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Kathy Flashing and Sex At The Brickyard

WOW! Flashing can sure get you into some wild situations.
You have a lot of ‘firsts’ in your life when you’re sixteen. Just a couple of months after flashing at the Indy 500, I flashed at the Brickyard 400. I can tell you one thing, the good old boys of NASCAR are a bit more aggressive than those Indy car guys. Oh, I think you could say a lot more happened. It sure surprised me.

As for me, I'm still crazy about flashing. I took some new measurements and apparently, I'm still a growing girl. Now my measurements are 38D - 19 - 30. My big breasts are even bigger. I’m a little over 5' tall, still 85 pounds and petite as ever.

What did I wear? I went out shopping and found a new blue jean dress that opens like a robe. Only it's shaped to fit my breasts and is about mid-thigh in length. Oh yeah, it still shows some serious cleavage and a lot of leg. As before except for that little dress and high-heeled sandals, I was totally naked underneath. I was even more excited to do some serious flashing and what ever else might happen.

On Friday we had a tornado watch and my parents wouldn't let anyone leave the house. So I missed out on the flashing that night. Boy was I ever mad I couldn't go; but it did rain all night, so it wouldn't have been much fun anyway. Saturday night was cloudy but no storm warnings. I got to the camping area a little before six.

As I drove in on Twenty-Fifth Street I could see all kinds of campers and people. It looked a lot like the five hundred; even Georgetown road was barricaded off. I had my dress wide open as I drove past the campers and as different guys saw me they were yelling like crazy. I was already flashing and I hadn't even parked the car yet.

I can't begin to tell you how excited and turned on I was. I couldn't wait to get out there and start flashing. My nipples were fully erect and my cunt was already dripping. I got the car parked, made sure I had a few dollars in my pocket, and away I went. As I walked, I noticed that the police presence was maybe even more than at the 500. So I knew right away I would have to watch out for them.

As I got close to Twenty-Fifth Street, a huge group of men started yelling at me. Oh my God, how the excitement ran through my body. I started looking around for the cops before I even got up to them. I stopped and like always the guys turned towards me knowing they were about to get a show. I was so excited you wouldn't believe it. There's nothing like flashing that first time.

I pulled out on the lapels of my dress and popped my breasts right out there for everyone to see. Oh my! The cheers, whistling and hand clapping was loud. That huge sexual rush ran through my body like a charge of electricity. I actually had to squeeze my thighs together the orgasm was so strong. The cunt juice was flowing out of my pussy and down my thighs. Oh yes, that was the sexual rush I was wanting.

By the time I got to the far end of Georgetown road I must have flashed fifty or sixty times, having a very close call with the cops right at the end. Apparently they heard all the cheering and came looking for a girl flashing. The guys I had just flashed told me to get in behind them and hide, which I did. When the cops got there the guys kept clapping and cheering. Only they were acting like they were cheering for one of the guys that had hopped up on a picnic table and was dancing a jig. Pretty darn slick of them if you ask me. They saved my little ass, that’s for sure.

In fact, saving my ass from the cops was not the only thing they did with it. While I was bent over hiding behind the big group of men, several of them took the opportunity to rub my totally exposed bare butt. Well it only took about a minute and their hands slid down between my legs to my pussy. I was so turned on just from the flashing that it only took me a few seconds and I was cumming. The cops stayed out in front of the guys for a good ten minutes before leaving. Oh yes, they played with my cunt and ass the whole time making me have some pretty big orgasms.

Let me tell you it was quite hard to keep quiet while having those orgasms. As the men shielding me from the cops turned around the other guys stopped playing with me. I know I had a big 'oh shit' look on my face. The guys that had played with my cunt and ass had the damnedest grin on their faces that you have ever seen. They knew they had just pulled something off that becomes kind of legendary between friends. I was quite happy that they did!

"What?" One of the guys that had been shielding me said when he saw their faces. "What the fuck are you guys grinning about?"

"What are you talking about?" One of them said back to him while shrugging his shoulders.

"What the fuck is going on? What the fuck did you guys do?" He questioned them with a real look of bewilderment on his face.

"Nothing!" They exclaimed. "Nothing; we didn't do anything." He said while laughing.

"Hey, thanks for saving me." I said with a thankful smile to all the men.

As I started to walk away I stopped and pointed at the two guys that had played with my cunt and ass. I said, "I think those guys got a bit more of a thank you then you all did," with a very cheesy smile on my face.

"WHAT!" He yelled out again raising his arms way up to his sides. "What the fuck did she mean by that?" He yelled like being totally frustrated. "What the fuck happened back there?"

I gave them all the good old finger wave and walked on around the corner. I could hear them all laughing and yelling loud. "Holy fucking shit, are you kidding me," several different men yelled out. I knew right away that those guys had told the others that they had played with my ass and pussy while bent over hiding. I actually giggled with excitement.

Well I headed up the first two rows of campers back in the field. It was very cloudy which meant it was a bit darker back in the camping field than it was at the five hundred. Oh yes, it's that scary thing again. Only it seems like the scarier the situation the more excited I get. So being a bit darker and scarier was just fine with me. Hah!

It wasn't long after I got back there that I got asked the question about my panties. I had only been flashing my breasts up until then since I wanted to wait until it got dark. I had just flashed my breasts to a group of maybe fifteen guys. As I started to walk away, that one guy who always seems to do all the talking yelled out to me.

"Hey! Hey! Wait a second, wait a second."

I stopped and turned facing them and said, "Yesss," in kind of a long drawn out way.

He asked, "Were all wondering what color panties you have on?"

"Oh really!" I replied then asked, "What color do you I think I have on?"

Instantly, different guys started yelling out, "Pink! Blue! White! Pink! Black! Pink! Red! White! Pink! Blue! Pink! Pink!" They were trying to guess the color of my panties.

"Pink! It seems most say pink," the man declared with a big smile.

I said, "Well, you’re all wrong." I paused a second and said, "I don't know if I should show you, since you didn't guess right."

"Hell, we'll keep guessing then," he said with a big laugh.

I stood there for a couple of seconds not saying a word, then un-snapped my dress and opened it wide open. Oh my God, you should have seen the looks on their faces when they saw my full naked body and my little bush. There was those couple of seconds of silence before they all broke out into loud cheering, whistling, and clapping their hands. After giving them a good long look and turning to the side to show them my ass as well, I closed my dress and gave them the little finger wave goodbye.

Nearly the same thing happened three times going down the next double row of campers. About half way down that row, I saw though the campers a girl pretty high up off the ground. Her skirt was being blown up. Being very interested I got between some campers to get a better look. I could not see what she was on but there was a bunch of guys watching as the girls skirts got blown up. Oh hell yes, I most definitely wanted to do that.

After I finished flashing that row, I went down the next while looking around for other girls. I didn't want any other girls to be doing what ever it was they were doing when I arrived. I wanted to be able to act completely clueless as to what would happen. I wanted the guys to believe that I had no idea my dress would get blown up… Right?

I was getting more and more nervous as I got closer to them. I really got nervous when I saw that they appeared to be a big group of bikers. There were a lot of those big Harley's parked all around. But I was way too turned on to back out now. Before I even got in front of their camp site they spotted me and started yelling like crazy.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, baby doll," several men yelled out to me.

As I got up to their camp I stopped and looked over at them. Even pointing at myself like asking them if they were talking to me. Oh yes, I was acting as naive as I could be.

"Yeah you! Come on over here a minute," that one man who does most of the talking requested.

Oh yes, I was nervous as could be but I was also as turned on as I could be too. I walked way into their camp site. The apparatus they had was kind of back in between campers. They kind of all stepped back making an aisle way for me to get through. The head guy so to speak said to me right away.

"We got a challenge for you darling," as I stopped looking at what ever it was.

"Oh you do, do you?" I replied as though not having a clue what they meant.

"Yeah! Have you ever been on a balance beam?" he questioned.

"Actually yes. In high school," I responded.

"Well. You walk all the way to the other end and back and we'll give you fifty bucks," he boasted quite loud.

"REALLY!" I said like surprised and confident that I could make a quick fifty bucks. "That's all I have to do is walk to the other end and back?"

"YEP! That's it! Twenty feet there twenty feet back," he replied with a shitty grin.

Now, I really need to describe this apparatus to you or it won't make any sense. It was all made of wood and I’m guessing about a six-inch wide beam to walk on. Actually wider then a real balance beam. It had much wider boards on each side of the beam only a few inches lower. Both those lower boards had thousands of holes in them. They said those boards were in case I slipped off the beam I would not fall. There was also one round wood bar way up above the beam. Oh, I forgot to mention the beam was about the height of a table off the ground. Now that kind of makes it more interesting, don't you think?

I said, "Sure. I'll give it a try," in a confident way and again acting like I had absolutely no idea what so ever that my skirt would get blown up.

"Alright, we got us a player here! We got us a player!" The man yelled out with a big grin on his face.

"How do I get up there?" I asked.

"Right here cutie," he said while setting some steps for me to walk up.

"Okay, now let me explain," making sure I was listening. "You see that hand rail way up there?"

"Yep." I replied.

"When you get up there you hold on to that rail with both hands," he instructed. "You can hold onto that all the way across. Okay?"

"Okey Dokey," I replied. "And all I have to do is walk to the other end and back for fifty bucks. Right?"

He said, "YEP! That's it. And you get this," holding up a fifty dollar bill.

The man held my hand as I walked up the steps and the crowd of men gathering around to watch was getting larger by the second. As I stepped onto the end of the balance beam a light on either side came on really lighting everything up … especially me.

"Okay. Reach up and grab the hand rail and start when you’re ready," he instructed.

Now, only being five feet tall I was barely able to reach and hold onto the hand rail even with my high heeled sandals. This was really a pretty cool set up these guys had. Get the girl up high and then have her hold on above her head. Yes, this was pretty darn cool. I started out walking across the beam, and with high-heeled sandals on it was no easy task.

In fact it was darn hard and I had to step very slow. Just as I got to the middle of the beam I wondered when they would turn on the air jets. WELL, I no sooner got that thought in my head and whoosh. A huge blast of air came blowing up lifting my dress all the way up and hooking under my breasts.

Oh Yeah, everything was fully exposed from my breasts down. All of the men were going crazy because I was not wearing panties. I mean they were going absolutely ballistic. I can clearly remember hearing men say all sorts of things.

"No Panties! Holy Fucking Shit! Unbelievable! Un-Fucking believable! "She’s naked!" No Fucking Panties! Can you believe it! Nice Ass! Jesus H Christ!" These are some of the many things they yelled.

The big problem was my dress was blown up over my head and I could not see where to walk. I had to let go with one hand and hold my dress down under my chin so I could see the beam. But oh boy, was I ever-loving this. There had to have been at least a hundred men watching me. Then the air jets stopped and my dress dropped back down. I was laughing like crazy while taking a couple of small steps towards the far end.

I yelled out, "What the heck was that?"

"That's was just a little breeze honey!" The man yelled out to me.

"A little breeze!" I yelled back with an astonished look on my face.

Whoosh the air jets came on again and my dress went right back up. Again all the men cheered, whistled and yelled out loud. They were having a ball and so was I. The jets went off and back on, off and back on as my dress went up and down. Then the air went whoosh even louder as a massive blast of air shot up. I could feel it flapping my big cunt lips all around and forcing them out from between my legs.

Oh yes, all the men were making comments about my pussy lips. The air blast was so strong it was even moving my butt cheeks. I was about three fourths of the way across and decided to turn around and head back to the start. I put both hands on the rail above my head. As I turned around a massive air blast popped the snaps on my dress and it flew all the way up to my wrists.

Now my entire naked body was fully exposed and the guys went absolutely ballistic as they got their first look at my large breasts. Again the air blasts were so strong that my breasts were even being moved and lifted. As I got closer to the center of the beam it was the normal blast of air again. Again the air jet went off for a couple seconds but came right back on. My dress did not come down that much but went right back up to my wrists when it came back on.

It took a very long time to get back to the start. The air blast was so strong it was hard to hold onto the hand rail. As I got close to the start the massive air blasts started again. Again my cunt lips were being flopped around, my breasts lifted and butt cheeks puckered. It was really hard to hold on and move with the regular air blast. It was nearly impossible to move with the huge air blast.

I finally made it back to the beginning and the air jets shut off. My dress fell down over the hand rail and I was having trouble getting it down. I finally pulled my hands out of my dress sleeves and took it down. I put the dress over my forearm and slowly made my way out to the top of the stairs. I was actually tired … I had to really hold on tight the air was blowing so hard.

"Hey, you didn't make it to the end. You want to try again?" The head guy asked me.

"NOO! I don't think so," I replied with a little giggle.

"Why Not? You don't want the fifty bucks?" He asked.

"I'm Tired!" I said rather loud. "It's hard to hold onto with all that air blowing," I said with a serious kind of laugh.

"Okayyy. If you want to quit," he said disappointedly while reaching out and taking my hand and helping me down the stairs.

Yes, I was still naked as I went down the stairway. As I got back on the ground I slowly straightened out my dress and put it back on.

"Were you surprised?" The head guy asked me.

"YOU THINK? YEAH! I think you could say that!" I replied with an astonished look on my face. All the guys were laughing at my obviously surprised response.

I said, "To be honest with you, I thought you built this just so everyone could look up girls skirts," while shaking my head in disbelief. "I sure didn't expect getting my dress blown up, that's for sure."

Again all the guys were laughing at my comments. My hair was a disaster and looked like I had ridden in a convertible. As I tried fluffing it with my hands I asked, "Have you got a mirror I could use?"

"Sure. Right there in the camper," he replied while pointing for me to walk over to his camper.

I walked over and went inside. There was a full length mirror on the wall. I took a hair pick out of my pocket and fixed my hair. I finished and was about to open the screen door to go out when the big man bear hugged me from behind wrapping his huge arms around me.

He said into my ear, "Damn. You got a gorgeous body baby," while sliding both hands right down between my legs parting my dress.

He started massaging my pussy with his right hand while lifting and spreading my left leg a bit with his other hand. I was already turned on so it only took a few seconds and I was ready to cum. He stopped massaging my cunt and slid his hands down my inner thighs half way to my knees. He pulled out on both of my inner thighs spreading my legs open lifting my feet up off the floor.

Another man stepped in the doorway reached in between my legs and started massaging my pussy. It all happened so quickly I couldn't believe it. I was about to say "stop" when I felt him clamp his finger and thumb on my clit and roll my clit between them. Instead of saying stop I let out a loud "Ohhhh." I was so turned on from the long naked walk on the beam I just couldn't help myself. It felt so fantastic I arched my cunt out towards his fingers.

Hell, I didn't care right then it felt so great. It only took me a few seconds and juice was flowing out of my pussy. The man bear hugging me from behind pulled up on my thighs bending my legs more and pulling my knees up by my breasts.

"MOVE!" He yelled out ordering the other man out of his way.

As the other man backed out of the camper the man carried me all the way outside the door. Then he sat back on the step in the doorway of the camper, my lower back resting on his knees. He reached in behind my knees wrapping his hands around them, and pulled my legs way back by my shoulders spreading my legs wide open.

He said to the other man, "There you go. Pussy for eating man!" Well, he didn't have to tell the man twice to eat my pussy that was for sure. He instantly dropped down to his knees and started licking my cunt. He slowly went down to my anus and slid his tongue all the way back up my cunt slit flipping my clit hard at the finish.

"OHHH," softly came out of my mouth. I couldn't help it. It felt so fantastic.

He must have licked my pussy like that at least twenty times. Other men started gathering around to watch as they saw what was going on. It wasn't long before we were surrounded by men three or four deep. One of them reached up and flipped a switch on the outside wall of the camper, and a light came on right over us completely lighting up my entire body.

He extended his tongue and shoved it deep in my cunt hole while swirling it around. I was so hot and it felt so fantastic my cunt was ready to burst with an orgasm. He lifted his head up and down several times fucking my cunt hole with his large tongue.

"Oh! Ohh! Ohhh!" I said louder each time. "Oh My God! OHHH," came out of my mouth as I unloaded a huge juicy orgasm soaking the man's mouth and face.

My huge orgasm made the man lick my pussy even harder and shove his tongue inside me even deeper. His tongue was so big it felt like a small dick only better. He repeatedly sucked my cunt lips and clit into his mouth very hard all at the same time. Then he pulled his head back stretching them way out until they snapped out of his mouth. It was driving me absolutely crazy … the sensations in my cunt were so intense. I had never had my pussy licked like this before.

"Oh My God! OH! Oh My God! OH MY GOD!" I yelled rather loud as I pumped an even bigger orgasm out of my cunt. The man eating my pussy actually gagged a little as I filled his mouth with huge gobs of cunt juice.

"DAMN! She comes a fucking ton man!" The man exclaimed while pulling his mouth from my pussy and my juice dripping off his chin.

"You want fucked baby? I said nothing. "How about it honey. You want fucked?" The man holding my legs spread asked me repeatedly.

Oh yes! It most definitely scared me when he asked me that. I knew I was in a 'nothing I could do about it situation' and I really didn't know what to say. Yes, I knew I should have said no, but I just couldn't get my mouth to move and say it. Because right then I wanted fucked. Oh, how I wanted fucked, but I said nothing.

"How about it baby? You want your pussy fucked?" He asked again and after a short pause said, "We got lots of cock here for ya!" with a menacing chuckle.

Yet I said nothing and the man holding my legs spread started to relax his grip on my legs. Letting them down until my feet were on the ground. The man who had been eating my pussy quickly stood up and dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock was not huge, but it wasn't small either. I'm only guessing, but I would say he was seven-inches long with a really big head. The head was at least twice as big around as the shaft. Kind of weird looking, if you know what I mean.

The man dropped back down to his knees and pushed out on my knees spreading my legs open. I knew I should have said stop but I just couldn't. I was just too turned on to say stop. The man moved in between my legs and put the big head of his cock up to my cunt hole. He paused for a couple seconds (I'm pretty sure waiting for me to say 'No'). But again I didn't saying anything; not a word.

The man pushed forward and I felt my cunt hole being stretched open wide as the big head tried to force its way in my pussy. He stopped and relaxed for a second then pushed in the head of his cock harder. Again stretching out my cunt hole and going in deeper. He kind of looked up and around at the other men.

"Tight pussy!" He exclaimed to all the men while taking in a deep breath.

With my feet still on the ground he grabbed my knees and spread my legs apart as wide as he could spread them. He pushed his cock in slow but with much more force then the first two attempts. I felt my cunt hole stretching open wider and wider it began to hurt as I moaned very loud. He didn't pull back this time he just kept pushing his cock in very hard as I felt the big head sink into my pussy.

I yelled out, "OH! OUCH! OHHH! Oh My God!" The big head and his cock sunk into my cunt hole with my pussy closing around his shaft. "Oh My God! Oh My God! I continued to yell.

"AHHH! There it went. It's in there now." The man exclaimed to all his friends almost triumphantly. "Oh Yeah. I cracked that pussy alright." He said again triumphantly.

The man hesitated for a few seconds then continued shoving in slow but with relentless force. I could feel his cock slowly going in my pussy deeper and deeper stretching out my cunt hole as it went in. Yes, it hurt but it also felt so fantastic I couldn't believe it as I moaned. He stopped pulled his cock back and slowing started pumping his cock half way in and out several times. He was trying to shove it in deeper but he couldn't because I was squeezing my legs together so hard.

"Hold it a second! Wait," the man whose legs I was laying on yelled out. The back of my head was resting on his small beer belly. He reached down and twisted his hands palms facing up and grabbed the insides of both my knees and lifted my legs. He pulled my knees way back to my breasts then pushed out hard spreading my legs wide open. There I was my pussy fully exposed and spread open for the man to fuck. The man instantly shoved his cock nearly all the way into my cunt.

"OUCH! OHH! Ouch! OHH! AHHH!" The words flew out of my mouth rather loudly as the pain of my quickly stretching pussy ripped through my cunt.

He pulled back nearly all the way out and pushed nearly all the way in again and stopped. After a brief pause he started pushing in slow but with a lot of force. I could feel his big cock stretching out the depths of my pussy. Oh yes, it hurt! It hurt like crazy, but it was also the most unbelievable feeling I ever had. I could feel my cunt slowly stretching and stretching as he continued to push in until his cock was nearly all the way in my pussy.

"Come on baby. You can take it. You can take it!" He repeatedly said to me with a menacing look on his face. The man holding my legs spread them even wider.

"AH! AHHH! AHHHH!" I yelled out followed by an even louder. "OUCH! OH MY GOD! He buried the full length of his cock in my pussy. My entire body was quivering from the pain deep in my cunt while having feelings of unbelievable ecstasy all at the same time. I was moaning and groaning quite loud and I clearly remember thinking at that time. Oh My God, I have a grown man's cock all the way in my pussy.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!" Repeatedly came out of my mouth between the loud moans and groans as my cunt exploded with a huge orgasm. My cunt juice spurting out from around his cock.

The man pulled his cock all the way out except for the big head and slid it all the way back in. Even though it was all the way in my cunt, he seemed to be trying to shove it in even deeper. After three maybe four of those long slow strokes. He started shoving it all the way in and out of my cunt faster in a very rhythmic way. Giving an extra hard push as he buried his cock in my cunt each time. His pubic bone was smashing my super stiff clit each time making me orgasm repeatedly.

My cunt juice was spurting out from around his cock every time he shoved it in. I clearly remember looking up and around at all the men watching me getting fucked. The ones up close had gotten down on their knees and the ones behind them were bent over, so the men behind them could all see. Yes, I knew in my mind I was in a bad situation, but I just didn't care right then. The fucking I was getting felt so unbelievably fantastic I just didn't care.

After ten maybe fifteen minutes the man started banging his cock into my pussy very hard relentlessly. Bang, bang, bang – one right after the other, never letting up for a second. As men would say, 'he was really laying the meat to me.' I can tell you right now, none of those high school boys ever fucked me the way this man was fucking me. He was moving my entire body and the back of my head would curl up on the man's beer belly every time he shoved his cock into my cunt.

"What a fuck!" The man yelled out to his buddies as though bragging about his conquest.

The man's pubic bone smashing my clit on each stroke was driving me absolutely crazy. I just kept cumming over and over again. The man started moaning and slowing his strokes yet at the same time banging his cock in my cunt much, much harder. Bang, bang, bang very hard for eight maybe ten strokes then he shoved it all the way into my cunt and held it buried.

"AHH! AHH! AHH!" came out of his mouth loud as he tilted his head back.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Came out of my mouth as I felt the big globs of his cum shooting deep into my pussy while I orgasmed at the same time. The whole thing was an unreal feeling nothing like I had ever had before. The man stopped moaning and looked straight into my eyes with the most menacing look I have ever seen.

"Take it baby, take it," he ordered, "Take it baby." After several seconds he pulled his cock way back shoving it in very hard three times then holding it buried in my cunt again. "That was one hell of a fuck baby!" He exclaimed to me. "One hell of a fuck."

He relaxed his body and slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy making a popping sound as the big head came out. I could feel all of my juice and his cum pouring out of my cunt hole and could hear it splatting on the rubber mat on the ground. The man whose legs I was laying on let go of my legs and my feet went back down on the ground with even more juice pouring out of me.

"How was that?" The man whose legs I was still laying on asked me.

"WOW! I, I didn't expect that," I replied with pure disbelief in my voice.

"You can use the bathroom inside if you want," the man whispered in my ear in a rather calm almost caring voice.

"I would like that," I replied. As I began to get up he grabbed me holding me down on his knees and whispered in my ear.

"You ain’t mad at us are you?" I didn't say anything and he said louder, "Hey, you're not going to freak out or anything are you?"

"Nooo. No. I'm not mad," I replied. "I just didn't expect that to happen," I repeated.

"Well, what can I say? Sometimes shit happens honey," the man replied in a what the fuck type of way. "Go ahead use the can if you want," the man said while standing me up.

As I stood up, all the men started mumbling and a few lightly clapped their hands. That's when I realized that I was naked. Hell, I didn't even remember them taking my dress off. The man whose legs I had been laying on, stood up and handed me my dress. He reached inside the camper and turned on a light. I went in the rest room and freshened up everything. I fixed my hair and put on my dress. I was really nervous to walk back out in front of all the men. But when I did they were all pretty cool.

"YEAH! There she is!" One of them yelled out. They were all making comments to me. Things like ‘that was great’ and ‘you are hot’. You know that kind of stuff.

"Well. That was a first," I said. Why I said that I will never know.

"REALLY?" Several of the men spoke out quickly as though surprised by my comment.

I said, "Yeah pretty much," while kind of twisting my head with a little smile. All the men seemed a bit more than surprised that it was the first time I got fucked flashing. I said, "I think I should be going." and gave them the little finger wave as I walked away.

"Hey. Come back later and try the beam again."

I instantly turned towards him and said with a smile, "I just might do that."

As I got back out on the walking lane I thought to myself. Holy Shit! ‘Just how awesome was that!’ went rushing through my head. I walked on that beam with my dress blown up over my head and got fucked by a full-grown man. Oh yeah, that was awesome alright. Yes, I knew I should not do stuff like that, but once I get so turned on I just can't help myself. It was around 10pm. and my curfew was midnight. But you know I didn't really care if I got in trouble for being late. I was having way too much fun to quit now.

Like at the 500, I quit the subtle flashing of my breasts. I went to opening my dress wide open and flashing my full naked body. I finished flashing that double row of campers and went on down the next two. It was around 11:30pm and I must have flashed a couple of hundred times since the fucking. As I was walking past this really large group of men waiting for them to yell at me. That one guy who always seems to do most of the talking yelled out.

"Hold up a second sweet thing hold up. I got a very important question I have to ask ya," he said with a very deep southern drawl.

Now, I had heard that or similar lines all night long so that was no surprise. Of course I stopped again not saying anything. He motioned with his hand for me to come over to them while saying.

"Come on over here for a minute. I got a question I have to ask you." I stood there not moving and he said, "Come on come on over here. I have to ask you something."

Again, I just couldn't help myself especially after that multiple orgasmic fucking I had received a couple of hours before. So, braver than ever, I walked right into their camp. The one doing the talking was sitting in a lawn chair next to a big table with all the others gathered around a camp fire. As I got in close, he actually surprised me by coming up with a new line.

He said (quite theatrically I might add), "I got a very important question I must ask you young lady," as though it was extremely important.

"And what would that question be?" I replied rather jokingly. I was really getting into the verbal exchanges at the different stops. Hey, it turned me on, what can I say.

"Well Honey. It's my duty to ask if you've had your pussy inspection yet?"

With a very surprised look and slightly turning my head I said, "Ahhh, a what inspection?"

He said slow and very deliberately, "Well. You have to understand something honey. You are standing right smack in the middle of an official Brickyard 400 pussy inspection station."

I replied, "Wow! I had no idea there was such a thing," while acting like I was in some kind of an official place.

Now, all the other guys were smiling, some chuckling. Obviously I was not the first girl he had said this to. But I had to admit it was a whole new line of BS I had never heard before.

I said, "I don't think I ever heard of that," acting like I knew it was a bunch of BS.

"Well, that's because it's brand new this year," he proclaimed. "But, since you haven't had one yet, we must insist you get one right now!"

"OHH! You insist, do you," I replied while pulling my head back opening my eyes wide with a little smile and a little sarcasm in my voice.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! This is very serious stuff honey. In fact, if we don't check your pussy right now we could lose our inspection license," he said very seriously and continued in an even more dramatic way. "I'm sure you being such a nice wholesome girl. You wouldn't want us to lose our license, now would you?"

I got as serious a look on my face as I could get, and rubbed my chin with my index finger and thumb. You know like I was seriously thinking about it. I looked around at all the other men and asked them. "Alright. Now tell me the truth. Is any of this really true?"

"Oh yeah! Yeah! Yes! Hell Yes! It's true alright," came flying out of all the men's mouths while shaking their heads yes.

Another man said, "HEY! Let me tell ya. This very, very serious stuff."

I got one of those big 'yeah right' looks on my face and stood motionless for a few seconds my hands on my hips. Then I lifted my arms way out to my sides with my palms up. You know the ‘I give up’ sign. Then while dropping my arms, I said slow and deliberately.

"Well. I certainly don't want all of you to lose your license," I said in a most compassionate way. "So, I guess I better let you do the inspection."

Well, every man’s head popped right up with their eyes wide open. The guy doing the talking jumped up out of his chair like he was sitting on a spring. He laid his hands on the end of the table and said with much enthusiasm,

"Here! Here! Right here! Just take off your clothes and sit right up here on the examination table."

"Take off my clothes?" I asked in a sort of questionable, astonished way.

No one said anything… I mean not a word; it was like dead quiet. So I stepped over to the table with my back to it and spread my dress wide open. Fully exposing my naked body to them for the first time and asked, "How is this?" The silence continued as they all stared at my naked body.

"OHH! Oh yeah! That's ah, that's just fine," he stammered.

Yes, I know, I know. I should not be doing this but I was already turned on like crazy. Then after that long verbal exchange with the guy I was like super turned on. I simply could not help myself to be honest with you. I slid my butt up on the end of the table, my legs hanging down my dress wide open. He grabbed both my ankles and lifted them putting my feet on the table top my knees bent up and closed tight together.

"Just, ah, make, make yourself comfortable. Lay back," he stuttered while flinging his hand in the direction for me to lay back.

So I leaned back on my elbows. The man put the backs of his hands on the insides of my knees, and slowly spread my legs apart pretty wide. He started to lower his head between my legs, but popped right back up straight and literally went on a rant. Rambling on to all the other men in that slow southern drawl.

"Flashlight! Where the hell is the flashlight? I got to have a flashlight! I can't do a proper inspection without a flashlight." He ranted, paused and continued by saying, "Someone get me a flashlight, or you’re all fired!" He really was a good actor and that southern drawl was really cool.

Well, a guy brought out the biggest flashlight I had ever seen. I mean it lit up my entire body, especially my cunt where it was pointed. Hell it lit up the whole campsite. He even put one of those headlamps on his head, a small flashlight on his forehead. Again he put the backs of his hands on the inside of my knees and spread my legs open much wider than before. My cunt was tingling with anticipation. Hell, my whole body was tingling with anticipation. He bent his head down very close to my pussy, stuck out his tongue and licked my clit.

I have absolutely no idea why, but it actually caught me by total surprise. I jumped slamming my legs shut pretty hard cracking both sides of his head with my knees. I covered my mouth with my hand and actually felt embarrassed that I had cracked his head so hard. The man quickly stood straight up, not saying anything at first, just shaking his head like trying to get his senses back. He announced in that very slow deliberate loud voice saying one word at a time.

"Alright! Reflexes! Normal!" Everyone including me burst out laughing it was so funny.

He rambled on again, "Okay! Okay! We’re going to have to hold these legs. I cannot do a proper inspection with these legs smacking me in the head and knocking me half silly," he proclaimed again with everyone laughing at what he had said.

"You guys. Grab those legs, and hold’em open!" He ordered like the mad scientist waving his arms in all directions, the flashlight on his forehead moving all around.

Well, no less than five or six hands went on each leg in an instant. They all pulled out spreading my legs wide open… and do I mean wide open. He leaned his head down about half way from my cunt. He grabbed each of my big cunt lips between his thumbs and fingers stretching both of them way out. He slowly shook his head side to side like in bewilderment.

"Boy oh boy! These here are certainly not normal!" He proclaimed again with everyone chuckling. He stretched my cunt lips way out till they pulled out of his grip. Then ran his finger tip right across the tip of my very stiff clit. I tilted my head back and let out a long "Ohhhhhh," followed by another long, "Ohhhh."

The anticipation of what would happen next was driving me absolutely crazy.

He grasped my clit between his thumb and index finger, squeezing rather hard and started rolling my clit between them. I moaned loud and I could feel juice trickling out of my pussy. He squeezed and rolled my clit even harder making me have and instant orgasm with a lot of juice flowing out of my cunt. Making it obvious he was watching all the juice coming out of my cunt he said, "Damn! Would you look at all that juice coming out of there," and after a brief pause he said, "That certainly is not normal. That most certainly is not normal," as even more juice flowed out of my hole.

He stood up tall and exclaimed, "Damn! I think she may have a busted a pipe!"

Whoa! Everyone laughed like crazy at that line. He really was a funny man, especially with that southern drawl. Hell, I would have laughed too, but the sensations in my cunt (especially my clit) were so intense I couldn't do anything but moan.

Juice was now pouring out of me as the man said, "Oh My. I hate to say it. But that just ain't normal. It just ain't normal." He paused for a few seconds taking in a deep breath. "I'm afraid we're going to have to go in. I have to go in a lot deeper to find that broken pipe," the man declared as though it was the last thing he wanted to do.

Still rolling my clit hard between his finger and thumb. He slid a finger from his other hand right into my cunt hole. Yes, I knew I should have said ok that's enough, but I just couldn't; no way! It felt so damn unbelievably fantastic, I just couldn't. After sliding that finger all the way in he pulled it out and slid two fingers all the way in. There wasn't a sound from any of the other guys. In fact I clearly remember hearing people laughing and partying, but it was far off at a distance at other camp sites.

The only noise where we were was me moaning and groaning. At that point I did not care what they did to me so long as I kept having orgasms. He squeezed and rolled my clit extremely hard until it got extremely intense between my legs. Instinctively I shut my legs pulling them out of the men's grip. Instantly several hands grabbed each leg again and they jerked them back open. Pinning the outsides of my bent legs flat down on the table top. My feet were still together in the middle.

Having my legs spread so wide open just turned me on even more. It got so intense in my cunt I could barely take it. Then my pussy simply erupted with a huge massive orgasm. I could feel the huge gobs of cunt juice burping and pumping out of my pussy. I let out very loud moaning sounds and repeatedly said,

"Oh my God! Oh my God! OHHH! Oh my God!" Oh yes, I was cumming alright. I was cumming like I had never cum before. It was a massive orgasm with huge globs of juice coming out of my cunt.

My clit was so pumped up it felt like it was going to pop right out of my crotch. I was now laying flat on my back and other men were feeling my breasts, squeezing my nipples and rubbing my inner thighs. There were literally hands all over my body. But it was okay with me because everything they did just made me cum even more. Oh yes, they had me spread wide open on the table and I was having one huge orgasm after another.

It really was non-stop orgasms and I loved it. A different man was now rolling my clit between his thumb and finger and he was doing it very hard as well. The first man was shoving (I have no idea how many) fingers in and out of my pussy repeatedly. At that point, I just simply did not care what they did to me. All I knew was that it felt unbelievably fantastic.

"Fuck man! This girl needs some cock." One of the men said in a low voice.

Another guy said, "Absolutely! She needs a good fuckin'."

Yet another guy asked, "Who's got a big cock?"

I have no idea who it was but a man yelled out. "Hey! I'll fuck her," he exclaimed offering his services.

Again, I knew I should have said something – I should have tried to put a stop to it. But I just couldn't… I was way too turned on and sexually out of control at that point. Hey, they wanted me fucked and I wanted fucked. It was just as simple as that. The man pulled his fingers out of my cunt hole and all the other men let go of my spread legs and body. For a couple of seconds I wasn't sure what they were doing.

I lifted my head and looked down to see a very tall man with his pants pulled down. His very stiff cock was bouncing up and down as he stepped in closed to me. His cock was very thick and very hard and appeared to be pointing directly at me. The man slid his long arms under my legs behind my knees, his hands wrapping around the fronts of my thighs. He pulled and slid my entire body to the end of the table my butt hanging out over the edge.

He grabbed both my ankles with his big left hand lifting my legs and pushing them way back. Shooting my knees out to the sides and totally opening my pussy up to him. I watched him as he took his cock in his right hand and put the thick head up to my cunt hole. He wasted no time and instantly started to shove his cock in my pussy. That's when I knew his cock was even thicker then the first guy as my cunt hole got stretched open even wider then before.

Again, I'm only guessing, but I would say his cock was a bit longer than the first guy. No doubt it was much thicker. Not just the head either, the whole shaft of his cock was thick. He did not push in fast; in fact, he pushed in quite slow. Only he was pushing in very hard and he never let up not for a second. Very slowly his thick cock stretched open my cunt hole. I clearly remember him looking around at the other men with a lustful smile and saying,

"Fuck man! That's some tight fucking pussy."

"AHH! OHH! Ouch. Ouch. Oh my God. OHHH," kept rolling out of my mouth as he relentlessly forced his thick cock into my cunt.

I felt the opening of my pussy expanding, being stretched open much wider than before as the big head sunk into my hole. He gave an extra hard push and his cock forced its way at least half way in. I grunted very loud from the tearing pain in my pussy. I let out a muffled scream with my hand over my mouth. Oh Yes, it hurt. It hurt like hell, but at the same time, oh my god, what a feeling! I can tell you again none of those high school boys ever stretched my cunt out like this.

"OUCH! OUCH! OH MY GOD! OUCH," followed by loud painful grunts and a girlish scream. As I felt my pussy muscles stretching way out as he sunk nearly the entire length of his cock into my pussy. I arched my back and twisted my body trying to ease the tearing pain in my pussy, but it did nothing. The man grabbed an ankle with each hand and spread my legs wide open. He pulled out just a little, only to push it back in and continue pushing until the entire length of his cock was in me. His pubic bone was smashing my very stiff clit.

I was slowly smacking the palms of my hands on the table. I clearly remember thinking how in the hell can that big cock hurt so much in my pussy, yet feel so fantastic at the same time. I was letting out loud moans and grunting sounds and saying repeatedly,

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God," with a pained ecstasy in my voice.

Oh yeah, I was most definitely getting an even bigger pussy stretching then before. I have to admit it did hurt like hell. He kept his cock buried in my cunt for the longest time, I guess stretching it out. He slowly pulled back pulling his cock all the way out of my pussy. He took in a deep breath and shoved it right back in and continued shoving it in until it was buried in my cunt. Again smashing my clit between our pubic bones. It still hurt but not nearly as much as the first time he buried it.

I was still slowly tapping the palms of my hands on the table and moaning, groaning and grunting loudly with each slow deep stroke. He pulled his cock all the way out of my pussy again and slid my entire body towards him. He put his cock back in and spread my legs even wider. Putting his hands behind my knees and pinning my knees down on the table on either side of my body. He started pumping his cock into my pussy with full length strokes one after another. He was really laying the meat to me, again, as men would say.

I repeatedly yelled out, "OHH! OUCH! AHH! OH MY GOD! Ouch! OH MY GOD! AHH," as the man continually pounded his cock into my pussy.

My moans groans and grunts had become constant and much louder. I was no longer tapping my palms on the table. I now had a death grip on the edges of the table holding on for dear life. The man was giving me one hell of a fucking, relentlessly pumping his thick cock in and out of my little pussy. I was having orgasm after orgasm. I could not only feel but could hear my cunt juice spurting out from around his very thick cock every time he buried it in my cunt.

"AHH! OHH! AHH! OH MY GOD! AHH! AHH! AHH," kept coming out of my mouth as the man banged my cunt.

He had fucked me for a very long time, way longer then the first man had. Then his strokes began to shorten and became much harder. It was like he could not shove his cock in my pussy deep enough. He started letting out some groans of his own. After at least twenty, maybe thirty, very hard deep thrusts in my cunt as he buried his cock all the way in. I felt the huge warm loads of cum spurting out deep inside of me.

He leaned over me as his cock buried in my cunt for the longest time while he panted, almost gasping for air. He straightened his body and slowly withdrew his thick cock from my pussy. Like before, as his cock came out I could feel the big rush of his cum as well as mine gushing out of my cunt hole. Oh yeah! I just got one hell of a fucking, especially for a young pussy.

Hey, I have to admit I put myself in this situation almost wanting to get fucked. You know what, I most definitely got fucked too. As I laid there I was still having orgasms. I felt weak yet I felt, for no better words, thoroughly fucked. All the men kind of backed away from the table as I suddenly sat up. Hell, I wasn't sure what to do or say at that point. I did however realize that it might be a good idea for me to move on. You know, get out of there, even though I did not want to. I said the first thing that popped into my head.

"Ah, I guess, the inspection is over," having no idea why I said that.

"Yes! And you passed with flying colors, honey," said the head guy.

"I, I think. I think I should be moving along," I replied, actually in some kind of a sexual daze.

With that I slid down off the edge of the table and even more juice poured out of my cunt. I saw a roll of paper towels and grabbed a few to wipe the juice off my pussy and legs. I remember wondering why all the men were being so quiet. I'm guessing they were all a little worried at what I might do or say. Anyway with my dress still wide open I said,

"Thanks for the inspection," and why I said that I will never know. But that is what I said according to my diary.

"Your welcome," said the man who started the whole thing. "You don't have to run off if you don't want to," the man said.

Another man said, "Yeah. Stay and have a beer."

"No. Thanks. I, I should be going," I replied with a little regret in my voice. To be honest with you, I wouldn't have minded getting fucked again. But I did realize I should be moving on.

I said my goodbyes and continued flashing. Hell no, I wasn't done yet. I was having way to wild of a night to quit now. I finished flashing all the campers in that field and was going to go over to another that I had never flashed. I looked at my watch and it was almost one in the morning. I thought what the hell I'm already past curfew, what difference will it make if I'm even later.

I decided to go back past the biker guys and take another walk across the balance beam. I thought that would be a good way to finish the night. As I got up to their campsite they were all sitting around the camp fire. They yelled at me the soon as they saw me.

"HEY! Come on over sweet thing." As I walked into their camp he said, "We were hoping you would come back."

"And why is that?" I asked for what ever reason.

"HELL, to see that gorgeous body of yours again! What do you think?" He replied.

It was pretty obvious that they all had drunk a lot of beer. They had all of their empty beer cans stacked up on a table and there must have been a few hundred cans. I could still understand what they were saying so I guess they weren't that bad off.

I said, "I thought I would try that balance beam again."

"Ah crap honey. We had to shut off the compressors. Too many party poopers wanting to sleep," he said with a bit of a laugh.

"Oh okay," I replied with a bit of disappointment in my voice.

"But hey! You can show us that gorgeous body of yours again," he requested followed by all the other men agreeing with him.

"Well I guess I could do that," I said in a joking way. With all the men turning in my direction I un-snapped my dress and opened it wide open.

"DAMN! You are fucking hot baby," the man exclaimed quite loudly. "HEY! HEY! Let’s see that hot little ass of yours? I pulled my dress back exposing my butt. "Nice ass babe, nice fucking ass." As I went to close my dress the guy doing most the talking grabbed my wrists and said, "No, No, No! Not yet I want to get a better look at that ass."

He pulled my wrist and I had no choice but to follow. He led me over to a table and put both my hands on the table then pushed on my back to bend me over just a little ways. Then he reached down and lifted my dress all the way up above my shoulders. I just couldn't resist giving a bit more of a show and kind of pushed my butt back to really make my ass look hot.

"Holy fucking shit! God you got a nice ass." He looked out at all the other men and asked them, "Ain't she got a nice ass?"

"Yes, nice ass. A very nice ass. Gorgeous ass. Nice ass," came from just about all the other men's mouths.

He put his hand on my butt and started rubbing my ass. He had big rough calloused hands that sent spark-like sensations through my butt cheeks. Another man stepped in on the other side of me and started rubbing my butt as well. It didn't take long before the first man's hand moved down between my legs and started rubbing my cunt. I rather instinctively started to stand up straight only to feel his other big hand between my shoulder blades pushing me back bent over.

"I should probably be going," came out of my mouth for what ever reason.

"Ah hell baby. No need to rush off," he said while pushing on my back making me bend over even farther and sinking his hand deeper in between my legs.

Again I tried to straighten up, but he only pushed harder forcing me down on my elbows. He put his right foot on the inside of my left foot and pulled way out spreading my leg. The man on the other side did the same thing. There I was bent over the table my legs spread very wide. That's when I noticed that all the other men had gotten up and were all gathered around the table. Before I knew it, there were hands all over my body, groping my breasts, squeezing my nipples, rubbing my back tummy and inner thighs. Just like that my cunt exploded with a huge orgasm, soaking the mans rough hand.

"Holy fucking christ! She just busted her pussy all over my hand," he exclaimed to all the other men while pulling out his soaked hand and bending over a little to look between my legs. "DAMN! You got a nice ass and a smoking hot pussy babe!" He exclaimed not really saying it to me or anyone.

Both the men pulled my feet wider apart with their feet really spreading my legs wide open. He put his hand back in between my legs and started massaging my pussy very hard, the rough calluses on his fingers sending sharp sparking jolts like electricity through my entire cunt. He stopped and felt around for my cunt hole then shoved his middle finger all the way up my hole. I grunted as he did that; his finger was so thick it felt like a dick in my pussy.

He only slid his finger in and out of my cunt a few times before shoving two fingers up my cunt. After three pumps with two fingers he tried shoving three fingers in. I let out a loud grunt and tried to move away. He put his left hand on my lower back and pushed down hard holding me in place.

"OH! OUCH! I yelled out as the three thick rough fingers ground their way into my cunt hole. I yelled out loud and very quickly, "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!" three times in a row. As the calloused fingers bored even deeper into my pussy scraping the soft tissue.

But he did not seem to care. He only seemed to care about his own delight and kept boring and forcing his fingers all the way up into my cunt hole. Another man had reached in from the front and was grinding his rough fingers into my clit and making me have another huge orgasm. The man with his fingers up my cunt started finger fucking the hell out of me, nearly lifting my feet off the ground while shoving them up into my cunt so hard. My juicy orgasms helped a lot with the calloused fingers and it actually began to feel really good.

It felt so good that I arched my back and lifted my ass kind of pushing my cunt out at him so he could finger fuck me even better. He must have noticed me giving him my pussy the way I did because he leaned over and put his mouth up to my ear.

"You want fucked again don't you?" He asked. As always I said nothing. "You want fucked again don't you?" he said into my ear again. My only reply was deep moans and groans.

"AH! OHH! OHH! Oh My God," came out of my mouth as another big orgasm came burping out of my pussy. The man doing my clit was relentless and never let up for a second.

"HEY! Get the kid! Pete. Ralph. Get the kid! It's time for his initiation!" The man yelled out to a couple other bikers. Then he put his mouth back to my ear and said, "Hey! The kid needs his initiation. Okay?"

I turned my head back and asked, "What do you mean initiation?"

"The kid ain't has his initiation fuck yet. How about letting him fuck you, okay?" The man asked.

Again I didn't say anything, but I also did not say no. A tall, kind of thin very muscular handsome young man came out. I'm guessing he was like me sixteen maybe seventeen not really sure. He looked like he had just got woken up from a sleep. But I have to tell you I went from turned on to super turned on the soon as I saw him.

"It's time to be initiated kid! Have at that pussy," one of the guys said to him.

"What?" he said as though he couldn't believe it.

"Whip it out and fuck her kid. This is your time," yet another man said to him.

Well, they didn't need to tell him three times. He pulled his shorts down in a second. He had a good sized dick, not as thick as the other guys but just as long. You could see it growing getting hard as a rock in just a couple seconds. It was so hard it was nearly pointing straight up. He stepped in behind me and felt my dripping wet cunt with his fingers probing for my cunt hole. He moved in and tried to shove his dick in my cunt, but he kept missing, and slid straight through between my legs.

Trying to help him out, I dropped my chest down to the table, arched my back and tipped my cunt up for him. Oh yeah, he found my cunt hole alright. He slammed the full length of his cock all the way up my cunt hole on the first thrust. I let out a loud, "OUCH" and a couple loud grunts. His dick was a lot bigger than I thought it was. All the other guys stopped what they were doing and left the two of us alone.

I have to say that I did not plan this, but boy was I ever loving it. He started fucking me like the proverbial rabbit, banging his cock all the way in, then barely pulling back, and slamming it all the way in again one thrust after another non-stop. He only fucked me for two, three minutes at most before he was shooting his huge load.

"AH! Ah! Ah. Ah," came out of his mouth as he unloaded in my cunt. He stopped for a few seconds and pulled his cock out of me. His cock was still as hard as it was when he started.

"What you stopping for kid? Yeah, what the hell you stopping for," came from just about every man there.

"You ain't done fucking her yet," the head guy yelled out, "Shove it back in there!"

Well, he stepped right back up and slammed it all the way up my cunt again. He banged and banged and banged my pussy for a good ten minutes or more until one of the guys yelled out, "Flip her over man!" It seemed like the young man didn't know what they meant. "Back off a second man," one of them ordered and the young man pulled out.

A couple guys lifted me up and laid me on my back in the middle of the table then grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide open while yelling at the young man.

"Come on kid! Fuck her," they ordered with him moving right in and burying his cock in my pussy. "Now grab those titties," which he did with much enthusiasm. "Suck on those nipples kid," the men ordered. He shoved his cock all the way in and stopped, leaned down and sucked very hard on one nipple then the other for a couple minutes.

"Grab her right behind the knees and spread her open kid," the men instructed with the young man doing exactly what they said. He spread my legs wide open and pinned my knees to the table on either side of me. He pulled nearly all the way out and slammed his cock all the way back in my pussy.

"OUCH!" flew out of my mouth. I think his cock got bigger while sucking my nipples. "Lay the meat to her kid," the men ordered.

The young man did exactly what they told him to do… and that was lay the meat to me. Bang, bang, bang, non-stop pounding his cock all the way in my pussy just as hard as he could slam it in. For a good twenty-minutes more the young man banged away at my pussy never once letting up. I could actually feel his cock getting thicker as his strokes slowed but got even harder if that was even possible.

He slammed his cock in my cunt super hard several times then buried it in my pussy and pumped several big loads of cum deep in my pussy while moaning and groaning. Oh yeah, he was initiated alright and so was my pussy. Wow, what a fucking he gave me. I had never been fucked that long before. After holding his cock buried in my cunt for quite a long time he suddenly stood straight up, jerked his dick out and quickly pulled up his shorts.

It was crazy, but all the men started cheering and clapping their hands, patting him on the back, ruffling his hair and saying very loud "Your a man now! You’re a man now!

The kid quickly put his face close to mine and said very fast, "Thank you. Thank You. Thank you," then turned towards his friends as though he was the hero of the day.

As I slid off the table and stood on the ground, juice poured out of my cunt. The obvious ‘leader of the pack’ so to speak, grabbed my right arm and spun me around facing the table. He pushed hard on my upper back bending me all the way over the table and said.

"God Damn! You got a nice ass," while rubbing my butt cheeks with his rough hands.

His hand quickly went down between my legs and he slid his middle finger right up my dripping wet cunt hole. He pushed my feet way out to each side, spreading my legs wide open. I actually heard him unzipping his blue jeans. In an instant I felt a fairly thick cock getting shoved all the way up my pussy from behind.

"OUCH! I yelled as what may have been the longest dick yet, entered my pussy. It was not as thick, but it was the longest of the night that was for sure.

He leaned over my back and said in my ear. "Hope you don't mind honey. I just had to have some of that fine pussy."

I don't think it would have mattered what I said at that point … he was going to fuck me no matter what. But the fact is I wanted fucked again and fucking me he was. Bang, bang, bang, one stroke all the way up my cunt one stroke after another. He was really getting his cock in deep and even though it hurt it felt awesome at the same time.

"AH! OHH! AHH! OHH!" came out of my mouth each time he sunk the longer cock deep in my pussy. The feeling of the little bit longer dick was driving me crazy and brought me to a huge orgasm. "OHH! OH MY GOD," I yelled out as my cunt exploded.

My orgasm just made him slam his cock in my cunt even harder, trying to bore it in even deeper. I can't begin to tell you how great it felt. He fucked me a good ten minutes or so before doing just like all the other men. He slammed his cock all the way in extra hard and extra deep for several strokes then buried his cock.

He shot several very big loads of cum deep in my cunt. He leaned over the back of me and said in my ear.

"Damn. You got some kind of hot pussy there babe," as though he was congratulating me.

As always I didn't say anything. I was to busy moaning repeatedly from the great fucking he just gave me and the orgasm I was having. He stood up straight, pulled his cock nearly all the way out, then slammed it back in several times really popping my pussy. He stopped and pulled his cock all the way out quickly and pulled up his pants.

"Hey, you can use the bathroom again," he told me in a rather caring way.

I stood up straight as juice poured out of my cunt and dripped to the ground. I went into the camper and used the rest room again to freshen up everything. As I came out of the bathroom, I looked at my watch and it was a little after three in the morning. I knew I would be in big trouble when I got home but I didn't care. I had a great time that night. When I stepped out of the camper everyone was celebrating the kid’s initiation.

I said to the leader guy, "I need to get going."

"No need to rush off honey. Stay and have a beer," he offered.

"No I can't. It's really late. I need to get home," I replied.

"Well suit yourself babe. It's been great."

I said my goodbyes and figured I would do my last flashing on my way back to the car. Hell, I must have flashed another thirty times by the time I got there. I took my dress off, got in the car and headed for home flashing a few more guys as I drove away naked. I drove all the way home and boy was I ever surprised when the garage door opened. My parent’s car was not there! I thought, 'Oh no they are out looking for me.' 

I knew right then I was in big trouble.

I slipped my dress back on and went inside. That's when I had the biggest relief of my life. There was a note on the kitchen table that said they went to my Uncle's cottage and they would be spending the night. Oh My God what a relief! I checked the messages on the answer machine and there was several from them wanting me to call when I got home. I turned the volume all the way down on the phone and used that as the excuse to why I never answered the phone.

I went in, took a shower and laid on the bed, all spread out naked again, letting everything I did that night spin around in my head. I jumped up, got on my robe, grabbed a soda and laid down on the sofa. I figured when they got home I would say I fell asleep and never heard the phone. Well, it worked and I never got caught.

Am I going back to Indy next year? Hell Yes! I wouldn't miss it. My next story in the timeline of my life is about some of the things I did between the Brickyard 400 and the next Indy 500, plus what happened at that 500. Hope you liked this one! Kathy

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