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In Plain Sight

Things get interesting as Sarah and I watch TV with our housemates…
I was twenty, in my last year of university and living in a large house-share with six of my fellow students, including Sarah, who I had recently started dating. We all mostly kept to ourselves, but once a week we would gather to drink, eat and watch TV. Whether it was that silly motoring show, that amazing sci-fi show that should never been cancelled or just a movie, we would all hang out and enjoy watching together.

It was a cold winter’s night and we were all assembled in the living room. It was snowing heavily outside and the cheap, poorly maintained house did a terrible job of keeping out the cold. We were all wearing sweaters, some people were even wearing hats, and most of us were huddled under blankets trying to keep warm. Sarah and I were nestled together on an oversized, comfy armchair in one corner of the room and the others were spread out across the various sofas and chairs, most of which were turned towards the huge TV. I had my arm around Sarah and she was snuggled up against me, her arm resting across my stomach on top of the blanket.

We had recently started watching a new show from the States and everyone was excited for the latest episode. Sarah had one of the highest sex drives I’d ever encountered and seemed to get hugely turned on at the slightest provocation, and this particular TV show had lots of nudity and sex scenes in it. I would usually find myself being dragged off upstairs to the nearest bedroom as soon as the credits rolled. Tonight, however, was different.

“The show’s about to start,” someone announced, dimming the lights. The conversation died away as the adverts ended and the opening titles came up.

Not long after the start of the show, the action cut to a scene in a brothel. Two young girls were making out and a third, older women was giving them instructions on how to please each other. The girls were gorgeous, they both looked really into it and the matronly woman was talking really dirty to them. I was naturally getting quite turned on by the whole thing. I shifted position in order to relieve my growing… ‘discomfort’ and in the process Sarah’s hand slipped down and onto my crotch. My cock was already quite hard and I felt her flinch when she touched it. She squeezed it as if checking to see if it was real and then looked up at me, her eyebrow raised and a fire burning deep in those big, beautiful dark eyes. Apparently, the show was making Sarah horny as well!

She shifted position too, pretending to make herself more comfortable and her arm moved ‘innocently’ under the blanket, where she placed her hand on my inner thigh. I didn’t think too much of it; I just assumed that she was planning to jump on me when the show was over, as usual. But then she started slowly inching her hand towards my cock. I squeezed her shoulder in warning, but she just looked up at me again with a look of pure innocence. I widened my eyes at her, trying to silently express that I thought this was a bad idea and she should stop, but she just smiled and cuddled back up against me, her hand continuing to sneak its way slowly up and down my thigh.

I didn’t know what to say; I couldn’t say anything. Nor could I push her away as that would draw too much attention. I was incredibly tense and my heart was racing. My brain would have been racing too, if my blood supply not been in use elsewhere. I was so anxious and jumpy, but I tried to stay as still as I could, gazing unfocussed towards the screen. Part of me really wanted her to stop, but another part of me really didn’t.

After gliding her hand up and down my inner thigh for some time, her fingertips sending shivers throughout my body, she finally stopped teasing me and slid her hand onto my cock. I inhaled sharply and my whole body tensed. I froze; I was convinced that someone would have seen me jump and worked out what was going on.

The room was fairly dark, lit only by the light from the screen. Because of the way the furniture was arranged, only my housemate Scott and two of the girls could see us from where they were sitting. I risked a glance across at them, but they were on the other side of the room and everyone seemed to be thoroughly engrossed in the show. I took several deep breaths and tried to relax, occasionally shuddering as she skimmed her fingers up and down my hardening shaft.

After some time she moved her hand upwards, sliding it under my sweater and shirt. She caressed my stomach for a while and teased along the waistline of my pants. Then, she undid my trousers, moving slowly and smoothly so as not to attract attention, and her hand slid into my boxers. She teased her way around, managing to almost but not quite touch my cock with each movement. I was feeling very sensitive and my cock was twitching with anticipation.

I took long, deep breaths and tried as hard as I could to remain calm. I was so incredibly horny now that, far from wanting her to stop, I was mentally willing her on. If I could speak, I would have begged her to touch me. I could barely think; my mind was becoming fuzzy. The fact that we were surrounded by people and I had to keep a straight face should have been terrifying; what if someone saw us? But I was also incredibly excited and all I could think about was my cock, which was throbbing now, and the sensation of her fingertips on my skin.

I risked another glance across at Scott and the girls. I couldn’t believe it; if it weren’t for the blanket they would have been able to see the large budge in my pants and what Sarah was doing to it. One of the girls, Jess, caught my eye briefly but quickly turned her attention back to the screen. I stared fixedly ahead, but was now completely unaware of what was happening on the show. All I was aware of were Sarah’s fingers as they tickled and circled around my thighs and crotch. Then, finally, she hooked her thumb around my shaft, slid those mischievous digits downward and started to tease my balls. After a minute or so she began to stroke my cock from tip to base with her fingertips, again moving only as fast as she dared to avoid detection. And then, finally, she encircled my cock with her hand and squeezed, gently but firmly. I had to bite my lip to stop myself moaning or gasping.

I was so turned on that it didn’t take long. Soon, my cock was throbbing, pulsing between her fingers as they slid slowly up and down my length, and I could feel the orgasm building up inside me. Then, as sweet release felt like it was just moments away, she slowed down, keeping my orgasm tantalisingly close but just out of reach. I kept staring straight ahead, my mind now completely blank. I could feel my cock throbbing, willing her on and leaking precum, but she was a masterful tease. She managed to keep me on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity and then, finally, pushed me over the edge. I could feel my cock pulsating madly as I sprayed spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum into my pants. I fought back the shakes and clamped my jaw shut to stop from grunting, but it was futile.

In the end, I faked a coughing fit to cover up for it, rejoicing as waves of pleasure were finally allowed to wash over me and I was finally able to relax again. I settled back into the chair and risked another glance around the room. Jess glanced back over at me, but she seemed only to be curious about the coughing. I couldn’t believe that Sarah had just jerked me off in a room full of people and that we had gotten away with it!

The show finished shortly afterwards. I could tell that Sarah was incredibly horny and I couldn’t wait to get her upstairs. We were polite and stayed for as short a time as we could get away with after the show had ended before rushing up to her bedroom. We were naked before we reached the bed and I fucked her hard and left a hand print on her ass that didn't go away for several hours to make her pay for what she had just done, but that’s another story. And so is the time when, a few weeks later, I finally got my chance for revenge…

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