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Last Night in Paradise

My wife and I shed all our inhibitions in bar while vacationing
I had just finished showering and was thinking how incredible our vacation had been. As I walked into the bedroom I saw Susan sliding on her heels. Damn, she had great legs.

She smiled, as I walked naked into the room.

“I see someone is already excited about tonight.”

She stood up and smiled at me. No wonder I was so excited. She looked fabulous. The heels accentuated her long toned legs and thrust her tight little ass upward. Her short red skirt was about mid-thigh, revealing most of her silky smooth thighs. It was loose so when she walked it would swirl and reveal even more.

Her top was sheer white silk. It may have been the only thing smoother than her skin. The outline of her luscious breasts were visible through the fabric. Her nipples were erect and poked teasingly at the material. She let the top three buttons open, revealing her favorite necklace and her ample cleavage. A small red ruby hung between her breasts, attracting your attention as soon as you saw it. She loved showing off her sexy body.

She touched my cock playfully.

“Mmmmmm, is this for me?”

I just smiled. I felt like giving it to her right there and forgetting about dinner.

“Remember Darling, no underwear tonight. I want our last night here to be an adventurous one.”

I slid my pants on over my hard cock. Hopefully the bulge would not be too visible at dinner. I finished getting dressed and we headed off.

I let Susan exit the room first so I could watch her ass wiggle. Her skirt swirled around her legs as I watched her walk away. Not a good idea, my bulge was now very evident in my pants.

We arrived at the restaurant. It was late in the evening and not very crowded. Those who were there noticed Susan right away. Her breasts giggled a little as we walked towards our table. Her hard nipples pressed at her top as they slid back and forth underneath it. She had attracted not only the attention of the men, but also of a few of the women.

We ordered our meal and drank some wine waiting for it to arrive. I could not keep my eyes off Susan. Everything about her was perfect. Most of the other men were enjoying her perfection as well.

“You have a lot of admirers tonight my dear.”

She just smiled. I knew how much she loved other men admiring her, maybe even fantasizing about her. Who could blame them, I was married to her and still had fantasies about her. She was an incredibly seductive woman.

Dinner was excellent. We began walking back to our suite. The night air was a bit cool. I knew Susan felt the coolness too because her nipples were poking at her top even more than before. A breeze was blowing and it swirled her skirt allowing me an even better look at her shapely legs.

We came upon a small tavern on our way. Susan tugged at my arm.

“Let’s go in and have a drink Sweetheart.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to stuff my hard cock in her since I got out of the shower and now she wants to get a drink.

She tugged at my arm again and gave me her ‘smile that you can’t refuse’.

“Come on, it will be fun.”

I took her hand and we went into the tavern. It was quite small. There were just a few tables and a horseshoe shaped bar. It was quite empty as well. Two young couples shared a table. There were two older men seated at the right side of the bar.

The couples were oblivious to our entering the tavern. The two men at the bar however were quite aware of my wife’s arrival. Her tits giggle teasingly as she made her way to the far side of the bar. The cold night airs effect on her nipples was still very noticeable.

I watched as their gaze lowered and they admired her long sexy legs mounted atop her six inch heels. Much like Susan, it aroused me when other men would look at her with lustful eyes. I’m sure they had wished the room would have been larger so they could enjoy her strut for a while longer.

Susan led me to the left side of the bar. She sat in the on the end stool by the wall and I sat to her right. They weren’t your typical bar stools. The seat was wide almost wide enough for two people. They had soft padded arms and high backs. The leather was very soft and smooth. I knew Susan would love the feel on her legs.

A very attractive female bartender took our order.

We talked as we waited for our drinks. It didn’t take long since it wasn’t busy. The bartender placed our drinks in front of us and smiled.

Beside Susan on the wall was a neon sign advertising some kind of beer I had never heard of. The pale red glow of the sign cast a very sensual light on her. As she sipped her drink I admired how the light accented her sensuality. Her eyes sparkled. Her soft lips glistened as she sipped her drink. She looked very sexy.

My eyes continued ogling my own wife. Her breasts were not as visible through the top as they were in the restaurant. Still I could make out their outline. I admired their size and firmness. The ambience of the light made them look even sexier to me. Her nipples still stood at attention under the material. They looked like two sweet cherries ready to be plucked and eaten.

She crossed her legs as she leaned back in the over-sized chair. Her right leg was over her left and it allowed he skirt to slide and reveal her entire thigh. It had come to rest just where her thigh met the subtle curve of her ass. Being a leg man, I found that incredibly arousing.

I had my left arm around her and was rubbing her back. The silk felt warm from her body heat. As my hand slid over her back, I noticed how smooth it was, unencumbered by any bra straps. It had always aroused me greatly to know a woman wasn’t wearing a bra under her top.

My cock throbbed in my pants. I know Susan could see it bulging, trying to escape its captivity

I turned towards Susan and placed my right hand on her thigh. Her skin was so warm and so smooth. My cock pulsed again in my pants. I leaned over and kissed her tender lips. It was a long slow very passionate kiss. Our lips felt as though they were melting together.

As our lips separated she sucked my lower lip and held on to it for an instance. She was driving me wild, and she knew it.

I whispered softly in her ear.

“I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

She uncrossed her legs and spread them open. Her skirt slid farther up. She raised her left leg and propped her heel on the footrest. That raised her leg off the seat and elevated her knee above the top of the bar. Her skirt slid farther up.

I could now see her pussy. The faint light cast a pale rose colored glow on it. Her lips were parted a small amount and I could see they had already become moist. The wetness glistened in the dim light like tiny diamonds on the folds of her labia. I always knew it was a treasure.

Susan’s outer labia was what one would refer to as pouty. I loved to watch it as I drew my cock out of her. It would cling to the sides and extend out about an inch along my cock.

She placed her hand on mine and slid it up her warm smooth thigh. Both of our fingers touched her wet pussy lips. I found it so erotic when she would touch her own pussy as I watched. Her body trembled.

“Mmmmmmm. What are you waiting for?”

My cock leaped in my pants. She wanted me to finger fuck her. Right here, right now.

I quickly looked around the room. The couples at the table were still in their own little world. Looking across the bar I saw that the two men were looking more intently at Susan now. I knew they could see her knee and some of her inner thigh. I wondered how much more they could see. Were they too being treated to the same incredible view I was? I didn’t care. I was at the point of no return.

Susan pushed my hand against her warm tender lips. As she let go of my hand, I slowly slid one finger up and down between her fleshy lips. They surrounded my finger the same way they would surround my cock as it slid inside of her.

I slid my finger inside her. Her warm silken walls surrounded it and it slid in all the way. Susan’s pussy was very tight. It seemed to clamp tight and suck in everything that ventured near its opening. I loved to feel it suck my cock deep inside her and then hold on tight as I would slide back out.

I heard Susan moan softly. I looked at her face.

Her lips were slightly apart and her eyes were partially closed. It was her ‘take me now’ look that drove me so wild. I had tried to explain the ‘look’ to her, but never could find the words to describe how incredibly sexy it was. Nevertheless, she had the ‘look’.

The flesh of her pussy walls was so soft, so warm. I slid a second finger inside her. Her head tilted back and she closed her eyes. I heard her moan softly.

I think her two horny friends heard it as well. Their eyes were now glued on Susan. I wondered if their cocks were as hard as mine.

When my third finger entered her, her mouth opened a bit and she licked her lips. I continued slowly sliding my three fingers in and out of her silken tunnel. I could feel her hips moving gently. She rocked them to meet my fingers as they slid inside her. She wanted them deeper.

I cupped all four of my fingers together and pressed them against her swollen pussy. Her legs parted more as if to entice them to plunge deep inside of her. Her hips were rocking faster. I saw her mouth opened wider and she was breathing harder.

I leaned towards her, thrusting all four fingers deeper inside her. Her moans were louder now. She arched her back and closed her legs against my hand. She was fighting her orgasm. I slid my fingers in her again and wiggled them. It was too much for her.

As she arched her back again, her nipples pressed even tighter against her top. I was amazed that they had not poked their way through by now. Her chest heaved as she began to breathe faster and deeper.

The two men were now leaning forward, trying to peer over the top of the bar. They downed their entire glass of beer in one hungry gulp.

She arched her back again and thrust her hips towards upward. It drove my fingers deeper into her beckoning pussy. I felt a warm flow on my fingers. Her creamy cum was flowing over my hand. I drove them inside her once again. Her body shook as she released another load of her sweet juices.

Her eyes were almost closed as she smiled at me. I knew that meant it was a very good one for her.

She reached down and gently slid my my cum covered fingers out of her swollen pussy. I watched as her lips clamped tight, not wanting to let go. She raised my hand to her mouth. I almost blew my own load when I saw her slowly suck her cum off each one of my fingers. All the while she was staring into my eyes. I don’t know if I had ever been more aroused than I was at that moment.

I swore I heard her two admirers groan as one by one she sucked my fingers.

Susan pushed her skirt down. She reached over and squeezed my cock through my pants. It was hard as a rock and throbbing wildly.

Still looking into my eyes and smiled.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Her turn? Was she really going make me cum right here at the bar?

I could feel my cock pulsing in my pants. It was all I could do to not shoot my load at that moment.

Susan leaned over and unhooked my belt. She then unhooked my pants and slid my zipper down. I wasn’t wearing and underwear and my cock was now partially visible. I was fighting to keep from cuming in my pants.

I quickly looked around the bar. We were alone except for Susan’s two fans who were still seated across the bar from us. I felt a little less awkward knowing the couples had left the bar.

Susan slid her hand in my pants and under my hard cock. Just as she pulled it from my pants, the bartender passed by. She just smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I wasn’t exactly sure what Susan had in mind. Certainly she wasn’t going to suck my cock in public. No matter what she had planned, the fact was I was sitting in a bar with my cock open to full view. I was more aroused now than I was apprehensive. I would just sit back and let Susan do whatever she wanted to do.

She slid one hand down each side of my shaft. Her fingers felt so warm. My cock was pulsing at her touch. Slowly she slid her fingers up to my tip. She then rolled her thumbs over the end of my cock and around my head. She sure knew how to drive me wild.

Susan slid her hand between her legs and touched her still wet pussy. I could see her fingers glistening with her cum and she placed it around my cock and slid it down my entire shaft. She did the same with her other and hand and soon my cock was coated with her creamy juices.

She didn’t look up at me at all. Her eyes were focused on my cock and her hands. Wrapping them both around my throbbing cock, she slid them down to my base and then back up again. They slid smoothly on her coating of cum. I wondered how long I could hold out.

She continued sliding her hands up and down my shaft. First one hand and then the other caressed my swollen. I could feel my cock twitching as I struggled not to cum, not just yet.

Her stroking became a little faster. She would slide her thumbs over my tip and tease me after each upward stroke. There was no way I could hold out much longer.

Faster and faster she stroked my cock. My body was shaking now. Susan looked at me and smiled. She knew I could no longer resist her stroking.

I made the mistake of looking at her tits. They were pressed tight against her top. Her sweet cherry red nipples seemed larger than ever as they poked at the cloth. I could feel my resistance weaken.

I grabbed the bar with my hand and clutched it tight. I was doing anything I could to fight cuming for as long as possible.

It was to no avail. Her smooth warm fingers had won. My stomach tightened as my body shook. Susan continued stroking as I felt my cock exploding in her hands. My cum erupted like lava from a volcano. Over and over I pumped my hot creamy load onto Susan.

I watched as it first splashed against her cheek and ran down her face. Another load found its mark on her neck. A few more loads landed on her top over her tits. Fittingly, the final cumshot found Susan’s cleavage and ran down her chest.

I don’t know if I had ever cum as much or as often as I did that night.

Susan was covered with my creamy load. I could see it glisten on her skin and her top. She looked so erotic. I wished I could fuck her right then.

She slid her hand slowly up my cock forcing the last trickle of cum to fall on her thumb. Leaning forward, Susan placed her cum coated thumb to my lips. I opened and took it inside my mouth. I closed my lips and sucked my own cum off of her fingers. Her eyes were focused on me as I did. I knew by the look on her face that she was very aroused by me sucking her fingers dry.

She helped me get my cock back inside my pants. I buckled my belt as she leaned over and kissed me. Just like earlier, it felt as though our lips were melting.

The bartender placed two drinks in front of us.

“They’re on the house. You’ve both earned them.”

I could hear the men at the other end of the bar muttering to each other. I’m sure they had enjoyed the night’s entertainment.

We finished our drinks and walked back to our room. Our last night in paradise was just that, Paradise.

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