even better in person. Being that it was early evening in the middle of summer, it was still pretty warm out, but he made things even hotter! He was wearing a black tight tank top, with his muscular arms on show and just the sight of his arms made me a little moist. I hopped in the passenger seat being careful not to show too much all at once. I decided that I'd pretend that I wasn't phased by his extreme gorgeousness, and planted a kiss directly on his lips. I guess I kind of took him by surprise as his eyes widened, before he smiled and kissed me back, a little harder than I had kissed him.

He reversed out of my drive way, and started off towards the motorway, I had no idea where he was headed, but in all honesty, I really couldn't have cared where I was as long as it was with him. We didn't speak much but the sexual tension was getting heavy. I was squirming a little, pressing my thighs together hard to get some form of relief for my aching pussy. We probably hadn't been in the car any longer than 6 or 7 minutes before I could bare it no longer. I made the first move, I put my hand on his thigh and stroked it gently upward towards his crotch.

He smiled at me as if to tell me to continue, and so I did. To my relief I found he was also already aroused, and his cock was huge even if it was only semi errect. I rubbed him hard through his jeans and felt him push his pelvis upward to meet my hand. I unzipped his fly, pulled his CK boxers down to release his huge cock. It was definitely the biggest I'd seen, and it was shaven to perfection. It looked just as good as it did in the photos, and tasted better than I could have imagined. I licked all the way down the shaft, and back up before circling my tongue at his swollen head savouring the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum. I took his entire length in my mouth and down my throat, knowing that the cold from the metal of my tongue bar would be driving him crazy. I held him there for as long as I could before starting up a quick rhythym of sucking up and down, occasionally taking him out of my mouth to lick and suck on his smooth, hairless balls. He reached his toned arm across me and rested his hand on my smooth thigh, he didn't stay there long before moving under my skirt to my dripping pussy.

He laughed and said "I didn't think you'd actually turn up with no knickers!", I looked up from his crotch and gave up a cheeky smile before returning to sucking, licking and milking his huge throbbing cock. He started playing with my pussy, sliding his finger up and down my slit, rubbing my clit and making me moan, after a few minutes he slid a finger into my cunt and I heard him gasp. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he hadn't believed me when I told him how tight I was. I told him that I'm not a liar, and that right now I needed his cock inside. With that he pulled over into a layby on the side of a busy road.

He got out the car, walked round to the passenger door, flung it open, dropped to his knees and pushed my legs apart. I was in heaven! Being eaten out on the side of a busy road knowing that anyone could pull over and catch us was massive turn on. He seemed to be somewhat of an expert with his mouth and his tongue, dipping his tongue into my hole before sucking and licking my clit hard. I could feel myself starting to tense and I came all over his face and the car seat, my legs shaking and gasping for breath as he carried on sucking my pussy.

He carried me out of the car (thankfully as I'm sure my shaking legs wouldn't have supported me) and led me on my back over his car bonnet, the cool metal sent shivers all the way down to my cunt. He hadn't put his cock away since I had been sucking it, so it didn't take long before I felt him pressing it up against my slit. He rubbed it up and down my hot pussy a few times and then attempted to enter. I felt the head stretching my tight cunt, makng me groan in pain but also pleasure. It took a while to get the first few inches in, he had to move slowly while I rubbed furiously at my clit. I finally managed to take all of his length inside me and it felt so good being SO full! He started to move slowly at first, starting a rhythym. I came almost instantly, the feel of him all the way inside me, knowing that people were watching as they drove past and the cool breeze all over my body took me over the edge.

He pulled my cami down to reveal my perky, full tits and lent forward to circle my hard nipples with his expert tongue while still plunging his massive cock into me. I can't be sure how many times he made me cum, but I know I've never been in so much pleasure at any one time before, or since! He picked up his rhythym, moving faster, feeling his balls slapping against my ass and my clit rubbing against the base of his cock, I was almost screaming by now, struggling for breath, and he was begining to grunt. I had completely forgotten that people were watching, I was lost in ecstasy.

His grunts became quicker, and soon I felt his huge rod pulse as it pumped stream after stream of hot cum inside my tight little cunt. I was completely breathless as he finally pulled out of me. My cunt ached after being stretched so much, but I basked in the afterglow of sex, lying on the bonnet of his car, on the side of a busy road, too spent to even bother covering myself. He didn't let me rest for more than 2 minutes before he dropped to his knees and started sucking on my cunt again, feeling our combined juices leaving my pussy and entering his mouth got me going again, I came hard into his mouth and over his face and he lapped it up. He then came up and kissed me hard, swapping our juices from his sexy mouth to mine. Tasting both my cum and his on his mouth was bliss, I already knew that I tasted good, but his cum tasted better than any I'd had before. It was intoxicating tasting both of us at the same time. I bit on his bottom lip a little and licked at his tongue and mouth to get all of our juices from him.

We led on the bonnet of his car for a little while not talking, just catching our breath. Then he suggested we get back in the car because we still hadn't got to where he had planned for us to go. The wink and the cheeky smile suggested that he wasn't quite finished with me yet.

This is my first attempt at writing, let me know what you think, any constructive criticism or pointers are welcome.