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Madri Gras - Chapter 1

Beginning a TRUE Mardi Gras journal of sex, stockings, and ultimate exhibitionism.

Megan and I returned to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This year it fell on my birthday and Megan promised to make it something special. She allowed me to pick out her clothes and I chose my favorite of her see-through outfits and sexy lingerie. The morning of out flight, I laid out her clothing for the trip. Megan gawked at her outfit, a sheer pink blouse and short skirt with appropriate lingerie, nylons, and high heels!
The trip was interesting. Megan wore a coat to start with, but as we boarded the flight, she slipped it off and she made a point of showing off for the men around her. Her new white bra showed right through her blouse, even exposing her dark tan nipples through the sheer bra cups! As she lifted her coat into the overhead storage, her short skirt hiked up to show off her glistening dark brown stockings!
Megan sat in the aisle seat and crossed her legs. Her skirt hiked up to her thighs, flashing her nylons and white garters. During the flight, Megan made a point of leaving her seat on several occasions. Each time, she would turn to me and bend over, letting her short hemline ride up flashing her stocking tops! The two gentlemen sitting across the aisle kept glancing over, taken with her casual display! Toward the end of the flight, Megan teasingly began toying with her blouse. Making sure she had caught their attention, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and began stroking her breasts!
It was all I could have hoped for and suggested even better times to come. We took a cab from the airport and Megan continued flashing her stockings for the cab driver, the bell hop and even the desk clerk as she bent over to "straighten her seams"!
I had champagne waiting in the room. We dropped our bags and settled by the window overlooking Bourbon Street . I popped the cork and we sipped champagne, talking about plans for the weekend. Megan casually asked me what I’d like for a present. I had answered the question each year, but always held back from telling her his secret desire.
"Megan, I don't think you could handle what I'd like."
Megan always rankled when I put her off . Of course, she knew what it would be about, but played along just the same. This time, however, she was suddenly serious.
"Don't ask me if you don't want to know!" I challenged.
She backed off and thought about it for a while. Then she spoke up, telling me she really wanted to know and was ready to deliver! I saw the look in her eyes and decided to tell her.
"I'd like to go out on the town and have an ultimate fantasy!"
"I guessed as much," Megan chuckled. "But you know, Hon, I think I could handle it this time. Go for it!"
In straight language, I told her he wanted her to forget every inhibition. I wanted her to dress and act for my pleasure and do anything she could to turn me on. Megan smiled almost mysteriously and nodded her acceptance.

That first evening, Megan wore a button front dress with black lingerie and nylons. We wandered the streets and returned to the No Name Bar we had been to years before. This time, Megan was far more agreeable.
"Remember when the singer told me how he liked my stockings!"
I reminded her about asking her to take off her bra that night.
The bar maid chimed in.” It’s free drinks for any lady that donates to the cause!"
"That's easy enough!" Megan smirked and stood up.
Before the crowd realized it, Megan was unbuttoning her dress! She shrugged it from her shoulders and then pushed it down, revealing a plain dull black bra I hadn't seen in years!
"Fooled you, Hon!" Megan laughed. "I knew you'd bring me here again!"
Then she turned to the applause and quickly unsnapped her bra. She flashed her tits briefly as it fell and threw the bra into the rafters. She casually rebuttoned her blouse, but left it half undone so that her breasts were still exposed to view!
As we left, the bar maid handed Megan a Polaroid she'd taken, catching her bare breasts. She grinned at said we did it all the time! Megan flounced her way back to the hotel and grabbed my cock when we reached our room.
"Ready, Big Boy?" she asked and pulled me over to the window.
There, right in front of the crowd on the opposite balcony, Megan started making out and slowly stripping off her dress! As I started getting turned on, Megan broke away and pulled me up onto the bed wearing nothing but her garter belt, panties, and nylons!
"They'll get a better view this way!"
I quickly came alive as she touched my crotch! Megan was on me, sucking and licking my swollen cock in front of the open window! As she heard the cheers, Megan stood up facing the window and pulled down her panties!
"That's just the beginning!" she said and pulled my cock between her legs!
We ended up fucking her in full view of the crowd on the balcony and Megan never enjoyed it more!

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