Its All About Us; From Our Fantasy to Our Reality

By NastyDog

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Watching the Reactions of Others as We Fully Expose Ourselves Without Reservation, as We Tease Them

My beautiful husband and I are deeply and fully in love with each other, and our sex life is out of this world. We enjoy our sexcapades, and play them to the fullest, but never allow anybody else in our world, except only to see. He enjoys our sexual taunting as much as I do, as jealously is a nonexistent word in our vocabulary as he sets the majority of our sexcapades.

My wife is very hot with a wanting to have sex with body. We love to flaunt her petite frame that carries two massive golden globes with choke cherry colored nipples, a well rounded tight ass, with a perfectly bald pussy showing off her pouter dark thick lips proudly. We get off exposing and teasing onlookers who peep at our fun and games, for their viewing pleasure.

Some of the most emailed questions to us are

Do we have sex in public, yes most definitely

Do we swap partners, most definitely not, well not on a regular basis

Do we ever do FFM or FMM, we have worked it into our lifestyle on occasions

Our stories are things that we have experienced together sexually, written and told the way they happened.

As exhibitionist, some of the things we do happen totally innocently, without any planning or warning. A good example is that we do not play in the neighborhood inwhich we live, for security and safety reasons. However, there are non planned things that happen, even there, such as Tai wearing tops that offer tit shots and yes even nipple shots when she moves a certain way. In the car, we notice the onlookers peeping at her titties, even at times when we not even attempting to play, or when her short skirt is hiked up well above her thighs.

Please email is at , and we will be happy to discuss ways to put the fire back into your sex life.


On our last date into the city, we stayed at a bed n breakfast a few blocks away from the restaurant and club we would be going to, so we wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.

It was early in the warm afternoon, clad only in a skimpy jean skirt which barely concealed the luscious golden globes of her ass and a black uplifting bra which allowed her full rounded titties and erect choke cherry colored nipples to be completely visible. Commenting on how hot she looked, she smiled and placed her feet onto the dashboard, allowing me to see her sleek bronze legs glimmering with the sunlight as we hopped into the "Jimmy" and headed for the expressway towards the ocean breeze.

With the tunes cranking loudly, I could see her breasts heaving and bouncing to the beat of the music as she squirmed in the seat; keeping with the beat of the music.

Noticing the traffic was getting thicker, she reclined the seat back a bit, and whispered "Poppy, ride in the center lane, look at all the diesel trucks ahead" as they are restricted to the right lane.

"I wannabe be nasty, and play with myself for them, ok Poppy"?

"Sure" I replied as I eagerly maneuvered into the center lane answering her question without saying another word. Tai was tenderly cupping those luscious breasts, adorned with beautiful bullet shaped nipples resting between her succulent lips, as we began to approach the first of many big rigs.

She softly bounced them up and down, as she looked up smiling at the driver, who was encouraging her on. I slowed down a bit as we passed each truck, giving her the time to tease them as she began to slowly swirl her tongue along the dark erect nipples, first one then the other before taking the entire nipple into her mouth.

"Ah Poppy, I like this, I do, I love being your nasty azz Poppy. I'm so glad that we play like this, together"" she mumbled with a mouth full of nipple...

"Mmmmm...mmmm" she moaned still offering on those bullet shaped nipples to her sucking lips in view for those onlookers.

"Yes Baby Girl so do I, see what I mean" as I pointed out my massively hard cock straining against my jeans?

"Ah Shit Poppy, I'm getting so wet", as her hand began to stroke the exposed swollen lips, she began to spread those sleek legs apart. With one hand firmly pulling at that erect nipple, and the other hand lightly messaging between those moist lips.

The next few rigs got a good sight of her masturbating that kitty viciously for their viewing pleasure as she looked up at each one, smiling as they passed. 

Air horns sounded, as they showed their appreciation, and they nastily wanted more as she was ready to do so. With legs fully apart, and that clean shaven hot fiery box fully exposed, she told me "to slow down for a particular truck as he was flashing his cock at her". Reaching over she took out my crazed cock, and began to stroke it while fingering herself while the driver looked on

"Ah shit Poppy..I"m so glad your just as nasty as I am and I know you love it too..Mmmmm"

"I'm always going to be your nasty azz "she moaned, as she rolled onto her knees. Sucking my swollen member like she was licking a lollipop, her complete fully exposed ass and pussy riding high in the air was quite a sight for any onlooker. Reaching from underneath, she inserted 3 fingers into that now swampy wet box of hers while continuing to pump my cock in and out of her drooling mouth.

She loved to display my massive erection, and show off her cock sucking abilities, as she held my cock high for all to see. Nastily she licked the full length of my thick shaft, then taking the phat knob into her petite mouth, with streamers of her own drool blowing in the air.

Tai loved to look up at the drivers, grinning at them with a mouth full of hard cock as she demonstrated her expert cock sucking abilities.

I couldn't resist, seeing that empty tight asshole in the air. A driver watched as I pressed in a finger fully, and began to pump it in and out of her tight brown hole, then pushed two fingers deep inside her burning pussy. We did this slowly, passing another 3 or 4 rigs.

"I told her to roll onto her back with her head on my stomach and to continue sucking my well hardened cock", instructing her to place her fully spread feet onto the passenger window frame. 

With a mouth full of cock, and both hands nuzzled in between those darkened lips, she show boated her tiny tight pussy for those who were interested in looking at it (I cant recall anybody not being interested in looking at her).

Slowly she worked four fingers inside until she was knuckle deep (almost burying her hand inside that). Rocking out of control, causing me to blow a creamy load all over her face, as the  driver watched  every spurt of my cum.

Sitting up proudly, showing off her facial as we exited the expressway heading towards the upscale city of Nape, where we would be staying.

To be continued

Chapter 2..

We eased up to the valet parking, where the porter rushes over to open her door, greeting you with a smile and extended hand. Tai slung those sleek legs out of the door, his peering eyes couldn't resist eye balling your exposed upper thighs. She allowed a sneak peek at that those luscious dark lips as he assisted her down from the Jimmy.

We entered the lobby and proceeded to check in for the night, as we were given the ocean view on the 2nd floor. 

"Elevator or stairs "I asked laughingly, noticing the handful of people sitting below.

"The stairs Poppy"!

Walking up the stairway, I whispered to you, "bounce that nasty ass a bit Baby". To which she did without any hesitation, looking down at the peering eyes below, adding fuel to her burning fire.

Tipping the porter after he sat the bags on the luggage holders as if the view of her ass wasn't enough.

I called down to room service for some wine, cheese, and crackers to hold us over until dinner, noticing Tai on the balcony, removing her bra and that skimpy skirt.

The breeze was warm, the sun was slowly setting against the western sky was really setting the mood. She posed provocatively against the railing before wrapping that tempting body up in a shear thin white sheet, and pounced onto the bed laughing about all the fun we had.

I announced "leave the door unlocked, as room service will be up in a bit, and I'm hopping into the shower, just tell them that "it's open".

Moments later, a knock at the door announcing "room service".

I responded, "it's open" as Poppy had instructed. A tall middle aged man entered the room pushing a cart with a silver ice bucket, wine, and 2 tall stem crystal wine glasses.

"Hello Mam", he said in a cheerful manner.

"Hi "I replied, looking up at him, as he opened the wine. Noticing that he was slowly pouring the wine into the glasses, and even slower looking me over with passionate eyes.

His eyes roamed, locking in on the naked contour of my naked body slightly visible under the thin sheer material. His hands seemed to tremble slightly as he leaned over handing me the glass of wine.

I raised up slightly, taking the glass from his hand, feeling the thin material slowly easing off my shoulder, revealing the upper portion of my aching breasts. My dark nipples became so erect that they stood out and were quite visible, as he seemed pleased, smiling as he continued to eye my titties. Time seemed to stand still for a moment as he took the liberty to slowly trace the outline of my body barely covered by sheer the material.

Placing the second glass on the night stand beside me, he asked" if there would be anything else he could do"?

I leaned over to the night stand to open the drawer, allowing the sheer material to slip off, revealing my entire breast and nipple while removing a $5.00 bill. Smiling as I turned towards him, causing the sheer wrap to completely fall onto the bed, exposing my full breasts and my ass as well.
Slowly I laid the wrap over my waist, letting him peer at my bullet sized nipple and said, "thank you and lock the door on your ways out, handing him the $5.00 bill. Wow I tipped him for looking at me.

Smiling he responded by saying "of course" as he left the room.

I entered the room with a hard cock, and Tai looked at me smiling and said " You know how bad I am Poppy? I let him see my titties completely uncovered because he was straining to see me through this thin cover.

"I even tipped the room service guy for looking at my tit and my ass"!

"I'm so nasty Poppy, but he liked it Poppy"! He really did Poppy and so did I.

"And I liked it Poppy, just Like I like your hard cock".

"Cum her and put it in my mouth" she whimpered

"Ah yesss that's it" Tai mumbled with a full mouth.."MMmmmmm  hmmmmm"... 

  We played around, laughing as you about how you accidentally let the sheer material slip off your tempting titties, and how his hands had a slight shake to them. It was even funnier when you sat up and handed him a tip while he explored your body,  then sent him on his way.

"Yezz Poppy I liked pussy had a tingle going on, and my nipples were so hard...mmmmm  that was fun..I liked it Poppy like to play with them like that Poppy".

To be continued...

"I know you like to play like that my royal nastiness your azz over here".

As I rolled over to kiss you, You told me that you were going down stairs to gamble for a bit, and would be back shortly. I got up and went to the bathroom, and  started the shower (knowing that you were going to follow), I let the sheer sheet fall as I
stepped in the water stream. 

I began to lather my luscious body; starting with my neck working down towards my aching titties. I began to rub and play with them as the lather was flowing down my stomach onto my pussy lips. My hands were rubbing my swollen breasts just right, as they were sticking out like bullets just screaming to get bitten and sucked. I kept pulling on them harder (first one then the other), and the sensation when I nibbled them drove me wild. My nipples kept getting harder and darker.
Suddenly, when the water streams hit them, I felt like, ahhhhhhhh damn!  It felt so fuckin good, and now my pussy was throbbing and begging for attention as well.  My hands couldn't keep still as I worked them feverishly down to
my burning kitty, as I stroked purred and quivered.
AHHHHHHHH! Shitttttttt. As my breathing got heavier so did my hand, stroking my honey pot to its boiling point.

I eased down and sat in the tub, letting the water hit my aching breasts imagining it was hard rain striking them. I raised and spread my legs, so my fuckin pussy wouldn't feel left out.

"Here pussy, I know you want feel this too" AHHHHHH! 

As I adjusted the nozzle on the water head to have a hard stream flowing, letting it hit as hard as I could take it. I wanted the stream unusually hard, and I wanted it to pound against my swollen clit just as hard. My breathing was getting heavier and so was my moaning

UMMMMM! I was moaning and panting in shear delight....Mmmmm..Ahhhhh...yessss
Just then I thought I heard knock on the room door, the door mysteriously opened but I couldn't really hear anything with the shower on. Besides, I feeling so fucking good getting my groove on and thinking about the room service guy who was eye balling me in that shear sheet.

Knowing I gave him a good look at my titties, and that he was able to faintly see my entire naked body laying there made me loose control. I kept the hard water pressure pelting my kitty intensely. It was feeling so fucking good.

I could feel my clit was so swollen ready to pop, I began grinding my azz on the soapy slippery tub. The narrow jet stream was blasting the entry to my pussy; when  I began to cum so hard. AHHHHHHHHHHHH AhhaaaaaaAhhaaaa.  It was such a vicious organism leaving my pussy fuckin throbbing for more action. 

Quickly I was inserting 3 of my fingers into myself, as my swollen pussy wrapped around them so tightly as I was plunged them deeply in and out. I pulled out my sweet pussy juice covered fingers, and nastily sucked every drop of my cum while the water was pulsating against hitting my erect dark nipples.

I turned I saw a glimpse of someone leave the bathroom.  Now that didn't look like  "My Nasty Dog" because he said he was going to be gambling for awhile.  Meanwhile, as I started drying off and noticed the door opened again, this time I saw the reflection of somebody moving pretty fast. 

Wrapping a towel around me, I  stepped into the room where I saw somebody leaving, you were standing there with biggest grin on you face. 

"Baby, you knew that the room service guy was watching you while you were in there!  He was watching you work your pussy over the entire time".

In the hallway, he told me "how hot you were laying there in the sheet, and that he almost blew his load when you let the shear fall off and he saw your breasts and you didn't mind".
Really! "and where were you at that time" I inquired? 

"I was watching you too...You know what I would like from you after what I just saw and heard? 

 "What? I giggled"

"Come here let me show you but first let give you something in your mouth" 

As I pulled your thick hard cock out from its restraining shorts, I slowly put it in my mouth. I'm sure the same way the room service guy thought about giving his to me. You  began moving your hips letting your hard cock ravish my mouth, as I thought about him watching me do myself to satisfaction.

I turned around and you shoveled your swollen cock into my even smaller asshole.

Pumping the entire length into my depths, "yes Poppy fuck my ass hard and deep. Yes that's right..fuck it Poppy. Yes Poppy give me your juice"...Ramming it home once more , you filled up my ass and the sweet juices oozed out ever so slowly. I scooped up every last pearly drop and sucked every drop of your thick creamy love juice from by fingers.

to be continued to be continued


Cha 3  The Night

As we managed to rest a bit before our night of dining, and dancing was about to begin, Tai emerged in a slinky, skin colored shimmering that clung to every outrageous curve of her sexy body. She seemed to sashay her ass as she pranced past me, allowing it to rock from side to side noticing her well defined cheeks and sleek ass cheeks.

"Poppy, do you like it when I do that", she asked with that " can I strut my stuff for you tonight, she asked with a mega grin on her face?" 

"Oh hell yeah Baby Girl, your da shit, and were Donna do it right tonight, 4sho".

Her Nipples and full breasts were forcibly visible, as they were barely covered by the extremely thin material of her dress, they were far too taunting to be concealed in a bra. Wearing a pair of platform spiked heels, which showed off her defined the tremendous muscle definition in her calves.

I called down for the valet to have the Jimmy ready, as we proceeded down the stairs towards the lobby. Onlookers were busy checking my Baby out, as she was flashing a small piece of ass cheek, every time she took a step. Damn she looked hot, and was so proud that we were together..

Handing Tai the valet ticket. so she could drive and playfully tease the valet attendants, who never charge us parking..(hmm I wonder why our Jimmy is always waiting for us).

Watching Tai drop the valet ticket as she attempted to hand it to the attendant (a tall dark skinned guy of 30ish) was too much. They both had the desire to grab the ticket at the same time, his eyes opened fully with pleasure, as he noticed her squatting before him, exposing 
those thick dark nasty inner lips.

He couldn't take his eyes off her hairless kitty, so placing her hands on her knees, she butterfly's her legs, fully opened. Slipped a finger between the already wet lips before placing it slowly in her mouth as she delicately sucked her juices off.

Looking up at him, he was grinning from hear to hear as he offered his hand to assist her to her feet, escorting her to the drivers door. Again he offered his hand, helping her into the Jimmy, as she couldn't help giving him one final flash of her burning kitty.

The door shut and we speed onto the highway, Tai remarked, "damn Poppy did you see his face when he realized I was showing off my pussy?"

"I thought he was gonna lose it right there, "yeah me too" I remarked.

"He was so funny, like he didn't know if he should look, or turn his head the other way..hahaha, I thought it was hot and funny at the same time, she stated.

Tai self parked the Jimmy, as we kissed and touched passionately for a few minutes, placing her tit at my mouth. I began to suck and pull tenderly at the dark erect nipple as it passed between my hungry lips, noticing a couple pulling beside us. I continued to rotate nipples, as she began to moan, "Yes Poppy, you know how I like it", as they sat in their car for a minute just watching us.

We enter the restaurant, while waiting for someone to greet us, as I have my fingers inside the waist band of your jeans, as we are led to the bar. We sit at the bar and have a glass of wine while  our table is getting ready. Perched up the barstool, my dress hikes up and I gave you and anyone else who might have seen, a flash of my inner sexiness.

Now that you have managed to see my swollen Pussy I cross my legs. I reach over to your tender lips and give a wet juicy kiss as I manage to sit in a way where I could feel my pussy getting  so excited and so wet. 

I feel it getting so hot and swollen, the throbbing was making me crazy. You move closer to me and begin stroking my leg and softy whispering to me "that you like it when I get nasty like I am".

I feel so fuckin nasty I uncross my legs right there on the barstool, and put my fingers inside my inner goodness then sample the flavor in my mouth.

You watch me licking them, and tell me to keep doing it, which I do so eagerly. I reach over give a wet pussy juice kiss.

"You are getting so excited and I know you want to fuck", and I whisper in your other ear "I know you want to taste me! I want you to taste me too". 

While I'm whispering to you, we get called to sit at our dinner table, Shit, I was just getting started. 

"Poppy, please ask for a booth"! To which we were escorted to immediately. 

We enjoyed another glass of merlot wine as we  were feeling so fuckin hot. I got closer to you, as you reached and poured a sip of wine to my succulent lips.

We looked at each other and kissed again as I put one leg over on top of your legs and you began stoking my upper thighs tenderly. My pussy is now wide open for you to see my swollen erect clit. I couldn't resist stroking my throbbing, hot swollen pussy with my juices flowing freely. I inserted two fingers in fully as you took your massively hard thick cock out as I watched you stroke it with your hand. Taking your cock, and I began to jack it off with my pussy wet hand until it was gleaming with my juices.
I slipped under the table and take your throbbing thick member into  my mouth as you watch trying not to be noticeable.  You begin to buck your hips and moan softly, I knew you wanted to cum in my mouth, right there, right then.

"Poppy, please cum in my mouth now"!  Hearing that, you blew a massive load of creamy hot cum in my mouth, shooting gobs of your love juice down my throat.
"Mm, you taste so fuckin good", swallowing every pearly drop that you gave me is getting me so fuckin hot. I eased back up from under the table, and started kissing you passionately, sharing the mixture of your cum and my salvia still from my mouth.

I began to stroke my pussy and by then we get interrupted by the waiter.....and I whisper "I want to fucked outside after dinner" 
You say"Kool Beanz My Nastiness!!!
Giggling as you slowly lick any remnants of my sticky cum from your outer lips, (as you know the waiter knew you were under the table). As the food was delivered, the waiter eyed your hardened nipples straining against the delicate lace covering them softly, knowing that you had just sucked my cock under the table.

He looked down smiling, as you noticed the hardness of his cock straining against his trousers. Your foot begins to trace its way up my leg, tapping my well hardened cock (excited by the fact that you were semi busted with a mouthful of my creamy cum, and a pussy full of your own stick fingers knowing that another enjoyed the thought and became noticeably aroused).

You smiled at me as you sucked a tender zucchini stick, allowing it to nastily enter and exit between you tender sucking lips. We worked our way through dinner, hungry for food and even hungrier to be nastily satisfied there..outside.....

You excused yourself to the restroom; as I watched your swaying azz swish from side to side as you, as the waiter also enjoyed the sight of your hot azz moving past him . The waiter delivers the final glasses of wine, sets them on the table and hands me a note which read "park out back, its really private, only employees from here use it".
(to which I kept to myself for the moment)
You return to the table, with your dress seeming a bit higher than normal, showing off them sleek legs and sexy upper thighs. I smile at you as we finish of the glass of wine and discuss heading to a private dance club (where people are free to be themselves as the
environment there sis a bit upscale).
We paid the check, and exited walking arm in arm as the waiter held the door for us. Knowing full well that he was still watching your azz, I began to squeeze your azz check, allowing my fingertips to hook the hem of your dress. I lifted the hem completely over your roundness, giving him a final full booty peek as we got to the truck

"Ah Poppy..your so nasty. showing off my azz like that...mmmahhh I like it when you do me like that, she moaned.
At the truck, I lifted your azz up with my hands, allowing my fingers to brush along the wet inner lips that were swollen so phat at this point.

"Mmmmm..Poppy..I like it, as you sat onto the seat, grasping at your fully erect dark nipples underneath your top.

"Yes baby so do I", I replied in a low keyed voice.
Once I entered the truck, her moaning and squirming was getting louder , repeating 
"Poppy, I wanna fuck now..please" She tugged even harder on those swollen nipples as I started the truck, remembering what the note said.

I drove along the front of the building, reaching a dark corner, turned into it and drove along the dark deserted backside of the building. This looks like a hot place I thought to myself, noticing that there were only a couple of car, and even less lights.

Hmm I thought this is a place to fuck as Tai was well underway, slapping her clit into a frenzy, and bouncing up and down on 3 fingers nuzzled deeply in her wetness, and my cock bulging for release.

I backed the truck up beside a tree, facing the building and its darkness. The only light visible was 4 or 5 doors away and nobody around.

Tai began tugging her clothes off immediately, tossing them out the window. There she was in the light shadows of the night, a truly beautiful creature that just wanted to fuck madly.

She was busy freeing my oversized member while I removed my shirt, and rapidly taking the swollen purple head into her mouth..."Mmm you like it Poppy", as her salvia was rolling down my lengthy shaft! 

"Oh Yeah baby, you suck that cock so good" as I pulled her up, straddling me in the front seat facing frontward. Lowering her hot sticky fuck hole over my swollen pole made her gasp in delight..

"Ah Shit Poppy", as she began to pump up and down while I tweaked her nipples roughly, the way she loved it.

For a split second I could see a shadow moving a couple of doors away, but couldn't hear any noise except for Tai' s moaning and soft screams of delight as she began working her clit feverishly while pouncing on my cock for all she was worth.

Again I could see a slight movement, but a bit closer this time, unable to clearly see what it was.

"Ah Shit Poppy...thats right" as her swollen lips slurped every time they popped off my phat knob.".Yesssss...ahhhhh  shittttttt......yesssssss".

Feeling her juices flowing harder, and her body trembling she screamed outwardly "ahhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy godddddddd"

"Ok Tai", I said "ya wanted to fuck outside, so lets go"..

Climbing out of the Jimmy, she wrapped her arms around a tree and bent over wiggling that little tight brown eye at me. I eased my phat knob between her tight asshole, spreading it as I pushed my way in. damn, her asshole clamped around my cock as I pressed the entire shaft inside, while she began to push backwards on it feeling my balls slap her pussy.

Again, I could see something coming a bit closer towards us, but we didn't care as I pointed it out to Tai. Poppy just keep fucking my nasty ass hard, let him watch if that's what he wants to do.

We continued to fuck right there, knowing that he was creeping a bit closer close, I could tell it was the waiter who had seen Tai come from under with a mouth full of cum.

Tai was screaming "fuck my ass harder Poppy, shove it harder...ahhh yes that's right".

I told Tai "that it was the waiter", and she responded by looking in his direction screaming in pleasure. I removed my cock from her now stretched ass, and moved a bit forward, where she got on her hands and knees. Now facing in the waiters direction, she begged me to fuck her in the mouth!!

I pressed my oversized head to her waiting lips, as she repositioned her body, so she could watch the waiter watching her suck my cock viciously.

She showed him a blowjob fit for a king, as he began to jack his cock to her head movements. With a full  mouth of cock she muttered, "that's right, jack it off while I suck this big cock".

Her eyes focused on his cock pounding in and out of his hand, her mouth focused on my cock pounding in and out of her drooling mouth. She was having fun, showing off her oral skills to an audience that was responding.

When he blew his nut, she smiled and viciously assaulted my cock, until I shot gobs of cream in her mouth, and on her face. She wiped it off with her hand, and he watched her suck every drop from her hand, then from my cock before he turned and walked away....

We climbed into the Jimmy, and Tai stated, "so that's what the note said"?' That's cool, everybody got what they wanted....ahhh yessssssss and now it was time to head to the club and party.

We got dressed, and drove across town to the upscale club where anything goes. I guess membership does have its value. Immediately as the valet got to my door, his eyes were on my legs as I turned to get off the car. His eyes rapidly discovered my naked exposed pussy as his eyes moved eagerly towards my bare snatch. What a sight I gave him, as my lips spread wide as I slid down from the Jimmy. He escorted me to your side of the truck to meet you  standing firmly on my side. 

We started to walk towards the door as you grabbed my ass. I turn my head to see him staring at my ass and couldn't resist rocking it from side to side a bit harder than normal as I smiled at him.

Entering the dimly lit club, we could hear the music playing a funky song and I had to move my entire body to the beat. I can't stay still, I have to shake my ass with the beat.

The downstairs dance floor was crowed and everybody was jamming to the music. You take my hand to lead me up the winding stairs, where everybody got to take good look at my hot ass, and hotter pussy the higher we climbed.

"Poppy, over there" I pointed to a dark corner table and we sat sipping on a glass of wine for awhile. 

There was a table with two couples across from us, and they quickly tried to conceal the fact that they had a perfect view of my clean shaven pussy by looking down at the table with their eyes peered in my crotch.

I figured that if they wanted to look that hard, Id given them a nasty treat. I began to masturbate it slowly, pulling my lips fully apart, showing off my erect clit and tiny fuck hole. Soon I had both the men and women eyeing my exposed pussy, as I began to finger it for their amusement. They seemed to be nodding in approval, as they to began touching each other and themselves.

I felt like moving and swaying to the sound of the beautiful beat. I get up and started to dance provocatively towards you, real slow and real nasty. I started to move my hips allowing the skimpy dress to raise above my ass cheeks a bit, giving them a view of my luscious ass. Lifting my hair I bent over teasing you and them with my nasty moves.

The tiny straps of my top started to fall  gently off my shoulders revealing my dark choke cherry colored nipples and bronzed titties.  I leaned over to kiss you and straddled myself on your lap, stroking my fully exposed for all to see. I lowered pussy on your legs as you lifted my dress completely above my ass as you looked down at my pussy all nice and swollen and fully exposed. 

I was hotter than hell with the other table watching my every move, and began to move brushing myself against you.  I lowered my top for you and them to see my titties as I cupped them high in the air. You began to suck each nipple so tenderly with your tongue, they glistened with all your wetness as the multi colored lights were are shining on them. 

I gently lifted myself up and turned around so that I have my exposed ass to you. I start to dance in front of you, as you ease my dress completely to the floor and I step out of it. Giving you a nasty lap dance, bouncing on your lap, as I lift my hair and move backwards letting you know that I want sit your hard cock. A couple of tables were glued to our action, as you take  out your rock hard cock and stroke it in my face. I'm so fuckin horny I have to sit on your hard cock that has been starring me in the face. I bury it in my hungry pussy as I sit still for a few minutes. Your hard cock makes my pussy twitch while I slowly start to fuck it right there, as I see the others are watching, as you suck my nipples roughly.
You notice me looking at the other table smiling, just as you were doing the same fuckin thing as you showed off my ass with your fingers pumping in and out. You make your cock pulsate inside of me and my pussy responds in the same manner.
I moved forward reaching for my drink and you begin to raise my ass up and down, ramming my pussy up and down that lengthy fuck pole of yours. You raise me off your cock, stand me up, showboat my nakedness, as people were walking by, and bent me over the table.

"Oh yes poppy, "doggy style love it". Your cock rammed deeply inside my saturated pussy in one plunge, thrusting it in and out, hared and deep..over and over. One couple was actually clapping, but never took their eyes off the action. Then you moved the table beside the wall overlooking the dance floor below, and told me to get onto on all fours.

Quick to respond, I hopped up and was on all fours like a nasty dog waiting for a bone, which I was about to me..

He placed my hands on the rail and told me to hold on and not to move, as his phat knob was piercing my tight asshole..."ahhhhhhh shit" I moaned 

Looking at the people below..feeling his swollen cock separate the muscles along my ass, but I loved it, and loved everybody seeing my man fuck me in the ass with his fucking big cock.

"Ah  yes Poppy..Thats it, feeling that I couldn't take it any deeper, He pushed in the final two inches making me scream in delight, as I began to slam back on his invading cock. He withdrew from my ass, grabbed me by the hair, so that my mouth opened and blew streams of his cum into my mouth, and all over my face.

I sucked his cock dry, allowing his cum to run down my face until I started wiping it with my finger, and delivering it to my waiting mouth. I scooped every drop of his pearly cream until my face was clean.

I managed to grab my drink and sit down on my tender ass, which just had the shit fucked out of it but still its grinding to the beat of the music and whispered you,
"I feel like dancing" as I slipped my skimpy dress over my head.


Reaching down, your fingers start to stroke my peeping ass every time I bent over facing directly at your bulging cock.  We start to kiss passionately, as your hands removed my titties and cupped them proudly while we were grinding to the sexy beat playing. Dancing across the floor with both titties rocking to the music, I take you by the hand, heading for the door to go outside for a smoke. You stood there just looking me up and down as we stared at each other while finishing our smoke. 

I took you by the belt into the parking lot, bending you over onto a car on the second row, carefully to find one without an alarm light blinking. 

I have my spread ass in your face, tasting me, sucking every drop of my sticky wetness I had. You are eating my pussy and asshole so fucking good that my lips want to be sucked and licked to no end. 

"Poppy, I want to get fucked doggie style, you know I love it like that" I hollered out , flipping myself around laying face down on somebody's car hood. I could feel that fucking sweet cock ramming in and out of my wanting to be fucked pussy. We could hear my pussy making its noise, as my thick luscious lips wrap around your hard cock, tugging those lips in and out!! Ah Fuckin eh that feels so fuckin good as I cum in buckets all over his fuck pole right there in the parking lot as if we were the only two people in the world!!!