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Jessie's Wild Ride

While Jessie was riding my gear shifter, a trucker was stroking his cock.
Back in my high school days, I drove a 1970 Ford pickup with four on the floor and a 390cc engine in it. It was sky blue, had mag wheels and I chromed everything I could. The reason that is important will be made clear a bit later.

I was dating a girl a couple of years younger than I was. I was eighteen and a senior. I worked half days, so I always had spending money. I was 5’10” 200lbs and solid. My hair was shoulder length curly brown and I already had more facial hair than many grown men did. I worked as a carpenter for the school district we both attended, so I was granted access to a lot of places other people couldn’t get in.

Jessie was in the band, 5’ 2 ” tall with green eyes and she had bigger tits than many grown women. She at sixteen was already sporting 34C breasts. On her small frame they were huge. She hid them under her band uniform and snare drum, but after the games, oh my god she was hot. I was one lucky dude.

I was very lucky indeed, Jessie’s parents loved me. They knew I had a good job and I had a truck that was paid for too. I never understood why her father didn’t toss me off their porch on my ass the first time I knocked on their front door. I smoked back then and so did Jessie’s dad. Maybe that helped.

I picked Jessie up for school and after band practice. Having a big bench seat was handy. Jessie would slide up close to me and snuggle when I wasn’t shifting gears. Now shifting gears did present me with some interesting feels when I shifted into fourth gear. The shift arm with a 1” chrome ball screwed on it, wound up between Jessie’s parted legs in fourth gear.

Jessie wore mini-skirts, like all the other girls back then. I noticed Jessie would open her legs when she knew it was time for me to shift into fourth gear. I didn’t immediately realize that she was clamping her legs shut around the shift lever.

Jessie had special permission to ride home with me after away football games. The band director would sit in my truck after our band performed at halftime and smoke. The entire band knew he did it and that is why Jessie was allowed to change into her street clothes and ride home with me.

We were riding home from an away game listening to the radio and Jessie was snuggled up close. I was fondling her breast as I drove, which had me hard as a rock. I felt Jessie shudder, so I looked over at her. She had her eyes closed tight and she was squeezing her thighs closed off and on. I reached down and lifted her skirt enough to see that she had the chrome ball of my gear shift smashed into her panties, splitting her pussy lips around them. Her panties and the ball were shoved inside her sweet young pussy to where half of the chrome ball was inside her. Jessie’s panties were soaked. The little minx had ridden the gear shift to an orgasm.

“That was so hot baby,” I told Jessie.

“I am so sorry, it just felt so good vibrating on me in just the right place,” Jessie said still opening and closing her thighs.

“Maybe you can help me out with my needs,” I said nodding at my tented jeans.

“Oh baby that looks so big,” Jessie said, as she unzipped my fly.

Jessie had my stiff dick out and was stroking it in no time. She let her soft strong hand glide up and down my erection. Her hand felt so good I was ready to cum in no time.

“Baby, I am going to cum soon,” I warned.

Jessie leaned over and her hot wet mouth engulfed my cock, as I started cumming. Jessie swallowed every drop of my hot cum. I was in heaven.

“Oh my god that was great thank you baby,” I said happily.

“I figured I owed you after using your truck like I did,” Jessie said impishly.

“I have an idea for the next away game,” I said grinning like an idiot.

I told Jessie I wanted her to wear her mini-skirt and a button up blouse for the next away game. I would get the truck at cruising speed, before she slipped her panties off and we would get the gear shift farther inside her this time. I could add to her pleasure by tapping the gas pedal causing the shifter to raise and lower inside her tight vagina. Jessie added that she had a front clasping bra she would wear. It was going to be a great ride home.

We couldn’t wait for the next away game. I had cleaned the chrome ball with alcohol to make sure it was clean and grease free. The football game was a blast. We won by ten points. Jessie changed then we met as we had arranged before the game.

I opened the door to my truck and Jessie climbed in, but unlike usual she flipped up her skirt revealing her lack of panties. She had the cutest round ass. I reached out and cupped her soft flesh and squeezed softly. She giggled and swatted my hand away. 

We took off and each time I got to fourth gear Jessie spread her legs wide. The chrome ball disappeared under her skirt and Jessie scooted forward on the bench seat. She was teasing herself and me. She refused to release the shifter, so I could down shift at a traffic light. The truck lurched and stalled, before she released the shifter.

Jessie was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. I finally reached the interstate and away we went. It was after ten at night, so it was quite dark and we felt like we had some privacy even in a vehicle with windows all around us. Jessie took my hand and placed it under her skirt. I slid my fingers up and down her nether lips, until I felt her own lubricant on my fingers. She lifted the skirt so I could see her sweet young pussy for the first time. She didn’t have a lot of hair and her lips glistened from the moisture I had created with my fingers.

I curled my middle finger and slipped it inside her slowly. Jessie moaned softly. I fingered her slowly until she was soaking wet. Jessie unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her front closing bra. She opened her bra and squeezed both of her full perky tits. My dick was already hard, but still grew to its full length. Jessie looked so angelic even half naked.

I removed my finger and had her slide forward enough to slide the chrome ball between her soaking wet labia and into her. Jessie moaned loudly, before I started tapping the gas pedal. The shifter bobbed up and down inside her moist hot hole. Jessie came in a gush. She was nowhere near done. She peeled her blouse and loose bra off and pulled her feet up on the dashboard. She lifted her ass and started humping the gear shifter.

I was so busy watching the show I didn’t notice the big rig pull alongside me. He was looking down into the truck and watching Jessie pleasuring herself. Jessie was rocking wildly on the round smooth chrome ball. I told her about the trucker and him matching our speed. Jessie waved at the trucker and licked a finger then circled her own nipples.

I could see the trucker’s arm moving quickly and realized her was masturbating in his truck watching my girlfriend with a gear shifter stuck up her cunt. Jessie started patting her clit, as she rocked the shifter in and out of her leaky puss. The trucker was leering at Jessie, as he stroked his hard dick furiously. I could tell when he came because I actually saw a big glob of cum hit his driver’s side window.

I told Jessie to look at the trucker’s window. She saw the cum and the man reach up and wipe it up with his finger and swallow it. Jessie came when she saw that. She was pinching her nipples as she screamed out her orgasm. The trucker pulled on his air horn to acknowledge her climax.

They had both climaxed, but I was so hard my dick hurt. Jessie wasn’t going to leave me that way long. She unbuckled my pants, unzipped my fly and retrieved my dick from my briefs. She leaned over and licked it from my balls to the tip. She circled her tongue around the tip then sucked me inside her warm wet mouth.

She started bobbing up and down on my erection faster and faster. Wet sucking sounds filled the cab of my truck. The trucker was watching and stroking his cock again. When Jessie had my dick very wet and slippery she squeezed her tits together around my hard penis. She started raising and lowering her chest while my dick was nestled between those full soft globes of women flesh. I came so hard and long, my seed was all over her chest before my last spasm was done.

Our friend the trucker must have liked her titty fucking me, because he brought his cum filled hand up and smeared it on the window. I sped up and got in front of the big rig. I saw a sign for a convenience store at the next exit and signaled I was turning off the highway. Jessie was just buttoned up when we reached the store. The trucker had followed us off the highway.

I saw him enter the store and he came right towards us. He thanked us for making a long boring ride fun. He bought us a six pack of beer on condition. Jessie agreed to his condition. After we made our purchases we exited together. We went around the far side of his truck. Jessie reached down and lifted her skirt up to her tits showing the trucker her sweet sixteen year old pussy. He handed us our beer and he took off.

I drank two beers and Jessie rode the shifter to two more orgasms before we made it home.

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