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In the Basement of the Russian Baths

My girlfriend gives a guy a show in a steam room.
My girlfriend and I have been talking more and more about our fantasies recently. It began when I bought her some kinky lingerie. At first, she didn’t like it - she thought it was too slutty. But after she tried a couple pieces on, she started to get into it. She has a perfect body - tall, slim, surprisingly large breasts. She's probably the hottest girl I’ve ever dated.

Last week she came back from a girl's vacation in Mexico and she told me about the topless beaches there. I loved the rising feeling of excitement as she talked about men checking her out. I decided it was time to give her a new set of sheer white bikini that would be transparent when wet. I asked her if she’d wear it to the local bath house. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

I didn’t know how transparent the material would be , or if it would be too much for her when she realized what she’d signed up for. Walking down the steps into the basement level, she wore a towel over her breasts, and once inside, we headed to the showers to get wet before trying out the different rooms.

The bikini did not disappoint. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. We walked into a hot, dark room, nobody seemed to notice. She took a few minutes to relax, checking out the scene and watching the men and women. One girl dumped a bucket of ice cold water over her head, and the force of it exposed a nipple as she let out an embarrassed laugh.

We moved from there to a steam room - smaller, and empty, brighter, but with hardly any visibility - and I began to tell her my fantasy as she sat across from me. I told her to spread her legs, and immediately I could see the outline of her clit and her pubic hair against the sheer white fabric. She arched her back, pressing her tits against the bikini top. I asked her if she’d seen anyone she liked.

“Men? Or women?”, she asked. Either, I replied.

“There was one guy, the one with the black shorts - he had a crazy body. I tried to sneak a look at his package but couldn’t make it out in the darkness.” She moaned, and pulled one side of the bikini away, showing me a nipple as she bit her lip. “I think it would have been impressive.” She moved her other hand down to her clit and started to touch herself, gasping. “I wonder what it would be like to suck him off in here.”

She saw a figure approaching the door and quickly crossed her legs. The door opened and a man entered. It was the same guy she’d mentioned. He sat down on my side of the room, a couple feet to my left, and the room began to fill with steam again. Her and I, we sat there silently, pretending not to know each other. 

After a minute he looked up at my girlfriend and made brief, unsmiling eye contact. She looked directly back at him which, in my experience, you don’t see much at this bath house, and opened her legs a few inches. You could tell he was trying to figure out if he could see her nipples through the steam. What was this girl wearing?And why was she looking at him? Again, she arched her back, pushing her breasts forward, before hunching over again in the heat and breaking the eye contact. He continued to watch her, confident that she wasn’t aware he was checking her out, even though we both knew that was her intent.

She looked up again and he averted his eyes, but she stared directly at him until he had to look at her again. And then, very slowly, she spread her legs for him, wide, exposing that beautiful landing strip and clit.

He looked at me for a second, trying to figure out what was going on. I pretended to barely notice, and again she arched her back, letting out another gasp. Then she inched her hand across the top of her thigh and over to her bikini, covering her pussy and feigning embarrassment, but it was only for a second. Her fingers grabbed the sheer fabric and pulled it to one side. You could clearly see her pussy dripping with thick, clear liquid, and she pushed a finger inside herself, while continuing to hold eye contact with this guy as she fucked herself.

I noticed her eyes flicking down his body to his shorts. He was sitting with his legs spread also, and was clearly aroused. His mouth opened, but nothing came out. She covered herself again, stood up, walked towards him so that her nipples were level with his eyes, just a couple inches away, and placed her finger into his mouth. He sucked her juices off it, and brought two hands up behind her to grab her ass, pulling her into him. But this was as far as she wanted to take it.

“Maybe next time,” she said, pulling away from him and patting his cock before stepping seductively towards the door.

We went home and fucked like maniacs, her whispering nasty business into my ear as I came inside her twice.

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