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Kitten's New Friends

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Kitten makes new friends.

Lisa met me in town later that night in order to get the vibrating egg out of me.  I met her in the University library on the fourth floor.  She found me at a table with my books spread out and studying.  She slipped into the chair across from me.  She was wearing a short denim skirt, sandals, and a college shirt that enhanced her chest.

"Needing this about now, I think?" she asked as she dangled the chastity belt key on its chain in front of me.  

"Thanks," I told her.  "I've got to get this thing out of me and clean up."

"I hit the code several times on the way up here," she said.  "Anything?"

"No," I replied.  "I'm glad it didn't.  You have no idea how embarrassing that was today."

"I want to hear all about it this weekend," she whispered.

"It's going to take a few minutes to clean up," I told her.  I grabbed my backpack and we headed to the bathroom.  

Luckily, there wasn't anyone in the restroom except us so I got my jeans off completely.  I pulled my shirt over my head and there in the reflection of the mirror was a young woman in a white bra and stainless steel chastity belt.  Lisa stood next to me fully clothed.  It was like watching a before and after image.  She was dressed comfortably and looked very nice, while I was a disheveled mess.  

After a few seconds, Lisa finally leaned over and put the key into the lock of the belt and unlocked it.  I carefully lowered it and stepped out of it.  I put it down gently on the floor, then squatted and squeezed the vibrating egg out of my pussy.

I tossed my shirt over the belt and egg and ran to a bathroom stall.

After using the toilet and cleaning up in there, I stepped out and finished cleaning up at the sink.  I wiped myself dry and stood there for a minute, looking at my reflection.  

Lisa looked over at my naked ass and said, "I wish I had a cock because I would bend you over the sink right now and fuck the hell out of you."

She sighed and then surprised me by undoing my bra.  It was a tight one, so it kind of exploded forward yet still covering my breasts.  She slid it down my shoulders and I was standing there totally naked.  My nipples quickly became erect.

Lisa leaned against me and nuzzled against my neck.  It felt so good. I stood there enjoying the feeling of being naked and loving Lisa's kisses along my neck.  

Lisa's phone buzzed on the counter and she left me to pick it up.  She read a text and closed her phone.  She turned and gathered up my used clothes and tossed them into my backpack.  Then she surprised me by grabbing my fresh clothing too. 

She looked at my reflection in the mirror and said, "You're about to have company.  Enjoy."

As I was about to question her, she turned and pulled the restroom door open.  At the same time, someone was coming in.  Lisa said, "You have about ten minutes.  Use it wisely."

It was him.  The guy from earlier today.  The one that had helped me up.  The one whose arm I'd grabbed as I had an orgasm in front of him.

"Hey," he said softly.  "So, your friend called me and..." 

"Get your cock out," I told him abruptly.  "We don't have a lot of time and she'll want to see your cum in my pussy."

I turned and leaned over the restroom counter and moved my legs apart.  I reached down and touched myself, spreading my lips.  Sure enough, I was wet and ready to go.

"Ummm, okay." He said as he moved over behind my naked body.  I heard him fumble with his clothing and then the sound of his jeans zipper going down.

When I felt his hands on my bare hips, I braced myself.  I watched in the mirror as he lined his cock for entrance into my pussy.

I felt the heat of his cock as it neared my pussy. I went up on tiptoes as he moved behind me.  He rubbed his cock against me, first poking me in the asshole, then adjusting his aim.  The hot head of his cock finally found my pussy lips and he pushed forward and into me.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned as he slid into me. 

He was of a good size and while I was wet, I wasn't soaking.  I took the pain as he slid back and then thrust hard into me.  After a few more strokes, I had adjusted to him and began to enjoy it.

"You're so fucking hot!" he said as he fucked me. 

I could only imagine the view he had as his cock slid in and out of my body.  I bet my ass was rippling each time he slammed into me.  I wondered, if, like in the porn movies if his cock was pulling my pussy lips outward on the out stroke, and then went into me as he plunged forward.

We fucked good and hard for a few minutes. I had just put my left knee up onto the counter, exposing myself more to his cock when the door opened.  The move I had just done now had me laying partly on the countertop, so I was facing the doorway when he walked inside.  It was Tom.

"Don't stop," He assured the guy with his cock buried inside of me.  He walked up and put his hand under my chin, lifting my gaze upward.

"Hi, Kitten," He said.  "Feeling good?"

"Oh fuck, yes!" I moaned.  "He's got a good cock and he's fucking me good with it!"

"Nice, "Tom replied, and then said, "Fuck her harder and faster!"

The guy behind me took the advice and began to slam into me harder and harder! I closed my eyes as I adjusted to the pounding of my pussy.  When I opened my eyes again, Tom's cock was right there in my face. I barely had time to notice the dripping pre-cum on the head before he shoved it into my mouth.  

"MMMmphh!" I moaned around his hard cock.  I loved the familiar taste of it.

"I'm....coming!" Grunted the guy fucking my pussy.  

"Go ahead and shoot inside of her," Tom told her.  "My wife is going to want to suck your cum out of her pussy in a minute."

Tom was slowly fucking my mouth as the guy picked up the pounding pace behind me.  When the guy suddenly reached under me and grabbed my breasts, I felt my pussy start to contract around his shaft.  As he started shooting jets of hot sperm into my pussy, I came. 

Tom stopped moving and pulled his cock from my mouth allowing me to gasp for air.  My pussy was clenching the guy's cock so hard, milking all of his juices as he slowly finished pounding me.  He gave a few hard, final thrusts as he emptied his balls.

When he finally pulled out of me and stumbled back, Tom thanked him and told him to leave.

"Thank you!" he said with a small laugh.  He put his hand on my lower back and slid it upward a bit, spreading the moist sweat there.  "I'm available anytime."

He left the room and a moment later, Lisa returned.  

"You're such a little slut, Kitten," she said as she walked in.  "Get up onto the counter and spread those legs."

I was weak and still breathing hard as I positioned myself on the counter and spread my legs apart.  I could feel the cum as it began to ooze from my pussy.

"Oh goody!" Lisa said as she hiked up her skirt, never taking her gaze from my exposed pussy.  She turned for a second to Tom and said, "From behind?"

He moved over behind her as she bent forward.  I watched as she moved forward and began licking and sucking the juices from my pussy.  She moaned as Tom slid his cock easily into her pussy from behind.  

There we were, me sitting spread open on the counter of the restroom, moaning while Lisa licked my engorged and freshly fucked pussy, while her husband fucked her from behind.  Between spasms, as she licked my sensitive pussy, I leaned forward until I pulled her shirt up and over her head.  Tom reached up and undid her bra and we slipped it off of her.

Two naked women and one semi-clothed guy fucking in the college restroom.  I have one hand cupping my left breast and the other is holding Lisa's head to my pussy.  

The door pushed open.  

"Again?" I thought to myself.  "This is Grand Central Station!"

It was a college girl and she had already stepped into the room before she noticed us.  

"Oh, my!" she almost screamed.  Her hand went to her mouth and she gathered herself to go.

"Shhhhhh!" Tom whispered as his hips kept ramming his cock forward into his wife.  He had his fingers to his lips in the universal quiet sign, but then quickly motioned for her to stop.  

"Don't scream, and don't leave!" he whispered urgently.  "Just hold on a second!"

She was a blonde with glasses.  She was wearing short denim shorts and a tight t-shirt that said, "Save Ferris" on it.

She froze in place, watching as we did everything but freeze.  Lisa never stopped licking me.  I looked over at the girl with hooded, weak eyes and gave her a small smile.  

Tom, the devil that is, slowly slid his cock from Lisa's pussy and turned to talk to the girl.  His cock was thick and hard, engorged with his hot blood.  It was shiny from the combination of their juices.  

"This is my wife and our friend Kitten," he began.  "Please don't tell on us.  Kitten would get kicked out of school and we'd probably get arrested."

The girl slowly nodded her head in understanding.  Her gaze fell to Tom's hard and throbbing cock.  Her lips opened slightly.  

"Thank you," Tom said with a smile.  She nodded again, eyes never leaving his cock.

A full minute ticked by.  I was about to cum again under Lisa's tongue action. 

"I need to cum, " he said in that soothing seductive voice I'd heard so many times.  "I'm so close."

The girl looked over at me and I nodded my head to her, assuring her that it was okay.

"Only my hands," she said as she stepped forward.  

"That'd be great," Tom said as his cock throbbed and bobbed.

As soon as the girl took his hot, hard cock in her hands, I came again.  

I let loose a flow of juices from my pussy.  I wasn't squirting but it was pretty damn close.

The blonde took his cock and began stroking it.  Lisa slowly slid away from me and went to her knees on the restroom floor.  She was facing Tom and the girl as she stroked her husband's cock.

"I'm about to cum, "Tom warned.  His hips began to thrust back and forth with her strokes.

"On me," Lisa said softly.  "Aim it at me!"  

The blonde picked up the pace, stroking rapidly on Tom's cock until he finally thrust his hips forward violently and then froze in place.

His cum jetted from his cock in a solid stream of thick liquid and hit Lisa right in the chin.  It exploded upon impact and ran up into her lips and down to drip onto her breasts.  Lisa opened her mouth wide and the girl aimed his cock so that the rest of his spurts landed in her mouth and around it.

She continued to softly stroke him until he finally pulled away from her hands.

"Thanks, I really needed that," he said to both women.  

The blonde stepped back and came to her senses.  

"Wow!" she said as she looked down at Lisa's naked body and face covered in his cum.  "Wow! I can't believe this!  I can't believe I did this!"

She stumbled to the sink and rinsed the cum from her hands. 

"Give a girl some help?" Lisa asked as she rose to her feet.  Her chin and cheeks were dripping with cum and it covered her breasts.  

The girl paused for a moment and then turned and grabbed some paper towels, dampening them under the sink.

"I still can't believe this, " she giggled as she put the paper towels on Lisa's face and wiped her clean.  She turned and tossed that one into the trash and dampened another towel.  This one she used to wipe away the cum from Lisa's naked breasts.  

She threw away the last towel and turned to face Lisa.  Their eyes met.  As if in a trance, the blonde's lips parted slightly.  Lisa moved forward until she was kissing the blonde on the lips.  As they kissed, the blonde's hands came upward and she placed them on each side of Lisa's head.  

Tom helped me to quietly ease down from the counter.  I gently used the paper towels to clean myself up as we watched his wife and the college blonde making out.  

Lisa slowly moved her hand down between the blonde's legs and rubbed her denim-covered pussy.  She rubbed her hard a few times and then her other hand came over and she unbuttoned the girl's shorts and unzipped them.  The girl sucked in air between her teeth as Lisa dug her fingers between the blonde's hips and her shorts.  She quickly slid the shorts and her panties down in one smooth move.  

They never stopped kissing as Lisa's fingers found the blonde's pussy and began stroking it.  

The girl moaned deeply as Lisa's knowing fingers became slick.  Soon, she concentrated on her clit and the girl stopped kissing Lisa and hugged her tightly against her.  Her mouth pressed hard against Lisa's shoulder as she came.  

Tom and I watched as the girl's entire body shook and shuddered with her orgasm.  Her hips moved back and forth as the spasms rippled through her body.  Lisa held her tightly as she came.  

Finally, the girl loosened her grip and Lisa stepped away.  I could see how hard her nipples were in her tight t-shirt.

"Oh my gosh!" The blonde said and she bent over and grabbed her shorts and panties and ran to a bathroom stall.  

Tom gave us both a quick kiss and left the room.

Lisa and I were both dressed and running our fingers through our hair when the blonde came out.  She stopped behind us and we caught her eyes in the mirror reflection.

"Kitten," I said as I smiled in the mirror at her.

"I'm Becky," she replied with an embarrassed smile.

Lisa looked over at us both and said, "Kitten, come home this weekend.  Your parents are going out of town and we have plans for you and that nice young man that fucked you so good earlier."

She started to pull on the restroom door handle but paused and looking at Becky, said, "And Kitten, bring your new friend. "

I turned to Becky and we traded cell phones putting each other's numbers in.

"I'll call you," I told her and then I left the room as well.  I needed a long shower and then a long soak in a hot bathtub.


This story was inspired by and co-written with lilkitten4free.  I look forward to sharing more of her adventures.

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