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Kathy Flashing At The Indy 500

Wow! My second public flashing was awesome.
Yes, a few weeks after turning sixteen, I flashed for the very first time at the national drag races. Now just eight months later, I flashed for the very first time at the Indy 500. Only a lot more happened than simply flashing this time, a whole lot more.

Since I was sixteen, I've written my sexual exploits in private diaries. I wrote down all the juicy details: what I did, what happened to me, my emotions and the dialog. While reading those diaries it really surprised me how much all of those juicy little details came right back to me.

If you didn't read my first story this is what I looked like. I was a very petite brunette with brown eyes five feet tall and eighty-five pounds. My measurements were 36D - 19 - 32. Yes, I had very large breasts and big nipples too. I also had a tiny waist, flat tummy, and a firm little butt.

I wore the same pink tube top and blue jean skirt that I wore to the drag races. Instead of flat sandals, I wore high-heeled sandals. And that’s it; except for that little top and skirt, I was totally naked underneath. I was more than ready to do some serious flashing.

I did some research on the Indy 500 and found that the best time to go flashing was Friday and Saturday nights before the race. The best place was right out on Georgetown road, immediately across from the 500. This is when all the real party people come in with their tents, camper trailers and motor homes.

I called the same boy that took me to the national drag races before. He was now a college freshman. I asked him to escort me to the race. Well, he was more than eager to do it. He picked me up and we got there a little after 8:00 pm.

The west side of Georgetown road was packed with campers. There were thousands of people everywhere, mostly men. Some were sitting in lawn chairs, some were cooking food and some were playing bag toss games. But they all appeared to be drinking beer. It was completely different than at the national drag races where I first flashed. I really thought it would be just like before; however, it was definitely not the same.

The people here were not behind fences, or way up high in the grandstands. Here all the people were right in front of you, just a few feet away. I was not ready for that at all. It made me very nervous. I was beginning to feel like the first time I flashed all over again.

"Wow. This is a lot different than the drag races," I said to my date.

"Oh yeah. I told you its fuckin crazy around here," he replied. While taking a long look at me.

"You look scared," he commented with a little smirk. I did not reply.

"We can leave, if you want to?" he suggested. In a rather compassionate way I might add.

"Oh no! No, I'm just kind of getting used to everything," I replied.

Hell, I didn't want to sound like a big chicken, especially since I was the one that asked him to escort me here. Heck, the only reason I was nervous was because everyone was so close, and getting drunker by the minute. Plus my date had told me the cops will arrest you if they catch you flashing. Could you possibly imagine explaining that arrest to your parents? Hah!

"Why don't we just walk around for an hour or so, before you do anything" my date suggested.

"Ah, I don't think so," I replied. In the background I heard some of the guys yelling at other girls.

No way was I waiting an hour! I wanted to flash my big tits now. I wanted to so bad I was ready to burst. I was so turned on that juice was already dripping out of my pussy. We had no sooner crossed 25 th street, when men began yelling at me. A huge bolt of excitement shot through my entire body. I could actually feel my nipples and clit growing, getting larger.

"Hey, sweet thing. You're looking fine. How about a look at those?" a very big man said to me.

There were several men letting out loud wolf whistles, hooting at me, waving their arms and doing anything they could to get my attention.

My nipples got so hard! I could feel them straining to get even harder. I couldn't wait any longer, so I stopped right in front of them and looked around for cops. There were at least a dozen men and you could tell they all knew I was about to give them a show. Every one of them had turned, and was looking straight at me.

My God, it really was like the first time I flashed! My legs were shaking (my whole body was shaking) and I was truly scared to death. Yet the scariness just made it that much more exciting. I put my thumbs down in both sides of my tube top, and with a very nervous smile on my face, took in a deep breath, and pulled my top down.

I pulled my top all the way down to my waist, and my big 36D breasts were right out there for everyone to see. I couldn't help glancing down at my breasts. Wow, my nipples were very thick, and oh boy, were they ever sticking way out there. You wouldn't believe how turned on I was right then.

You should have heard the cheering and whistling coming from all the men. Total sexual excitement rushed through my entire body like a bolt of lightning. It ran right down to my pussy, and made it pop a little orgasm. I could feel the wetness trickling out of my cunt.

I felt all flushed in the face. Hell, my whole body felt flushed. I could not even begin to describe how sexually aroused I was, just from flashing that first time. After a while I pulled up my top gave them a little finger wave, and moved on. Oh yeah, that was most definitely why I came here, for that unbelievable rush of sexual excitement!

"Hey! Show us too, show us too, baby doll," the very next group of men yelled out.

I had only walked thirty feet at most when I stopped and gave another quick look around for the cops. Again, I pulled my top all the way down exposing my bare breasts, and again I received the cheers and sexual rush that I love.

Now even at sixteen, I realized right away there is no way I could be stopping every thirty feet and flashing. It would draw way to much attention, and I would get caught by the police. So I decided I would walk at least a block or so before flashing again. That plan didn't last long as I must have flashed at least forty times by the time we got to the far end of Georgetown road which was a little over a mile long.

Holy cow, I was like in flashers heaven. I flashed more times in that first pass than I did the whole time at the drag races. We got soft drinks at a concession stand, and sat down on a bench to drink. With all the hot guys walking around, I just couldn't help myself. So I kind of left my legs spread open. No not wide open, but enough for anyone that was looking could see my bare naked pussy.

Well, believe me, there was most definitely a lot of guys looking. It was really exciting to just be sitting there sucking on a straw while guy after guy, walked past me looking right up my skirt, and knowing they were seeing my swollen little cunt. This was like another first for me and it was the first time I had ever flashed my pussy.

Well, we finished our drinks, and started walking back the other way. It was like all the guys, were waiting for me to come back past them. I tried to remember where I had flashed before, and then flash in between those spots. Well, that plan went away rather quickly too. I just couldn't resist flashing anyone that yelled at me.

I must have flashed my breasts at least fifty times, and we weren't even half way back from where we started. There was several younger men sitting in a lawn chairs. I had flashed them on my first pass. One of them yelled out to me.

"Hey! Miss pinky top, I got a question for you?" I stopped and looked over at them.

"I was wondering if you could settle a little bet between me and my brother?" he asked.

"Well, if I can." I replied with a nervous smile. That was actually the very first time I had ever spoken with any of the men.

"My brother says you're not wearing panties, and I say you are," he explained. All the other men started grinning and chuckling. After a brief pause he said with a little smirk on his face, "I was just hoping you could tell us which one is right?"

Needless to say that really caught me by surprise. No one had ever asked me about my panties. I was a bit flustered for a few seconds thinking how to answer him. But then the light went off in my head. This is a chance to flash my cunt. So without saying a word to them, I lifted the front of my dress fully exposing my bare cunt to at least twenty men.

A very loud, "Ohhh!" came from all the men's mouths followed by loud cheering.

"Thank you!" the man yelled out in that long drawn out way.

I gave them a smile and the little finger wave, turned around, and lifted the back of my skirt to show them my bare little butt as well. Again there was loud cheering and whistling.

"Nice ass honey!" was yelled out by several men.

Yes, I really liked that "nice ass" comment. I walked on flashing my tits so many times I couldn't even begin to tell you how many. After that first time every so often, guys would ask me about my panties in one way or another.

"What's under the skirt, sweetheart?" most of the men would yell out.

"What do you think?" I would reply, acting like the shy little girl.

"Well! We're all curious what color panties you have on?" most would say.

Again without saying a word I would lift my skirt, and show them that I was not wearing panties. Surprisingly to me just about every time the men seemed truly surprised that I was not wearing any panties. Of course I turned, and lifted the back of my dress showing my bare ass too.

"Nice ass! Nice ass! Nice ass!" I repeatedly heard from all the men.

Oh yes, I really did like hearing those "nice ass" comments. Anyway, I had an 11:00pm curfew, and by the time we got back where we started it was time to go home. Bummer! Hell, I could have stayed there all night long. But there was tomorrow night.

Only there was a problem with that. My date called around 3:00pm Saturday afternoon, and told me he would not be able to go. His grandfather was gravely ill, and his father wanted all the family up at the hospital. Of course I understood, and wished his grandfather well.

But was I ever disappointed at first. I knew there was no way I was going to miss going back there tonight. After a minute, I remembered my parents were leaving at 5:00pm to go and visit relatives at their lake cottage, and they were not coming back till Monday night. I had a car to drive, so no problem … I would just go alone!

Was it scary going alone? Absolutely! But again, that just makes it that more exciting. I wanted to wear something different. Why? Because I really liked flashing my pussy and ass. The skirt I had on was ok, but not the best. So I tore through my closet trying anything on that looked better, but nothing did. Then I spotted this blue jean dress that I hadn't worn in a couple of years.

It snapped down the front, and opened like a robe. I put it on and realized that I had done some growing since I last wore that dress. It was short above mid-thigh, and my breasts kind of bulged out of it; but when I looked in the mirror, did it ever look hot! Even though I couldn't fasten the top three snaps, because of my big tits, I knew right away this was what I wanted to wear.

My Dad (mister right on schedule) left right at 5:00 pm. I was so excited I couldn't sit still, and just got in the car and went on. I got there a little before 7:00 pm, and the sun hadn't even set yet. But I didn't care … I just couldn't wait to get out there and start flashing. I parked the car and started walking down Georgetown road.

As I walked I looked down at my dress, kind of checking myself out. Was I ever showing some serious cleavage and a whole lot of leg! That dress and the high heeled sandals were all I was wearing. I was totally naked under that little dress, and I looked pretty damn hot if I do say so myself!

Also as I walked, I noticed right away there were a lot more campers than the night before, and instead of thousands of people there were like tens of thousand of people. There were so many people walking around on Georgetown road that it was barricaded off so cars could not use it.

I hadn’t got more than a hundred feet from my car, and guys were already yelling at me too flash them. Now my plan was to just walk around until it got dark. But poof, that plan went away the soon as those men wanted me to flash them. I just couldn't wait, I was way too turned on to wait. I did the mandatory cops glance, and then pulled out on both lapels, and my breasts popped right out. Oh yeah! That's what I needed to get that sexual rush again!

But after that first time flashing, I also left the fourth snap down, undone to make it even easier to pop my breasts out and back in again. The dress worked really well, just as I had planned. I must have flashed ten times by the time I got to 25th street, the same place where I started last night. I walked all the way to the south end of Georgetown road. I must have flashed my tits at least a hundred times. It was now dark as I started walking back north again.

Then the same group of guys yelled at me again; the guys that wanted me to settle a bet for them last night. Heck, they even seemed to be sitting in exactly the same places.

"Hey sweetie," he yelled out to me. I stopped and looked over at them.

"My brother says you're still not wearing panties, and I say you are," he shouted while laughing and coughing into his fist. "Ah, do you think you can settle a bet for us again?"

Now I was getting a bit braver at talking to these guys. I stopped, put my hands on my hips, and just stood there looking at them for a few seconds.

"Well! I guess I can. That is, if it's to settle a bet," I said in my sheepish way.

Oh my God, was I ever excited as I looked around for cops, and popping the two snaps at my waist! I took a second look around, and for the very first time spread my dress wide open. Oh yes, I was standing there showing at least thirty men my full naked body from head to toe. I couldn't begin to tell you how sexually aroused I was at that very moment.

I actually think I kind of stunned them at first seeing my full naked body. There was a full moment of silence, and a lot of dropped jaws. But then they started whistling, cheering and clapping their hands like crazy men. I started to walk away when the guy yelled out to me, yet again.

"Wait, wait wait! Wait a second!" I stopped and turned back at them. "Ah, I, I got another bet for you to settle," he asked.

Putting my hands back on my hips, I got one of those ‘yeah right’ looks on my face.

"Okay. Now what?" I asked, with a little smirk.

"Come here. Come here a minute," he requested, while motioning with his hand for me to come over to them.

Woo! Instant nervousness shot through my entire body. I had never entered anyone's camp before. I just kind of stood there in the street not really knowing what to do. He started motioning again, for me to come over to them.

"Come on over here. For heaven's sake! No ones going to bite you," he said, trying to reassure me that I would be just fine.

Oh, no doubt I wanted to, I really wanted to. Again I have no idea how long I stood there, but eventually my being turned on more than I was nervous won out. I thought to myself ‘oh my Kathy … here we go’. I slowly walked into their camp, and stopped pretty much right in front of him.

"So, so what's the bet?" I asked in a nervous, slightly broken voice.

"Damn sweetheart! Settle down, no one's going to bite. Okay?" He said, trying to calm me down I guess. I obviously must have looked pretty nervous, or he wouldn't have said that.

I said, "Okay. Okay. I'm okay," still speaking with a nervous voice.

Hell, I was so nervous my whole body was shaking. After all I was only sixteen, and I was standing in the middle of about thirty grown men.

"I'm telling you. There's nothing to be scared about, Sweetie," while shaking his head. "We just want you to settle this really big bet for us. Okay?"

"Oh! So it's a real big bet?" I asked kind of loosening up a bit.

"Oh yeah! It's a hundred-dollar bet." He replied. With a bit of a smirk on his face

"So! What's the bet?" I asked.

"Well, my brother says your pussy is shaved, and I say it's not," he said, quite directly.

Well, talk about getting three times more nervous in an instant. I kind of stood up straight with my eyes wide open. I most certainly was not expecting them to ask that. Yes, I pretty much had a total look of astonishment on my face, and my legs were shaking more than ever.

"Oh, really!" popped out of my mouth in an astonished way.

"Oh Yeah! We just need a close up look at your twat," he said, like it was no big deal.

Well, letting them look at my cunt was not what was making me so nervous. It was being way back in their campsite that was so scary, and scared I was. My legs were shaking so much I couldn't even stand still. Hell, I didn't know what to do, or what to say. On top of that I was having another little orgasm just because of the sexual situation I was in.

He asked, "So what do you think, sweetie? Can we get a little peak at your pussy?"

"I guess so." slowly stumbled its way out of my mouth.

Without even consciously thinking about it, I popped the two snaps loose on my dress and opened it up for them.

"Well, let's see what you got down here, sweets," he said, while leaning his head down to look up between my legs.

"Hell! I can't see a damn thing, sweets. You're going to have to spread your legs, a bit" he requested, while chuckling at the same time.

"Here right here! Put your foot, right up here on this cooler." he instructed, while tapping his hand on top of this big cooler.

I was so flustered I just did whatever he said. As I started to lift my foot, he grabbed my ankle lifting my leg up and setting my foot on top of the cooler. Yeah, my legs were spread open alright. The man didn't even have to lean down to see my pussy. It was right there fully exposed, and spread open for all of them to see. Wow, was I ever excited and turned on.

"Holy! Fucking! Shit! Would you look at that pussy!" he exclaimed very loudly to his friends.

He looked up and around at all the other men, inviting them to get a good look at my cunt. I have no idea how many men crowded in to look.

"Those are the biggest fucking pussy lips, I’ve ever seen!" He exclaimed, with astonishment.

"Damn! You won't mind if I have a little feel, would ya?" He asked, very quickly.

Before I could even answer him he reached in, and lightly ran his finger tips right under the very edges of my hanging pussy lips. It sent a sharp tingling sensation all through my pussy, and I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

"Ohh," very softly came out of my mouth. It felt absolutely fantastic.

"Oh, man! Those lips are fucking nice!" he said, to the other men.

The unbelievable sensations in my pussy must have put my being scared on hold. Because right at that very moment all I was thinking about was how great it felt between my legs. He slowly tickled the edges of my hanging lips with his finger tips as I continued to lightly moan.

"Ohh," followed by another, "Ohh," softly came from my mouth.

He lifted his fingers up into my crotch rubbing my cunt firmly. I had an instant orgasm. Juice was flowing out of my pussy and dripping off his fingers.

"Oh! "Ohh! "Ohhh! came from my mouth much louder as I was cumming.

The man said, "Damn! I think she's cumming," while leaning his head down to get a better look at my dripping wet cunt.

He said to his brother, "Hey. She feels shaved to me, see what you think," while removing his hand from my pussy, and shaking the juice off his fingers.

His brother stuck his hand right up between my legs, and started massaging my pussy in a circular motion, my cunt still cumming.

"Yep! Feels shaved to me too. Guess I win!" He exclaimed, with a laugh. "Hey! I know one thing for sure. It sure is wet up there," laughing even louder.

My whole body was quivering as the juice continued to flow out of my pussy, and dripping off the brother's hand. After a few more circles on my cunt, the brother removed his hand. I was actually disappointed that he stopped. It only took a few seconds and I realized I should probably move on. It was time to get out of Dodge.

"Okay, okay. I think I've settle the bet." I said, with a nervous smile. I took my foot down off the cooler.

"Thank You!" said the man again in that long drawn out voice.

I was actually a bit surprised the guys didn't try to get me to stay. But they were all really cool, and made room for me to leave. As I walked away I fastened my dress at the waist, and gave them the good old finger wave goodbye. I glanced back and they were all smiling and laughing, some giving each other high fives. I apparently made them pretty happy.

Yeah it was a bit scary, but I have to admit I sure like it. Hell, I loved it. Can you imagine having your pussy played with right there in public, and by perfect strangers! Wow, that's what I say about it. Wow!

I walked up Georgetown flashing at least another twenty times, and about half way back from where I started, I heard a crowd of men yelling at me.

"Hey cutie. Come over here a minute," they requested several times.

As I looked over at them the crowd split apart making an aisle way. I looked and there was this weird-looking machine, and a sign ‘The Gyro Ball’. What is a gyro ball? Well it's a big gyroscope that a person stands up in, and rides. Once it gets going the person inside will spin around in all directions: forwards, backwards, sideways (and yes upside down) over and over again. They were selling ten minute rides for five bucks.

The guys running it motioned with their hands for me to come over. I was a bit nervous, but I thought why not at least see what they want. So I walked up to the machine and the man asked me "How would you like to take a ride?"

"Oh, I don't know. I'm afraid I would get sick," I replied.

"No, No, No! Not at all. That's what's so marvelous about this. You are perfectly in the center of the gyro, and you will not get dizzy or sick, I guarantee it" he said with complete certainty.

I knew exactly what they really wanted. They wanted me to take a ride so they could see my dress flip down. Hell, that’s the only reason I wanted to ride in it. Because to be honest with you, I do not like spinning around and getting dizzy. I don't like that at all, so I had no problem having a very apprehensive look on my face.

I stood there staring at the gyro, for the longest time trying to decide if I should do it, or not. All the men standing around were edging me on, and edging me on to take a ride.

"Are you absolutely sure, I won't get sick?" I asked apprehensively.

"Absolutely! No one, I mean, no one has ever gotten sick or dizzy," he guaranteed.

"Well. Okay! I'll give it a try," I said, with a kind of ‘oh shit’ look on my face.

All the men gathered around sure seemed happy as could be that I was going to take a ride. The head guy held my hand while I stepped up into the middle of the gyro. I looked down, and there were four things to put your feet in.

The guy helping me get in the gyro said "You can put your feet in the middle two, or the outer two, but you'll feel more stable in the outer two."

"Oh, Okay! I will use them," I replied in a shaky voice. I really was quite nervous.

Hey, I knew what he was doing. I wasn't that naive. Hell, I wanted my legs to be spread wider apart too, and in the outer two footholds my feet were most definitely wider apart. In fact my feet were very wide apart. I grabbed the two handles that were a bit above my head, while the other man wrapped a big leather strap around my tiny waist, and cinched it up tight.

By now there must have been close to a hundred men gathered all around the gyro ball machine. It was cool that the gyro was mounted on top of a trailer. So I was pretty high up and even the guy's way in the back could clearly see me in the gyro.

"Are you ready?" the man asked me.

"As ready as I will ever be," I replied, while taking in a deep breath.

"Now what ever you do, don't freak out. I guarantee you, there is absolutely no way you can fall out. Okay?" he explained, trying to reassure me.

"Okay! I think I'll be Okay."

He gave it a push, and it first rolled back until I was parallel to the ground, on my back. It then rolled back in the opposite direction until I was parallel to the ground, only I was facing down. I went back and forth a few times, each time my feet getting higher and higher than my head. As I started to swing down forward the man yelled out to me.

"Okay. Here you go, honey. Flipping it on."

"Okay!" I yelled back.

I spun forward my feet went way up, and my dress went way down. I was completely upside down, and the gyro was barely moving. And yeah, my bare everything was exposed! I mean my ass and pussy were totally exposed, and my legs were spread apart pretty darn wide. A huge roar of cheers rang out from everyone. I'm sure they were totally surprised that I had no panties on.

"Yes! Woo Hoo! Unbelievable! Holy fucking shit! Son of a bitch! Awesome!" We're just some of the many things men yelled out, as I went upside down.

I tried to act embarrassed by letting go with one hand and trying to push my dress up between my legs. But I really wasn't trying to cover myself at all. Hell, I was having an absolute ball. It finally turned over and I spun around into an upright position, but it went right back upside down again. By the third time around my breasts had fallen completely out of my dress.

"Oohs! Ahhs! Woo Hoo's!" were yelled out, every time I went around.

I was hearing all kinds of comments about my tits, ass and cunt, but by far the absolute most comments were about my big pussy lips, flopping all around as I turned over and over. I can tell you right now that ten minute ride was more like fifteen minutes or more; and yes, I loved every single minute of it too.

Twice I got stopped completely upside down as the ride ended. I'm sure the guy operating it had something to do with that. As it stopped with me upright a big applause and a lot of whistles came from everyone that had watched. I tried my best to act embarrassed, but I was so hot and so turned on I just don't think I looked very embarrassed. Hell, I really didn't care at that point, I had an absolute blast.

"Do you want to go again, honey?" The man asked me right away.

"No, No, No!" I said. "At least not right now," while laughing.

He confirmed, "You can ride anytime you want," with a big smile on his face.

"Well. I might later on, if you don't mind?"

"Absolutely! Anytime you want. That was fabulous," he exclaimed.

"Yes! It was, I really liked that," I replied, still laughing.

The ride operator held my hand to help me down the steps, while all the men that had watched broke out with another loud applause and whistles. They all stepped back again making an aisle way for me to walk through. Wow! Now just how fun was that? I must have flashed a couple hundred guys with that ride. Plus I was not dizzy at all, except for being dizzy turned on!

It had been quite a night so far. Flashing, getting my pussy played with, having an orgasm, and then going round and around in the gyro, showing my body to who knows how many men. But I wasn't close to being done yet. It was only a little after 9pm, and my parent's were not home. So tonight, I had no curfew.

I walked and flashed all the way back to 25th street, where I used one of those portable johns. I really needed that after going round and around. When I came out guys down on 25th street, were calling for me. Of course I went right over there and flashed several times. That's when I noticed there were rows and rows and rows of camper trailers in the field behind those lined up on Georgetown road.

Well, let me tell you - I had just found a whole lot more new men to flash. So I headed down between the second and third rows. It was a bit darker back there which made it a little scary, but what the heck … scary just makes it that much more exciting, right?

After walking about half way down the row of campers, and flashing about every fifty feet, some guys asked me the same question that I had been asked before. Apparently that was a common come on line at the Indy 500.

"Hey honey! Can you settle a bet for us?" A man yelled out again.

"I will if I can," I replied. I was getting bolder at talking with these guys.

"My friend says you're not wearing panties, and I say you are," he explained with a smile.

"Oh really!" I jokingly replied, as though surprised by this question.

"Can you show us which one is right?" he asked.

I was really getting into the back and forth banter. So I just stood there for a few seconds, putting my hands on my hips like I was trying to decide if I should show them.

"Come on, baby doll! Have a little mercy on some old country boys," he pleaded.

I smiled, and started undoing the snaps at my waist. As I did that guys started gathering around in front of me. I did my little look around for cops, and then spread my dress wide open. They started whistling and cheering instantly. I gave them a good long look, and as I was snapping my dress, the same guy yelled out to me again.

"Hey doll, got a question for ya."

"And what might that be?" I replied, again in a joking way.

"Are you shaved?" He very bluntly inquired.

Obviously are you shaved is a pretty common line too. Anyway, I knew right away where this might go. It scared me when it happened before, but I also loved it as well. I just couldn't contain myself. So I thought I would play along with it ... maybe even help it along if I could.

"Why? Do you have some kind of bet or something on that too?" I asked them.

Instantly, he replied, "Yes! Yes we do. Come on over and settle the bet, for us."

Even though I was playing along with this, I still got plenty nervous. After all there were a lot of men here, and it was much more secluded back in the field than out on Georgetown road. I just stood there thinking about it, getting more turned on by the second. Just thinking about what might happen was making my pussy tingle. He motioned with his hand just like the other guys had done.

"Come on over doll. No ones going to hurt you. We just want to see if you're shaved or not."

Oh my, I was just too turned on I had to go over there. He was sitting backwards on the bench of a picnic table. As I got up in front of him, I undid the snaps at my waist, and opened my dress. He leaned his head way down looking up between my legs and said "Hell. I can't see anything. It's too fucking dark. Someone hand me, a flashlight!"

About two seconds later at least two dozen flashlights came on, all pointing right at my body. The guy again leaned over shining a flashlight right up at my cunt.

"Holy fucking shit! Would you look at this girl’s pussy?"

There were all kinds of guys crowding in trying to get a look at my cunt. The guy put his hand on the inside of my knee and pushed out.

"Spread your legs, doll. Everyone's got to see this."

As he pushed my leg, for whatever reason, I lifted it way up and put my foot on the bench he was sitting on. I also turned my whole body, so I was facing out towards the bulk of the men.

"That a girl! Now, lean back a little, so everyone can see," he requested.

I was getting very hot very quickly. I not only leaned back, I actually tilted my cunt up, and pushed it out towards them which made my legs spread open even wider.

"Oh yeah! That a girl, that a girl, spread’em open," he said, with excitement. "Damn! That is some fucking pussy you got there, doll."

Between having my legs spread open pretty wide, one foot up on the bench, and leaning back so far, I had a hard time keeping my balance. The man reached in without even asking and started flipping my cunt lips with his finger.

"Would you just look at these fucking pussy lips," still fingering them. "That's fucking gorgeous, just fucking gorgeous."

The fingering of my pussy lips quickly turned into fingering my clit. My clit was stiff and sticking way out from my crotch. Each time he touched my clit it sent big jolts deep into my pussy. The man seemed as mesmerized with my clit as he was my labia. But the fingering of my clit had brought me to an orgasm. Juice started flowing out of my hole, and dripping to the ground.

"Oh! Ohh!" Ohhh!" I moaned, as I started cumming.

"Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! She's cumming! She's fucking cumming!" He looked up at the other men, like they were missing it or something, and saying even louder. "Look at that man, she's fucking cumming!"

He started doing my clit harder, rolling his finger tip back and forth over it. I was so hot I just couldn't help myself. I had leaned back so far while trying to tip my pussy up more that two men behind me were actually holding me up keeping me from falling over backwards.

Those two men slid their hands around my sides and started groping my tits, and squeezing my nipples. I'm sure the other men seeing that got them to reach in too. They started rubbing my thighs, my tummy, my bush, and my ass. I had hands all over my body and I was now having a second orgasm.

"Oh my god! Ahh! Ohh! Oh my god!" rolled out of my mouth.

"Un-fucking believable! She's, cumming again man. She's fucking cumming again!" he exclaimed, and then asked, "Hey! You guys seeing this she's cumming again man!"

I was having one orgasm after another. The more I came the harder he rubbed my clit. I looked around and saw that I must have been encircled by at least fifty men. But, I just didn't care right then. All that mattered to me right then was that man's finger bringing me to multiple orgasms. I was moaning and groaning very loud, and every time I had an orgasm, I yelled out "Oh my god! Oh my god!" It was sheer ecstasy in my voice.

I cannot honestly tell you how long I was there, or how many orgasms I had … I just don't know. The only thing I remember for sure is that I had several orgasms. The man stopped doing my clit but juice continued to stream out of my pussy. Again the men seemed mesmerized just watching my cunt orgasm. Then I just seemed to kind of snap out of my orgasmic trance.

I lowered my foot down off the bench, and the guys were cool just like the other ones had been. They all removed their hands from my body, even helping me stand back up straight. I actually felt kind of embarrassed if you can believe that.

For a few seconds, I felt like I was in some kind of a sexual dream world. I really wanted to say something, but I had not a clue what to say. As I closed my dress and squeezed one snap closed at the waist, the guy that had fingered my clit said "God damn, honey! That was fantastic. Absolutely slam damn fucking fantastic." with all the other guys nodding their heads and agreeing with him.

I said, "Wow! That was different," while slowly shaking my head, and slightly laughing. "I think I better go now."

"Hell, honey! You can stay here all night if you want," he said.

I said "Well, thanks, but I, I should go."

My legs were a little shaky at first feeling a bit weak. I had only walked a few steps when I kind of popped out of my sexual dream world. The first thing I thought was holy crap that was fucking awesome … absolutely fucking awesome. I had no idea that I could have that many orgasms right in a row. I had never done it before, but boy I sure as hell loved it.

With guys yelling again, I decided to quit the subtle flashing of my breasts. I spread my dress wide open, and flashed my full naked body, even turning to the side and pulling back my dress to show them my hard little ass as well. I'm pretty darn sure they all liked it.

After that I just opened my dress to anyone wanting me to flash them, and believe me there was still a whole lot more men I hadn't flashed yet. I was having the sexual time of my life. I can't begin to describe to you how turned on and excited I was.

I finished flashing that row and walked right over to the next double row of campers. Guess what I noticed while flashing back in the field of campers? No cops! Really, there were no cops. I hadn't seen one cop since I came back here, which was absolutely great with me.

I found myself talking with a lot more of the guys as I flashed them. It was really fun and sexually exciting as well. At least a half a dozen different times while standing and talking with guys, they reached in my dress. They all massaged my cunt, a couple of guys sucked my nipples, and a couple others rubbed my ass. While they were doing that they were trying to talk me into going in their camper to fuck. How hot is that?

Hell, I had an orgasm every time. It only took a few seconds for me to cum with them rubbing my pussy. But I was able to resist their pressured seductions, and moved on. I have to admit there were a couple of guys that almost had me talked into fucking them. That's one of the reasons I like talking with some of the guys that I flash.

I was so turned on I wanted to just take my dress off and walk around naked. But, I figured that is about the time cops would show up, so I left it on. I finished flashing that row of campers and went right on to the next double row. I was so hot I just couldn't get enough of this. My pussy constantly felt like it was ready to explode with an orgasm.

I was now in the middle of the next to the last row of campers. I had just flashed a few guys, had walked past a couple of empty sites, and was coming up on another one. There were forty maybe fifty guys most of them sitting in lawn chairs around a campfire, and of coarse drinking beer.

I knew they would yell at me to flash them.

Have you noticed there always seems to be that one guy in the bunch that does almost all of the talking? That one guy yelled out to me just as I approached their campsite.

"Hey sweet thing! Come on over here, and get your size checked." He said, while pointing at four signs that each had a pair of big holes in them.

Now this was different … they seemed to be original with this one. Again I was too turned on not to go over there. I went right into their camp walking past the large group around the campfire, and put my hand on one of the boards with holes in them.

"Okay. So what are these?" I asked, curiously.

"They’re boob gauges, honey! Boob gauges!" The man yelled, loud.

"Oh, sorry! I've never seen one before," I said apologetically, but jokingly.

"Well, you have now honey. And these here are top quality ones too," he exclaimed, while chuckling and getting up out of his chair.

There were four separate signs on stands with two holes in each of them. They had written on them small, medium, large, and oh my god. They really were quite funny.

"So how do they work?" I asked, while folding both my arms on top of one of them, and resting my chin on my wrists.

"Well, honey. The first thing you need to do is strip butt naked!"

"Naked!" I exclaimed, trying to act totally surprised.

All the other guys started laughing like crazy. I think both at what he said and my reaction to it.

"Well hell, honey. You can't blame me for trying now, can ya?" He said, while getting a beer out of a cooler. "But, you will have to take those big titties out of that dress."

I paused a couple seconds, and said, "Okay. I can do that," acting like it was no big deal.

After I said that most of the men came over closer to the boob gauges. This boob gauge thing was actually pretty cool, and the guys seemed pretty cool too. That's when I decided to take my dress off. How excited I got with just the thought of being totally naked in front of all these men. It sent a huge tingling feeling through my pussy and made it even wetter.

I was nervous as usual as I stepped in front of a table, my back to all the men. I was so excited and stood there for a couple seconds wondering if I should take it off. But my being so aroused again won out. I slipped my dress all the way off and laid it on the table. I could almost feel all the men's eyes focused on my hard little ass. When I turned around they were all staring at me as they saw the front of my body for the first time.

"Whoa!" came from all the men's mouths.

"Holy Mary mother of God!" the guy doing all the talking blurted out. "You’re fucking gorgeous, honey."

I loved the compliments, but I think I loved the astonished look on all the men's faces even more.

"Thank you." I replied. "Now how do I do this?"

"Just stick your tits right in them there holes, honey." he instructed while pointing at the gauge.

I carefully put my breasts in the holes only they didn't quite go all the way in.

"Hold it! Hold it right there, let me check!" he exclaimed while stepping to the side of me. While staring at my breasts stuck through the holes he said, "Damn! You got some big ass nipples!"

Of course all the other guys started laughing, as well as me. He slid his hand between my chest and the board like he was doing some kind of precision measurement or something.

He said, "Nope! They ain't fittin. Move on over to, Oh My," and abruptly stopped talking while staring at my breasts as I took them out of the gauge. Then he just as quickly started again, "GOD! Would you look at those titties."

I and all the other guys started laughing like crazy. It was just so funny the way he stopped talking, and started up again. I moved over to the last gauge and stuck my tits all the way into the holes.

"Oh My God! The man yelled out loud. "We got us a D cup, boys. We got us a D cup, we got us our first D cup" he said, over and over again.

Some of the guys clapped their hands, some whistled, and some gave high fives to each other. I held my arms straight up in the air giving the touchdown sign, and the men laughed and clapped even louder. I was really getting into this kind of stuff. What can I say? It turned me on.

I took my breasts out of the boob gauge, and slowly walked back to get my dress giving as long of a naked show as I could.

"Damn! You got a nice ass," several of the men said as I picked up my dress. I was just about to put it on when that one guy spoke up.

"Hey! Before you put that on can we check something else?" He asked.

"And just what might that be?" I asked, while turning around to face them.

"Your pussy!" he blurted out loud.

"Oh! You want to measure it too?" I replied with a cheesy smile.

"That a problem, sweet cheeks?" he boldly asked.

I didn't say anything for a couple seconds with all the guys listening for my reply. I kind of flipped my hands out to my sides, and said

"No! No problem," like it was cool with me. All the men seemed to have that ‘I can't believe it’ look on their faces.

"Here sweets. Sit right up here on the table," he instructed, while putting his hands on the table.

"How about putting your feet up here too?" He requested very excitedly.

I was so turned on I just did whatever they said. So I slid my butt up on the table pulling my feet up as well. Anyway, there I sat my legs together bent way up to my chest, and totally naked. Was I ever nervous! My whole body was shaking I was so nervous, and even more excited.

"We're going to need flashlights." He said to the other guys. It was like mass confusion as several of them scrambled around looking for flashlights.

Yes I know I should not have been doing this, but damn I was almost sexually out of control at this point and I just couldn't help myself. With several flashlights now lighting up my entire body, the man stepped up in front of me putting both hands on the tops of my knees, and slowly spreading my legs open.

He was looking right at my face like he was waiting, for me to say stop. Only I didn't say anything, not a word. I actually laid back resting on my elbows. I was so hot I almost had an orgasm just from him spreading my legs.

"Well, it looks shaved to me, boys," he proclaimed. "But, I really need to check for those damn razor stubbles you know," saying it as though trying to give a reason to touch my pussy.

With one finger he softly rubbed my crotch and the skin right next to my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building in my cunt right away. It felt so good that without even consciously thinking about it, I spread my legs open a little wider.

I so very clearly remember all of the men's eyes opening up wide, and the expressions on their faces changing as I spread my legs wider. It seemed like a signal to them to proceed and do more. The man instantly moved his finger over, and started rubbing my pussy lips. He was doing it softly and almost teasingly, making my cunt tingle with excitement.

Still lying back up on my elbows he spread my pussy lips open, flipping one to each side, and then sliding his finger right up and down the slit of my cunt. The soft continual movement of his finger was driving me absolutely wild with anticipation.

I was surrounded by at least fifty men, and they were all intently watching. I was moaning softly which everyone could hear, because all the guys were dead quiet. Again without even consciously thinking about doing it, I spread my legs even wider, and like an involuntary reflex humped my cunt up into his finger.

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," kept coming from my mouth.

Again spreading my legs was like a signal to them, their facial expressions again changing as I slowly humped my pussy up. The man's finger for the first time touched my clit, and again involuntarily I humped my pussy up into his finger. It was like my cunt had a mind all of its own.

"Ohh, Ohh," I moaned as he fingered my clit.

The man continued slowly and softly sliding his finger back and forth over my clit, and I could feel the juice trickling out of my pussy. The anticipation of him doing my clit harder was literally driving me wild. With my feet together in the middle of the table, my legs bent and spread open again without me even realizing I was doing it. I spread my legs open about as wide as I could spread them and tipped my pussy up.

The man pushed down harder on my clit, and flicked it several times. I tilted back my head while arching my back, humping my cunt up into his finger. My entire body tensed up, and I started pumping out a huge orgasm. I could feel my cunt juice coming out of my pussy and running down my ass.

"Oh My God! Ahh! Oh My God!" I yelled out repeatedly, as the juice poured out of me.

I was in my sexual dream world again. I laid down flat on my back so I could spread my legs even wider.

"Damn! That pussy cums a bunch!" One of the men blurted out. Several others just said, "Fuck!"

No sooner was that orgasm over that I could feel another building in my cunt. I raised my head and looked down, there were hands all over my body rubbing my thighs, my tummy, feeling my breasts, and squeezing my nipples. My clit was so sensitive, and the man was now flicking my clit hard side to side.

"Ahh! Ahh! Oh My God! Oh My God!" I yelled out in a very strained voice, as my cunt exploded with an even bigger orgasm.

I laid my head back down on the table feeling even more juice pouring out of my pussy hole. The intensity between my legs was driving me crazy. I again climbed back up to my elbows, and looked down at my cunt. I could see my very, very stiff long clit being bent over flat, then popping back up straight every time the man raked his fat finger over it.

"Ahh! Ohh! Ahh! Ahh!" kept coming out of my mouth.

The intense sensations in my cunt, especially my clit, became totally unbearable. Again like an involuntary reflex, I slammed my legs closed. They grabbed my legs instantly, and spread them back open. I arched my back way up actually lifting my butt up off the table. My entire body got incredibly stiff as my pussy exploded, again pumping out loads of juice, and making splatting sounds as it dropped on the table.

"Ahh! Ahh! Oh My God! Ahh!" I screamed out very loud. The orgasm was so intense I thought I was going to pass out.

A man covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my loud screams. Everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing removing their hands from my body. I lowered my ass back down on the table still humping my cunt as juice continued to pour out of my pussy. Moans and groans poured from my mouth.

My entire body was quivering, my cunt having small spasms, and juice was still trickling out of my pussy. As I started to settle down I kind of looked around, and all the men seemed to have a look of amazement and even fear on their faces. My cunt was still having little spasms, which felt great by the way. But again, I got back up to my elbows, and said

"Whoa! That was wild." It was a soft shaky voice. I didn’t even know who I was even saying it to.

"Are you alright, honey?" The man nervously asked me.

"Whew! I think so," I replied while laying down flat on my back with both hands on my forehead.

"You, want to try sitting up, kiddo?" One of the men asked me.

"Yeah. Whew! Yeah, I think so anyway," I said with a little laugh, as he helped me sit up on the table.

My cunt juice was all over the table, it was all over my back, legs and ass. Some guys brought out some bath towels, and as I slid off the table standing up they wiped off my back, butt, legs, and seemed to take a long time between my legs. They wrapped a big towel around me and had me sit down by the camp fire. It really felt good, because it was pretty chilly in the night air.

Even being as young as I was, it didn't take me long to figure out that my loud screams must have scared the hell out of them. I sat by the camp fire with the big towel wrapped around me. But even in that situation, I just couldn't help myself. I had my legs spread pretty wide so the guys could see right up between my legs, and I let the towel droop, so you could see the sides of my breasts.

"Hey, would you like a beer or something?" they asked.

"No, no thanks." I replied.

I think once they saw I wasn't going to freak out that they tried to make small talk, mostly about my body, but what they were actually trying to do was get me to spend the night. I'm pretty sure they all wanted to fuck me. Hah!

No, I didn't stay there. Can't say I didn't think about it though. Anyway, I only sat there for a few minutes at most. Not really sure why I did, I felt just fine once I sat up on the table. I guess it was because I felt so hot being surrounded by all of those grown men with nothing on but that towel. Not to mention the excitement of them constantly trying to get me to spend the night.

I told them I needed to get going, and wouldn't you know it when I stood up, I accidently dropped the towel. I got my dress back on said my goodbyes, and headed back over to Georgetown. I decided I would make a final walk of flashing down Georgetown road till I got to my car.

Hell, No! I wasn't done flashing yet!

I fastened my dress at the waist, and walked away. As I walked I got a big smile on my face while thinking just how unbelievably fantastic that had been. My God, that was the wildest sexual time of my life. I can very clearly remember actually saying it out loud to myself with a little giggle.

"Damn, just how fucking great was that."

I knew I should have headed for home, but I just couldn't. It would be a whole year before the next Indy 500, and I didn't want it to end just yet.

I used one of those portable johns again, and got a drink from the concession stand. Oh yeah, I sat down on a bench with my legs spread, actually spread quite a bit wider than the night before. With the much shorter dress my bare pussy was pretty much sticking right out there. I got several guys walking by one after the other. A couple of them told me I had a nice pussy.

I threw my cup in a trash can, and started my last trip down the road. I no sooner got going and guys were yelling at me. Again no boob flashing, I opened my dress up, and exposed my entire body. By the time I got up to where the gyro machine was, I must have flashed fifty times. The only guys around the gyro were the two men running it, and as soon as they saw me they asked, "Hey sweetheart. You ready to go again?"

"Sure! Why not," I replied.

I got in and it was pretty much the same as before. As soon as the guys saw me getting in the gyro they started gathering around. At the start I was left hanging totally upside down, and yes everything below my waist was exposed again, and my breasts fell right out of my dress. Within a couple of minutes there was a big crowd of men surrounding the gyro, hooting and screaming.

I'm not sure how long it went on but I know it was a lot longer than the first ride. Everyone cheered and applauded as I climbed down out of the gyro. Dang, that gyro thing was really great; not just for mass flashing, but darn fun to ride in too.

I kept walking up Georgetown, and by the time I got up to 25th street, I must have flashed another forty times, getting my cunt played with once, and my nipples sucked twice. But that was as far as it went. I was not more than two blocks from my car and after flashing a dozen guys, two of them said they wanted to ask me a question. They wanted me to step back by their motor home.

I was so turned on I just did it without even thinking. While standing there face to face, he slipped his hand in between my legs. When I didn't resist the other one slipped his hand in rubbing my ass. They were both good looking younger men, real hunks.

"God. You have a gorgeous body," the one touching my cunt said as he spread my dress wide open.

"Thanks." I replied. "Mmm. Mmm," came from my mouth, as I was getting close to cumming.

"Hey. What you say, we get in the motor home?" He suggested, while massaging my pussy and spreading my legs further apart with his knee. I tried answering him as I moaned.

"Mmm, Mmm, Ahh," I moaned. "Ah, nah, I don’t think so." I replied in a quivering voice, as an orgasm was about to let go.

Hands came in from both sides groping my breasts and squeezing my nipples. One guy sucked my nipples. Just like that I had hands all over my body again; and hell, that was just fine with me.

"Come on baby. Let's go in the motor home. We'll fuck you for hours," he boasted, grinding his fingers up into my clit even harder.

"Ahh. Ahh. Ahh." I moaned loud before I could answer him. An orgasm burst out of my pussy. I could feel the juice flowing down my thighs. "Oh My God. Ahh. Oh My God." came out of my mouth in a low strained tone, as he pushed my legs even wider open with his knees.

One of the guys was shining a flashlight on my pussy, and said while I was cumming, "Holy crap! She cums a ton, man," while watching my cunt juice dropping out from between my legs and spilling to the ground.

As the intensity of my orgasm lessened, I attempted to close my legs, but I couldn't move them. Yes, I was standing up, but he had his leg inside one of my wide spread legs, while another man was doing the same with my other leg. As I tried to move again they tightened their positions, actually spreading my legs wider apart.

With full access to my spread open pussy, he ground his fingers into my clit very hard with a continual circular motion.

"Ahh. "Oh My God. Ahh. Oh My God. Ahh!" I moaned loudly while having another orgasm.

He was absolutely relentless! He never let up, always massaging my clit harder and harder. It only took a couple minutes, and I came again.

"Oh My God. Ahh. Ahh!" kept coming out of my mouth as he kept asking me to go in the motor home to fuck. Hell, I was cumming so intensely, I couldn't even answer him.

He never let up, bringing me to a fourth orgasm. There's no doubt in my mind if I could have answered him that I would have gone into the motor home, and fucked him. But he never let up long enough for me to answer. Then he suddenly stopped, and it took a little while before the wild intensity in my pussy lessened. Juice was still streaming out of my cunt hole.

"Come on! Let’s go in the motor home!" Like ordering me! He grabbed my waist with both hands and forcibly moved me towards the door of the motor home.

He got me to the door (which wasn't hard for him, since I only weighed 85 pounds and he was a big strong man). I grabbed the open door with one hand and he just let go of me.

"What's the fucking problem?" he screamed at me, as though very pissed off.

"Ah. I don't know," I replied, not really knowing why I even said that.

As that guy was about to say something else, one of the other men said pretty damn loud, "And that's just fine! We don't want you doing anything, you don't want to." He said it more to the other guy than me, while taking me by the hand. He walked me back out to the road.

"There you go cutie. Sorry about that asshole, he's pretty drunk. You got a great body," he said, apologizing for the other guy, and giving me a compliment.

I have to admit, I got in a bit over my head on that one. But, I still enjoyed the hell out of it no matter how it ended.

I flashed maybe ten, twelve more times before getting to my car. That was it, the flashing was over.

I actually thought about going back out again, that is until I looked at my watch. Holy cow, it was nearly 4:00 am. I couldn't believe it was so late.

Now I knew why there weren't as many people out walking around. Yes, there was still some I could have flashed but I figured I better get my little ass home. At least I was finally able to take off my dress. Yep, I got in my car, and drove home naked right into the garage. Damn, I just couldn't get enough of this naked, flashing stuff.

I took a long hot shower and hopped in bed (of course naked), lying right on top of the bedspread my arms and legs spread wide open. I laid there looking up at the ceiling with everything I had done that night spinning around in my head.

Wow, I thought! I must have flashed a thousand times! I got groped, I got all felt up, I got my nipples sucked, and on top of all that, I must have had twenty or twenty five orgasms. ‘What a night I had’ I thought as I drifted off to sleep not waking up till three in the afternoon. You know, I don't even remember driving home that night. I'm sure because I was on such as sexual high.

So, as I said at the beginning, a lot more happened than just flashing. I had absolutely no idea things would get as wild as they did. And I did go back the following year. But that’s another wild story for another time. If you liked reading this account stay tuned for the next one, because a whole hell of a lot more happened then too.


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