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Long Road Trip

Karin Gets Nude and Plays with her pussy
Our mutual vacation times rolled around again and we decided to take a long road trip cross country to Karins childhood home state, New Mexico. We have been married seven years and have flown out to Taos on a number of ocassions, but this time we decided that putting up with the TSA and all the other bullshit was just a little too much. Anyway, this is what happened...after planning for a week on the how and the when it was just a matter of packing, taking care of things around the house to close up and be gone for ten days. The first thing we agreed on was no day driving and no damned interstatesand that was pretty much it except for the credit card things and cash on hand. The night rolled around for us to leave and I noticed that Karin had put on this button up the front dress that she wore only when she was up to something crazy.

We locked up and drove out of the sybdivision and hit the four lane that took us across town, an hour later we pulled into a 24hr restaurant and went inside to get coffee and use the facilities. Karin took a little longer than usual but by that time the coffe had served up in to go cups and we slid into a booth and sipped at the hot brew and waited for the caffeine jolt to kick in.

Karin leaned across the table and whispered "I'm not wearing any panties and I'm horny." I gave her a wicked look and whispered back, "So, when we leave get naked and play with yourself." Karin gave me a look that would make steel melt, the lust was on high flame in her eyes.

We finished our coffee and got two more cups to go and we laft the restaurant with our arms around each others waist. I felt her hand tremble as she pressed close to me. I knew what was coming and I was hard as a rock and wanted tobend her over the back of the car and fuck her brains out, but I also understood she had to fulfill her need for exhibitionism, so I let that thought go and unlocked the car door, hit the unlock button and I leaned in and set my go cup in the holder. Karin did the same, then she straightened back up, I saw her give a quick look around and then her right hand went to the buttons on the front of her dress and in seconds she was completely naked, she opened the back door on the passengers side and tossed her dress on the back seat with a casualness that belied what was going on inside of her.

The waning sunlight gave me a quick glimpse of her pert firm breasts as she slid into the passengers eat and closed the door.

I slid into the drivers seat and fired up the engine and she groaned..."I'm soaking wet baby..." I laid a hand on her left thigh and slid it up to part her legs a little and she was right, she was soaking wet between her legs and that heady scent of her drifted up and I breathed deep. I almost shot a load.

Karin reclined the seat and spread her legs and began to stroke her clit. I could hear her breathing become quickened and then there were gentle little gasps as she began fingering herself, burying three fingers almost to the knuckles with each thrust. Karin teased herself for awhile, fingering herself slowly, and drawing a finger between her soft, wet folds, playing with her clit. With each stroke, her breathing quickened, and she began to moan, her hips twitching and begininng to buck upwards.

All of this, while I was attempting to drive straight and watch her play with her delectable pussy.

She whispered harshly, "I can't hold off much longer" her breaths coming in ragged gasps now . The I heard her let out an extended "OOOOOOHHHHHH" her legs stiffened, her back arched and she pistoned her hips up and down as her fingers were a blur on her clit, Karin shuddered and writhed in her personal ecstacy as back to back orgasms slammed through her. She whimpered out her pleasure as she kept going and going until she was completely exhausted and sated. Karin dropped back into her seat and leaned her head back on the headrest and took deep, gulping breaths as the aftershocks ofher orgasms washed over her like waves on the shore.

Karin lit a cigarette and smoked slowly and she was unusally quiet and I could tell she was thinking about something.

In the dark, she turned to me and said. "I want to drive naked." That caught me off guard and I was speechless for a moment...

"Uh...OK, I answered...

"Pull over and let me slide over there and then you get your turn." and I heard her voice begin to thicken with lust.

A few moments later I pulled over to the side of the road, the gravel crunching under the tires as I came to a stop. Just as I put the shift levr in Park, karin was out of the car and walking slowly around the front of the car, in the headlights and not giving a damn if anyone saw her. I met her as she rounded the drivers side of the hands went to her breasts and Karin closed her eyes in pleasure as I caressed them and thumbed her erect nipples. She gathered herself and told me to get in the car and get naked. I did...

My cock was throbbing with desire and wanting release and the head of my cock was coated liberally with precum. Karin puled out onto the roand and she reached for my cock with her elegant right hand, her fingers lightly grasping the shaft.

"I thinmk I want you to do this yourself she said and she puled her hand away and immediately my left hand was grasping my cock and I was stroking myself.

"Baby let me know when you get close, I want you to cum in my mouth." I backed off and stroked myself slowly and played with my balls and when I got to the point where waiting any longer was agony, I told her I was just about there. Karin looked in the rearview and pulled over, she slid her seat back and said...

Jerk off in my mouth." I did...

As the first spurt of cum began to erupt, Karin engulfed my cock with her warm, wet mouth and I kept stroking my cock, amd with each stroke I shot a stream of hot, sticky, cum down her throat, Karin was swallowing as quickly as she could, her tongue danced crazily across the sensitive underside and around the head of my cock, intensifying my pleasure . I cum as long as I could until I was drained dry, my balls ached pleasantly as Karin licked the last drop from the tip of my cock.

I was spent, and Karin leaned back up and wiped her chin clean from the spill of cum that had escaped her mouth.

"Holy shit that was good" Karin said as I came back down to earth.

Karin reached for me and played with my cock as I got myself together...

" I just love playing with you...why don't we get a motel room and get a shower and I can jerk you off and you can fuck my ass too.

I readily agreed to that plan and about an hour later we pulled into a nearly empty motel parking lot, Karin dressed sans undergarments and she went in to check us in, I stayed naked and waited until she returned with the card key, she drove to theback of the lot where our room was, she unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of the car, shrugged out of her dress again and we both made our way to the door, giggling like two kids. We went inside and Karin immdiately dropped to her knees, pushing the door closed all in one motion and she began sucking my cock, I groaned in sexual ecstasy as she worked the entire length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She recieved another mouth full of cum minutes later . We showered together and stetched out on the bed side by side. Karin gave me a slow, sensuous handjob that made my brain explode.

After I recovered I rolled Karin over and licked her asshole, sliding my tongue in and out, making her wet as possible, she squirmed and moaned in pleasure as I licked , then I pulled her hips up to me and positioned myself behind her and slid the head of my cock in her butt, she gasped, I stopped to let her get used to the feeling then I pushed again and slid the the full seven inches into her, Karinb groaned as I pumped in and out, she began to shudder and she gasped repeatedly at each thrust, then an orgasm exploded through her and as she climaxed I did to, I filled her ass full of cum, then we collapsed together on the bed, I withdrew and Karin got up to go to the bathroom. Later she came back and slid inbetween the sheets and I got up to take a quick shower. We fell asleep in each other arms as the sun was coming up. What happened next is for another story

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