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Jeep, Changing, Lust, Sex

Jake sat on a bench outside the larger of his town's two malls, watching a video on Youtube called "The Top Five Goombas." Jake was short for a man, barely reaching 5'7". His skin was white, with a slight red tinge to it. He wondered where it was from, not having been in sunlight long enough to get even a tan. It didn't help that is was cloudy and looked about to rain. His hair resembled that of Shaggy's from Scooby-Doo and was dark brown, almost black. 

He had a goatee and slight sideburns. He was skinny and average looking. Looking up, he saw his friend Anna.

Anna was smaller than him, by about a head and a half. She was black and had short stylized hair. She wore a pair of short shorts, and a shirt saying "cute boys only." The back was mesh and her bra strap was visible. Through out the day, Jake really had the urge to snap the bra strap. She was very hot, with a small chest that seemed perfect to Jake, and slightly large thighs, that again Jake found perfect. Unfortunately, Anna was dating a guy named Sam. 

They had met in high school when Jake was a sophomore and Anna a freshman, and had become best friends really quickly. Jake had liked Anna back then, yet never acted on it because Anna was an athlete and very attractive even back then, while he considered himself pathetic, geeky, and average looking if even that. A few months ago, after she had begun dating Sam, the two admitted they had both liked each other, leaving him wanting to bang his head into the nearest wall. What Anna didn't know was, Jake had been about to ask her out when Sam did. He was still upset he had been to slow yet again.

"Hey Jake," Anna laughed.

"Hi Anna," Jake responded. He got up and hugged his close friend. "When is the photo shoot?"

"In a couple of hours," Anna responded. "Thanks for agreeing to come with me. The guy freaks me out."

"Then why go then? Fuck him and do something else."

"Because, I am tired of my job, living with my parents, and just how boring this city is. This photo shoot could be my chance to be a model."

"Whatever," muttered Jake.

The two roamed the mall, Jake trying his hardest not to check her out or anything more. Though he wanted to.

"So why were you upset while texting last night?" Jake asked.

"Cops," Anna answered, slightly upset.

Jake stopped walking. "Wait, what?!"

"Yeah," Anna began.

"Last night Sam came down for a visit, and we couldn't be at my house. My dad would have gotten mad. So we parked my jeep, and began to have sex in the back. Well after a while, we heard a tap in the window. Two cops were there. I have never been so humiliated."

"Did you get a ticket or anything else?" Jake asked.

"No, they just said they were young once and next time pick somewhere else."

"Okay ," Jake said. He then began to laugh.

"You ass hole," Anna said, trying not to smile.

"I'm sorry but how would you react if I told you this story?"

Anna looked at him. "Same."

The two left the mall after a hour and went to a Barnes and Noble by the mall. The talked and joked around there for awhile. Suddenly, Jake remembered he had something to tell Anna.

"Oh, Catwoman got killed in the newest issue of Justice League of America."


"Yeah, she is dead."

"Won't last, never does."

Jake laughed. "That is it?"

Anna looked at him. "What?"

"You have a Catwoman fetish. I was hoping for a funnier reaction."

"Shut up Jake," Anna laughed. "I do not."

"You love her comics, have a Catwoman costume- which you still have to let me see, and even love that movie."

Anna laughed as the two went outside, where it was raining. 

The two ran to her jeep. "You think the photo shoot is still on?" Jake asked. 

"Let me see," Anna responded getting on her phone. "I don't wanna go any way at this point."

"Then don't."

Anna smiled. "Let's explore downtown."

For a few hours the two explored the entire city, having fun, being goofs, and talking tons about sex. This was common topic for the two, Jake was probably more aware of her sex life then he should have been.

They sat in her jeep and talked about what to do next.

"Let's go into the mall and visit a few more stores," Jake suggested.

"Sure but it is cold, let me change into the dress I was going to wear for the photo shoot. Don't look," Anna said jumping into the back seat. "Don't look."

Jake looked at her. "You're really going to change in a car with me in it, while you have a boyfriend?"

"You won't look. You are too good of a guy."

Now Jake both wanted to see her change, yet also did want to be respectful. He was at a lost on what to do. So he continued to stare, wondering what she would do. 

"Jaaake," Anna laughed. "Don't look."

Jake smirked, daring her to continue. Anna in response began to unbutton and unzip her shorts. Jake looked away. Anna laughed at him, she knew he would look away. She then jumped over the seat into the trunk area, so he couldn't see. Jake sat there and laughed seeing her jump over the seat. She was actually changing and he didn't know what to do. He wanted to do the right thing and not spy since she had a boyfriend and asked him not to look. At the same time he did want to spy on her, and maybe even more. He was at a loss on what to do. Eventually the animal side of him won out.

He slowly climbed back to where Anna was changing. He began to see her had she pulled her shirt off. She was wearing a black bra with a golden pirate skull on it. She got the shirt off and noticed he was looking.

"Jake! What the fuck?" she screamed.

Jake simply leaned over and gave her a kiss. "What did you expect me to do?"

Anna was shocked, but soon her animal side gave in as well. She kissed him back and pulled him down with her. Neither questioned that fact that what they were doing was wrong because she was dating Sam. Their animal sides had just taken over.

Jake laid on top of Anna, kissing her. Her hands roamed his body, pulling his shirt off. Her nails dug into his back. Jake bit her neck, she moaned at the feel. Anna pushed Jake on his back and kissed him deeply. His hands slid down her back and grabbed her ass. For years he had wanted this day, and it had finally come. Looking him in the eyes while smiling, Anna helped him pull her shorts off. Her panties were lime green with leopard prints on them. Jake smiled grabbing her breast. She moaned as he squeezed and massaged it, her mouth on his.

"Jake more," she gasped. 

Jake's hand reached around her back, unclasping her bra. He stared at her breasts, and then took one in his mouth. He licked and bit down on her. Anna screamed silently at the feel. Her hands freed his manhood. 

Jake moaned has her mouth descended upon it. She loved the feel and taste of him. Slowly, she licked it from top to bottom, swirling her tongue around the tip. Jake moaned at the feel. Wanting more, he grabbed her hair. Anna giggled as well she could with his cock in her mouth. He pushed her head down until she had his entire cock in her mouth. Anna gagged as her mouth was filled and mover head up and down as much as possible. The taste of his precum drove her insane. She gasped for desperately needed air before long. Jake smiled and pulled her panties off, revealing her shaved pussy. Without needing to be told, Jake began to eat her out. His tongue slid over clit, sending pleasure through her. A finger soon joined his tongue. Anna was going crazy at the feeling, her nails leaving marks on Jake's back and shoulders. An orgasm over took her. Her body shook as the pleasure coursed through her body.

Recovering, Anna pushed Jake down and straddled him. Slowly she slid Jake's cock into her pussy. Jake moaned at how tight she was. Anna winced as Jake filled her, it felt both wrong and right. She slowly began to rock her hips into him, moaning at the feel of his cock inside of her pussy. Her hips went up in down, his cock rubbing against the walls of her pussy hitting every pleasure spot in it. Jake's hands held her close. His breath warm against her flesh; a sharp contrast to the chill caused by the rain soaked air. His teeth sank into her flesh as her nails tore into his skin. 

The two's bodies became entangled, their mouths battling for control over the other. Anna stop rocking her hips into Jake and turned around leaving her bare back exposed to him. She then slammed down hard. Jake gasped as the pleasure coursed. Anna was quickly moving up and slamming down on Jake's cock. Her pussy juices soaking his cock. She used every trick she knew to give him pleasure. She used all the experience she had gained from her past partners to please Jake. 

Moaning as the pleasure was about to cause him to erupt, Jake flipped Anna onto her back. He got on top and impaled her. He thrust forth into as hard and fast as he could. Her moans told him, she was being pleasured. Jake bit into her breast. She screamed at the pleasure, her nails scraping his skin. 

"I'm about to cum," Jake said.

"Inside... awww... on... ohhh...pill...aww," Anna gasped. Jake bit into Anna's neck as his warm cum coated the inside of her pussy. She moaned and screamed as pleasure and lust coursed through theirs bodies, sweat pouring down their bodies.

Their limits reached, the two collapsed into each other arms. Not caring that they were in a mall parking a lot, nor that there would be consequences because of what they had just done.

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