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Just Good Neighbors

He discovers his neighbor online
It was hot. Hotter than hell in the summer.

I’d just finished mowing my little postage-stamp front yard with the push mower. My shirt was drenched.

I was wearing my black athletic shorts and one of my hundred Army shirts. Okay, maybe I have about thirty, but my point is that I have a lot of them. I was in Army ROTC all through college and now I’m an officer in the Texas Army National Guard. So, hey, when there are shirts around for the taking, I grab a few.

Today’s shirt was grey with Army Strong across the front. I’d just spent the weekend at the Armory in town doing my required duty.

I’m a teacher at the high school and serving in the Guard is a great way to serve my country, stay in shape, and earn some extra money.

This weekend had been a dog-and-pony show. We’d put on a special show for the local television station. We’d invited the kids from the JROTC battalion at the high school, and the students from the community college that were interested in the military. We fed them MRE’s, had a simple FTX (Field Training Exercise) in the National Forest, and ended with a simulated aerial assault using helicopters onto our Armory on the edge of town.

I have to admit my troops looked good rappelling down the fast ropes onto the Armory rooftop. It had given the television news crew some awesome footage. I even made the news clip as I unrigged from the rope and turned my weapon outward to secure the rooftop. After that I was seen issuing orders and talking on the radio.

Now, however, it was back to reality. Seven hours ago I’d risked my life sliding down a rope from a hovering chopper. Now, I’m mowing and edging my lawn. Sometimes, the tired old phrase of “weekend warrior” just seemed to fit.

I let go of the safety bar on the mower and let the engine come to a stop. I was so freaking hot.

I’d just reached back behind my head and grabbed my shirt to pull it off when I heard Rachel from the house next door talking to me.

I turned around to the sound of her voice with my head covered by my sweaty shirt. I could have sworn I heard her suck in her breath a little as I finished pulling my shirt off.

I finished ripping my shirt off and tossed it over on the driveway. I rolled my head a little from side to side, stretching my neck muscles.

Rachel handed me a beer.

“No one should be working in the heat without a cold beer waiting for them,” she said with a smile. I caught her eyes quickly checking out my chest.

“Damn, woman,” I responded. “Someday I just might have to kill that husband of yours and steal you for my own.”

Rachel giggled and replied back teasingly. “Oh? You’d do that for little old me?”

I met her eye for just a second and gave her a serious look. “Yeah,” I said softly. “I’d do that.”

I could almost see a slight chill ripple through her body. She gave me a weak smile as if to acknowledge that she knows I could do it.

I’m a warrior. A man of action. A man with a body that’s in better shape than most of the suburban husbands in our neighborhood. Sure, in an “end of the world” scenario, I was the type of man that she would gravitate to for survival.

And sex.

Lots of “Me Tarzan, You the one with the hot pussy,” no holds barred, grunting to the moon, take it however I want to give it to you sex.

“Thanks for the beer,” I said, breaking the silence.

“Oh, sure.” She replied.

Rachel was about 32 years old. Married with two young daughters. Her husband Mike was a great guy, but he worked a lot downtown. He’s also let himself go just a bit. He wasn’t fat, now…but he’s definitely put on a few pounds since college.

This afternoon, Rachel was wearing a tank top over her bikini top. She had on a pair of short denim shorts. She wasn’t really showing off her body, but what did show was looking good. She had a great pair of legs, nice boobs and hair just long enough to be considered long. I liked her a lot. She was nice and friendly and a great wife and Mom.

I’d fuck her in a heartbeat, in case you were wondering.

“What brings you out in this heat?” I asked her. “If I were you, I’d be in the pool right now.”

She smiled and took another gulp of her beer. “Oh, I was on the computer and got frustrated. I heard the lawnmower and saw you out here, so I thought I’d take a break.”

“Oh?” I asked. I’m good with computers so I thought I’d offer to help. “Computer got a problem?”

She took a deep breath and sighed, “No, it’s not that. Just something I just got really involved in, just up and went away.”

I replied, “Yeah, the internet will do that. Websites and companies just come and go all of the time.”

She seemed distracted and frustrated when she said, “No, it’s not that. I’d been doing some writing…blogging I guess…and the site I was using just shut down. I can’t post my stuff there anymore.”

I’m a man of course, so I needed to solve her problem. “Well, there’s lots of places that we can find that will post your stuff. That’s an easy fix.”

She gave a little laugh, “No, I don’t think so. This was very personal writings….about my life…and stuff.”

“Ahhh,” I replied with a grin. “Let me guess. Either you’ve been blogging about your family history….genealogy and such, o r you’ve been writing porn.”

The look she gave me told it all. I laughed out loud.

“Rachel…you’ve been writing porn stories, haven’t you?” I challenged with a laugh in my voice.

She was turning several shades of red with embarrassment, so I knew I’d hit home.

“Wait….let me guess.” I teased again. “You’re a bored housewife living out her fantasies?”

“Ummm, no….” she hemmed and hawed. “I’m not that at all. I just….I mean….”

“This is too good!” I laughed again. “Sweet little innocent Rachel living next door to me is a porn author!”

“Well, no more beer for you!” she said in a huff. She turned and began walking back over to her yard. I enjoyed the view.

“Wait!” I hollered out. “Are you, ‘Sexy Suburban Sarah’ or ‘Mom with a Dirty Mind’?”

She stopped in her tracks. She turned and looked at me, a look of disbelief on her face.

I stopped as well. I froze in place as realization set in.

“Rachel?” I asked softly. “Are you ever on lushstories?”

That was the name of an erotic story site I visit. I guess I'd struck gold.

Her hand went to cover her mouth in shock, and she took a few steps backward.
"'ll see you later!" She mumbled and then turned and ran back into her house.
I quickly drained the beer, cleaned up the yard equipment and went inside. I took a quick shower and put on a pair of boxers. A few minutes later I was at the computer.

I logged in on the website and spent some time searching through the profiles. When I found one that might be hers, I sent an innocent message.
"Hey," I wrote, "I just read your story 'Coming Out to Play' for the umpteenth time and I love it each time. My question for you is this: do you ever dare to do this again?"
I hit send and then did a few other things. When I checked back a while later, she had replied.
"Yes," she wrote. "I think about doing that all of the time, especially after writing that story! It's just hard to do with my daughters and husband here with me. Now that you've brought it up, it makes me want to try it."
I replied back to her, "Do it tonight! Don't waste another moment putting it off. Pretend it was like before, and when you are sure that everyone is in a deep sleep, then step outside in your backyard. Dare yourself to just walk around tonight in your nightgown. That way, if you get caught it won't be too bad. You could say you just needed some fresh air or something."
We spent the next twenty minutes or so discussing it. I kept giving her confidence and building up the sexual and daring part of it. She finally said that she would try and do it tonight after everyone had gone to bed.
I logged off the computer and chugged about a gallon of coffee to stay awake. I had work in the morning, but this would hopefully be worth it. I opened the garage door and turned off the motion light inside. I also turned off my outside garage light. Next, I moved my laptop over by the upstairs window so I could see down into her backyard.

Around midnight, I got an email. It was from her and said, "If you're still awake, I'm going out right now. I'll tell you about it in about fifteen minutes."

I glanced over at the window, and sure enough, I saw the back porch light go off. My heart skipped a beat. It could be her. If it was, she was smart about turning off the light.

I closed my laptop to eliminate the blue glow in the room and stood a foot or so from my window to watch for her.

Soon, I sensed movement out in the darkness. My eyes strained a bit and soon I could see her. She was wearing a short teddy-style nightgown. It ended about mid-thigh, but was very free flowing. My cock was soon pushing outward in my boxers as I watched her walk around her pool. She dipped a toe into the water, testing the water. She looked quickly around, and stepped onto the stairs of the pool, going into the water up to her knees. I waited, hoping she wouldn't disappoint me. A few seconds later, she pulled the nightgown off and slowly slipped into the water up to her neck.

I wanted to see her better, but the shadows worked to her advantage. She walked around in the shallow end of the pool for a few minutes, then made her way back to the stairs and walked back to the darker shadows of the house.

I wondered if that would be enough for her or if she really felt daring. I took the chance that she would try and go for more risky exposure.

I ran downstairs, grabbed a beer and popped the top, then stepped quietly out into the garage.

I've been in the Army for a few years now. I've done my share of night patrols so being patient and quiet are no big deal for me. I waited, hoping she'd come around the side of the house. If she didn't, well at least I got to enjoy a cold beer.

A minute later, I heard the creak of her fence gate opening. It seemed like forever until she came around in my view.

"Damn," I thought to myself. She was naked. She was holding her nightgown bunched up in her hands. She stood there for a few minutes, testing the neighborhood. Her driveway light was off, but the front porch light was on, casting just enough light for me to see her smooth naked skin. She was gorgeous and I had the perfect view.

She looked left and right several times and then eased her way forward. I guessed that her target was the mailbox at the end of the driveway. She dropped the nightgown in the grass, took a deep breath which just gave more emphasis to her breasts and stepped forward. As she moved forward, so did I. In seconds, I had her nightgown and had thrown it further back where she couldn't find it easy. I then silently disappeared back into the darkness of my open garage.

She walked to the mailbox, pushed her breasts against the warm metal of the aluminum box. Then looking around feeling more confident, she squatted low and began to finger herself. I heard the truck coming at the same time that she did. It was far enough away not to cause her a problem yet, but she took off running like she was on fire. She paused in panic where she'd left the nightgown, looking all over the ground. The truck came closer, the headlights starting to bounce against the houses. She looked straight at my open, dark garage and ran for it.

She slid into the darkened garage just as the truck came around the corner. She ducked behind my table saw as the headlights flashed across my house when the truck passed by. She was breathing hard when she stood up. I moved silently and put my hand around her neck and covered her mouth.

"Don't scream." I whispered as she started to panic and struggle. "Rachel it's me. It's me. Calm down."

Her breathing was coming through her nose at a rapid pace. "I'm going to let you go. Don't scream and don't run."

As if to add more credo to the "don't run" warning, I whispered, "Get down!" as I saw headlights again. I let her go, and we both squatted down on the garage floor. This time it wasn't a truck, it was the local police on patrol.

"Lie down and do NOT move," I whispered urgently. She complied. We lay there beside each other, me wearing just a pair of boxers and she of course being totally nude.

The police car paused at the end of my driveway and flashed a spotlight into my garage. Luckily, my truck was in the driveway to hide us a bit more.

"He's just doing his job," I whispered to her. "Just don't move a muscle."

After a few minutes, but what seemed like forever, the police car rolled on, satisfied that no one was breaking into my open garage.

"Don't look at me, I'm naked." She whispered.

I turned to look at her of course, but as we were head to head, my eyes couldn't travel far.

"Can I ask why you're naked?" I replied casually.

"Because I was doing a dare," then she interrupted herself before saying anything else, "You bastard! You have my nightgown don't you?"

"No, " I replied honestly. "I don't. I was having a cool beer when you came out of the darkness. You're lucky I'm not some creep."

"Well, close your eyes and stay right here. I'm going to go find my nightgown," she ordered me.

"No." I said flatly.

"Wwww...what?" she stammered, unbelieving my words.

"I said no," I replied simply. "Tell me what you're doing naked and in my garage. Then I might let you go find your nightgown."

"Don't do this to me," she said with a pleading sound. "I thought we were friends."

"We are friends," I replied then I shuffled around a bit and said, "There, I took off my boxers. Now we're both naked. So talk."

"I think you know all about this anyway," she whispered. "You know that's my profile on lush."

"Ahhhh," I replied. "Confirmation. Okay, so now we both know exactly what you were doing. So, are you done?"

"What do you think?" she asked incredulously. "Of course I'm done. I need to go back inside."

"No. Not yet," I replied. "Listen, we're both grown adults here, right? You're married so this won't shock you. I'm going to stand up."

"Why would that shock me?" She asked as I got to my feet. "Oh. I see. Wow." My cock was now about level with her face as she sat up.

My hard, thick cock. You could even see a shiny droplet at the head.

"Give me your hand, " I whispered.

"I'm sorry if you thought this was....well....I'm not touching you!" She whispered loudly.

I held out my hand, "I'm going to help you up." I replied in a calm, yet slightly annoyed voice.

She reached out until her hand filled mine and I pulled her to her feet. I could barely make out her body. Her arms covered her breasts.

"So finish." I told her flatly.

"What?" she asked. "What are you talking about?"

"You were masturbating out by the mailbox. Go finish it." I told her. "Don't even try and tell me that you're not incredibly turned on right now."

"No way," she whispered back. "Besides, this whole thing has gone South. I'm not even...umph!"

I had quickly reached over and slipped my hand between her legs, my index finger easily parting her pussy lips. She was soaked. I pulled away as fast as I had moved in, my finger sliding across her clit.

"You bastard!" she whispered loudly. "Who the hell do you..."

"Do it!" I said in a deep, normal range voice. The loudness of it almost echoing in the silence of the night.

I stepped close and whispered in her ear in a deep growl. "Don't lie to me that you're not so fucking hot and wet right now because I know it isn't so."

She stood there in shock for a few seconds, then whispered, "You are a bastard, you know that?"

"That's not what Mom told me," I replied with a laugh.

"I am not going back out there, and that's that." she replied.

I thought for a second. "Okay," I instructed. " Just step forward and lean against the hood of my truck. Spread your legs a bit and you can do it. You'll still be in the dark, but you're exposed a little."

"You're a mean, ugly bastard, you know." She whispered as she walked past me and stood at the front of my truck. There was just enough light to see her body.

"And you're a gorgeous, sexy woman who is about to masturbate in the garage of your neighbor, who is also naked and going to masturbate," I whispered back.

She turned her head around to see me step out next to her, my hard cock in my hand.

"You're really going to do it, too?" she whispered.

I began to stroke my cock. "I'm doing it right now while looking at you," I told her.

She pushed forward onto the hood of my truck, laying her head on the hood, but turned in my direction. She opened her legs and began to touch herself.

I narrated as we did it.

"You're naked. Totally naked. Touching yourself. I'm watching you. I see all of you. Totally naked." I was whispering huskily.

"Mmmmm, yes....naked...." she moaned.

She surprised me then with a sudden orgasm rocking her body. She convulsed and shook. I quickly increased my stroking.

She was pressing hard against the hood of my truck, moving her hand now and then and shaking as tremors rippled through her body. I moved behind her.

"I'm stroking my cock for you," I whispered deeply. She moaned softly.

"I'm going to cum, " I told her. She moaned again. I stroked furiously.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, " I said urgently. Then I added, "I'm going to cum on you!"

"Mmmmmmgrrr," she growled and arched her back, exposing her bare ass to me. "Cum on me!"

I shot my load all over her bare back and ass, pumping my fist back and forth tightly, making long ropes of cum shoot out onto her.

As it splattered onto her skin, I watched in amazement as she had another orgasm, this one just as strong as the first.

I stumbled back a few steps, watching as her body shook.

Finally, she turned her head to me and giggled, "A little help, please?"

"Oh, yeah," I responded, suddenly sounding like a horny teenager. I grabbed a roll of paper towels from my workbench and walked over and wiped the cum from her back.

She stood up and turned, showing me all of her front side. She stepped up on tiptoes and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her nipples pressed gently against my chest for a second.

"Good night," she whispered and turned and carefully made her way back home.

I cleaned up, closed the garage door and went upstairs. I couldn't wait to log in and see what my dirty-minded neighbor had to say.

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