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Lisa... A past lover, often thought about

Dropping off film never presented opportunities like this before...

I met Lisa in early August, I had just gotten called up to active duty but hadn't left yet. My wife at the time

had informed   me 3 days before that she was not happy and was going to file for   divorce before I left. I was feeling pretty bummed out, to say the least. I had stopped by a photo kiosk to drop off some film for
development and Lisa was the clerk. She was a very pretty girl,   tall, about 5'9", oval face, shoulder length blonde hair, almond shaped green eyes and somewhat pouty lips that screamed out, "Kiss me". She had a beautiful smile and as she wasn't really busy we began to talk. I found out she had just broken up with
her boyfriend the night before and we really hit it off. I sat there chatting with her for about an hour and she gave me her phone number and address. She wanted me to write to her when I was overseas.

      I found out she lived about 7 doors down the street from my parent's house. I picked the film up a few days later, and she was there again so we continued our conversation from before. We both wanted
to go out together, but time didn't allow it before I left for Ft. Bliss Texas .
     When I returned from the Army in December, I called her. My divorce had become final and we made plans to go out that Friday since she got off work at 4:00 pm . For our first date I picked her up at 6:00 pm for
dinner and a movie. She was wearing a pretty white lace blouse with a navy mini-skirt. We went to a local restaurant and spent most of the time talking, not paying much attention to the food.   Afterwards, she suggested we go to a movie showing at the Crescent, a local theatre that played a lot of art and foreign films.
I don't remember the name of the film, but I do recall it was extremely erotic, with a lot of full nudity and

      As the movie progressed we were both becoming aroused. During one particular scene when the actors were engaged in oral sex, I felt Lisa's hand on my leg, moving to my crotch where she began to squeeze my now hard cock. I unzipped my trousers allowing her access under my clothing and then began rubbing her
leg, moving up under her mini skirt. Her panties were soaked with her love juice. I stuck my fingers under the band of her panties and found her slit and began rubbing her clit. She moaned, then removing her hand from my cock, raised up from the seat and removed her panties, giving me full access to her wet pussy. She then resumed stroking my cock as I probed my fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her.

      My fingers fucked her to an orgasm and she moaned loudly as she came. Looking around the theatre, there were maybe 15 couples there, and it was obvious that most of them were enjoying the same activity we were.

     My cock was now out of my pants, with cum oozing out of the tip. Lisa squeezed my cock and pulled her hand toward the tip, milking it. As the cum came out the tip onto her hand, she looked at me and licked the cum off of her hand. She whispered into my ear how much she enjoyed the taste of hot cum, fresh from
a throbbing cock! She loved to talk like that. The female part of couple in the row in front of us was giving her date a blow job, and Lisa told me that looked like so much fun, she was going to do me.She then
moved down and took my cock into her mouth, slowly moving my cock in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking me. She brought me to a mind blowing orgasm in a matter of a few moments. As my cum gushed
forth, she hungrily swallowed it as fast as she could. When I was finished, my cock was still hard. The movie was coming to an end by this time, so as the lights in the theatre came on, we straightened   our clothes and left.

     We were driving down the road talking when Lisa asked me if I had ever been given a blow job while I was driving. My cock jumped to attention again as I replied that I had never experienced that. She smiled sweetly and leaned over, giving me one of the sexiest most sensual kisses I had ever experienced. Her tongue
probed my mouth, distracting me from my driving. Suddenly blue lights came on behind me… I was being pulled over! As the officer approached the car, Lisa straightened up, and I noticed her skirt was pulled up
exposing her pussy. After taking my drivers license and asking if we had been drinking (we had not) he noticed her glistening pussy as he moved his flashlight around in the car. I explained to him I had   just returned from overseas, and with a chuckle, said we needed to get off the road for any further sexual activity.

      He enjoyed looking at her pussy, and told her it was nice. She thanked him, stroking it once for him, and he let us go. "Did you enjoy me flashing for him?" She asked."Absolutely! " was my reply, "It was a turn on for my date to show her pussy while with me."
     We began driving again, this time she didn't move in front of my face, she unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out and leaned over and began licking the tip. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road, as she licked and sucked my cock. I managed to make it back to my house, about 20 minutes away from where we were stopped. I shot my load into her mouth as she sucked me to completion. My house was empty of furniture as my now ex-wife took all the furniture and curtains with her. While overseas she had not been
making the house payments, so the house was mine only for a couple days more. We went into the bedroom upstairs and sat on the floor. The lights were off, the only light coming in from the neighbor's porch light.    

     We kissed, slowly at first, our tongues probing each other's mouth, then becoming more frantic as the lust
increased. "Turn the light on" she said. "I want to see you while we fuck."
     "The neighbors might see us" I replied.

     "That makes me even hotter, thinking we might be seen." She said.
     I complied with her request, turning on the light in the   bedroom. As I looked over, she stood up in front of the window and began removing her clothes, moving her body as if she was listening to music. I stood across the room and slowly removed my clothes as well, giving me a view of her as well as the neighbors
house. Suddenly the upstairs light came on next door, and then the light went off. I could see the curtains move next door, then they were opened about 8 inches. I told Lisa we were being watched.

     She said "good" as she continued to dance and sway, turning circles so she could be seen full frontal by the neighbors. By now we were both nude, and moved into the center of the room, embracing and kissing. My throbbing cock brushed against her stomach as my hands reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them and pulling her toward me. We moved sidewise to the window so we were both   being watched, she grabbed my cock, stroking it a few times, then raising up on her toes, spreading her legs and
inserting my cock into her. As my cock found her hot love hole, I slid into her, and we began a soft rhythm, moving together as if we had a familiarity with each other. As we kissed and fucked, she wrapped her arms
around my shoulders, and raised her legs off the ground, wrapping them around my waist. She continued to fuck me, her pussy squeezing and milking my cock as we stood in the center of the room.

     As she reached climax, she screamed loudly with pleasure. I'm sure the neighbors heard it, and her screams brought me to climax as well.   As I felt my cum boil and began the race from my balls up the shaft
into her, I groaned loudly with pleasure. We continued to fuck each other until nearly every drop of cum was deposited. We just stood   there for a few minutes. She then climbed off of me and moved to the far side of the room from the window and sat on the floor. I knew that where we were sitting we could still be seen
by the neighbors.

     I sat down with her and we talked and kissed for about 20 minutes. As we continued kissing and playing with each other, we both became aroused again, and she took my cock into my mouth."I love to taste pussy juice on a hard cock" she said, grinning sexily. "I just hope this isn't the last time we will experience this together."

     "Believe me, it won't be the last time," I replied.

     She lay back on the floor, and said, "fuck me again….I want you again."

      I kneeled over her and slid my cock deep into her pussy. She had hair on her pussy but it was neatly trimmed. After stroking for a few minutes, I pulled out of her and rolled her over, pulling her up to her knees.
     "I love doggie" she said her voice now husky. I slid my cock into her and began thrusting in and out of her, she was moving with me, she pushed back as I thrust in and she moved forward as I pulled out. As we fucked, I alternately squeezed her swinging tits and grabbed her hips pulling her into me. We fucked this way for about a half hour until we both reached orgasm. We fucked 2 more times that night, before I had to take her home. (she was still living with her parents, she was 19 and I was 32).

     The neighbors, Chuck and his wife discussed that evening with me later, and we eventually had a threesome… but that's a different story.

     During this time in my life I smoked pot, and Lisa did as well. We didn't smoke every time we were together, but we did quite often. It made both of us extremely horny, even more than usual. We dated pretty steadily for about 6 months, going out at least 3 times a week. Every time we went out we ended the date
with sex.
     Sometimes the date was just for sex; sometimes we did things with friends or just went out to a movie, dinner or some other activity.      One night we went out to a movie, and ended up at the city park downtown on the river. As we were standing by the rail, looking over at the city lights on the other side. I was standing behind her and began rubbing her ass with my hard cock. There were only a few people down there, mostly couples enjoying a romantic evening.

      She whispered to me, "I don't have any panties on under my skirt."

     She then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, stroking it. I reached down to her legs and began rubbing them, moving my hands up, pulling her skirt up around her waist and exposing her pussy. I
finger fucked her and found she was dripping wet. She then slid my cock into her exposed pussy and began thrusting back against me. We picked up our rhythm, forgetting about the people around us. After I came, I was still hard so I left my cock inside her.

     We talked for a few minutes, and began to fuck again. This time she came, loudly moaning with ecstasy. After about 20 minutes she came again and I came as well. My cum was dripping down her legs, and she
laughed about it. When we finished we noticed there were 3 couples that had been watching us, and they also were engaged in either fucking or oral sex. One couple came over and thanked us for being uninhibited enough to put on a show, and to arouse the others enough to follow suite.

     I was still on active duty but reassigned to Ft. Knox , and while I was still stationed down at Ft. Knox Lisa came down to visit. As I was a senior enlisted, I had an apartment. One afternoon I came home about 45 minutes early, and Lisa was sitting on the bed, talking with a guy. I was kind of pissed at first, but then
went into the bathroom. I got to thinking, and called her in to the bathroom with me.

     I asked her what she was doing, and she nervously said, "Nothing! We weren't doing anything. I locked
myself out and he was coming by and helped me get in. We were just talking."

     "Are you wanting to do something with him?"
     "No" she replied.

     "Do you want to do something in front of him?" I asked.
     "I hadn't thought about that." She replied.

     "I want you to do whatever I tell you to do. And when you address me in front of him, call me master.

     "Yes sir Master, I understand." she answered.   Lisa stayed in the bathroom while I went out to the living

room/bedroom (it was an efficiency apartment). His name was Matt, and we talked for a few minutes. Then Lisa came out.

     "She sure is pretty", I said, complimenting Lisa.

     Matt nervously agreed with me, not sure what was happening.   I told Lisa to come over to me and stand in front of us. I   directed her to slowly remove her blouse. She complied with my request. I then told her to remove her bra. She again complied. I asked Matt what he thought of her body. Matt, still not sure what
was going on was nervous, but said she was beautiful and had really nice tits.

     "Matt" I said, "I'm not going to let you fuck her, but I will let you kiss her nipples so you can see how nicely they stand up. Lisa, walk over to him and let him kiss you."

     "Yes master", she said. She nervously complied, and Matt kissed her on the mouth deeply and then enjoyed sucking her nipples.

     I then directed Lisa to come over to me, and take her slacks off. She complied and stood before me, only in her panties. I stood up and dropped my pants exposing my cock. I told her to drop to her knees and begin sucking my cock.

     "Yes Master." She looked over at Matt and complied, first taking the tip into her mouth and then sliding my shaft into her mouth. She began moving up and down, her saliva glistening on my shaft. While she was sucking me I told Matt that he could jack off if he wanted, but he needed to first get a napkin or Kleenex to
catch the spunk. I didn't want it on my floor.

     He complied, and I told Lisa to stop sucking me for a minute. "Look at Matt's cock. It isn't as big as mine
is it?"

     "No sir" she replied. "Would you want Matt to eat your pussy?" I asked her.

     "Only if you want him to master." She replied.

     "Matt, do you want to eat her pussy?" I asked
     "Yes master" he said.

     "You can eat her pussy, but you cannot fuck her and she will not give you a blow job. You can jack off if you'd like." I said.

     I directed Lisa to stand before me and take her panties off. "Now I said, I want you to walk over to Matt, let him finger fuck you, then I want you to lie back on the bed and let him eat you."
     They complied with my directives, and she moaned with pleasure as his tongue probed her pussy. After she came, I directed Matt to stand and jack off so she could watch him. I allowed his jism to fall onto her stomach, but not on the bed, or near her pussy or mouth. After he came I told him to get a Kleenex and
wipe her off.

     After he completed his assignment, I told Lisa to finish my blow job. She readily complied, coming over and servicing me. After I came, I then told her to kneel on the bed. I took my pants off and stood behind her, and fucked her doggie style. We entered our familiar rhythm fucking in unison while Matt watched.
He was hard again so I told him he could again jack off, but catch his cum in a napkin. He jacked off as Lisa and I fucked with abandon. After we finished fucking, I told Matt it was time for him to leave, and I   didn't want to see him around my apartment any more.

     He thanked us for the show, for allowing him to eat her pussy and left quickly.
     "Did you enjoy that?" I asked Lisa

     "Damn yes", she replied. "I'm so hot I could fuck all night."

     "Not to worry sweet lady, we will…. Right after we go out and have some dinner."

(more to cum……)

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