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In Front of the Fireplace at Cracker Barrel

There was no artificial coloring adorning her face. She did not need it to make herself beautiful
After a long business trip, the Cracker Barrel sign off of I-95 was a nice sight. It meant Jacob was one more exit closer home. It also meant he would surprise Casey, who he knew was busing tables this evening.

Jacob and Casey have dated now for eight months. She was a freshman at the local junior college. Her eighteen years had not prepared her for wearing an apron with five stars embroidered onto it, but she had to pay for college somehow. Taking orders and bringing them out to tables was the job that helped her do that. Plus, she loved the tips.

Jacob slowed to turn onto the exit leading him into Cracker Barrel's parking lot. He chose a space not near any windows because he did not want Casey seeing his car.

When he walked into the gift shop, the smell of cinnamon permeated his nostrils. Jacob loved the way Cracker Barrel smelled when first walking inside. It always gave a warm welcome.

He walked to the dining area entrance and Blair, Casey's best friend and coworker, was the hostess of the evening. She smiled as she saw him approach.

"Aw, Jacob, you're back!" Blair said and gave a friendly hug.

"Yeah. Casey's here, right?"

"Where else would she be in the evening, Jacob? I'll take you to her section. Come on!"

"Hide me if you can. She didn't know I was coming home today."

"You got it!"

Blair placed Jacob in the corner of the second dining room. It was perfect. It was secluded enough to keep from being seen immediately, but open enough to be seen if one needed anything in a hurry. The big fireplace, indicative of all Cracker Barrels, prominently centered the front of the dining area.

Jacob watched Blair enter the kitchen. He was sure to tell Casey she had another table. He put the menu up in front of his face, but right below his eyes so he could see Casey come out. When she did, his emotions stirred.

Casey's slim short stature looked so erotic in her black casual slacks and white button down blouse. The brown apron tied around her waist set off her sensual curves and gave highlights to her every contour. Her breasts pushed the top part of her apron out where her name and five gold stars were embroidered. Casey was not a huge breasted woman, so he could tell she was wearing her push-up bra because of how the apron was mounded outward. Jacob hoped it was that black silky one he gave her for her birthday a month ago.

Her usual dark tresses were clumped together in a knot forming a ponytail held in place by an elastic band. There was no artificial coloring adorning her face. She did not need it to make herself beautiful; she already was naturally.

Casey approached his table and greeted him without looking. She looked through her dark rimmed glasses as she went through the customary verbiage all the waitresses had to abide by. When he answered with his drink order, his voice startled her. Then the smile said it all.

Casey slammed her waitress tray on the table, dropped her order book to the floor, and as Jacob stood, she jumped him and wrapped her legs around his waist as she hugged and kissed him. All the diners around looked at them like they were crazy. He guessed they wished that every waitress would greet them like Casey did.

"Oh Jacob, you're home! I've missed you so much!"

"Not as much as I missed you, Casey."

"Oh God, I have to get off work," Casey said.

"Oh no you won't. I came here to get food and see you. Home will always be there. Let me order so I can see you work. I think you're sexy the way you wait tables!"

Casey blushed and smiled as he sat back down. She picked up her order book, the tray, and took his order of chicken fried chicken with steak fries, carrots, and fried apples. Before she walked away, she leaned down and kissed him again.

Jacob watched Casey walk back to the kitchen. Her tight little ass swayed a new hitch as she went. Her ponytail swished back and forth as well. As she entered the kitchen to place his order, he saw Blair enter behind her.

"So, how's that for a surprise homecoming?" Blair asked with a smile.

"The best!" Casey answered her best friend with heat in her cheeks and a big smile.

"Oh, I know that look."

Casey smiled even bigger and the flush entered her face even more as she entered Jacob's order.

"You're wet!" Blair whispered into Casey's ear.

As Blair was walking away, Casey said, "Dripping!" and Blair smiled as she returned to her post.

When Casey came back with his drink order, Jacob could tell by her body actions her juices were flowing. He could only imagine what her smooth mound looked like under her uniform. He was sure that her panties or thong, whichever one she had chosen to wear, was getting soaked.

"Here is your drink sir," Casey said as she put it down on the table.

She sounded so cute when she said it. It was as if he was another patron and not her boyfriend she was serving.

"Your food will be out shortly," she said and strolled maybe ten or fifteen steps and had to pause. Jacob snickered because he knew why she had paused.

Casey, on the other hand, found an excuse to cover why she paused and that was to ask another one of her tables if they needed anything. They had no idea she was fending off an orgasm and was getting wetter by the minute. Casey's pussy was all a flutter in her pants.

What Casey really wanted to do at the moment was stick a finger in to ease the spasm that was quickly forming. She would just have to deal with it for now and hope that none of her coworkers knew. Well, one did, but she did not count. Casey just had to work through her hormones at the moment and hoped that when Jacob's food was ready and she took it out to him, she did not flood the dining area with sexual arousal.

Then Casey saw Jacob's order come up in the window. She just shook her head.

But she put his order on her tray and headed out onto the dining floor where Jacob sat waiting.

Jacob saw Casey coming toward his table and smiled. He did not pay any attention to his food on the tray. He only looked at his girlfriend and how her body moved. The sway of her slender frame only gave him more arousal. Jacob felt his manhood stir as she approached. All he could think about at the moment was what she hid behind the brown apron.

"Here you are sir. May I get you anything else?"

"I don't think so. What I see looks oh so good!"

Casey knew Jacob was not talking about his meal. She smiled then leaned down and kissed him. She had to walk away rather slowly because the wetness between her legs now flowed faster and seeped out onto her thong in a heavy flow. Before long, it was going to look like she wet her pants.

Jacob took a bite of his chicken as he watched Casey walk back to the kitchen. The mere thought of her naked body under her work clothes had his emotions running tenfold. He was not going to be able to hold out on his thoughts until Casey arrived home. What was throbbing in his pants would not be able to wait that long.

Casey returned to the kitchen area all flustered and wet. She began to wonder if, for some unforeseen reason, Blair had a spare thong or any kind of undergarment in her car. Not likely, but if she had to wear anybody else's private stash, it would be Blair's because Casey knew where they had been.

It would turn out, Casey would not need to even ask.

Jacob was standing in front of the fireplace when he surprised Casey exiting the side outlet. He grabbed her and pulled her close and pressed his lips to hers. Casey dropped her tray and order book and fell into his grip and supple lips.

His body was hard as it pressed into hers. The taste of his sweet lips as he pressed hard upon hers had Casey dripping like a faucet. Waves of desire passed through her body and unsettled her legs that began to shake. She could barely stand, but she loved how Jacob left her feeling that way.

Then she felt his hand slide over her breast and gently cup her firm mound.

"Oh Jacob, not here," Casey said in a whisper as she felt all the eyes of the many diners on her and him.

"Yes, here. Right now. I want you so fucking bad!"

"But...but...bu...Oh God!" Casey softly exclaimed and felt Jacob untying her five gold starred apron and lift the neck strap of it over her head. It fell to the floor next to the tray.

Casey then felt his fingers loosening every button on her blouse and before she knew it, Jacob had it ripped off and it joined the apron on the floor. She gave a glance to the diners and they were either eating or staring. She could not believe no one was stopping her and Jacob. Knowing nobody was going to do so, the rush of Jacob taking her in front of Cracker Barrel’s fireplace, especially with watchful eyes upon them, released all of her inner inhibitions.

Casey tugged Jacob's shirt loose from his pants and pulled it over his head. The strong muscles of his smooth chest were shining with little droplets of sweat. She circled one of his nipples with her fingertip and he leaned his head back as she felt his hands loosening the button and downing the zipper of her slacks. Casey kicked off her clogs in anticipation of her slacks sliding down her smooth legs. She wanted to be able to step out of them with ease.

As Jacob pulled the slacks down revealing the shining stems Casey used for travel, the scent of her sex became strong. He knelt down and held them in place so Casey could step out of them. On his way back up, Jacob ran his face right in line with her thong covered personal divide and breathed in her erotic scent. The aroma it gave off immediately stiffened him more. When he stood, he pressed his bulge hard into Casey's puffy love mound.

"Oh Jacob, you are so hard!" Casey said as she reached down and undid his jeans. She slid them over his firm ass and down his legs as he had done to her. She looked up and saw the huge tent formed in his briefs. She could not wait to take his heavy erection inside her wet pussy. And she was going to do it in front of all the diners in the dining room.

When Casey stood, Jacob ran his hands under her bra and took a handful of her luscious female projections. A loud moan escaped her lips as his palms ran over her nipples. Instantly, they hardened and their sensitive peaks sent tingles throughout her whole body. Immediately after, Casey felt her pussy constrict and the flow of her arousal pooled on the lining of her thong.

Again, Jacob could smell Casey’s sexual aroma drift upward and it sent his cock to throbbing. He pressed it hard once again against her mound, and he could feel the outline of her puffy pussy lips want to envelope it. The feeling caused him to squeeze her breasts tightly and Casey let out a little whimper of delight.

Her rather long erect nipples poked against his palms as Jacob squeezed and Casey bit her bottom lip. She let out a whelp as the stress of her bra strap could not take his hands underneath its cups and it popped and somehow fell to the floor. Now topless with nothing but Jacob’s hands covering her firm female glands, Casey felt vulnerable with all the folks eating dinner. And it felt wonderful to her.

Casey did not want to be the only one half naked in the room so she reached down to Jacob’s waist and pulled down his briefs. His long hard erection shot out from underneath them and bounced up and down once, then assumed the position needed. Jacob only now had to remove the one item holding Casey’s equal part hostage.

Jacob removed his hands from Casey’s breasts and somehow turned to face her back. Casey saw all the onlookers staring at her topless body. Her breasts were firm and perky and her hard long nipples pointed to the dining audience like poised arrows on bows. Their reaction was exactly what she wanted. The element of surprise was definitely on their faces. And it was about to get even more surprising.

Jacob slipped his fingers around the elastic of Casey’s thong hugging her hips. The mere feel of his fingers wrapping around it sent a rush through her body in anticipation of revealing her wet crevice to the ones eating dinner. She wondered what the audience was going to think of seeing her smooth glistening skin at her private place of entry.

Slowly, Jacob pulled her thong down. As it peeled away from her tenderness, the light of the room shined on her bare skin that highlighted the perfect line running down the middle of her legs. Casey felt the air of the room cool her hot point of puffed flesh. Tingles dangled slowly down her spine in waves of erotic emotion.

Casey stepped out of her thong and stood there totally naked at the diners ogling and wondering what move would be next. They had all stopped eating at this point in anticipation of her and Jacob’s next move. There was not an eating utensil in any of their hands. Their eyes were all focused on them in front of the fireplace, including the employees and especially Blair.

As Jacob stood back up, his cock pressed hard against her ass. The hot hard throbbing of his member against the soft plumpness of her cheeks felt wonderful. Casey let out a little whimper as Jacob ran his hands on her inner thighs. She leaned her head back into his shoulders as his fingers massaged circles on her flesh. The heat rising in her body made her start to breathe faster. Casey always loved how he touched her and with an audience now participating, or rather watching, the bubble inside her was now doubling.

It almost tripled when Jacob ran his finger through her tender moist slot. A loud audible moan exited Casey’s mouth as his finger glided up and down her hot sodden slit. Her core coated his finger gingerly as he ran it through her hot supple sexual lips. Jacob ran his slick finger up over her skin, circling her belly button, leaving a trail of her desire on her hot body.

Casey could swear she heard it sizzle and evaporate because her body was on fire. Again, she felt Jacob’s hand drift downward and toy over her love mound before once again splitting her tender partition. As his finger slid through her slickness, Casey moaned, “Ohhhhh, Jacob, that feels so. . . so. . . oh God,” and her arousal began to flow and drip heavily onto the brick floor.

Casey went weak in the knees and began to collapse. Jacob caught her and laid her down on the floor. Immediately, he spread her legs open, revealing her wet pussy to the dinner served spectators. Everybody saw her smooth gaping pinkness. Case was ready.

Jacob knelt between her silky smooth stems, ran the tip of his long heavy erection between her engorged labia a couple of times, and then slowly inserted himself into Casey. A gasp left her as he entered her hot supple canal of delight.

Casey felt her body slide on the cold brick floor as Jacob rammed his hard organ all the way inside her. She felt her wetness consume every long inch of him. She looked around the dining room and could see, even at her level, all the patrons watching her have sex. Casey felt dirtily delightful as they watched.

Jacob hit a rhythm and Casey felt her firm breasts jiggle with each slap his body made upon hers. His cock felt so extremely hard and filled her until there was no room for anything else. The secretions from Casey's hot sex lubricated Jacob's long hard shaft and made it shine as he pushed and prodded deep into her. The slide of him felt wonderful as he rocked in a pace that excited her beyond control. The act of losing herself in front of so many people excited her just as equally. Casey felt her body filling with a desire that wanted Jacob even more. This desire was building at a crazy rate and her body was responding in a manner that she had never experienced.

The moans came faster. Casey's breathing quickened. Her heart was about to thump out of her chest. She felt her body burn as Jacob plunged hard and fast into her plush cavity of pliable pleasure. There was a sensation in her sensual slit that began to pulse with a quivering that instinctively made Casey yell out a jumbled mix of syllables that made no sense to anyone but her. It was a pressure that built to enormous proportions that she was no longer going to be able to hold off.

It felt like she was going to explode. Casey's body was beginning to arch wildly under Jacob as he continued to pound harder into her generous chasm. Her body began to tense and shake and before Casey knew it, she was yelling a moan loudly, "I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Oh Jacob, I'm gonna ccccuuuummmm! Pull out! Pull out! Pull out!"

And Jacob did just in time.

With a grunt and a large arch of her body, Casey came in a spurting gush that echoed through the dining area as it splashed the brick floor between her open legs.

"Uh... Uh... Mmmm, oh God, that..." Casey said through heavy gasping breaths and rested her head on the floor unable to finish.

Jacob was now at a loss as to what to do. It was the first time he had ever made Casey release her sexual core in a gushing splat. He could look at her and tell that all energy had left her body. Casey had fallen limp on the floor and her leftover moistness was leaking out in a slow drizzle. Jacob knew he could not enter her again. Her pussy was now a lot like him after his release; highly satisfied and extremely sensitive. But he was still throbbing.

Casey looked up at her boyfriend and read what he was thinking like a book. She knew that Jacob was scared to enter her again and he was right for not wanting to do so. With her pussy in such a stimulating stupor, she would not be able to stand it.

"Cum... On... Me..." Casey said, still through heavy breaths, as she looked up to Jacob and smiled.

Jacob reached down and stroked Casey's cheek and asked softly, "Where?"

She smiled and felt his hand on the side of her face and answered, "Anywhere."

Jacob knew that would be easy. He had not released his seed for two weeks, the last he and Casey had made love before his trip. He knew his load would be huge and he would probably cover half her body with his hot white elusiveness.

Then he glanced at the onlookers and his cock throbbed even more.

Jacob was going to love expelling his erotic fluid upon his girlfriend for all to see.

So he took Casey's legs and spread them enough to kneel between them. Her pussy still quivered slightly and her clear liquid still dripped from it. Jacob did not care he was kneeling in the cum puddle Casey had made. His body had mixed with parts of her for months now. Kneeling in slickness that exited her body was no different.

Jacob did not even take hold of his long hardness. He knew that he was throbbing hard enough to do something he had not done since he was eighteen. He knew that he could cum hands free. He could feel it.

Casey leaned up and watched Jacob's erection pulse with each beat his heart took. His hands pressed hard upon her knees as he kept her legs open. She did not think she had ever seen him so hard. It looked as if she could have hung some kind of weight from his erection and it would stay perfectly raised. She loved the sight of it. It was making her wet yet again as she came down from her high.

Then Casey saw Jacob's scrotum tighten, his balls almost disappear into his body, and his penis rose as it hardened even more. Casey could not believe what she was seeing. She knew what was about to happen, but could not keep her mouth from opening.

"Are you gonna..." Casey said as she looked up at Jacob's pre-ejaculate drip from his round head.

Before Casey could finish, Jacob grunted loudly as the spasm formed at the base of his spine and forced his two week old cum out in a shot that landed squarely on her face.

The surprise of his hot central unit splashing her on the face made Casey jolt back. It was hot and thick and coated her nose and lips like a glazed donut. She sucked in a little and tasted the burning sweetness as she continued to watch Jacob's hard cock twitch as it expelled subsequent loaded volumes upon her body in various places. The splash of his cum on her invigorated Casey and she felt her body become aroused again.

Jacob dribbled the last spasm as he fell limp and collapsed beside Casey on the floor; his back rested against the hearth of the fireplace.

Casey closed her eyes and reeled in the feeling of being covered in her lover's hot center. Her body began to tingle again from the thought of Jacob shooting his huge load all over her without the aid of his hands. His hard cock shooting hands free was arousing to her and her pussy began to moisten itself again. The heat of her desire for him began to roll through her as before.

Then Casey felt a finger glide through one pool of Jacob's orgasm on her stomach and lips fall to her own. She moaned into the kiss she was getting without opening her eyes. Her first thought was to go again and her body reacted naturally. Then Casey opened her eyes.

Her eyes widened as she saw Blair hovering over her lips and felt her hands glide on her body, spreading the luscious personal cream from Jacob. Blair was also naked.

Casey knew the second round in front of Cracker Barrel's fireplace was going to be something to remember.

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