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Look What You Did To My Windshield!

I fist fuck a redhead in my car in a parking lot and she kicks my windshield
I met Lisa on a dating site for married people. I always knew that I wasn’t the only person in a sexless marriage but I had no idea how many were out there. I met some nice women on the site but I also had some strange and some scary moments. There was the cop husband who hacked into his wife’s e-mail and threatened to find me. One of the most surprising was a gorgeous brunette who was young enough to be my daughter. She wanted me to buy her a car in return for whatever favors I wanted her to perform. I think there’s a term for such women.

But Lisa was probably the most unique and certainly the most passionate. After she responded to my initial message, we shifted from the site to e-mail where we began to get to know each other. She too was younger by 15 years but she was married to a man 12 years her senior so she wasn’t adverse to an older man. She has two teens whom she home schools. Lisa has a law degree but doesn’t practice while she’s schooling her kids. Her profile was very clear….her husband can’t provide adequately for her sexual needs and she has his permission to find someone who can. His only rule….”not someone I know and I don’t want to hear about it”. What a guy.

Lisa is a true redhead and I’ve dated some redheads in my life. To a woman, they were wild and insatiable. I’ve always said that there’s a “fun” gene that goes along with the hair color. Lisa turned out to be a credit to her raven haired sorority sisters.

After about a week of e-mails back and forth, Lisa and I agreed to meet face to face. We met at a little wine bar near both our homes on a hot Saturday afternoon. I was sitting at the bar when she walked in. It’s hard to miss a redhead so I stood and waved. At 6’4” I’m relatively easy to spot myself so she waved back, smiled and sat at the bar next to me. The conversation that followed for the next few hours was VERY easy and fun. I love intelligent women who enjoy laughing and touching. Lisa fit the bill. She held my hand and touched my thigh as we talked.

Lisa is a full-sized woman but beautifully sexy. She had on a long full summer dress with a high waist that accentuated her “D” cup tits. They jiggled as she laughed so she didn’t have on much of a bra. She was doing everything she could to get my eyes away from her baby blues and onto her cleavage. And I was happy to oblige.

“Ronnie, you’re such a wonderful conversationalist. You and I are going to get along very well. Do you mind if I get another glass of wine? I’m just starting to feel good”.

It was only Lisa’s third glass of wine and the bartender certainly had a heavy hand.

“Go right ahead, Lisa. I’m not going to have another glass myself but I hope you don’t mind if I take a few sips of yours”.

We finished the wine and I paid the tab. As we headed for the door, I had a good feeling about this one.

“Can I hold your arm, Ronnie? I’m feeling a little tipsy. If I don’t feel I can drive, would you have a problem driving me home? My sister could drive me back to get my car tomorrow”.

“Of course I can, Lisa. Let’s walk down to my car to sit and talk for a while.”

I had parked my car at the far end of the parking lot under a large tree for shade. There were no cars near mine and the whole parking lots was protected from view by mature shrubbery. I figured I’d get her in the front seat and test her “readiness”. I was about to find out just how ready Lisa really was.

I opened the passenger side door for Lisa then got in the driver’s seat, started the engine and turned the A/C to high. Before I could say “How are you feeling”, the redhead was on me like flies on a cow’s butt. We locked into a tight embrace and began sharing tongues. I instinctively slid my hand under the hem of the long dress and ran it up to her crotch. Lisa spread her legs for me. My hand was met by a shaved bare, soaking wet pussy. No panties. I slid a finger into her pussy and commented on how wet she was.

“I always get wet just thinking about fucking. And I began thinking about fucking you as soon as we sat down at the bar.”

With that, Lisa reclined the passenger seat and laid back half against the door and half against the seat back. She pulled her dress up to her waist, spread her legs wide and exposed a shaved bare pussy with a few remaining little red hairs around her asshole. She put her right foot on the dashboard and her left foot on the back of my seat. Lisa didn’t seem to care that we were in a public restaurant parking lot and that her bare legs were in full view.

I immediately went for her pussy. Picture a 6’4” man in a Chevy Impala trying to contort his body from under the steering wheel, aiming his lips toward a dripping pussy lying in the passenger seat. Lisa pulled on the hood of her clit exposing a bright pink swollen rose bud. As soon as I starting licking her pussy lips and sucking her clit, she started moaning loudly. Thank gawd there were no cars near us. Even with the engine running and the windows closed, she surely could have been heard outside of the car.

I kept popping my head up to look for people and especially for the police. I’ve never been arrested in my long life and I sure didn’t want to be caught eating a red haired pussy in the front seat of my car.

“This is so hot, isn’t it Ronnie. You eating my pussy in the car in a public parking lot. Finger fuck me.”

Lisa’s whole body was shaking as I slid two fingers into her wet hole while sucking on that engorged clit. It only took about two minutes for Lisa to start shaking violently and practically screaming. Then it happened. She squirted! At first I tought she had just peed on my face but then I realized it was female ejaculate. In all of my years, I had never experienced a squirter. I had seen them in porn flicks but never had it happen to me in person.

My face was covered with the goo. Lisa sat up in the seat and began to lick my lips and face.

“I love to taste myself, Ronnie. Let me have your fingers”.

With that, Lisa began to suck and lick my fingers that were covered with her pussy juice. The next think I know, she pops a tit out of her bra and the top of the dress. I don’t have to be told what to do. I began to suck on the nipple while starting to again finger fuck her pussy. It was apparent that Lisa was working up to the second orgasm in a period of about five minutes.


Now, I’m not a man who enjoys inflicting pain so I nipped gently at her hard nip


For fear of causing damage, I began to squeeze the little bud between my thumb and forefinger.


I was squeezing Lisa’s nipple with everything I had and she kept asking for more. I was still finger fucking her pussy with the forefinger and middle finger of my left hand. Lisa lay back in the seat and again put her right foot on the dash and left foot on the back of my driver’s seat. Her thighs were as wide open as she could get them. My front seat was soaked with her ejaculate and pussy juice. Lisa’s eyes were closed and her body was shaking. My left hand was fucking her as hard and fast as I could.


My ring finger joined my first two, then my little finger and then the tip of my thumb. That wasn’t good enough for Lisa. She grabbed my left wrist and forced my whole hand into her vagina.


I had my whole hand in this redhead’s pussy and she was asking for more. She grabbed my wrist and began to fist fuck herself with my hand. AND I don’t have a small hand! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My gawd, it HAD to be painful but Lisa was definitely tripping. With head back, eyes closed and mouth open, she began to shake exactly like she did before. When she hit pay dirt, I thought she was going to shove my hand up her cervix and, with one last loud scream, she squirted a second time.

The extra lubrication of her ejaculate and her dilated status allowed Lisa to get her rocks off good this time. The foot on the dashboard began to shake and in one last wave of ecstasy, she cranked her leg back and kicked the windshield with her bare foot. The windshield cracked with a loud “thwack” and the resulting spider web of broken glass spread across the windshield. Lisa didn’t even realize that she had done it.

She fell back exhausted in the seat with her foot still on the dashboard and my soaked hand still in her vagina. I slowly pulled my hand out of the gaping but obviously satisfied wet pussy. My seat was a mess. Lisa was a mess. Her dress was soaked. But she had a contented smile on her face that defies description. The woman obviously gets off on pain and can get off often.

“Do you want me to drive you home, Lisa?”

“No, Ronnie…….thank you……I’m good. Just drive me up to my car. Did I do that to your windshield?”

“Yes you did, Sweetie…….let me look at your foot to make sure you’re not bleeding”.

“I’ll pay for your windshield…I have insurance. That was wonderful. I’ve never squirted two consecutive times before”.

“Don’t worry about the windshield, Lisa. My company insurance will take care of it. It's a company car. I’m just glad you’re not hurt.”

I drove her to the other end of the parking lot, Lisa kissed me one last time and got out of my car. She waved as her Mercedes pulled away. I sat there looking at my soiled seat. The car smelled like a whore house. I’ve got some cleaning to do, for sure. God bless your husband, Lisa…….God bless the poor man!

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