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Jani's Bedroom

Marna and Jani put on a show in her bedroom, curtains open, for all to see.
Jani, a friend of mine, sent me a picture of herself, naked, on the bed, ass in the air. Her letter began:

“... living in a large city like New York or LA. The woman in the photo is me and the bed I lie upon is in the master bedroom of my apartment. My apartment is located on the 10th floor of a 40-story building and my apartment is surrounded by other apartments, condos and office buildings equal in height or even much taller.

My bedroom windows run from floor to ceiling and I deliberately do not have drapes or shades on those tall windows. Most nights I lie naked on my bed... knowing that men, women and couples in the buildings surrounding me are looking in on me - seeing me naked and leering at my blatant nakedness and using their view of me for whatever ways they take their long distance sexual enjoyment of my flesh show.

My most enjoyable Naked Nights are when one young married couple nearby call me on my telephone to tell me how they are fucking and sucking one another and using their view of my cunt, ass and tits as sexual tools in their pleasure sharing.” 

Being a fellow exhibitionist, I couldn’t resist when she invited me over. It was no trouble getting a cab to her place. Wearing nothing but shiny black see-thru tights, a half-zipped white cotton jacket and matching spike slings, I attracted quite a few double-takes walking out to the taxi. The taxi driver jumped out of his seat and made a big show of opening my door. I could see his eyes eating up the view of my dark, neatly trimmed “landing strip” bush clearly visible through the tights. He also got a nice view of my boobs as I sat down. I just smiled at time and said, “Hot Date!” He whistled his agreement and ten minutes later I was walking up the steps into Jani’s building. She buzzed me into the foyer, which sadly was empty, as well as the elevator.

Jani opened her front door in nothing but microscopic see-thru baby blue panties. “Ohmygawd, did you come in that?” she snickered, incidentally keep us both in the hall for maximum exposure. Down the hall I heard the other elevator door opening.

“Yep!” I grinned. “My taxi driver loved it.”

Jani peered over my shoulder and waved. “Hi Mr. Thurgood!”

I followed her gaze and saw an older gentleman, fifties maybe, getting out of the elevator. I waved too, and he waved back, savoring the view of my ass and Jani’s bare boobs.

“Oh, come in, come in!” Jani giggled at me. “He’s seen plenty of me.” I came through the door and she shut it behind me. I wondered just how much of Jani he’d already seen, and how often.

I tweaked one of her already rock-hard nipples. “Someone’s excited.”

Jani responded by grabbing the front of my jacket, unzipping the rest of it, and pulling it half way down my back. Both of my boobs were fully on display, and my arms were trapped.

“Almost as good as handcuffs,” I giggled.

Jani laughed at me. “I did get a pair, just for you. Maybe later. Now let’s just get that jacket off.” With her help I wiggled free of my jacket. Now I was naked from the waist up, and not hiding much from the waist down. As she looked me over, a familiar, delicious, tingly warmth spread over me. Besides, she looked lucious in nothing but skimpy panties.

Jani tweaked one of my nipples. “Someone else is excited too.” I squealed playfully, noticing that my nipples were just as hard as hers.

“Come see my posing room,” she smiled and took my hand. She led me past a living room with a glass wall that looked out onto a balcony and the city at dusk. Down the hall of a very nice, super-modern apartment was the bedroom. It had a big double bed, modern furniture, and a couple modern art pieces on the walls.

“I like your taste in art and decor.” I really did like it. Most of all I liked the entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. No curtains, just clear, clean window glass between us and the tall apartment and office buildings across the street.

Jani beamed at me and walked over to the window. I followed her.

“I’m sure people are watching us. I emailed a few I know and let them know you were coming over. I also emailed them a link to your Lush page.”

I blushed. My lush page was outrageously explicit about my kinky tastes. “Mmmm...” I mused, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. “ In less than a minute I’d stripped off my tights and Jani had kicked off her panties.

“Let’s sit side by side on the bed, facing the window, so they have a good view.” Jani suggested. When I sat beside her, she pulled my inside leg over hers. Then we both spread our outside legs and leaned back.

“I bet a dozen people are already wet or hard, just watching us,” I laughed, enjoying the tingling excitement I always get when I’m blatantly sexual in public. Then I looked down at Jani’s pussy, which was already puffy, red and glistening. I said the first thing that popped into my head. “Wow, your pussy looks really hot. Can I touch it?”

“Please do...” moaned Jani softly, “...if I can touch yours.”

“Of course,” I whispered in Jani’s ear. “You can do whatever you want with me.” I reached over and ran a fingertip along the inside of her thigh, just inches from her moist cleft. Meanwhile her fingertips drifted down my stomach, over my furry landing strip, and circled teasingly around my clit. My fingers moved over her wet pussy, enjoying the soft warmth of her ready entrance.

“Before you drive me crazy, lesbo, let’s flip around and show them two nice asses.” Jani laughed, already climbing off me, getting on her hands and knees, and pointing her ass toward the window. I followed suit, spreading my legs wide and lowering my head to put my ass uppermost toward our audience.

“I’m not really a lesbo,” I complained, “I like cocks too.”

“Just teasing. Nothing but pussy here tonight.” Jani giggled.

“If there’s no cock, then I hope you have some toys?”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “but promise me we’ll take turns?”

“I promise, I want my fun too!” I wiggled my exposed butt at the window. I was getting wetter every second, knowing that people HAD to be watching us. “Besides flashing my ass to that entire building is making me very horny.”

“Me too,” sighed Jani, with a little moan in her voice that told me she was dying to be taken somewhere, somehow.

“So where are they, the toys?” I asked. “I want your friends to see me ravish that ass you’re showing them.”

She told me. A few minutes later I was sitting beside her, legs spread again, stroking her delicious ass cheeks as I greased up a nice, big butt plug.

“Now hold that position, sexy.” I grinned, squirmed around, making sure my pussy remained on display to the window, and began teasing her asshole with the plug’s rounded tip. Jani’s breathing increased, then changed to a nice little groan as I worked the tip inside her. I held it there, just pushing lightly to hold her open, until she groaned louder and began working her ass backwards, wanting more.

So I pushed, letting the plug’s greater and greater width open her more and more. I enjoyed how her breath came faster and faster. Now it was stretching her obscenely, the thickest part just outside her. I pulled it back, then worked it in again, to the biggest point, but not quite in. After of couple more times of this treatment, Jani ‘s moans became whimpers of desire. Finally, I pushed it past the widest point. Jani gasped as her greedy ass swallowed it, leaving nothing visible but the flanged base. I wiggled it around and pulled on it a bit, watching how the deeply rooted plug made her whole ass move without coming out. Finally I gave her a light slap on each ass cheek.

“Feeling good?” I asked her.

“Oh god, I’m already so close to coming,” Jani whimpered. “Could they see it?”

“I’m certain anyone watching saw that huge plug slowly fuck its way into your ass. Besides, the big black base against your skin makes it obvious you’re butt-plugged. Now let me see... what’s next.”

Jani just stayed on her knees, clenching and releasing her ass to make the plug move around inside her. I could tell she was desperate to come, but wasn’t getting there on a plug alone.

“Now it’s your choice.” I told Jani. “You want me to use this hitachi on you, just as you are, or do you want me to fuck your brains out with this nice,big strapy?”

“I need fucking, now, please!” Jani said huskily, now moving her ass with a desperate humping motion.

A minute I had the strap-on buckled around my hips. I was pleased to see its crotch-strap had a nice “joypad” of nubbles that fit snuggly against my clit and pussy. The dildo itself was very fat, and at least eight inches long.

“Turn around a little, so I can kneel on the bed behind you. We want all those watchers have a good view of this thing going in and out of you.” Dutifully she moved, and I was right behind her, sliding my fake cock along her dripping lips, using her own juices to lube it.

“Oh please,” Jani said, “fuck me hard. Don’t mind my screaming.”

I giggled and positioned the big dildo at her lips. “Okay, you wanton thing, prepare to start screaming!” I used my free hand to lightly slap each of her ass checks once more, then ran my fake cock straight into her, right up to the hilt.

Jani made a squealing scream as I hit bottom against her ass and the plug’s base, followed by a long, low whine of absolute pleasure. I grabbed her waist and began pumping with my hips, ramming the dildo into her over and over. The fatness of the dildo pulled and pushed her pussy lips obscenely.

“Ah – ah – ah –ah ...” She was making hoarse little screams each time I hit home. I had her whole body rocking back and forth with the force of my strokes. Each stroke teased my own pussy too, as the nubbles on the crotch belt rubbed me to more and more wetness.

I started to get tired, so rested on top her back, deep within her, and reached around to pinch and twist her nipples. Her hips started bucking under me as she begged, “More, more, make me come!”

This was all the encouragement I needed. I leaned back and took up a fast but sustainable pace. I held her hips with one hand and pushed around the base of her butt plug with my other, giving both her openings a thorough churning. Her pussy was making wonderful slurping and squishing sounds as my pistoning fake cock churned her juices.

Eventually the volume of her little cries started to rise, then changed into a loud, long wail as her orgasm began. I grabbed on with both hands, pulled almost out of her, and rammed her hard. Her wail turned into a grunting burp as her whole body vibrated with the force of the blow. I did it again and she pushed back onto me. This stroke made an obscenely wet sound as I felt her juices spatter against my legs. Finally, I slowly filled her and held it deep inside her, squeezing her shoulders and ass as she bucked against me, screaming again as her orgasm went on and on.

Finally she went quiet, panting hard, making little jerking aftershocks as the intensity of her pleasure came and went. I gently stroked her sweaty ass cheeks, and slowly pulled out of her. She collapsed face down on the bed.

“Oh god, that was good.”

I unbuckled the strap-on. The dildo was coated with her foamy, white juice. I put it in front of her mouth. “Lick it clean.”

She did just that, taking the toy from me and eagerly sucking it. Once she was done with the dildo, she began on the crotch strap that was liberally coated with my juices. Her comment between licks was, “Mmmm... you taste good.”

I reached over and patted the plug still embedded in her ass. “You want this in or out?”

“Leave it in. I love the feeling.”

I used the base to stir it around inside her, watching her hips and ass squirm as it wiggled around inside her. I smiled and patted her rump. “I love using it to play with you.”

I got off the bed and walked over to the window, spread and legs, put my hands on my hips, and let whomever was watching drink in my naked body. There were plenty of lights on in various apartments and office floors.

“I wonder how many people were masturbating at the sight of me fucking you?” I began playing with my tits and nipples, enjoying the sensations running through my body.

I heard the bed rustle behind me as she got off it and gingerly came over to stand beside me. I leaned over to see her red, puffy pussy was glistening wet. Her thighs were shiny-wet to her knees. I squatted down and sniffed.

“Oh god, your pussy smells insanely good.” I gave it a gentle lick, and she shuddered. Slowly I began to clean up her pussy and the inside of her legs. After a few minutes she began moaning again.

“I need another, please!” Jani begged, grabbing my head with her hands and directing my mouth to her pussy.

I licked her softly but deep, knowing the sensitivity of a freshly fucked pussy, then moved up to suck on her clit. She held my head there, so I suctioned her pleasure nub into my mouth and used my tongue to slowly rub it. In no time she was vibrating against my face, gripping my head tighter and tighter, as she climbed to another orgasm. I moved downward and started licking her flow while using my nose to keep teasing her clit. She didn’t come as loudly or intensely, but she kept on coming and coming. I licked and swallowed eagerly, feeling my own pussy tingling with the taste of her.

Finally she moved my head away and staggered back to the bed, falling on it with legs spread wide. “No more! Pussy needs rest!”

I got up and laughed at her, then came over to lie next to her, snuggling up so we touched from hip to shoulder. I was careful to cock up one leg, so my hot and wet pussy was on display too.

I whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry I exhausted you. We can save my ravishment for another day.”

Jani giggled, “You’re a really, REALLY good lesbo. I came harder and longer than I have in months... no... years. My pussy is totally afire, but it’s a good fire.” She sounded exhausted. “Can you to sleep here tonight?”

“Can I share your bed?” I wasn’t sure just what kind of invitation she had in mind.

“Please do! I’d like that. It’s nice to snuggle after sex.” She sighed with contentment. “But... um...” she rolled over onto the her stomach. “Could you take out that butt plug now? Be gentle?”

I giggled at her still plugged ass, kneeled over her, and began to slowly massage her ass underneath the flange, working her butt until I could slowly extract the large plug easily. When it was finally out, her asshole still gaped wide open, and below it her still red, still oozing pussy.

“Jani, you do look thoroughly fucked.” I smiled with satisfaction. I waved to our audience outside the window, flipped off the light, and snuggled into bed with her. Her exhausted body melted into my arms. I could feel her satisfaction seeping through me, like a warm bath. My own sexual high pleasantly drifted away as we feel asleep wrapped around each other.

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