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Jenny and Irena

Jenny realises how curious she is
The Club had been her idea. It had started from a quite innocent conversation prompted by a guy we both knew who had been ripped off at a strip joint. She had wondered why men like strip clubs and I had told her about one of my very few visits to one in Phoenix. I told her the girls were mostly university students working their way through college; Nice, bright, intelligent girls with stunning looks and bodies to die for. And how touching was strictly prohibited, but how sometimes there might be some “private room action”. She was obviously intrigued. 

“So can you get a blowjob?” she grinned. 

I explained that I had never had been in the private room but that I knew guys who bragged about having done so. 

“We should do that together – I would love to watch you getting a good grinding and not be able to touch.” She grinned sadistically.

And that’s where we left it, until some month later when we had just finshed dinner in a SoHo restaurant. As we were walking out she said, “So where is the nearest strip club? How about we go and do what we talked about?”

As it happened we weren’t too far from a large club that a friend had mentioned to me as one of his favourites. 

“OK. If you would like. Are you sure?”

She looked delighted so in we went. We watched a couple of the dancers on the stage for a while, drank a couple of over-priced beers and generally checked out the place. I watched her eyes scanning the room, admiring the brazen way she was checking out the scantily clad girls as they moved around looking for customers. She was obviously fascinated.

“Seen anything you fancy?” I asked.

“Not yet – I am looking for the perfect girl for you,” she smirked. 

“How about you pick one that you like the look of?” I ventured, “One that we could take back to the hotel with us. One that you would like to watch eating your pussy while I fucked her from behind.”

She blushed. ”OK,” she shot back, resolve in her eyes. We ordered two more beers and she continued to look around.

A few minutes later she turned to me, rubbed her hand over the bulge in my trousers and whispered, “I’ve found her. She’s perfect. Over there. Shoulder-length dark hair, gorgeous eyes, luscious lips. Bet you’d like to feel those around your cock right now, wouldn’t you?” 

I nodded approvingly. “She looks amazing. I will see if I can catch her eye” 

A few minutes later she was moving over towards us. She was about twenty. Slim hipped with boobs a little too big for her petite frame, but a very pretty face. I said to her that we would like a private dance for the two of us, and she smiled, and beckoned for us to follow her. We passed the doorman, who pushed the heavy curtain aside to let us pass into a darker area, set out in high-backed diner-style booths, perhaps a dozen of them, the room bathed in a very soft red glow. We slid into the booth and she told us that her name was Irena, and explained the rules – hands on the bench, no touching. Her eastern European accent was husky, sexy and made her sound very naughty. We nodded in agreement, paid her and sat back. 

She started slowly, moving with the music, swaying her hips and brushing her hands over her tits. Her lace bra was off in an instant and she turned her back to us, bending over to give us a view of her ass, rubbing her fingers between her legs and scratching at the tight fabric covering her clit with one fingernail. Jenny reached over and squeezed my hand. 

“She’s soooo sexy,” she cooed. 

Irena backed towards me, pushing her ass towards my face and gyrating her pussy towards my mouth then eased down until she was sitting in my lap. She reached back, unfastened my belt, and pulled down my zipper, but left my cock in my pants. She started to rub her pussy up and down my now hard cock while playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples. After a bit more grinding she turned around and mounted me face on, brushing her tits against my lips but moving away when I looked like I might try to lick them. She was back to grinding on my cock and playing with her tits when she looked Jenny straight in the eyes and said,

“I bet this is how you fuck him, isn’t it?” 

Jenny nodded. So she continued, “I bet you sit on this hard cock and grind your little pussy into him, don’t you? It’s a nice hard cock, isn’t it?” 

Jenny nodded again. 

“Do you like watching me fuck him?” 

Once again she nodded. 

“Should I take this hard cock of his and slip it into my tight, shaved little pussy while you watch?” 

Another nod. I think I probably nodded too, but she wasn’t talking to me. 

“Or I could get on my knees and suck him. I bet you love to do that, don’t you? Bet he likes it too – to watch his cock disappear in your mouth?” 

Without waiting for an answer Irena lifted herself from my lap, bent right down and gripped my cock through my shorts between her teeth and gently squeezed me a few times, then grinned and turned to Jenny again. 

“How about I sit on your lap now, honey? Would you like that?” 

No nods this time: “Yes. Yes I would,” mumbled Jenny, huskily. 

Irena then sat astride Jenny and pushed a nipple into her mouth. I was quite shocked, but Jenny looked absolutely stunned. Then, just like that, Jenny started to lick and suck the perky nipple in her mouth. Irena didn’t pull away. She was gyrating in Jenny lap, gripping Jenny’s head with one hand and with her other she took Jenny’s hand and placed it on my lap. 

“Stroke his hard cock, honey, I think he needs it after what I just did to him,” she said, grinning at me.

Jenny slid her hand into the top of my shorts and started stroking my cock as instructed. It was so hot to watch Jenny sucking on that hard nipple. I could see that she was completely lost in the moment.

Irena then stood up and lowered herself to her knees between Jenny’s now spread thighs. 

“I bet you are so wet down here, honey, aren’t you? Did you like sucking on my titty?” Her hands were running up and down the inside of Jenny’s thighs, pushing her skirt ever higher and exposing her panties. 

“You’d really like me to eat you now wouldn’t you?” 

Another nod, but this time anxious. Eager. I could feel Jenny’s grip tighten on my cock, and her stroke started to increase in pace. Irena lowered her face to Jenny’s lace-covered pussy and started to grind her chin against her pubic bone, barely rubbing her clit with each little circle. I placed my hand on Jenny’s – if she didn’t slow down I was going to come. Irena continued to grind against her, reaching her hands up and squeezing her tits gently. Jenny’s eyes were transfixed by the gorgeous face between her legs; she was panting now, her breath coming in gasps. I could see that Jenny was getting seriously close to an orgasm.

Then, with a sly grin, the dancer stood up and said, “That’s all guys; Time’s up. I enjoyed myself – I hope you both did too. Now I suggest you get home.” She looked at me. “You are about to get the time of your life, Mister,” and with a wink and a grin she walked away, replacing her bra. 

“Wow!” I said. 

“Wow is right,” breathed Jenny.

As we walked out into the cool night air Jenny grabbed my hand. “How long is the cab ride back to the hotel? Only, I need to come. Soon. Really soon.”

As the cab pulled over she squeezed my hand tighter. “But I really can’t wait. I can’t.”

I told the cabbie where we were going, and told Jenny to sit on the fold-down seat behind the driver, facing me on the back seat. As soon as she sat down she realised why. I leant forward and kissed her deeply and passionately, gently rubbing her hard nipples through her shirt. I whispered in her ear 

“It was so erotic watching you with Irena. Watching you suck her nipple while stroking my cock – that was so bad. Off the chart bad. So slutty.”

She shivered. “I know. I don’t know what to think. I am so confused, but it was just such a turn on. Watching her grind away on you got me so wet. I wanted to slip my hands into my panties and make myself come while she was doing that. But when she asked me if that was I how I fucked you, asking me all those intimate questions, I honestly thought I was going to climax. Without anything touching me. I really thought she was going to suck your cock then. If she had that definitely would have made me come. But when she sat on my lap and thrust her nipple in my mouth I didn’t know what to do.”

I reached forward and started to rub her pussy through the lace and silk. Her panties were soaked through. 

“My, my. Somebody is a bit damp.”

She bit her lip, reached down and pulled the silky fabric to one side. “Touch me.” A simple instruction. 

I began to stroke her swollen clit as she continued, her voice more breathy and strained. 

“As she was grinding on me I could actually feel her pubic bone pressing on mine. Then when I felt how hard your cock was I was suddenly aware you were aroused by the sight of her on top of me too. When she went down between my legs, all I was thinking about was how fast she might make me come. I knew I would. The image in my head was of her eating me, right there, in front of you and the other guy in the booth opposite. I was so close. And then the bitch stopped. Fuck!”

“Wait a minute,” I said “There was a guy opposite us? I didn’t notice.”

My fingers were soaking wet now as I rubbed her clit. She was wriggling around and trying to thrust her hips in time with my steady rhythm. She was close. 

“Oh My God. He was there with the black girl dancing for him, but he was staring at me the whole time. Whenever I looked up from Irena’s face between my legs he was straining around her to watch what Irena was doing to me.”

Jenny’s breathing was laboured now. She had her hand steadying herself on my shoulder, her legs spread wide and her skirt around her waist. I pressed my mouth to her ear. “You liked him watching, didn’t you? Make you feel bad? Naughty, yet powerful. You slut”. 

She was bucking against me now, flighting for balance as the cab took another corner and desperate to come. I leaned right in, holding her and increasing the friction of my fingers. 

“Come for me now. Think of Irena eating you, and me and the other guy watching you. Come for me in the back of this taxi with your back no more than 18 inches from the driver. I bet he knows I’ve got my fingers in your pussy. I bet he is really jealous. I bet his cock is really…” 

And with that she came, shuddering and shaking as I held her on the seat. 

We pulled up outside the hotel 2 minutes later. Jenny could barely stand – legs shaking, she tried her best to straighten her skirt as she got out of the cab. When we reached the room I switched all the lights off, got down on my knees between her thighs and asked her to tell me the whole story again while I ate her pussy; from the beginning, from seeing Irena. 

She told me about how she felt in detail, recounting each tiny detail between gasps. Her first orgasm took her at the point in the story when Irena put her mouth onto my cock. When she had recovered her breath I told her to continue, and I slipped my thumb into her by now incredibly slippery ass, then went back to gently licking her pussy. She talked about noticing the guy watching her, how turned on she was by the pussy-on-pussy grinding and sucking Irena’s nipple, how when I placed my hand on hers to stop her while she stroked my cock she realised how close to coming I was. 

As she described the sensation of Irena’s chin grinding on her pubic bone and just brushing her clit indirectly. I moved my chin up to what I thought was the right spot. “Like this?” I asked.


Her second orgasm hit her almost instantly. At that point she was incapable of speech. She pushed my head away, curled into a ball and shuddered, the juices from her pussy running down her thighs. 

As soon as she had recovered I asked her to sit on my cock and ride me like Irena had. She willing sat on my lap and slipped me deep inside her and started rocking. Even though she was so wet and there was hardly any friction I couldn’t last long enough for her to orgasm. As she rode me she teased my mouth with her pert nipples, and just like Irena, wouldn’t let me suck or touch, instead fondling her tits in front of me. Within minutes I was begging for release. She got off my lap, went down on her knees and started stroking and sucking. Just as I got to the point of no return she imitated Irena’s accent 

“I promised you she would give you the time of your life,” she mimicked. 

And then she got busy swallowing one of the biggest mouthfuls of cum I ever gave her – enough for two she said with a sly wink.

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