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Life of the Party

Sir takes me to a party, where he can't help but show me off a bit
You wake before me and nudge me telling me it’s time to wake up and get ready. I get up still half asleep, naked with only my collar around my neck. I wander about the kitchen making a bagel when you come in, slapping my ass hard and telling me to hurry up. My body jumps and I gasp as your hand connects, startling me, my eyes widening as I lean forward against the cold counter.

“Thank you, Sir,” I blurt out quickly, and you smile and get cold water from the fridge then slap me again, to which I respond, “Thank you Sir.” You return to the bedroom while I wait for my bagel. I return to the bedroom with my bagel in hand to find you watching the TV. You tell me to hurry and I ask where we are going so I may dress appropriately.

"You will see," you say with a smile and tell me to dress casual but in a skirt and no underwear.

I pull out a sweater and garters and a garter belt and a black skirt that hangs right above mid-thigh. I shower and shave being sure to make sure I am smooth for you then lotion my body before beginning to dress. I glance in the mirror, just once, enjoying the way the sweater does not completely cover my stomach, and the skirt sits low on my waist, showing off the tattoo on my hip bone. I think back to when I agreed to get the tattoo, smiling softly as I remember how you had sat with me and held my hand through the whole thing. It was beautiful, stating simply ‘My Baby Girl, D’ in simple, bold script. I smile, glancing at the tattoo once more and then I turn from the mirror as I hear you moving about in the other room.

I finish dress quickly and then brush my hair which I leave down for you. I finish drying and head back into the kitchen, finishing my bagel and grabbing a glass of orange juice. I hear you get into the shower, and it goes off a few minutes later. You once again come in sneaking up behind me slapping my ass and I tremble and arch, getting out a quick “Thank you, Sir.” You just laugh and tell me to hurry up as you gather your things and get ready to leave. I finish up in the kitchen and gather my keys a little nervous and excited for I have no idea where we are going.

Before we leave the house, you reach for the box you keep under the mirror by the door, pulling out my beautiful, solid silver choker. It is melted to fit perfectly around my neck, and open in the back for easy access. On the inside are the words ‘My Baby Girl’ engraved in beautiful script. You slip it on over my neck, and I stand tall and proud, the collar making me feel a bit more confident than I’d previously felt.

As we drive down the road, I am getting more and more nervous and fidgety, and you just smile and continue driving where we are headed. As we pull into the driveway, my heart leaps into my chest as my mind races, trying to come up with all the possibilities, but there are too many to count. I get out and you continue to just smile at me, heightening my already jumpy heart, making it skip a beat then thrust into over drive. We walk quietly to the door and you stop and grab my nipple through my sweater and my body arches as I moan softly. You look deeply into my eyes.

"What are you?" you ask as you twist my nipple hard.

"Your baby girl, Sir," I stutter as my body trembles and a low moan escapes my lips.

"Who do you belong to?" You ask, so close I can feel your breath against me, my nipple aching and my body quivering with need.

"You Sir, only you," I say pleadingly. You move around behind me grasping my other nipple making me lean into you tilting my head against you, your touch driving me mad.

You smile, releasing my nipples and kissing me softly before stepping up to the door. You knock and my body still aflame begins to tremble as we are ushered in. You say hello and introduce me, then we are brought to a room filled with other couples; you take a seat and tell me to sit down, so I sit at your feet, my heart racing and the anticipation building as we just sit and wait.

In the center of the room is a sort of podium but at a slightly lower level as though someone could sit on it or stand on it, and my mind wanders as to what's going to happen next. You smile down at me with that seriousness that makes me tremble and I am instantly wet, wanting you and needing to feel you inside me.

As I sit there, I glance around at the other subs, trying to figure out their relationships with their owners and masters. One girl sitting across from me seems to be cowering, her eyes on the ground and her back hunched, with her hands gripping her master’s leg tightly. I glance up at the master through my hair, trying to do it in a surreptitious manner, and it surprises me to see that, while he is giving off an aura of slight annoyance, he keeps glancing down at his slave at his feet, as though checking on her. That is interesting, but I continue moving my gaze cautiously around the room. A sub over to my left is sitting up very straight, her knees underneath her and her hands in her lap, her eyes looking around at the other subs curiously. She seems new- she is sitting very uptight, and she looks like she is trying to show her confidence, but all that I am seeing is nervousness.

Then I glance over at a few of the men, who are all sitting very differently, too. One of the men is sitting cross legged between his mistress’ knees, his back straight against her shins, his eyes almost unseeing as he simply stares at the wall. He must’ve seen me looking at him, though, because he suddenly focuses on me and gives me a small, reassuring wink, making me smile a bit. Another one of the men is actually laying on the ground under his mistress’ feet, her feet planted lightly on his back, and she looks to be almost absent-mindedly wiggling her toes. The sub’s cheek is to the ground, his arms at his side, and I can tell his breathing is slightly fast, his mouth open ever so slightly, and his eyes closed, like he is seriously enjoying his mistress’ absent-minded attention.

I look around at all the different relationships in the room, and I sit up a little straighter as I realize that I am, by far, the luckiest girl in here. I wrap an arm around your leg, letting my hand rest lightly right near your ankle as I smile proudly. I can feel your eyes on me, but I keep my head down, knowing you will signal if you want me to look up. I roll my shoulders back, sitting up nice and straight as I think about how good you are to me. You know exactly what I need, when I need it; you know when to be firm, or angry; you know exactly at what point I need comforting or reassurance, and you never seem to falter- I smile proudly at the ground, glancing up at all the other subs a few times as you reach down, stroking my hair and almost making me purr in contentment. ‘Wow,’ I think to myself, ‘I am certainly lucky Sir cares about me the way he does- I am so proud that he chose me as his sub.’

Then as if out of nowhere a woman appears with a display of toys; leather floggers and cats and all sorts of interesting things and my body is instantly excited and aware. I just look at you and you smile an evil mischievous smile that makes my excitement grow by leaps and bounds and I start to shake. I have no idea what this is about but my heart is racing and my wetness is spreading as I watch her pull the display to the podium. She stands before the podium all eyes it seems on her hungrily watching as she begins to speak.

"Hello, I am your host for the evening and you may call me Mistress Sharon. All of the display items you see before you are for sale and may be tried before purchasing. If you have any questions I will be in the next room awaiting your requests," she smiles seductively and then leaves the room and I looked at you in amazement.

I watch as one woman goes up to the display and removes a flogger that was at least 3 ft and very heavy looking and proceeded to test and look it over thoroughly. She was a small woman, not overly dressed and rather pretty in an understated way. But when she said “Here,” a man of at least 6 feet and very well built jumped up and knelt at her feet. I stared as though I had never seen such a thing so mesmerized by it all. She, in a small quiet voice, commanded him to remove his shirt and he did quickly and efficiently. When she swung the flogger, fast and furiously without any effort, against his back my body quivered as it connected.

The slapping sound it made echoed through my body, and I looked up at you, watching me and my reaction with a seductive smile. You smiled and ran your hand over my hair a few times, still smiling at me. When I looked back at the display the woman and her sub were gone and two others were looking at the display testing and touching the items feeling them for strength and texture so carefully. When you got up to look at the display items my heart caught in my throat wondering what I might be asked to do.

I watched as a man of medium build brought a woman to the podium and made her bend over it. He used what looked like a cross between a cane and a crop on her and she yelled even though it was through her clothes. He just smiled and lifted her whispering something to her and she went and sat back down. He remained by the display, perusing the implements. I began to worry if I would disgrace you or disappoint you in some way by not behaving and I trembled, the nervousness and excitement seeping into every inch of my body. The moment finally came and I was beside myself when you called to me.

"Baby girl," you say with a little smile and I about jumped out of my skin as I moved across the room to you, holding my leash in my teeth as I crawl, my eyes up at you the entire time. You motion for me to stand when I get to where you are standing, and I quickly stand up straight and tall.

"Yes Sir," I uttered shakily and you just smiled and squeezed my shoulder, directing me to the podium.

You lifted my skirt as you continued talking to another at the display and left it up. My bare ass being viewed by everyone as I rested bent over the display. I felt the breeze against my bare skin and I could feel my wetness spreading as I waited feeling the excitement run through my body to my clit making it throb. I could overhear you talking to the other man about marks and redness and I wondered what it was you were thinking of using on me. I waited patiently, my whole body aflame, wanting you badly and needing to feel your hand against my flesh.

I began to tremble then I felt your hand upon me, a hard smack, and I jumped forward and a small yelp escaped my lips. You then finished your conversation before finally turning to me. The first blow almost made me cry out, so unaware of it coming that it made me gasp. My body quivering with need I waited for the next blow when it came the heat ran through me and I was instantly on fire the wetness spreading down my legs. You continued your assault, making sure to use these blows as a chance to warm me and get me hot and bothered, so in a way I felt no one else was there. I knew I was in a room full of people and that all eyes were on me but I felt as though there was only you and at that moment I began to beg.

You touched the welts that lay upon my ass and I moaned softly wanting to push my ass against you but knowing I had to keep still. You touched my shoulder and raised me from the podium and straightened my skirt. I was in a daze, wanting you, needing you, breathing in short pants and you smiled at me. You led me back to my seat on the floor, right at your feet as you started another conversation, giving me a chance to catch my breath and think over what had just happened.

Then, suddenly, I feel your hand on my head.

“How is my baby girl?” Your eyes are soft and warm as they look deep into mine, and I smile back, seeing you are proud of me.

“Very good, Sir,” I say quietly, glancing up at the couple that is up at the podium at this point in time. I feel your hand slide under my jaw, slowly turning my head back so that I am looking at you again, a smile on your face.

“You just can’t stop watching, can you, baby?” You ask softly, leaning in to kiss me on the forehead. “Don’t worry- I asked Mistress Sharon if I could do a nice display for the guests before we leave here tonight, and she was more than happy to oblige me.” You hold my gaze, watching me carefully as I wiggle and squirm, my eyes getting huge with excitement as I can barely contain myself. “Baby, calm down- shhhhhh.” You put a finger to my lips, and I instantly still, trying to hold my excitement back at the thought of being put on display for you. “Would my baby girl like that?” You ask, laughing softly as I nod my head adamantly.

“Yes, Sir! Oh yes, I would love that Sir!” I say, trying to keep quiet but making you chuckle as you lean back, patting my head softly.

“Okay, baby- just relax. It’ll happen soon,” you say, and then you turn back to the conversation you were having before, sighing softly.

I try to sit still at your feet, laying my head on your knee and letting my arms wrap around your calf and ankle, but I cannot, for the life of me. The idea of being put on display, made to cum by your hand, in front of all these people… a shudder runs down my back and I smile, keeping my eyes right on the ground.

Finally, after what seems like a lifetime, you lean forward, patting me on the head and tugging at my leash.

“Come, baby girl- let’s get up there and get this started,” you say with a wink down at me. I sit up and get on all fours, crawling right behind and to the left of your leg, matching your walking pace with my crawling pace. Then you tug on the leash again, and I instantly stand up, straight and tall, just like before. You unclip the leash from the silver collar, pulling the collar off my neck and replacing it with a heavier, black leather collar with a few D-rings in it- this is our ‘play’ collar.

You press me down, and I lean over the podium again.

“Let your arms hang, my baby girl- just relax,” you say softly so only I can hear, rubbing my back as you come around the side of the podium, binding my wrists to pegs on the floor, pulling my arms tight and flat right against the podium, which squishes my breasts between the flat podium and my body. I let out a soft moan, closing my eyes and leaning against the podium, starting to relax.

“There you go, baby girl- that’s it,” you say softly, kissing my forehead once before moving to my back legs, and then a strap right across the middle of my back, from left to right.

Once I am secured well, you slide my skirt up to my hips, starting the spanking again. Slow and light at first, cupping your hand slightly when you hit me, but slowly the hits get harder and harder until I am yelping and moaning on every single slap as your hands burn my ass cheeks over and over.

I can hear grunts and moans of pleasure around me, but I am solely focused on pleasing you- I know me being well behaved and taking this spanking without begging you to stop will make you very happy, so I bite my lip hard, fighting back words as I close my eyes tight, taking each hit.

I start to moan softly between hits, my bare sex between my legs getting very, very wet, shivers running up my spine as my juices start to drip down my thighs. Surprising enough to me, I begin to lift my hips up as much as I can, rolling them out towards you on every smack, leaning into your hands at every connection, wanting to feel your hands. I think about the people watching me, how bright red my cheeks must be, and how glistening and wet my inner thighs and soaking pussy must be.

Finally I feel the blows stop, and I let out a guttural moan, rocking my hips as much as I can.

“Beg,” you say, your voice rough and very demanding, and the begging quickly commences.

“Oh, God, PLEASE Sir. Please PLEASE please… Sir, please fuck my pussy, Sir,” I beg, loud enough to ensure that everyone can hear it, wanting the room to get as much pleasure out of my begging as I was getting out of it. I roll my hips, moaning again. “Oh PLEASE fuck my tight, little pussy, Sir, PLEASE!?” I moan, trying to look over my shoulder at you, my eyes wide with excitement and lust. "I would LOVE to feel your cum inside of me, Sir," I pant, trying to make eye contact with you. "PLEASE, please, Sir.... please cum in my pussy- it's yours, your property, Sir- I'm all yours, Sir!"

Finally you conceded, plunging your hard, thick cock straight into my pussy, all the way to the hilt, and I let out a small scream, my body arching and tensing, my toes curling as I push my orgasm back, gasping for breath. You give me a second to grow accustomed to the feeling- it is such a FULL feeling, having your cock all the way deep inside me- and then you start thrusting savagely, holding my hips tightly as you go hard and fast, in and out, in and out, in and out.

I yelp, screaming and moaning and begging for it harder and faster as you slide your cock in and out of my dripping sex again and again, making my head spine. The combination of the audience, the sounds of everyone cumming and pleasuring themselves and others, and the feelings of being tied down like this all rolled into one big ball of emotion, coursing through me quickly as I let out loud whimpers and screams. I start to try and rock my hips against you, wanting more, always more, and you give it to me, going faster than before.

“Sir!” I scream, my back arching and my whole body tensing again, but this time the orgasm is undeniable. “SIR! Please, dear God Sir PLEASE may I cum Sir?! PLEASE!?” I beg shamelessly, almost screaming as I pant hard, trying to keep the orgasm at bay a little longer. I feel you press hard and deep, all the way inside my pussy, making me scream again as you grind against my clit.

“Yes, my baby girl- CUM,” you say commandingly as you let out a growl, cumming deep inside of me. I let out a scream, my whole body convulsing and shaking as I cum hard on your cock, the feeling of your cum filling up my insides sending wave after wave of orgasm crashing down over my head. My mouth falls open and my eyes shut tight as my pussy spasms again and again, milking your cock of the treat you’ve saved just for me.

I can feel your cum, deep inside my pussy, filling me up, and it only makes me cum harder. My body accepts your gift so willingly, and I still cannot believe you give this to me every day. I shiver, emotions flashing through my body quick as lightning, one after the other; gratefulness, passion, a need for more and more, a want for everything that you want to give me. I shudder hard, squeezing your cock tight, pulling all your beautiful cum deep into my body.

I moan loud and long as my orgasm starts to slowly recede, leaving me tied up and shaking, my body exhausted. My eyes are closed, my jaw is slack, and my arms and legs hang limply over the sides of the podium. I feel your hands on my back, rubbing me down as you murmur sweet nothings into my ear, bringing me back down slowly.

“You are such a good baby girl for me, yes you are… you were so good today- so good baby,” you say quietly, your lips on my ear as I feel you slowly pulling out, making me moan softly as I now feel empty. You move around slowly and I open my eyes, looking at you, getting up the breath to speak.

“Thank you, Sir- oh thank you so much, Sir,” I say quietly, my eyes on your face as I tremble, whimpering softly as you lift me off podium, collecting me into your arms and bringing me over to the couch. You take a seat in the corner and hold me tightly, letting me curl up in your lap as I sigh, completely content. Then I lean back a little, my eyes warm and bright as they find yours.

“Thank you, Sir,” I whisper softly, leaning in to give you a soft, slow kiss on the lips, letting my emotions pour out through my lips. I feel your hand on my cheek, and I lean into you, closing my eyes as our lips slowly part. “That was perfect, Sir. Absolutely perfect, Sir.”

You give me a smile, kissing me once on the forehead, and then pushing my head down on your shoulder as you continue to smile.

“I am proud of you, baby girl.”

Thank you, Sir, for showing me, once again, that I am your property.

Your Baby Girl,


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