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Just Good Neighbors 2

late night activities continue
I can't believe that just happened!" Rachel wrote in the chat window. "That can never, ever happen again. You have to swear to secrecy."
"No worries," I responded. "That was pretty intense. But before this goes away forever, you have to admit that you enjoyed it."
I was referring to Rachel's daring, late-night naked walk down her driveway and the masturbation session we had shared in my garage.
A few moments went by before Rachel responded with, "Yes, I admit it. But it can never happen again."
"Again, " I wrote back. "No worries. It was just a one time thing."
"Thank you," she responded and signed off.
I went to bed, sleeping for only a few hours before I had to get up and go to work. I'm a high school teacher and we were in final exam week before breaking for the summer. I spent the day monitoring final exams. When you're trapped in a dead silent room for testing, your mind tends to wander. I couldn't get what happened last night out of my head.
The day slowly crept by. One more day. It was just a half-day with students, then one more day to finalize grades and we were off for three months. I had a few weeks of Guard duty, but most of the summer was free. I looked forward to it.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up about fifteen bags of mulch for the yard. I was unloading it when Rachel pulled into her driveway. She waved as she unloaded her girls. The girls ran into the house as Rachel walked down the driveway to the mailbox.

"It's a whole different experience during the daytime, huh?" I casually mentioned as I grabbed another bag of mulch.

"I'm sorry, what?" she mumbled as she went through the mail. She stopped her walk to look at me for clarification.

"I said it is a whole different experience walking to the mailbox in the daytime," I repeated giving her a quick smirk.

"Funny guy," she said with a bit of annoyance, but I caught her as she looked around the neighborhood, reflecting on what she had done the night before.

"I have my moments," I replied and went back to lugging bags of mulch.

Rachel went back inside her house. This went on for a few days. Just a hello now and then. She would wave as she drove in and out on her errands. She didn't post anything online for a week.

She drove me crazy one day when she and her daughters decided to wash their van in the driveway. The little girls were mostly splashing and spraying Mom, which just made the scene even better. Rachel was wearing a pale blue bikini top and short denim shorts. As the girls continued to help, the more Rachel got soaked. She smiled when I pulled into my own driveway, sitting in the cool air-conditioned truck and admiring the view.

Being outside in minimal clothing...wet clothing, must have done the trick and got her in the mood because that night she had finally blogged the story of what had happened. ThenI got a notice that she had sent a message.

I opened up the email to read, "I need to do it again."

I typed in a reply. "I'll meet you at your gate at 12:45 AM. I'm signing off now, so you can't back out of this." I logged out and then began to prepare for the event.

At a few minutes before the actual time, I heard soft footsteps in her backyard. Seconds later the gate opened and she stepped out. She was wearing a pink nightgown of a filmy, sheer material. Even with just the moonlight showing, I could tell she was nude underneath. She closed the gate and leaned back against it.

"I can't believe how exciting this has made me. I'm so fucking wet right now," she whispered huskily.

I took a step forward. "Prove it to me," I told her.

She didn't even pause for a second before she was reaching down between her legs and touching herself. Then she offered me her two fingers.

I rushed quickly forward, enough to make her jump just a little, and grabbed her by the wrist. I pulled her fingers up to my nose, but I could smell her before it even got close. I slowly moved her hand forward to breathe in her scent. This was an aroused woman!

I was wearing a pair of woodland camouflage shorts, flip flops and nothing else.

I pulled her hand to my chest and using her wet fingers as a pointer, I slowly moved her hand down to the waist of my shorts. I held her there for a second or two and then released her and stepped back.

"Model for me," I whispered.

She obediently turned around and showed me how her nightgown looked on her body. Just that simple little twirl showed enough of her bare ass to know that was naked underneath.

"Now," I whispered, and paused before continuing. "Walk to the mailbox. Walk out there with your hard nipples showing through the nightgown. Walk out there with your sweet, tight ass cheeks showing. Walk out there and masturbate."

"Oh my, fucking yes!" she whispered. "I'm going to really do this!"

She began to walk forward, but I had a thought. "Wait a second!" I said to her back. She turned back to me.

I reached forward and took both nipples between my thumb and fingertips.

She moaned.

I twisted her nipples gently.

She tilted her head back and moaned, "Yessss."

I twisted hard. Really hard.

She jerked her head forward to look at me.

"If you keep doing that I'm going to cum right here, right now!" she warned me in a deep voice.

"Then go," I said and released her.

Rachel took a good fifteen steps forward. This time the lights above our garages were on. She paused and looked around. Feeling safe, she walked to her mailbox. Again, she paused and looked around to check out the area. Then, surprising me, she walked across the street to the neighbor's mailbox.

She looked back at me and gave me a smirk, then she whipped off her nightgown and put it inside of the neighbor's mailbox.

Totally nude, she turned and walked up the sidewalk to the neighbor's front door and sat on the steps, her legs spread wide. While looking over at me the whole time, she began to finger her pussy.

I reached down and undid the snaps on my shorts. I let them fall to the ground. I was naked underneath and my cock sprang forward. I began to stroke myself while watching her.

In only a minute or two I saw her legs close together tightly and I knew she was climaxing. Just as her body was racked with convulsions of pleasure, a car came flying down the street. It never stopped, but it was enough to shock her. I almost laughed as I could see her trying to struggle to hide behind the pot plants on the porch while still going through her orgasm.

A minute later, she slowly rose to her feet, looked around and ran to the mailbox to get her nightgown. She grabbed it, and took off quickly, but then had to turn around and close the mailbox door. I was laughing when she ran up next to me, her nightgown still in her hands.

"Wow! That was so intense!" she exclaimed in an excited whisper. "I can't believe I did that!"

"That was so crazy, " I agreed with her. "You're something else you know that?"

She glanced down at my hard, thick cock.

"Cum on me again?" she asked with a smile.

I stepped dangerously close to her. Her nipples about to rub against my chest. My cock about to rub against her belly.

"How about cum in you?" I growled deeply.

She looked up at me. "You could take me right now and there'd be nothing I could do to stop you. I'm so damned wet now that you'd slide right inside of me. You could throw me right onto the grass and before you even hit your knees, I'd have my legs spread wide so you could fuck me hard."

I looked down at her, "But...?" I said, again coming out of me in a deep growl that rattled in my chest.

"But then, that would change everything between us," she whispered sadly. "I'd officially be cheating on my husband, although I'm pretty sure this is as close at it gets already. But then, we wouldn't be able to keep having fun."

Damn it. She knew me well. I wouldn't force her, and I really didn't expect it to go as far as it had. But I still had a hard, throbbing cock.

"Get on your knees," I commanded.

She slowly sank down to her knees so that my cock was staring her in the face.

"Do you want me to suck you off?" she asked in a sexy whimper. "Take this big monster into my hot, wet little mouth?

"Yesssss," I growled but stepped back a step away from her and began rapidly stroking myself.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned disappointedly. "You are a gentleman, but just so you know, if you really wanted me to, I'd....,,mphhh!"

I had moved forward so fast she couldn't think and had my cock pushing past her hot lips before she could say another word. My hand went to the back of her head and held her still.

She moaned again, the humming teasing my cock.

I held it there for just a second and pulled out.

I grabbed my cock just in time to send jets of cum spurting out and onto her neck and chest. She grabbed her perfect little breasts and cupped them together as I beat myself off over her naked body. I ended up covering her neck and tits with my cum.

She slowly collapsed onto the grass, a satisfied smile on her face. I stood there for a few seconds, watching her as she smeared my cum around on her body. I stepped forward until I was over her. I stroked and milked the last drop of cum from my cock so that it fell right onto her face.

"Goodnight, Rachel," I whispered and left her there, laying in the grass between our houses, covered with cum.

"Thanks," she whispered back. "Goodnight."

I don't know how long she stayed out there, but when I logged onto her blog in the morning, she had written the entire story up and posted it.

Who knows where this will go next?

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