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In The Hot Tub

We have talked and flirted for months now over the phone, over the computer, but not in person. Not until now. You have finally come to town. I am so excited to see you that I secretly show up at your hotel an hour before you are due to arrive. I wait in the lobby, feet tapping, eyes wandering, checking my watch so often that I am a little concerned that the desk clerk might be suspicious. I pull a notebook out of my bag and start adding to a story that I am working on in an attempt to pass the time, but my head is not in it. All I can think of is you. I put the notebook away and cross and re-cross my legs, moving the bag with my books around. I walked to the hotel from the college campus a block away. The humid Florida heat does not bother me.

Finally, I see you arrive and my heart starts to pump harder, my formerly inactive organ inflatinghalfway at just the sight of you. I listen carefully as the desk clerk says she will send someone to bring your bags to your room. I stop the bellhop and take your bags from him, carrying them so that my face is hidden. I walk down the halls to your room and tap on the door with my foot.

You open it and I say in a Southern drawl so as to disguise my voice from you, "Your bags, ma'am?"

"Oh, right. Come on in," you say.

Noticing my cargo-pants, pony tail and t-shirt as opposed to any semblance of a uniform, you ask me who I am and if I actually work there. I set the bags (mine among them) on the floor near your bed and stand up, grinning to myself and replying in my own voice before I turn around.

"You're right, sweetheart. This place isn't exactly my type of work." My grin widens when I turn around and see the look on your face.

"So... surprise," I say as I walk across the room to you and wrap my arms around you, kissing your cheek softly.

You tremble slightly as you wrap your arms around me, not saying a word as I finally bring my soft lips to yours, kissing you gently. The kiss deepens. We spend a lot of time like that, just holding each other and kissing. Evening comes and we make our way outside to the pool area. I lead you over to the hot tub by the hand as we settle into the hot water, groaning and grinning as we do.

I pull you close to me, my arm wrapping around your shoulders and whispering in your ear, asking if you'd like to have some fun, seeing as we're all alone? You ask what I mean and I start kissing your neck, licking and nipping lightly as I do. I slide my hand into your bikini bottoms and start gently rubbing your wet lips, feeling you tremble. I smirk as you jerk in my arms from the feelings as I pinch your hard clit, sending shock waves through your body. You shove your hand into my swim-suit, grasping my rock-hard shaft and pumping your hand up and down the silky skin, the muscle underneath as hard as stone.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, I practically rip my swim-suit open to release my throbbing cock. Free in the hot water, it finally extends to its full size and swells in your hand, the head turning a deep purple as your fingers stretch to allow your hand to wrap around it. Hearing someone coming, you freeze and I withdraw my hand from your pulsing pussy. Then, I pull you into my lap to hide my cock. The newcomer is a woman probably in her mid-to-late thirties, retrieving the towels and sun-block her husband had forgotten. We laugh with her, attempting to act natural as she gathers her possessions. Meanwhile, my cock is like a hot piece of steel, throbbing in the crevice of your shapely ass. I subtly grind against you, teasing you as she dawdles, making lame jokes.

You groan quietly and pinch my leg to make me stop as she gathers her things and yammers on incesently. When she turns her back and bends over to grab a towel she dropped, I pull your bottoms to the side and slide my cock into your molten pussy. You gasp, but the woman doesn't notice as she finally waves goodbye and goes back inside the hotel. You turn your head and open your mouth to berate me, but I thrust my cock deeper into you and whatever words you were going to say simply become moans of wanton lust and desire.

You grind down onto me, squeezing my throbbing organ with your pussy's muscles and I groan deep in my throat, biting your neck as I grab your perky tits, squeezing them as I flex my cock and thrust upwards, forcing my cock to stretch you deeper with every movement our bodies make. I knead your tits and pinch your nipples through your top, not caring who sees as you attempt to muffle your screams of lust.

Sensing my own climax approaching, I slide my hand down from your bosom to your waist, and down to your hot snatch, pinching your clit as my cock splits your wet lips over and over. You scream like you've never screamed before and cum so hard your pussy forms a seal around my cock so tight I swear it could leave a mark. At that I explode, pumping burst after burst of my own hot seed deep inside of you, groaning into your ear.

We rest a moment, but realizing the noise we've been making and the time of night, we quickly stand up out of the tub, my cock still inside you. We giggle as I finally pull out, and moan as our combined juices pour out of you with a splash into the hot water beneath us. With our clothes readjusted, we wrap our towels around ourselves and hurry inside, bursting into nervous, thrilled laughter once we're safely back in your room.

I look at you and wink. "So... welcome to Florida."
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