In St. Peters

By coyoteblue22

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Jess and I have some fun at the school church
We are finishing up a rehearsal for our small group piece for term two. We are rehearsing in St. Peter's Room 2. It’s in the basement room of the church extension. It has crazy purple carpet and a very low ceiling.

The best thing about this group is that my girlfriend Jess is in it. We are talking and taking more time to get ready to leave than the other group members. The others leave fairly quickly leaving us alone.

I lean in and kiss Jess lightly. She pushes against me and kisses me back harder. I run my hand down and grab her ass. We are both wearing movement clothes. I’m wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants. Jess is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of very short black cheerleader style shorts. Her ass is almost hanging out.

Jess is short, 5’1” or 5’2” at the most, and she weighs around 115 pounds. She has long curly brown hair that falls to just about her nipples, and hazel eyes. Her breasts are a lovely 32B and she has a nice round ass. She keeps her pussy trimmed short and neat.

As we kiss I grab her shorts and panties and pull them up, giving her a wedgie.

She pulls back and says, “Hey don’t do that.”

“I’ve almost been able to see your ass all day. It has been hard to keep from getting hard the whole rehearsal.”

“Yeah? You know what would be hot?” She steps away from me and turns around and leans on a table, thrusting her ass in my direction.

“What would be hot?” I say grinning.

“If we screwed in here right now.”

“Mmmm, yeah it would be.” I move behind her and push my rapidly hardening cock against her ass. Then I slide her shorts and panties to the side and start to finger her.

She moans, “Mmm yes baby, that feels good.”

“Do you like that beautiful?”

“Yes, I love it baby.”

She reaches back with one hand and finds my cock and starts to rub it. I reach over and gently push the door to the room shut. Then I push my pants and boxers down and she grabs my bare cock.

“Is that what you want beautiful?”

“Yes baby, I want your big beautiful cock in me.”

I pull my fingers from her pussy and push down her shorts and panties, revealing her perfect tight ass. Her hand guides me into her waiting cunt.

Her pussy is warm, wet, soft and tight. I start to move slowly. She pushes back against me as I fuck her. We can hear another group upstairs rehearsing and discussing their piece.

I start to fuck her harder. She pushes back against me, one of her hands sliding between her legs to play with her clit. I run my hands up under her shirt and bra to play with her sensitive nipples.

She groans softly, “Fuck Chase this feels so good. I’m going to cum soon.”

“Me too. This is so exciting fucking here.”

“I know. I hope we don’t get caught.”

I laugh softly and increase my speed. I take one hand back and start to tease her asshole. I slowly slide my thumb into it. She groans again. I know she will cum soon.

“Yes baby, play with my asshole. My naughty little asshole.”

I feel her legs and pussy tighten as she orgasms. That does it for me and I start to spew my seed into her tight pussy. I hold myself all the way in her as I fill her up.

We stay in our position for a moment, when we hear footsteps on the stairs to the room. We frantically pull apart and I pull up my pants and boxers, and Jess pulls at her shorts and panties. She quickly readjusts her bra.

The door opens and our production manager David enters, “Hey Chase just the guy I wanted to see.”

I sit and answer David’s questions about our group’s tech elements. Jess is behind him and I watch as over his shoulder she pulls her shorts down to show me the stain spreading across her panties as my cum leaks out of her.

I smile to myself. David is to engrossed in the paper work he is filling out to notice my grin. Then Jess flashes me.

My meeting lasts about twenty minutes and the whole time Jess is teasing and flashing me.

David leaves and I grab Jess and kiss her. She giggles, “You are horny again aren’t you?”

“Not as horny as you, young lady.”

We grab our stuff and I follow her up the stairs, as we walk up them I quickly pull her shorts and panties down and spank her a few times.

“Hey, what was that for?”

“That was for being such a naughty girl during my meeting. When we get home I’m going to punish you more.”

“Mmmm, I can’t wait.”