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Lingerie Shopping

My wife is nearly nude and wants to go lingerie shopping, making me remember an earlier adventure.
"Ahem," I hear from behind me as I'm working at my computer.

I turn around and standing in the door of my cube is my sexy wife. My jaw falls as I drink in the vision before me. She's wearing a flowery sundress and she's unbuttoning it from top to bottom. When it's completely unbuttoned she looks at me and shoots me a wicked grin.

Oh my god, I think to myself as I see she's naked underneath her dress. No bra, no panties. The only thing she's wearing is the dress, and she's barely wearing that. My eyes slide down her body, across her one exposed nipple, down her smooth belly, through her neatly trimmed bush, down her long, sleek legs.

I watch her seductively peel her dress open to fully reveal her naked body to me. She cups her tits in her hands. She squeezes her nipples and her eyes flutter closed. She stretches her right fingers out and slides that hand down her belly, through her bush, and between her legs. She starts to finger herself as I watch.

My cock is about to rip right through my jeans as I stand up and step over to her. I kiss her passionately and deeply, and my fingers join hers on her pussy. She's sopping wet and I easily slip one, then two fingers inside her. She opens her thighs and sighs heavily as I start to fuck her with my fingers and kiss her soft neck.

I haven't completely lost myself to lust and say softly into her ear, "Maybe we should get out of here. I'd hate for my boss to walk in right now."

She nips my earlobe with her teeth and whispers teasingly in my ear, "Oh, I don't know. I think it would be hot. I could just let this dress fall to the floor and then oops, I'm standing here totally naked in front of you two. I'm naked and verrrry turned on, and there's no telling what I might do next. Maybe I'll drop to my knees and pull out your huge cock and let your boss watch me suck it. What to you think about that, cowboy?"

I play along and say, "I'd either get fired or get a really big raise."

She laughs as she strokes my cock through my pants and says, "You already got your big raise and I'm going to suck it right here."

"Later," I say, "Let's get out of here."

She calls me chicken then winks as she buttons only two buttons on her dress. It's barely enough to be decent, and we walk hand in hand out to her car. As she walks, her bare legs are exposed enticingly by the flapping, unbuttoned dress.

As we step into the warm sunshine I ask her, "What are you doing here, anyway?"

She says, "I got off work early and thought I'd come surprise you."

"Well, you sure did. Best damn surprise I've had in a long time, too."

She gets a gleam in her eye and says innocently, "I thought I'd go to the mall and do some lingerie shopping. Feel like coming along and helping?"

Suddenly I'm speechless because I know where this is going.

My heart races. I think about the last time she took me along lingerie shopping. We picked out several outfits and she took them into the dressing room while I waited just on the other side of the door. At first she would just open the door to let me see each one, but after a couple, since no one else was using the dressing rooms, she got bolder and started stepping out to model them for me. With each one, we got more and more aroused.

She saved the best for last. She stepped out of the dressing room wearing a see-through teddy with a matching g-string. She might as well have been naked, but somehow this was even sexier than if she were standing naked before me. I had her do a spin for me. Her ass was bare except for the thinnest string mostly hidden between her cute buns. From the front, her tits and her neatly trimmed bush were clearly visible through the shear material. The effect was mesmerizing. I told her she looked incredible and that we were buying this one. She said she felt so sexy that she wanted to fuck me right there.

She started rubbing my stiff cock through my pants as we kissed. We talked about how sexy she looked and how turned on we both were and how great it felt to be so daring in such a public place. I slipped my fingers down the front of her tiny panties and found her pussy soaking wet. My fingertips exposed her hard clit and rubbed it and she ground against my hand. I used her abundant wetness to lubricate my fingers as I masturbated her.

Suddenly another couple came into the dressing area. They stopped dead in their tracks. They were a good looking young couple, maybe college students. And they liked what they saw. The sexual tension was immediate and palpable as they stared at us. The strong aroma of sex filled the small hallway and we knew we were busted. In fact, my hand was still inside my wife's sexy little panties and my fingers were touching her pussy.

A grin worked its way across the girl's face and the guy's jaw fell open. The girl regained her composure and walked slowly past us to another dressing room. The guy followed her, openly admiring my wife's naked ass as he passed. I started rubbing her pussy again and her juices soaked my fingers. She felt an intensely erotic thrill at being so exposed, so naked and horny and daring. I pulled my hand out of her panties and sucked my fingers.

Smack! The guy's girlfriend slapped him on the chest and said, "Get your tongue back in your mouth, and go get me an outfit like that." We all silently watched him walk away unable to take his eyes off my wife's sexy body.

When he was gone, I kissed my wife hungrily and asked her quietly (but loudly enough for the girl to hear), "Still want to fuck me right here?"

She flushed deep red and glanced at our audience. Then she took my hand and guided it between her legs. She kissed me as she ground her dripping snatch against my fingers and said, "What do you think?"

As I caressed my wife's hot pussy, I looked at the girl and grinned at the look of raw animal lust on her face as she watched us. My wife let out a sigh as my finger slid softly into her slippery hole. I kissed her and said, "You're dripping wet, you naughty girl."

She pulled my fingers to her mouth and sucked her juices off them. "I want you inside me now", she said urgently as she pulled me into the dressing room.

In a flash, we stripped each other naked. I pressed her against the wall and she grabbed my cock and jammed it inside her. Her pussy was as slippery as I've ever felt it. We tried to be quiet, but we couldn't quiet the wet sucking sounds of her slippery cunt swallowing my rock hard cock again and again. We both came quickly and really hard. When we were dressed again we stepped out of the dressing room and looked for the young couple. We smiled at each other as we heard very wet, sensual sounds coming from their dressing room.

"So, do you want to come with me or not?" It's my wife. We're still standing in the parking lot outside my office.

"Hell yes, I want to cum," I say as I pull her to me for a hot kiss. "I was just thinking about the last time," I tell her as our mouths part.

She says, "Yeah, that was really something, wasn't it? Think we can top it?"

"What do you have in mind?" I ask with my heart racing.

With a wink she says, "Oh I don't know. Maybe I have one or two things I'd like to try."

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