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Jessica gets talked into a girl-girl show for hubblie's birthday by and with her new friend

The two women stood in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, appraising each other. They had heard bits and pieces about each other here and there. Now they were face to face for the first time.

Samantha at once felt at ease, she could feel Jessica's warmth and was sure that they could become close friends in a very short time despite what had transpired during the last three weeks. During this time Jessica had traveled around Germany with George, whom she called her boyfriend for want of a better term.

While Jessica and George enjoyed each others company Samantha had a chance to get to know and appreciate Jessica's husband. She also had a chance to alleviate his loneliness and happily had risen to shoulder that burden. Jessica's realization of Hubby and Samantha having enjoyed some play time had caused a very short lived discomfort in the beginning. But the two women quickly sensed that they were cut from the same cloth and the discomfort was replaced by a gladness of having found a kindred soul. The discovery that both were of mixed blood helped greatly to cement the budding friendship.

"Join me for a cup of coffee and stay a while, I would love to get to know you better," had Jessica smiled, boldly taking Samantha's hand to pull her into the kitchen. "As you know by now, I am working for your Uncle George and Jessica is my working name. But away from work I am just plain Liolani.  I love my name, I love the musical sound of it, but I also know that it can be too much of a mouthful when we are just talking to each other.  

Just like I might call you Sam sometimes you may call me Koi,
a name that my hubby gave me in Hawaii. I know it sounds like 'coy', but 'coy' is not me as you will find out. The people on Maui may tell you that MAUI NO KA OI, which means 'there is nothing better than Maui'. My hubby claimed 'Liolani no ka oi', which he then shortened to KOI.  

  *   [fast forward]

That was two weeks ago. During that time their friendship and appreciation of the other had blossomed to a point where they shared their deepest feelings with each other. They had discovered much that bound them.  Both were happy to have found a true friend. The two women came to appreciate each other;  both fiercely independent thinkers, both the embodiment of the true female, proud of themselves and their bodies.

Samantha was only nineteen, about half Liolani's age, but she had the gift of grasping the essence of an argument, repackaging it and presenting it either as a new idea or the original reformulated as acceptable. It was no surprise then that Liolani had invited Samantha for a brainstorming session,

Hubby's birthday was approaching fast and Liolani wanted to do something special for him. She owed him much, she felt, for his understanding of her need for her 'other life', her need for time with George; and then just recently, his blessing of her going to Europe for three weeks with George. She could not think of anything that could express her love and her gratitude.

Samantha might think of something Liolani hoped; she is the second woman in his life and should know him fairly well by now.  

Samantha was overjoyed to be part of the decision for a birthday gift for the man with whom she had spent some joyful, happy times and whom she had come to admire and appreciate.

Liolani greeted her at the door with a hug and a peck on the cheek, and then motioned her to the armchair next to the couch, the one Samantha liked best. "I have coffee ready and will be back in a jiffy, so don't move," commanded Liolani. She did come right back to the living room with two cups of freshly brewed Gevalia coffee.

Liolani looked at her friend and explained that this gift had to be something special. "I thought of setting him down in his favorite armchair, doing a strip tease and a little dance for him. But I have done already twice, so that's out. I have to think of something else."

"Does he have any fantasies you could fulfill," asked Samantha.

"None that I know of."

"Think again," Samantha replied. "I am sure he has some fantasies that he drools over. From what I read all guys do. After all, we girls have ours, so they must have theirs. The only question is, what is your husband's fantasy."

"Well, there is one," admitted Liolani. "He mentioned once that he would really be turned on by watching two girls together, making love to each other."

"I read that that is a very common fantasy," answered her friend. "You should also know that it doesn't stop with just one fantasy. Everyone has several versions of them. I do, and you probably also."

"You got me there. As well as I know him, I know only about his general idea of watching two girls together."

"Oh come on," continued the young one. "I am convinced that he has several versions of it. And seeing how close you two are, I would bet, that his topmost variation is one that includes you. In fact, I would say that you would probably be the main player in his fantasy."

"That may be so but I have you know that I am not the least bit interested in a girl-girl situation. And he knows that," explained Liolani.

"Listen Koi," Samantha came back. "We are not talking about making you happy, but about making your husband happy. What if he knows that, isn't the forbidden fruit the sweetest? A taboo makes a fantasy much sweeter, don't you think? Try to consider your own fantasies."  

"I guess so," Liolani admitted. "I just never looked at it this way, I had no reason to do so until you rubbed my nose in it. - what next?"

Samantha took a sip of coffee while her mind formulated an appropriate response. "Before we go on let me state two things, or rather three. Number one, I have never been in a girl-girl situation. Number two, I have never thought about seeking out this kind of pleasure. And number three, I don't even know anyone to do it with. But I will be honest, and I hope you will not misunderstand me. If it should become necessary, or desirable, to have a female love partner I could not think of anyone sweeter and more loveable than you."

There was a smile and also a puzzled look on Liolani's face. "That was one of the most wonderful compliments I ever received, dear, maybe even THE most. And I agree with you, if it ever should be the best solution to a problem, you should be my partner. No one else would do."

Samantha took over again, "Let's hold it here for a moment. We are getting too philosophical. We started out with what to do for hubby's birthday to make it memorable. We found just one thing, something you would not completely rule out, but would not seek out either. That made me wonder about myself, where do I stand? Am I right so far?"

Liolani nodded her head. "I think you are quite right. S we should close this avenue."

But Samantha was not finished. "There was just one thought that kept nagging me in the background. The best way to explain that thought will be by an everyday example. What if my future man likes broccoli so very much and I hate it, would I cook and serve it once in a while? I think so. How about you?"

Liolani had an uncomfortable feeling about where this conversation was heading and tried to wiggle out of it. "Samantha, there is a difference between broccoli and the kind of sex we were talking about."

"Is there?" questioned Samantha. "The only difference I see is that I do not like broccoli, but I might, just might, enjoy being loved by a girl. I am absolutely sure about the broccoli, but I am not absolutely sure about the other."

Liolani tried without luck to sort out her jumble of emotions before inquiring, "are you saying that you are considering a girl-girl show for him after all?"

It was Samantha's turn. "Let's see. You love him with all your heart. I foremost respect and admire him and I also love him in my way, not as you do. Yes, I would cook broccoli for him to make him happy."

The older woman stared in awe at her co-conspirator, waiting a few seconds before she spoke. "Did it ever occur to you that a career in politics or in sales might be an excellent choice for you? You have me almost convinced that I could put on a show for him if you are my partner. Except that I wouldn't even know what to do or how.

"My dear," answered her friend, " don't you see, I'm in the same boat. But I have an idea. If we want to do this right we definitely will have to do a trial session. And who knows, we might even find out something about ourselves. I am so much younger than you, which means that I could possibly be more flexible in my attitudes than you. In fact, I did notice that your ideas were more set and rigid than mine. Now come here you marvelous sweet girl and hug me."  

Liolani obediently rose from the couch and stepped up to Samantha to hug and get hugged. Samantha pushed Liolani's head to rest on her own shoulder while she snuggled against Liolani's. They did not realize it, but they were now bathed in the others cloud of pheromones.

They held each other, each testing their own feelings and emotions. It was Samantha who straightened, put her middle finger under her partner's chin to raise it up. She used the tip of her tongue to trace the outline of the other girl's lips who had her eyes closed, waiting. When Samantha kissed her full on her lips she immediately responded. Their tongues met each other and the taller girl started exploring the inside of her lover's mouth. After a while it was Liolani's turn to let her tongue roam.

After three minutes they broke to get their breath. Samantha's hands slowly crawled around to the front of her partner, not stopping until they reached their goal, a pair of proud tits.  When Liolani felt soft hands caressing her tits she trembled slightly and when finally an inquisitive forefinger gently traced circles around her nipples she could not suppress her shaking.  

Her nipples stood erect and hard and full, their fullness almost painful. When Samantha grasped her nipples between two fingers through the thin material of the blouse and lightly squeezed them and toyed with them Liolani was near an orgasm. Her breath came in cshort burst and small moaning sounds escaped her lips. Samantha stopped then to let the petite girl recover before she started to unbutton the blouse that hid those delicious breasts.  

The first breeze of cool air hitting Liolani's nipples brought her back up close to her climax, but again Samantha slowed and waited, embraced her and held her tightly until she had recovered. Liolani's breath finally became more regular, she opened her eyes to look at the girl in front of her who had done magic to her, but her eyes refused to focus properly.  

Samantha released the emotionally charged girl and removed the unbuttoned blouse. Then she pulled down the zipper of the skirt and pushed the skirt down to land crumpled at Liolani's feet. Just like me, Samantha thought, she doesn't wear any underclothes, either. But then, why would she, not in her profession. Liolani had by now recovered enough to be aware of where she was and what had happened to her. She smiled a sheepish grin at Samantha that said 'I was wrong; I might come to like this treatment by you more often.'

She was aware of standing nude in the middle of her living room and concentrated on regaining her senses. Ten seconds later she was in control of herself again and vowed to herself that she would repay her friend. Samantha watched the sudden transformation with amazement.

A rush of excitement and expectation made her catch her breath for a moment. She was astonished at the intensity with which her partner attacked her. The kisses were hot and demanding, Liolani's hands were in Samantha's hair pulling the head down to get a better access to Samantha's neck. It was showered with kisses and little love bites, leaving behind tiny red circles.  Samantha gave herself to the moment. She felt hands moving like lightning across her front. Her blouse was undone as if by a magic lightning bolt. It was stripped off with a swift powerful movement to leave her standing with anticipation.  

The attack came at once. Hot lips fastened themselves on one nipple while hot hands kneaded and caressed both tits like never before. It was her turn to quake and shiver as electric shocks shot through her body. Finally the lips moved to the other nipple and the hand that had worshipped her breast was gone to search for the skirt's zipper. Moments later the skirt was pulled over Samantha' ass cheeks to land on the floor.  

She enjoyed experiencing the freedom that nudeness gave her, but not for long. Something was moving in circles at the juncture of her legs. Instinctively she moved her feet apart to give the insistent something better access. Her nipple was released and her lips found themselves covered with someone else's hot lips while a stiff tongue invaded her mouth with lustful dances. It all happened so fast she was overwhelmed by too many sensations all at once.  

She had not even noticed a finger entering her pussy. It only dimly made itself felt at first but then it started moving with more authority. She didn't know it consciously that she was wet, very wet, she only knew that there was no resistance or discomfort. As if commanded her hand in turn found her friend's entrance and two fingers slid in and were welcomed by a slight wiggle and a little squeeze of vaginal muscles.

The two women were glued to each other aware only of wonderful sensations as each was striving to bring happiness to the other. Liolani was the first to cum, and she came hard. Maybe it was the novelty, maybe it was the fact that she had broken the taboo she had set for herself, maybe it was what her nineteen year old friend had mentioned, the discovery of an unknown corner within herself. It mattered not to her; she knew only that it had to go on. She waited until Samantha had reached her peak and was recovered enough to be led to the waiting couch.  

Liolani pushed her friend down into the pillows and then did what George did to her; she raised Sam's knees while at the same time moving the legs apart to expose the next target. She was so charged that she did not realize that she was about do perform what she had vowed never to do.

She gazed in wonderment at the sight she had never seen before. A small voice within her told her that this was how she looked to George. It must be good, the inner voice continued, he likes it, and so does my husband. She bent down and blew a small kiss onto Samantha's waiting pussy. Her hands slid down Samantha's inner thighs to land at the pussy's lips. She pilled them apart before she buried her face in the beckoning pink folds.

She eagerly inhaled the sweet perfume of her friend's pussy, then swiped her tongue along its entire length, tasting the sweetness that had seeped from her partner, attesting to her arousal. The tongue stiffened then and probed and swirled, danced inside as far as it could go, sending delicious shivers through the nineteen year old.  

The tongue then journeyed farther up to come to rest on the victim's love button where it started a staccato drumming. While the tongue was wandering north the small hands had also wandered, all the way up to the stiff nipples. They got attention by fingers that alternated squeezing and twisting, then gently rubbing them. The twin attack on her sensitive parts had her soon writhing with pleasure that started building and building.

When Liolani brought a man to the brink she always enjoyed the power she had over the male. Now she enjoyed the same power she seemed to have over her friend. When the climax exploded in and over her body Samantha thrashed in all directions, her fingers trying hard to grab the fabric of the upholstery. Her shrieks and howls were deafening. Liolani was spared some of the vocal onslaught, Samantha's legs had closed holding the petite's head in a vice, fully covering her ears.

Liolani was proud of her performance and was already adding a few twists and improvements to her repertoire. My God, she thought to herself, am I really thinking of more of the same in the future? But then decided to wait for an answer.

It was a glass of wine later that the two ladies got around to talking about their exploit, on a practical note they decided that yes, they could give hubby the present without having to fake orgasms. There was no question; both were looking forward to his birthday.

"When actually is his birthday," asked Samantha.

"It's not this weekend, that is only the party, the actual date is the seventeenth, which is Thursday next week. Can you wait that long?" asked Liolani teasingly.

*   [fast forward]

Liolani laid down the magazine she had opened just  moments before and turned to face her husband. "I am glad we stayed home tonight instead of going somewhere to celebrate your birthday, I have enjoyed our quiet evening together so much." Then she added, "and I am glad it's not over yet, I am looking forward to another enjoyable two or three hours before going to bed. And I guarantee I will sleep like a log tonight." This innuendo was lost on her husband, - he just nodded in agreement, not even looking up from the book he was reading. And so he missed the mischievous smile on Liolani's face.  

She had heard the car drive into the driveway and waited. When the doorbell rang she unhurriedly, swinging her hips for hubby's pleasure, sauntered to the door. It was her accomplice, Samantha who carried a shopping bag that she put down next to the door. A few flying steps later Samantha had grabbed the surprised victim, pilled him upright and kissed him with such passion that he thought he might need a fire extinguisher for his lips.

Samantha finally disentangled herself from him, went to the door to retrieve the shopping bag and announced cheerfully, "Happy Birthday, dear Sir. Your birthday present has arrived."

"Are you trying to make vinos out of us," he inquired, tenderly smiling at the girl. It was obvious that the bag held two bottles; and it was understandable that he thought them to be the birthday gift.

Samantha deposited the bottles on the kitchen table, then returned to the living room to embrace her friend. She breathed a hardly audible 'hello' into Liolani's ear. With a more audible voice she added, "I know I saw you just four days ago, but I missed you so much.  Because of all the people there I had to behave myself and could not even kiss you my way. It would have been improper. But now I have you and I want you. I want you so bad."

As hubby watched with amazement, he noticed Liolani not just receiving, but eagerly returning, the kisses. He watched with fascination as her hands were walking to the other girl's bottom where they tried to push Samantha into an even tighter embrace. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw hands moving over breasts, squeezing, kneading, teasing nipples.

*   [fast forward]

He was unable to move, his eyes following he blouse sailing to the floor and at once lips were at nipples to suck and caress them.

*   [fast forward]

The skirt now lay crumpled on the ground. His dick started to respond as he looked at fingers impatiently seeking access, which was granted immediately.

*   [fast forward]

He stood rooted to his spot. Liolani's tongue was dancing in the cleft between Samantha's raised and parted legs and he watched his wife with growing excitement. His prick was rock hard, straining  to burst out of his pants.

*   [fast forward]

Hubby's mouth was open and he was breathing hard. He was unable to move.

The climax spasms finally subsided and reality returned to both girls. They rose, took hubby in their arms, kissing his face, his neck, his ears, wherever a bit of skin showed. Samantha stopped suddenly and turned to her co-conspirator to ask if it was alright to serve dessert. "Sure," answered Liolani, go ahead, I am wrung out.  I'll just watch. Maybe I can learn a new technique from you."

(This is the last of the four-story Jessica series)

(This is the last of my four Jessica stories)

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