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Love Thy Neighbor:Part 2

Rick agrees to be Karen's Boy Toy
Something made me lift my head, and I turned to look behind me. There, in the door, staring at the two of us in his bed, his large hands gripping the wheels of his chair, was Karen‘s husband , Jim.

My already shrinking manhood all but disappeared as I scrambled to get off of Karen. I searched the room frantically for my clothes, trying to avoid eye contact with Jim.

“Where the hell do you think your going, sport?” He asked.

“I…..I…can explain!” I blurted out, as I almost tripped trying to pull on my pants.

“No explanation is necessary” he answered. “I know exactly what happened!”

“You do?”

“Yup! Karen told me last night that she intended to fuck you senseless!” A big smile spread over his face as he wheeled into the bedroom, stopping at the foot of the bed, between Kaen’s outstretched legs. “And, by the look of it, she succeeded!” His gaze was focused on the drool of cum sliding down her ass crack to the bed sheets.

I had to admit, it was a bit of a turn-on, seeing this gorgeous woman leaking my cum from deep in her glistening cunt.But I wasn’t so sure about her husband’s reaction to catching us ‘in the act’. And I definitely wasn’t ready for happened next.

Karen scooted closer to edge of the bed as Jim leaned over, attaching a thin leather lead onto a collar that barely peeked out from Jim’s shirt.. She pulled his face into the freshly fucked folds of her dripping sex. Extending his tongue, he began lapping my cum from his wife’s cunt! “Clean me up, baby!” she said as she spread open her swollen cunt lips.

“Yes, Mistress” he replied between swipes up and down her glistening folds.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene unfolding in front of me. Here was a guy, paralyzed from the waist down, unable to get hard, unable to get off, sucking some strangers sperm from deep in his wife’s cunt. And happy to do it! At one point, she pushed a dollop of cum out onto his tongue and he massaged the creamy white liquid into her clit while she orgasmed, smearing her wetness from his nose to his chin.

Lifting his face from the crivice between her legs, she kissed him deeply, sucking her honey and my seed from his tongue before licking the viscous liquid from his face. “Thank you, sweetheart! Nicely done!” she said sweetly as she dropped the lead.

“My pleasure, Mistress!” he answered as he resettled in his wheelchair. turning to me he said, “Ready for round two?” Dropping his gaze from my face to my crotch, he added, “Looks like it from here!”

I was most definitely ready! My cock was at full extension, jutting out and up from my crotch, ready to fuck this gorgeous woman, even as her husband watched.

“There are a few things we need to cover before you get to bury that magnificent cock in me.!” Karen said, as she rose from the bed. “First. You will refer to me, in my house, as Mistress, or Mistress Karen. Second, when you come in here, you will disrobe entirely, putting on a collar. Third, you will get on your hands and knees, unless I tell you otherwise. And finally, you will do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING I tell you. Is that clear?”

I was dumbstruck!

“Well?…..Do you want any more of this pussy?” she said sliding two fingers up inside. “If not, you may continue your work in my yard if you like.”

“Ummm….OK!” I blurted.

A stinging slap to my thigh, followed by, “Yes, MISTRESS!” as she sternly looked, first at my face, then my ramrod straight penis.

“Yes, Mistress!” I replied, still unsure of what I was getting myself into.

Smiling, she producing a leather collar, like the one her husband had on, told me to put it on, and to lie down next to her on the bed.

After properly answering her order with another, “Yes Mistress.” I sat down on the bed, laying my head on one of the pillows, my cock defying gravity. She straddled my hips, her still glistening pussy mere inches from my manhood. Looking over her shoulder briefly, she asked Jim, “Can you see everything, baby?”

“Yes Mistress! The view is perfect!” he replied, leaning forward in his chair to get as close as he could.

Turning to me, she grabbed the shaft of my member, guiding it slowly to her entrance. “Fuck me! Fuck me like your life depends on it, Rick!”

I thrust my hips up in response, stretching her lips as I disappeared deep inside her. She moaned in response and I dropped my hips back to the bed, half expecting her to settle down on me. She didn’t! She was going to make me work for this! So, I raised my hips again, and again, sinking quickly into the moist heat of her heavenly cunt, withdrawing briefly, and refilling her voracious pussy with my cock. My hands gravitated to the round, full cheeks of her ass, clenching and spreading, allowing my cock to delve deeper into her warm wetness.

She leaned closer, dangling her magnificent breasts in my face, and said, “Slap, tickle, suck, pinch! Make me cum, Rick! Make me cum!”

“Yes Mistress” I replied as my hips rose, sinking my manhood into her hungry cunt, and I captured her left nipple in my mouth, grazing it with my teeth as I sucked like a hungry baby. She clutched my head to her breast, crushing my face into the warm, soft pillows.

“Oh yes! That’s it!” she moaned as she took my hand from her ass and slid it between us, rubbing her clit with my thumb. She rocked her hips, bending my cock, each time I thrust upwards. “Oh God Rick! Your cock feels so good!”

The tight, wetness of her warm cunt made me moan into the soft flesh of her breasts as my tongue washed her nipple, drawing cicles around the stiff nub. I could feel her muscles as the worked my dick, contracting around my crown, assuring that I wouldn’t escape, expanding as I drove deep, and contracting again as my balls came in contact with her undulating ass cheeks.

Suddenly, she yanked my head from her breast and kissed me fiercely, deeply. Driving her tongue toward the back of my throat. I sucked on her tongue as she moaned into my mouth, her breathing becoming ragged.

Was she close to coming? I knew I was! The velvety skin of her cunt, as it caressed my imprisoned cock, drove me ever closer to that ecstatic moment. I wanted this to last longer, but knew I was waging a losing battle. I wanted this gorgeous, voluptuous woman, a woman twice my age, to accept my meager offering. My tongue asserted itself, pushing hers out of my mouth, and into hers. The fingers of my right hand circled, stroked and teased her amply lubricated clit. Her nipples ground against my chest as she urgently ground her pelvis against me. Her fingers were intertwined with the hair on the top of my head as I drove deeper, faster, wanting to feel her lose control.

What more could I do? I could feel her on the brink. Maddenly close! My left hand, fingers still dug into the flesh of her right butt cheek, trying to control her movements. I unflexed my aching fingers and slide them closer to the center. My middle finger came in contact with the hot brown ring of her sphincter. I plunged it inside, stretching the tiny muscle, making her squirm and moan. I could feel my cock as it slide in and out of her.

My lips, teeth, and tongue were worshipping at her jiggling breast, my fingers were buried deep in her ass, our bodies slapping together, her cunt making crude music as I plundered it with my cock. I felt, as much as heard her cum. Her cunt milking my cock, trying to coax the sperm from my balls, her hands clutching my head, pulling it tight to the softness of her breast.

And I responded in kind. Grunting into her cleavage as my cock lost control, spewing the warm white goo deep into her cloying cunt.Feeling the excess ooze around my shaft, bathing my balls in a combination of our juices.

Karen rolled off of me and on to her back, her chest still heaving from our sexual workout. I watched intently as her fingers caressed her breasts, gently massaging my spit into the areola I had just nursed on, then working their way down her belly, through her cum matted pubic hair and dipping into her freshly fucked, swolen cuntlips. Lifting her two shining digits to her nose, she inhaled deeply, obviously enjoying the rich scent of herself mixed with the slightly bleachy smell of sperm. She sucked her ring finger into her mouth, cleaning the heady mixture off before insinuating her middle finger between my lips.

“Now it’s your turn.” she whispered.

I looked at her, quizzically.

“It’s your turn to clean me up!” she said, more sharply, this time.

About to object, I realized from the tone of voice, that the matter was not up for discussion, and timidly replied, “Yes Mistress.”

“I’ll do my part! You do yours!” she said flipping around so her recently used pussy was directly over my head, and my semi-soft penis was right under hers.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I separated her ass cheeks and tentatively extended my tongue to her glistening lips. “Don’t swallow it all!” she admonished before thoroughly bathing my testicles with her tongue. She slurped all the fuck-froth from the base of my cock as she slowly settled herself on my face, smearing our combined creams all over my chin, while my tongue probed the well greased folds of her gash, seeking out the gobs of warm sperm mixed with the sweet pungent secretions from her cunt. At one point, she pushed a gob of our love juice from her cunt, sending it well into my open mouth.

Working her way up the length of my shaft, she traced the prominent vein as it led to my still oozing crown. Her tongue gently probed my piss slit, licking off the last vestiges of my orgasm. Her attention was reviving my manhood

Lifting off me she turned and said. “Kiss me!” as she thrust her coated tongue deep into my mouth. She alternated between sucking on my tongue and pulling the cum from my mouth.

Rising from the bed she ensconced herself in her husbands lap, dripping the fuck sauce from her lips to his waiting tongue. She turned to me and said, “Come back tomorrow, we have a lot more work to do!”

“Yes Mistress!”

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