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Librarian Conference Part III

This is not about relaxing in the warm water...
Mary settled into the hot whirlpool and was almost relaxed as the water jet massaged away the day's trials and tribulations . . . almost. She couldn't shake that anxiety of what he was up to again. He'd made her feel like a giggly teenager all weekend. Why should this be any different?

She'd actually been a little early in getting to the pool. It was open late and apparently stayed open. It was in an out of the way area, a long way from the bar, which was probably good. He'd said to be there at 11:00pm, she was fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. There wasn't anyone around. The small women's locker room had been empty. She was so damp that she had to get right in, she didn't want to risk someone coming along and seeing that her suit had a suspicious damp spot.

The water was a little beyond warm, it felt great. The bubbles swirled around her legs; she leaned her head back and sank lower. Her fingers found the edge of her suit and tugged it over, plenty of give. He'd need access. She smiled and wondered if she could maneuver her pussy in front of one of the jets. Would it be too hot?

She stood, turned and knelt on the built-in bench. She spread her legs a little and essentially straddled the stream of water pumping from the opening. Her fingers splayed her labia wide as the warm water rushed across her clit. Oh my God! It was if an electric current had been applied. Her legs shook and she knew she was close. A little push of her hips and the flow of water caressed down along her lips between her thighs. She gasped and proceeded to pump her hips, bringing the jet of water up and down across her clitoris. She was so close.

"Well, hello."

She turned so fast she lost her balance and nearly fell from the bench. "Don't do that," she said laughing.

He dropped his athletic bag next to the pool and kicked off his flip flops before stepping in. "Don't stop on account of me," he said. He waded across the pool and gently turned her hips back to the jet. His hand slid down her ass and forward between her thighs. Three fingers spread, he pulled them back. The middle one entered her. The other hand cupped her breast, fingers twisting her nipple through her suit top.

She took in a sharp breath and pushed her pelvis against his hand. A throaty growl emitted from her throat. "Oh, that feels so damn good."

The hand on her tit gently pulled her backward, arching her spine. The thumb on his hand underwater pushed against her asshole. She started to protest but he shushed her.

"Trust me," he said. As his thumb pressed into her darkest cavity it moved her hips forward and up, bringing her clit practically in contact with the jet nozzle. The powerful water sprayed onto her clit and down her labia made her forget the digit worming its way into her ass. Her stomach knotted, flipped and then it felt like the tide burst from within her loins. She bucked his hand as the orgasm ripped through her body. She cried and pushed back, driving his thumb deeper into her butt. All of a sudden she wanted every hole filled with something of his.

"Fuck me," she said. "I want your cock in me." Her pussy spasmed with his finger trapped deep inside. It took a moment for the flood of energy to subside from her sex. She felt spent, yet exhilarated. His fingers withdrew from her pussy, but the thumb remained. Then it too pulled out so very slowly. The hand on her breast pulled up and grabbed her shoulder, pressing down. She felt something stiff being pushed against her ass. Then he was between her cheeks, thrustinig across her sensitive holes. His hand pushed her down further until her breasts were on the cold tile. A hand gripped her hip and pulled back. The other must've been guiding his manhood, as it slid down her crack and back up again. His length slid into her.

He started to thrust into her and gained force and speed fast. There was a certain frenzy to his movements. He grunted and his breath was labored. She recognized he was going to cum soon. She was torn from wanting his seed to be spilled in her pussy, versus wanting to prolong the divine feeling his rock hard cock was creating in her cunt. She laughed to herself. She'd thought, 'cunt' and hadn't been repulsed.

"Ooooh," she said as she came again, her pussy pumping his cock, trying to draw it deeper in her moist tunnel.

He lost all sense of control and pounded into her, forcing her hips against the edge of the pool. She'd knew there'd be a bruise. She already had one forming from last night's adventure on the roof. But she found that she didn't care. All that mattered was the way he was fucking her. She felt his cock swell. His thrust became uneven and went deeper. Oh, he was going to pin her to the tile. He let out a groan and she felt his cock throb and spill his white hot seed into her. He pistoned himself into her, her walls slick with his semen. He finally slid out.

She spun quickly and caught his hips as he was about to sit. She brought him to her lips and drew his precious length into her mouth, at least as much as she could accommodate. He was warm and salty. Only after thoroughly cleaning his cock did she allow him to sink into the hot water.

His eyes closed as he rested peacefully. She purred and sank into the water next to him. She could feel his cum leaking out of her. "Hey." She lifted her hips out of the water. "See what you did?" She asked.

He cracked an eye open, looking at her. "What?"

"The mess you made," she said lifting her ass out of the water and splashed it back down, allowing her pussy to remain afloat and visible. Her suit was still pulled aside exposing her oozing slit.

"Oh." He opened both eyes. "Let me see." He got up and slid around until he was between her legs. "Oooh. Yeah, there seems to be a mess here." He reached up and supported her ass in the palm of his hand. "What should we do about it?"

She didn't know and from her expression he must've gathered that she didn't know. He leaned down and kissed her clit. His tongue pushed down on the protruding red flesh. A shiver shot up her spine. His tongue slid down her labia and pushed them apart, then back up to her clit. His lips encircled her nub and he sucked. It was so intense it almost hurt. She pulled away.

He stood, his cock back to half staff and it looked to be growing. His free hand fell and his fingers gripped his shaft, pumping. The mushroom shaped head was flared and red, almost like it was angry. She was mesmerized by him stroking himself. She responded by running her hand up, slipping a finger into her filled pussy, it felt so hot and squishy. He pumped and she probed, neither looking at the other's eyes, only their sex.

After a minute or so he as hard. He stepped forward and slid into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his length sunk into her fleshy tunnel. She could hear the noise made as his cock displaced his own semen. He rode her hard and grabbed her by both ass cheeks, spiking her cunt on his cock. The water splashed and churned as they fucked each other in a frenzy of sexual release. His fingers found her asshole again and pushed and probed. She didn't care, wouldn't protest. She didn't want this to stop.

Less than a minute from when they'd restarted and he was straining, his face red. She'd come again and was about to again when his thrusting stopped at his deepest penetration yet, his hips spasmed. She felt his cock grow even bigger, swelling and release his seed into her again.

He dropped back until his ass was on the tile's edge. His cock swayed in front of her face. It was red from friction, dripping semen into the pool like some kind of biological spigot. She grabbed it, pumping it once, twice. Fluid spurted onto her wrist. She leaned forward, mouth open. He grabbed her head.

"No, I couldn't take it." He settled back, her hand still holding tight as his cock sank beneath the water. They spent a few more minutes in the whirlpool before going for a swim in the nearby pool.

In about a half hour, he was hard again. She didn't want to make another go of it, but he persuaded her to masturbate him. She pumped her hand up and down his shaft until he pushed hard against her grip. His cock streamed semen into the water. She pumped until her stopped her. A stringy cloud of white sperm drifted off in the current of the pool. They got out and dried off. After a tender kiss they went their separate ways to get a least a little rest before the final day of the conference.
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