Inebriated Fuck…

By LushPrincess

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“Well pick bitch, ‘cause I’m horny and I’m going to fuck one of them.”

“Just one more drink Vero, and then we’ll leave,” I said “I want to be completely numb before I go back home.”


As usual she didn’t reply, that was her; ignore the problem and it’ll go away. She was always calm and collected, god I hate her right now. I wished she would talk back, give me one excuse to go crazy on her, to get all my anger out. I knew she wouldn’t do it, and even if she did she didn’t deserve it, she had done nothing to me. It was 11:00pm and we were in this little Karaoke bar, the kind you only visit when you want to drink in peace, it’s kind of hidden, and only visited by the locals; and by locals I mean really old people (who are still young at heart.) We always have fun here and most of the time we get to drink for free. We are the only young girls in here, and you know these fools fight four our attention. Vero wasn’t drinking tonight; she had been slapped with the “designated driver” label, which she usually enjoyed. Out of all of us girlfriends she’s the “good girl” always polite, never drinks, doesn’t smoke, never cusses, she’s perfect. God, I hate her tonight, did I mention that..?


I started to see double, and I figured I was drunk enough to go home now; when the bar door opened up and in came two gorgeous men (well as far as I could tell) I knew they weren’t from around here, or else they would have picked a better bar. I instantly noticed that they were “paisanos” meaning they were Sinaloenses. I poked Vero and pointed her in their direction.


“Are they cute or what bitch, I can’t see shit.” I said sluggishly.


I could see her struggle to get a good look, “They look hot” she finally said.


“Well pick bitch, ‘cause I’m horny and I’m going to fuck one of them.” I smiled.


“Ay Mara, don’t do that please…” She pleaded.


I had stopped listening to her, shit she wasn’t going to tell me what I should do. Who does she think she is my mother..? I watched them look around, and as they were about to walk out of the bar, they noticed us; they changed their mind and took a seat on the bar, right across from us. I’m anything buy shy, and with a couple of drinks in me I had lost all of my inhibitions. We exchanged flirty looks for a while, and after they had a couple of beers they made their way over to us.


“Hola muchachas, les podemos comprar una cerveza?” (Hey girls, can we buy you guys a beer?) They smiled at us.


I laughed “Of course you can, but she doesn’t drink, so get her a soda” I pointed at Vero, who was now clearly embarrassed.


They sat down, and we began to chat, and drink some more. I peeked a couple of times over at Vero who now seemed to be enjoying herself. I slowed down on the drinking because this guy had a good conversation. He was tall, skinny, light skinned, with big brown eyes, short hair, nicely trimmed mustache and beard, overall a nice looking guy. Not gorgeous, but he was fuckable. My pussy was in need of a good dick, a nice quick fuck, no foreplay, what for I was ready. I could feel the moisture from my pussy soak trough my panties. I don’t know if it was the beer, or the way he looked at me but my pussy was quivering.


He leaned over to say something in my ear, and I grabbed him and began to kiss him. Pretty soon his hand was reaching under my skirt and fondling my pussy lips. I could see that all eyes were on us, which only made the situation hotter. I spread my legs to allow him better access. His index finger made it’s way into my swollen hole, I couldn’t help but arch my back a little, holding on to the bar stool with one hand, I guided his face towards my breast with the other. He quickly got the point, and pulled my shirt down a little exposing my erect nipples. He licked them, going back and forth between them while my juices dripped down his hand, and that’s how I reached my first drunken orgasm of the night. Without bothering to pull my shirt up, I clumsily tried to pull myself up. I grabbed him and pulled him towards the bathroom…


Once inside he pushed me against the wall and we kissed again, a sloppy, wet kiss; his hands in my hair, pulling me up every time I slipped. We made our way to the sink and he picked me up and placed me on it, reached over and completely pulled my shirt down, exposing my breast to the fresh air, then he reached down and removed my soaked panties. I could feel my pussy pulsating, wanting his dick inside me, needing his cock so deep inside, needing him to hurt me, hurt me so good. He smelled my panties and hung them around his neck (yeah weird I know) but he did… He took out a condom and placed it on his throbbing manhood.


“Oh shit sorry” was all I heard, I pulled my head up and saw a guy standing by the door.


“Te molesta si nos mira?” (Do you mind if he watches?) He asked me…


“No, fuck it let him watch, do you want to watch him fuck my pussy” I asked… Our visitor just nodded.


We continued he pushed me knees back against my body, giving me a full view of my engorged lips; so thick and juicy, glistening under the dim light. He placed his head on the entrance of my vagina, parting my lips with his fingers. I saw how his cock disappeared into my hole. I whimpered, he had gone balls deep inside me, and it hurt a little. This only managed to turn him on more he began to pump his dick in me with incredible force.


“Oooh fuckkk yes daddy, fuck me hard..!” I yelled


I looked towards the door, and now there was four guys standing there, some rubbing themselves, one even had his dick out and was masturbating.


“Yesssss uhggg hurt me daddy..!” I moaned “Do you like how my pussy feels?”


A grunt was all I got from him, he was pushing down on my legs and pinching my nipples, his movements hadn’t changed; he was still trying to fuck the shit out of me. His balls slapping my ass checks, my pussy hurt, but I felt my orgasm building up inside me. Suddenly I felt his dick pulsate inside me, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and this loud groan escaped his lips. I head a couple of grunts and groans coming from our audience, but what about me..? I hadn’t reached my orgasm.


“Hey I was close, but I didn’t come” I said sounding angry.


He didn’t say anything, just slid his dick out from inside me, and began to finger fuck me, pushing up against my g-spot, sliding in and out of my slippery pussy. He bent down and took one of my nipples into his mouth, gently biting it.


“Ugghhhh mmmmm ahhh” was all I managed to say as I reached my orgasm.


We stood there for a while, just waiting until we got the feeling back in our legs. Then we walked out of the bathroom together, my panties still around his neck. Vero didn’t even know we were gone.


“Let’s go Vero” I yelled.


“ Ey como te llamas? Ah y dame tu numero.” (Hey what’s your name? Oh and give me your number.) I just looked at him and laughed…


We walked out of the bar, and I hear him yell something about me being a hoe --- like I care! Ha..!


As we drove home Vero said to me “Did you hear what they were saying? There was someone fucking in the bathroom, that’s disgusting huh Mara”


“Uhm Yeah … Sure Vero”



Author's Note:

This was written in response to a challenge on the forum for a 100% truthful story. Even though all of my stories are true, I had to publish a new one for this challenge.