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Kathy makes my fantasy come true

Kathy puts on a show for me that I will never forget

We rose from the sofa but before she could turn to the bedroom, I wrapped her up in my arms, her naked body pressed against me, and I kissed her. It was a kiss of passion and longing, of excitement and desire. It was the kind of kiss that pulls you from reality to fantasy and I enjoyed every moment of it.

“Come on lover boy. Let go, this is going to be so hot I can’t wait any longer.” she pulled me by the hand into the bedroom.

Bill was asleep his breathing heavy and regular. I quietly slipped into the closet as directed, my heart bounding in my ears. Kathy slipped out of her house coat and went to the dresser drawer. Quietly she opened it and removed six candles. Placing three on each night table she lit them, she also opened the bedroom curtains a couple of inches so that the glow of the street light would help brighten the room.

With everything in order she returned to the bed, but rather than wake Bill as I had expected she instead looked to the closet, smiled, and proceeded to caress her own body. She started with her breasts, massaging them, rolling her nipples between her finger and thumb, kneading the soft flesh. I watched as her nipples became hard and the soft brown areola became tight and puckered. As she laid there pleasing herself her gaze was locked on the dark void of the bedroom closet, and my eyes were locked on her, smiles on both of our faces.

Her hands eventually left her breasts and worked there way down her stomach to her pussy. Her lips were still swollen and wet from our time together on the sofa. I watched as she slid her fingers down either side of her lips, pulling them to there full extent, then letting them go. She rubbed gentle the soft flesh beside her little clit, and her hips moved involuntary to optimize the experience. As she worked two then three fingers into herself I realized that she had not cum when we were together, and I was filled with regret. She had given me such a wonderful orgasm and I had not returned the favor.

I slipped out of the closet and knelt before her. She removed her fingers long enough for me to insert my tongue. I pulled her lips into my mouth and ran my tongue around her clit. As I did this I slipped one finger into her wetness. I worked it in and out several times then removed it completely and slowly inserted it into her bum. At first she was a surprised but soon she was pushing back against me trying to get every inch of my digit into herself.

I had not been between her legs for very long when she pulled my head away from her pussy and pointed me back to the closet. My silent protest went unsupported so I returned to my viewing area. When I was safely inside the closet Kathy turned to Bill and slid her hand under the covers. I could she her stroking his cock and as each stroke got a little longer knew that he was responding to her touch. Before long she had pulled back the covers and, positioning herself so that I had a perfect view, she took his cock into her mouth. I watched in amazement as she worked its length. In about three smooth strokes she had it in to the base. The way she was kneeling on the bed she was almost in a 69 position and as Bill awoke he encouraged her to complete the position. I was less than six feet from them as they enjoyed each other.

I suspect that Kathy knew that Bill was getting close to blowing his load, because she stopped deep throating him and sat up, exposing her tits and her smile to me, as she better positioned her clit on his mouth, rocking her hips back and forth.

I watched in complete awe as she came. Her breath coming in short gasps her hands on her breasts and her eyes locked on mine. I had stepped right to the edge of the closet, out of the darkness knowing that Bill was to busy to look or see me. As she came down from her orgasm I retreated into the darkness of the closet. She rolled off of Bill and settled in beside him.

“How would you like to cum darling?” she cooed

“Let’s start with you on top and we will see where it goes.”

With more energy than I would have had after the orgasm I had just witnessed, she shifted from his side and lowered herself onto his rigid cock.

The view was exceptional from where I was standing. Kathy was careful not to sit up straight but stayed on her knees kissing Bill leaving her pussy fully exposed to my view. I watched her full lips hold his cock as he exited and disappear as he entered. It was an amazing view. They fucked like this for maybe five or so minutes when Bill rolled her off. With a smooth motion he slipped a hand under her belly and brought her to her knees and entered her from behind. I could not see her pussy from the angle they were at but she was looking straight at me and boy was she sexy.

I watched as she mouthed the words “Do you like the show?” I could hear Bill slapping against her ass as he fucked her hard his hand on her hips. Her tits were moving in time with his strokes. I watched as Kathy moved her arm slightly to catch one of her breasts in her hand, her fingers working the sensitive end.

“I want to suck your cock” she mouthed, and I was temped to let her but I knew I could not. After Bill had fucked her from behind for a few minutes he pulled out and told her to lie on her back. He placed her ankles on his shoulders and entered her again. In this position he fucked her slow and hard. I could hear her moan as he reached bottom on each stroke. Kathy was really enjoying this position and I suspected so was Bill from the sweat running down his back.

She twisted her body slightly so I could see her face from my hiding place. She looked straight at me smiled and came. She came loud and long and if I had been asleep in the other room I might have been awaken by the sound. This was too much for Bill and he started pumping his load deep into her.

When they were both finished cumming, they collapsed together on the bed, a tangle of arms, legs and body parts. I could clearly see Kathy’s pussy her legs spread for me and Bill’s cum working its way out of her lips.

“Baby, that was wonderful. What got you so turned on? You can wake me up any time you want.” I listened to Bill’s breathing settle to a slow steady rhythm and before long he was asleep. Kathy on the other hand was slowly stroking her pussy, running her fingers in and out of her hole, teasing his cum out. When she was sure Bill was asleep Kathy slipped out from under his arm, covered him up and blew out the candles. With a single finger she motioned me out of the closet and we went back out into the living room.

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