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Kissin' cousins, And His Friend.

The story behind the pics.
I awoke feeling especially horny that day. I expected exciting things to happen and looked forward to my day unfolding. It was to be my last day at this particular job assignment and I was pleasantly surprised when I was invited out for happy hour drinks after work. I do mostly temp work, and rarely had the chance to socialize outside of the office.

From the very start of putting on my cute skirt and matching blazer ensemble, my pussy tingled and was moist, if not wet, the entire day. Had I worn panties, I'm sure they would have been a sopping mess by mid-morning because I felt myself especially lubricate when being noticed by the guys. I actually felt a droplet running down my inner thighs and let it continue on its way down my thigh until it reached my stocking tops.

It was a day filled with anticipation and excitement, and as it came to an end, I was feeling a little disappointed. I really didn't know what I had expected to happen, but I knew I wanted something more.

I showed-up at the hotel lounge for our happy hour gathering and joined them at a large corner booth that was elevated a couple steps from the main floor. It was also open in the front and faced a small dance floor. The place was popular for the young professional set, and it was crowded. A couple of the guys scooted in their seats to make a place for me, and I found myself sandwiched between them, with others standing in front. They were very friendly and engaging, and I loved the attention. Especially, since it seemed I was getting most of it compared to the other few girls who showed up. I know it must sound awfully egotistic of me, but that's me, and I loved it.

I noticed a small group of guys standing farther away in front of us every so often looking towards my direction, realizing that they were looking at my lower half. They had an under the table view of my crossed legs because of the elevated booth. But I mostly behaved as I sat there, criss-crossing my legs only a few times. But when I did, I knew that my pussy would quickly be exposed. I laughed inwardly, seeing their expression when they got a glimpse and wondering did they actually see my pussy, or my dark colored panties?

I was warming up to a couple of them when I saw a familiar face. He was all smiles and holding up his drink, toasting me, and I instantly recognized my distant cousin, Art (second or third cousin). Another guy was next to him, also smiling and toasting to me. He was really cute. I smiled and waved back, and they beckoned me over to their spot near the bar. I excused myself and went over.

Our families had always been close, and would get together on holidays, and sometimes on vacations. Art was a couple years older, and when I was in my teens, I craved the attention that he and the other boys would give to girls. I remember carefully planning each upcoming family reunion as to what I would wear, and what I could get away with with the parents there. The last time I saw Art was at the usual family event before he joined the Navy. It was a picnic, and I wore a denim mini-skirt and snug fitting halter top, with flip flops. My toes were perfectly peticured and painted, and I relished the stares I got from the boys, and men as well. I wore panties and chose a really light, flimsy kind that easily gave way to expose parts of my pussy. I was so tempted to take them off during the day, but that would have been too obvious.

I was becoming an accomplished tease as a teen. I had modeled the outfit days before in the privacy of my bedroom, and knew what I could get away with. But during the day, I found myself going beyond. I sat and frolicked without a care in the world as to what I was showing. Playing touch football, I seemed to be the one always given the ball. I noticed that a few of the boys were playing with big bulges in their shorts, which affected their running. I thought it was hilarious. And when I felt the game getting too intense, I stopped playing.

As the picnic came to an end, I did take off my panties because they were very wet and I was afraid that it would show on my skirt. It was exhilarating feeling the cool air on my pussy. And that's how I went to my Aunt's house where our families were having a kind of after-party. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Art joined me.

While there were plenty of places to sit, he chose to lie on the carpet and talk with me. I knew he wanted to look up my skirt. He seemed intent on making me laugh because I'd fidget and move about as I sat there, giving him quick peeks up my skirt. I pretended to be unaware of it, which was a challenge because some of his expressions almost had me laughing out loud.

Well anyways, I was really happy to see Art and meet his cute friend, Jay. They quickly got a bar stool for me and ordered more drinks. The one drink I still hadn't quite finished already had me feeling light-headed. Tequila shots were ordered, and I downed one successfully, and passed on their urging me to keep up with them. I gave in, and drank one more. We were having a great time, and loved that they seemed to shield me from the crowded bar. I especially liked their frequent brushings-up against my legs, and their frequent glances to my partly exposed thigh-high stocking tops.

Art and I reminisced, with Jay the attentive audience. Art suddenly blurted out that he had seen my pussy those years ago, and described other times also. I vaguely recalled them, but was really surprised about the detail of his recollection. I was so embarressed, but also excited seeing both their reactions. When Art started to tease me about not wearing panties, Jay joined in, with both wanting to know if I was wearing any then and there. I played them off, trying to change the subject, but they kept playfully nudging me to give them a peek.

When a guy nearby tried to join-in our fun, Art and Jay were suddenly upon him like pack predators, and he cowered away. But they remained all smiles and sweetness to me. I relished their being territorial about me. Occasionally, one of the guys from my office would make eye contact with me at the bar, and I'd smile and wave. I was having too much fun with Art and Jay, and had no thoughts of returning to their group.

Happy hour was ending, and they wanted to take me to a new nightclub where both of them knew the owner. Before we left, they ordered more shots, and I appeased them by drinking one. I was all giggles and smiles, and so were they. They also got a bit bolder, playfully nudging my legs to part so that they could see if I was pantyless like they suspected. I was enjoying their torment so much, that I actually held back from flashing.

We left in Jay's car. For some reason, the backseat had been removed, so I had to sit on Art's lap for the short drive. I was surprised that Jay seemed suddenly sober when he got behind the wheel, or at least not as tipsy as he seemed to be just a moment before. He drove carefully, but in every shift of the gears, I'd feel his fingers stretch out to caress my legs. I just giggled each time, knowing that I was driving them crazy, especially since my position on Art's lap had my legs spread and my skirt riding very high showing all of my stocking tops. Just a bit more, and my bush would be exposed. On turns, I'd sway with the motion, and notice all their eyes go straight to my legs.

When we pulled up to the club entrance, I was in the middle of a giggling-fit when the doorman opened the car door for me and without thinking I turned and got out. His expression told Art and Jay their answer, and they became almost like beggars in their wanting to see my pussy. I continued to play them off, and loved that I was driving them crazy.

Both Art and Jay had VIP status at the club, so we hung out with the other VIPs in a special section on the upper floor. It had a private bar, plush lounges, and was less crowded, but still there were lots of people who seemed to all know each other. I thought it was nice that they all knew each other and were friendly. I was introduced to so many people, and always got a hug afterwards, from guys and girls.

We moved over to sit with Art's friends at an alcove near the floor's edge overlooking the main dance floor. The sofa seating was really soft and as soon as I sat down, I felt myself sinking into it and giggled as I struggled to sit. After a little struggle, I found a comfortable position, and looked up to see Art, Jay and two of their friends leaning against the rail looking down at me. All had smiles on their faces, as their glances went from my face to my skirt. Looking down, my stocking tops were showing but otherwise I was covered, but knew that they must've seen everything as I moved about just moments before. The two other guys sat next to me, and talked while their hands rested on my thighs.

To be continued.............

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