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Its going, going, GONE! Homerun!

When my brothers baseball team wins, some of the players gets rewarded.
It was a hot day, and the opening day for my brother's baseball league. Just what I enjoy more, on hot sunny days is watching baseball. All the players are in there tight pants, with tall athletic tan bodies. Not a single one of the players are ugly on my brothers team but one player stood out to me. Like any other normal hot day I wore tiny tight shorts and a tank top, hoping to get a little color early this year.

I was sitting in my chair relaxing watching the game when I noticed one of the players was looking at me. I wanted to make sure it was me he was looking at, so I winked and he winked back. He was a pitcher and ended up pitching a perfect game.

"Man, what I would do to feel his hot body pressed against mine," I thought to myself.

All of a sudden I heard my name being called. It was my brother. I got up walked over to the dug out to ask my brother what he wanted.

"J.J wants a good luck kiss from you before he goes up to bat," my brother said to me

I agreed and started giving J.J a long passionate kiss until it was interrupted by his turn to bat.

"This one is for you babe," J.J said.

First pitch came in and he missed. Second one came and BAM! He hit it right over the fence, home run for J.J. Then he came back picked me up and started making out with me.

The game was over and my brothers team won. J.J asked my parents if he could drive me home and they said yes. We started walking around the baseball field and walked up to the mound and kissed passionately not caring that people were there watching us. He started to feel up my body. He laid me on the ground and took off my shirt. feeling up my boobs and licking my tits and it felt so good. People were staring at us and I didn't want him to stop. the feeling of his tongue going down my body to my pussy drove me crazy. J.J stopped at the pant line. He kissed up my body while rubbing my pussy through my shorts.

I looked up and everyone was gone except a younger people. I didn't care that there were a few boys there. I wanted J.J. and I wanted him badly, so I stripped him all the way down to his boxers. I felt his hard dick through his boxers and it made me so horny. J.J took off the rest of my clothes and started eating my pussy. 'Mmm' his tongue sliding in and out of it. I pushed his head into my pussy as a sign to not stop. He then slid one finger into my pussy and one into my ass while he licked my clit making me scream out in enjoyment.

"Can we join? Ae all got hard from watching you two." one of the young guys said.

J.J nodded to them. All three of the boys were on the same team as J.J. There was Scott who pitched and played center outfield. He was about 5'8 tan with beautiful brown eyes. his penis was about 7in. Then there was Doug. He played second base standing 5'11 with baby blue eyes. The third guy was Matt. I've always liked Matt but didn't wanna make a move. he pitched played center outfield and third base. He is about 5'10 dark tan with light brown eyes.

J.J stopped eating my pussy looked up to the 3 players and said, "You can do anything you want just no putting your dick in her pussy, that's all mine!"

The three guys agreed. Matt and Doug threw there dicks into my face. I sucked Matt's while I played with Doug's dick. Scott was looking at J.J.'s ass. He pulled J.J.'s boxers down and started playing with his ass. J.J. didn't care. He was enjoying my pussy too much. I was so wet because of J.J. I looked up and saw J.J.'s ass being licked by Scott..

Ohh... ahhh another finger went into my pussy and ass.

Scott laid down and brought J.J. with him. Scott's dick was in J.J.'s ass. I got on top of J.J. sliding my pussy onto his dick. I clinched up making it feel tighter around his dick. Matt then got on top of me and shoved his dick in my ass as I screamed with pleasure. I told Doug to come here and I started sucking his dick and we all fucked.

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