Maja's Student Bodies - Part I

By TheTravellingMan

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It was meant to be a boring business trip, then events take a life of their own beyond his control.
Waiting for my flight in the departure lounge, my funk had not shifted for a few days now. Drinking a pint alone with my full English breakfast at nine in the morning was testament to that.

My boss’ words were still vibrant in my mind.

“Cheer up, it’s the Balkans,” he sniggered as his shuffling feet dragged his corpulent frame back to his office. Single, no ties, no complications, I always seemed to draw the shortest of the short straws.

The work was tough, customers were often unsympathetic but I perversely enjoyed the challenge of it. The attraction of it was the travelling to different and unusual parts of the world free of charge with expenses on top of my salary. Staying anywhere meant hotel living, it was not palatial but comfortable nonetheless.

I was hoping my luck would change, winter in St. Petersburg was bitterly cold with morose Russians to deal with and even the women seemed fatalistic. At least Amman was a short stay, three weeks with no alcohol and dry desert to look at. With slate grey skies and slate grey buildings, I spent a month of late spring in gloomy Bergen. That trip had its compensations though; a series of no-strings trysts with some fabulous Norwegian women.

The pinnacle of the last year was Hamburg and it swung – literally. I found myself embroiled in a Teutonic love triangle for a month. I swear that when I smile about it now, the windows to my soul revealed a little bit more about me than before. An avant-garde screenplay writer would sell his muse for a situation like that.

That’s a story for another time.

This was an assignment in Slovenia, part of the former Yugoslavia. Images of a troubled country with ethnic tensions immediately sprang to mind.

Information was scant, the tour guides were patchy; it had an Austrian influence, so tall attractive blondes with blue eyes sprang to mind.

The real sting in the tail and the cause of my funk was on the statement of work - “indefinite stay”. In other words, the company was up to its neck in it and I was not coming home until I had helped clean up the mess.

An indefinite stay meant three months away but six months was not unheard of.

I could recollect my boss’ words vividly as I finished my pint, “Don’t worry, Max and Jezza will be there with you.”

I wondered who on earth Max and Jezza were. Still, I wasn’t alone, I was stuck with strangers of an unknown quantity, in a largely unknown country on an indefinite stay.

Brilliant and with that thought, I contemplated another pint.


I’d found the rendezvous point and I was waiting for them. Sitting outside a café-bar on my first day, I was quietly impressed with the place. I was early by an hour so I figured I would explore the place. I’d got lost plenty of times but the clean air and sunlight was doing me the power of good.

Ljubljana's main square was a compact picturesque place of grand Georgian buildings and pedestrianised cobbled streets. The sun shone with an intensity I was unused to giving the pastel coloured buildings a vibrancy that lifted your spirits. The balmy heat and the cloudless azure sky gave the place a zest for life. I was high just on the wonder of what a fantastic place this was.

As ‘get to know you’ beers went, Max and Jezza seemed like good company. Avuncular, friendly, they liked a pint and for them this foreign assignment was a bit of novelty. Their enthusiasm countered my jaded weariness and they had actually cheered me up.

The piazza buzzed with the happy sounds of people enjoying themselves. Tourism had yet to discover this gem of a place; foreigners were still something of a novelty. People seemed to be curious and friendly in equal measure.

Its quotient of svelte sun-kissed women was outrageously off the scale. Their approachability startled me; a greeting would become a short conversation. Most of them spoke immaculate English as long as I didn’t veer into the vernacular. They seemed completely vulnerable to English gentlemanly charm and manners. I was not going to turn down this opportunity.

I’d gone to the bar to get some drinks, a very attractive young lady spoke to me in Slovenian only to dissolve into a fit of giggles at my very English puzzlement. Losing track of time, Jezza had to rescue their drinks before they got warm and gave me a playful nudge of encouragement.

My first night did a lot to cement Anglo-Slovenian relations, well she made me cum all over her tits really but it was a great start.

Jezza ruffled my hair at breakfast with a “Well done my son!”

I admit, I was enjoying this place immensely already. This was going to be a great assignment.


By the third week, our energy levels were beginning to flag. We were all working late; the compensation for our efforts was that we had stopped the rot.

We had our regular haunts and the staff had come to recognise us as regulars. The Three Bridges cafes were a great place for a quick drink. A short trundle through the cobbled streets to the AS Bar meant a chilled vibe powered by the open-air DJ with more drinks and dinner. The weekends could not come soon enough, we let our hair down and usually I got lucky into the bargain.

This weekend was different, Max and Jezza were older and married and they had kids. They were being shipped out in time for the school summer holidays. As their replacements were not due for at least a month, I was going to be on my own. As a celebration for the hard-working band of brothers we had become, Friday night was carnage.

Even with a hangover, in the morning I managed to get them both into a cab and off to the airport. Jezza, the soppy sod, gave me a big man hug and I was going to miss him. Returning to my hotel room with an uneasy sense of trepidation of being alone, I crashed back into my pit to sleep it off.

I awoke at lunchtime and bleary-eyed I gazed down at the piazza below. The enticing sight of the Three Bridges was beckoning me. As I squinted to adjust to the bright light, I could see it packed with people and plenty of young women. I felt a pang from my loins; I fancied a bit of mischief, it had been too long.

If Hamburg was the high-water mark, I was going to smash it out of the park.


A wispy mistral breeze occasionally took the edge off the early afternoon heat. It caressed my bare arms and face as my sunglasses deflected much of the glare. The sun bathed the whole piazza and it would be a marvellously lazy day to sit back, read my book and get quietly sozzled on cold lager. I found its promise of the nightlife in the AS Bar exciting. Left to my own devices, I didn’t have to worry about my colleagues spilling the beans back at the office.

This was how I got into that situation in Hamburg.

Mid-afternoon approached and after lunch, several bottles of icy cold lagers had put me in a relaxed mood. My book was engrossing yet I couldn't help to notice the two women sat at a table just in front of me. Within peering distance, I could not resist an occasional surreptitious peek over the top my sunglasses.

They were both beautiful but she was the one that really caught my eye. Perhaps in her mid-to-late thirties, time had stopped still for her. The more I looked, the more her beauty was captivating. In the bright light, each subtle tone of her brunette hair shone. It rested just on her shoulders and over the thin straps of her dress. A pair of Audrey Hepburn’s hid her eyes, yet her attractive face with its prominent cheekbones and sculpted jawline was mesmerising.

She was a siren and an older woman, I found myself absorbed in her. I had absently gazed over to their table on several occasions. The feminine curves of her upper body held tightly in the tailored bodice of her dress showed off her generous décolletage and delicate collarbone. A warm surge of sexual need took over my whole body as my mind ran through the possibilities. As she held her glass of wine, there was no wedding ring on her finger.

The combination of her beauty and my stultified reaction to the beer made me linger for a second too long and once too often – she had noticed me. I could not tear my eyes away to see what would happen next. My heart began to pound harder as she looked towards me. She smiled in return and looked back to her friend, flicking her hair as the breeze caught it. After a short exchange, she whispered to her friend and then looked back at me again

Her full painted lips broke into a smile, instinctively I knew she was going to address me and heart pounded so hard it made my ears ring.

"That's an interesting looking book, are you American?"

It was a serious tome about the life and times of JFK. Playing for time, I put the book down and I rummaged through my mind for an answer.

"No, British. He is certainly something of an enigma."

It was best I could manage considering the cocktail of alcohol and adrenalin now surging through me.

“British, you sound very British. I know enough about JFK to know he was quite the ladies’ man, I guess you are just like him, no?"

Taken aback and trying hard not to show it, my face betrayed me and creased into a wry smile. The potential combination of brains and beauty had me hooked. This Slovenian bombshell was complementing me on my accent when hers was doing very strange things to my body.

"He had a certain charisma I suppose."

As a gambit, I had to fight to hide my pleasure in matching her coyness.

"Oh yes he had that and maybe you do too?"

My smile was more natural and I had to nod slowly in agreement, “Maybe.”

She laughed heartily clearly enjoying her playfulness, "I'm Maja and this is Nina."

The lower part of my stomach churned over and I could feel those butterflies. I knew them well, the excitement of physical attraction and the pretext to arousal. Each time I looked at her, that feeling swelled even more inside me. She was in the mood to play a game and so was I, her body would be my prize and I yearned for it.

"I'm Martin by the way."

"Martin. That's a very British name too."

"Yes, it certainly is."

Her friend Nina smiled back, she reminded me of an old flame, recollecting those old experiences with my cock beginning to harden - I was playing with fire.

Maja looked at me, ready to speak.

"Would you like to join us?”

"I would like that”

Excited at the thrill of the chase and the ebb and flow of this delicate game of seduction, my smile was not my best poker face. Maja was playful, yet reserved, she had a few years on me and no doubt countless men trying it on with her. I was going to be subtle perhaps but the end result would be to slide my cock in her.

Rising from my chair, I edged some money under the heavy glass ashtray to pay my bill.

Nina pulled out a chair next her and opposite Maja. She was younger than Maja by a decade at least, blonde and tanned with piercing blue eyes. She was petite contrasting with Maja’s fuller and curvier body. Nina was very attractive but Maja that had an added ingredient that held me rapt.

"So, can I get you two ladies a drink?"

Maja was impassive and Nina spoke for them both.

"Yes, a glass of white wine for me, Maja only drinks red."

This was certainly a game, her overt coquettishness giving over to quiet mystery.

Nina added, "We are also staying for something to eat, we were wondering if you would like to stay for dinner?"

Again, my poker face let me down; my smile was broad, so broad I could feel my cheeks being squeezed.

"I would be delighted. I have nothing else planned.”

"It is the same for us; our semester has finished, yes?"

“Semester? You are students?”

Maja laughed at my inadvertent compliment.

“I am a lecturer at the University; Nina has just finished her Masters.”

“Ah I see.”

We all laughed at my embarrassment.

Gesturing to the waitress, she clearly recognised me with a casual 'Hi’ before I ordered our drinks.

Her familiarity was not lost on Maja.

"You come here a lot. I have seen you here before with your friends."

I looked to her and paused to smile again - her overtness had returned.

"Yes, they’ve have gone home. They have wives and children and it’s the summer holidays. Their replacements won’t be here for a few weeks, they are held up working somewhere else."

There in a nutshell was my availability on the table.

"I see so you have no wife or girlfriend and you have stayed here? I guess this could be a lonely business for you?"

I laughed a little and she reciprocated with a smile of her own.

"Yes, I'm single. It can be lonely but this is a beautiful country so it is not so bad."

I felt a little embarrassed; she was certainly getting the upper hand. She smiled letting it fade slowly from her face.

"Are you here for long?" inquired Nina.

"Well, with the way it is going, I could be here for a couple more months."

Maja was impassive once more; this was becoming very one side-sided. Enchanted by her beauty and mystery; all she needed to do was decide whether to reel me in.

Flirtation intermingled with curiosity over dinner; wine flowed freely keeping the conversation going. Maja and Nina laughed at my dry sense of humour as they shared their stories of life at the University. Nina was great company, yet enigmatic, deflecting each question to her over to Maja.

Maja was Nina’s personal tutor. As the light faded, she had revealed her brown sultry eyes; they had a hypnotic quality. It was difficult to avoid looking into such striking and welcoming brown eyes. The body, the face, the eyes, I was engrossed in her every word.

The cafe muzak made the atmosphere more intimate; the staff lit candles placing them on all the tables. We all talked a little quieter now, their vowels were more rounded and sensual. Relaxed by the alcohol, Maja's body language seemed less guarded. It was getting dark and the excitement of what might be approaching made me almost squirm in my seat.

I didn’t need to wait long for an answer, she reached out and scalloped my own hands with hers as she reinforced a point during a funny story. Her fingers slid over the back of mine softly as she smiled, her naked eyes sparkling in the soft light of that solitary candle flame.

Her foot grazed my calf under the table, sliding up the inside of my legs. Like a moth to that flame, my expression showed my approval. Moving towards the end game, she leant back to stretch her arms up, showing her fine breasts to me in a flagrant display.

My throat dried as my loins stirred, it was only a matter of time. My mind turned to sucking her nipples and savouring that first feeling as my fingers violated her wet sex. I wondered how hard her climax would be as I ate her pussy. I wanted to be on top of her watching her body shudder as she tightened on my cock and screamed in orgasm.

Nina announced she had to go and interrupted my train of thought - she had to be up early. We exchanged pleasantries about how nice it was to meet each other and I kissed her gently on the cheek. She clasped my hand as I did so, releasing it slowly as she turned to Maja to kiss her. Watching as Maja's placed a hand on Nina's hips, they seemed to linger for too many moments. My head was floating thanks to the wine and I dismissed it, Hamburg was a one-off.

With that Nina took a couple of steps back and waved goodbye.

"See you again Martin."

"Sure, sleep well."

Maja was still standing there; tall and equal in height to me. I did not hesitate in the opportunity to see her full body again. Drawn to her breasts confined in that tailored bodice of her dress, they looked so full and rounded, jutting as large teardrops from her body.

She caught me looking but brazenly stood there smiling widely to let me take in her beauty. My eyes betrayed me - I was lost in her.

“Hey you!” she giggled, “I need to walk off the food and wine a little, it is a beautiful evening, would you walk with me?"

I did not care she knew, this game of seduction had played out to its inevitable endgame. I looked at her and let my face smile, my eyes, my mouth, she reciprocated and we knew.

I offered my arm, "Lead the way, I hope you don't get me lost, I'm still finding my way around here."

She laughed, "Perhaps I will, and then you will have to beg me to show you the way home."

She slid her arm into mine, for the first time I could sense the evocative scent of her perfume. This game was over; it was a question of finding the right moment. It would be no trouble to kiss her; it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

The streets were scattered with courting couples, walking arm in arm down the low-lit streets. Buildings threw dark shadowy shapes against the light of a full moon; we walked past a passionate couple using their seclusion. Maja rested her head against the top of my shoulder as we walked down a short, broad alleyway to what looked like a gloomily lit small park.

We had walked under an arch, almost to the park itself. This was the time; I stopped, turned around and looked into her eyes. Her eyes looked to my lips and then into my eyes, her mouth half-open and pouting.

“Are you going to kiss me?”


Her head leant first and as our lips pressed together, she pushed me gently against the wall of the alleyway.

Our lips grazed each other’s as I felt the stickiness of lipstick. She pulled away smiling as her hands slid down my chest, around my hips and she pulled me to her. My hands with tenderness, slid over the nape of her neck to cup her head. Our mouth opened slightly as our tongues met and my fingers traced over her naked shoulders. I could not help but ease the flimsy straps of her dress off her shoulders.

Kissing again with more passion, each new movement melded our bodies into each other's arms as she softly moaned. My fingertips as softly as I could control them down her arms, caressing her elbows. Her own hands slid down my back and into my back pockets. Using them as leverage, she pressed herself into me. I felt her body from the yielding of her soft breasts on my chest to the delicate flare of her abdomen pressing against my hardening cock.

“My, my, you are eager,” she playfully retorted.

One hand left a pocket, travelled around my waist and down to my thigh as she pushed the flat of her hand against my cock. I gasped with surprise and she pressed her mouth against me in an escalating kiss of intensifying passion. Through that thin fabric, I caressed her breasts and teased them with only the faintest touch. They felt firm and springy to the touch as I found the hardened nub of one nipple. Her other hand took one of mine; she guided it under the hem of her dress to her inner thigh. By my wrist, she pulled instructing me where to take it.

We were in a side-alley, with my inhibitions loosened by wine and the emotion I felt was powerful - a deviant sexual excitement I had not felt in a long time. It consumed me and blended with the sense of danger I felt; it combined into a delirious lust.

Her mouth broke from mine first, sucking on my ear to spur me on and then falling to kiss my neck. My hand slid sensuously up the taut inside of her thigh seeking the outline of her panties. Instead, my fingers found the smooth warm moistness of her labia and she sighed softly into my ear as I brushed over it. With a solitary finger, I parted her fine lips feeling the heat of her wetness spill from her. Our mouth met again as I dipped my finger into the hot warmth of her sex and a surfeit of stolen air rushed through her nostrils. Pressing on her clit with my thumb, her stifled soft moans relayed her approval as she firmly grasped my hard cock. Stroking it, it overloaded my senses; I could not wait to have her.

Breaking free, she pushed me back against the wall. So overwhelmed, I offered no fight as her hand pulled at the buckle of my belt. Pleading with my eyes, she released the buttons of my fly. As our lips pressed fervently against each other once more, her tongue slid into my mouth and she took my hard, thickened cock to hand.

My body felt assaulted by this battery of pleasure only enflamed my need further. Ignited by the primeval instinct inside me, I wanted her now. I held no regard for the fact we were just tucked away only yards from the street. She sucked on the lobe of my ear, the tip of her tongue flicking it, gesturing to what her mouth could do to my straining cock. I pressed my finger deeper inside her, the viscous heat of her pussy engulfing it.

"Please fuck me, fuck me now, here, fuck me."

She pulled me across the darkened alleyway and perched herself onto a low ledge. I watched awestruck as she lifted her dress, dumbfounded as she pulled it over her body. Her skin shone in the watery light, her smile smouldered with abandon and excitement. I paused; I had to see her and her body was everything I could possibly imagine. The delicate structure of her neck scalloped effortlessly to her exposed collarbone. Her breasts hung magnificently from her frame as her waist cinched in to define her curvaceous hips. With her long legs fully on show and at their confluence, her bare-naked sex was hued with wetness. Her face etched with lust revelling in the danger of this. The thought of being caught only made my cock harder; it was raging to fuck her right here, right now.

She dipped a finger into herself and as I moved closer, she smeared her juices onto her lips. Her expression was as provocative as it was playful. She placed her finger to my lips and I sucked it tasting the musk of her juices. Pulling at my jeans, she freed my cock and thighs to the night air. We kissed again, tasting her arousal as she took my cock guiding it into her.

Looking into her eyes at that moment of penetration, her body tensed a little. Watching her as I pushed slowly into her, her mouth half-opened and her eyes widened with delight. As the cauldron heat of her sex enveloped my hard cock, my own gasp made her moan softly too. Pressing my hands against her firm pillowy breasts, my thumbs grazed over her erect nipples and I pressed myself fully inside her.

“Fuck I feel full, now fuck me.”

With a slow, measured rhythm, we stared into each other’s eyes gauging each other’s need. The silken cosseting heat of her around me tempered the tension of my hard cock. The friction it created was sublime, addictive and I yearned for more. Her fingers caressed down my shaft, feeling it slide into her before moving to rub her sex. I grasped her hips firmly; holding her against me, my assertiveness only emboldened her. With long fluid movements, my cock sawed in and out of her sex.

The sound of shoes scrapping over some gravel distracted us and we both stopped and looked. A young couple, young lovers were watching us only slightly ensconced in the alleyway. Our lack of caution must have attracted their attention. My heart pounded with all the energy of a threatened animal. I looked to Maja, with her arms back showing them her upper body and her ripe full breasts.

The deviancy of being watched by total strangers surged through me as I instinctively pushed my cock fully it into her.

“Yes, yes, let them watch,” hissed Maja, “Keep fucking me.”

Her eyes smouldered with wanton lust; her fiery tight pussy took as much as I could give to her. Each thrust incrementally harder than its predecessor; I would give them something to watch. It had driven me to another level of savage lust; I fully impaled myself into her every time as she groaned with contentment. Each time I pushed, her fingers grazed over my lower abdomen as they worked on her clit. Perched on that ledge, she threw her head back slightly letting out a litany of soft airy whimpers. With increasing vigour, the combination of my girth and her fingers made her trembling body convulse. Looking at me, her eyes wide in ecstasy, her breasts rose and fell with her shallow breathing.

“F. Fu… Fuck me harder.”

As I kept driving myself into her, she looked at our young voyeurs as she squeezed her breasts with her hands. I could feel my cock coated in her, the heady friction spurring me on as my hips fed her craven sex with increasing violence. Our eyes locked together once more, I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers as our kissing became more frenzied. Pawing at her full breasts, her stifled moans yielded to her tongue dancing over mine. Tighter around me, her fingers coaxed her body closer to climax. My body pushing hers up at the apex of each thrust, perspiration forming on my brow yet she still demanded more. With each coarse push into her, her body now writhed in time as I filled her. As we broke from our passionate kiss, summoning sharper gasps of breath, her eyes locked on mine as I plundered her tightening cunt.

"Watch me cum on your cock. Fuck me hard when I cum."

Lost in the moment, I could only manage a nod in deference such was the intensity of the sensory assault on my body. Gorging on the visual feast of her impaled on my cock, my legs and hips delivered hard, pounding thrusts slapping against her loins. Her other hand clasped the back of my neck for purchase as she ground her sex hard onto the base of my cock. I felt her first convulsion tightening on me, her body stuttered from its fluidity – her time had come.

"Cum for me, Maja. Show them how you cum."

With a stuttering moan, her body arched upwards as her body convulsed. I obeyed her instruction and cannoned the full length of my cock in and out of her. Waves of contractions pressed against me, a rolling undulation gripping and massaging me buried deep inside her. Her eyes rolled back as she shuddered violently, her whole body stiffening towards the apex of her climax. As another wave of her orgasm took her, she pulled me close surprising me with her strength. Spontaneously I shoved my cock forcefully into her as deep as I could as she bit on my shirt-clad shoulder.

She moaned hard and loudly, I did not relent as she shuddered again, every spasm travelling through her body into my own. Limply, her chest rose and fell for air as the animalistic nature of her libido waned. I slowed inside her, my balls aching and tight as I felt her pussy grip once more. Her orgasm diminishing, I kissed her softly and gently - an act of tenderness after such malevolent fucking.

As blood rushed through me making my ears ring, I could see her face was happy and her cheeks flushed.

I smiled and looked down to watch my thick, cream covered cock as it eased from her. As she let out a sigh, she held my shoulders as she eased herself off the ledge; her legs were a little unsteady.

"Now, I'm going to be really bad."


"I want to taste your cum."

She turned me to the ledge and pushed me against it as she kissed me. Still naked she looked at me, maintaining eye contact as she slowly went down my body. As she held my cock in her hand, she looked for my reaction as she traced her tongue around the head. She maintained her eye contact with me as she fed my shaft into her mouth slowly between those full sensuous lips.

“Oh fuck.”

It wasn't going to take long as her hand slowly stroked my cock. Feeding it back into her mouth, she took the length of it deep to her throat. As she broke off to lick the head of my rigid meat she looked up, smiling as she took it again. Again and again, she took my full length and each time, easing from her to stroke it firmly. I bit my lip to stop myself from groaning. My head was swimming and my breathing was a sorry series of ragged pants.

I looked over to our voyeurs barely able to distinguish their features yet her hand was massaging her boyfriend’s cock through his jeans.

The prospect of my climax through their eyes only made my livid body more susceptible to Maja’s attention. Maja was relentless and her hand fed my cock into her mouth again, slowly twisting her grip up and then down as her mouth bobbed over my length with a determined rhythm. Her eyes met mine as I watched and the combination of her firm grip and her soft, velvet mouth quickly defeated me. I did not want this to stop but my body could not hold out.

"I'm cumming," I stuttered helplessly.

She took me deep into her mouth as she looked up, stroking my cock to make me yield. Our eyes fixed on each other’s as my balls released a fury of cum into. She moaned with approval as each hard spasm gave her more. Oblivious to our surroundings, I groaned listening to it hit the walls. Still sucking on my erupting cock, it twitched violently as I gave it up to her. Still sucking as she took it all down until the last small jerks told her I was spent. Maja kept sucking eager to let me ride out the last vestiges of my orgasm.

She rose up to only inches from me, teasing me to kiss her as I tried to regain my breath. Bathed in the warm glow of post orgasmic bliss I followed her eyes; her hand was between her thighs.

"Hmm, I'm so wet, you have such a nice cock."

Catching the soft hue of the feeble light, she showed me her fingers as they glistened with her wetness. She placed them in my mouth and then easing them from me, she pressed her mouth against mine. Tasting our congress, the immolation of our passion took hold of us again and signalled our mutual intent for more.

She pushed me with tenderness back against the wall. Restoring my attire, I fumbled to do up my jeans. Rescuing her dress, she casually threw it over her shoulder strutting up and down the park at the end of the alleyway. For our voyeurs’ benefit and mine, she showed herself as I savoured every curve and stretch of every muscle, my own ardour was returning with vengeance.

I looked to the alleyway - our guests had left.

“I think they have gone home to fuck like rabbits,” giggled Maja.

"You're quite the bad girl."

"You've seen nothing, I think you have hidden depths too, I knew it," purred Maja. "I am very bad."

"I am very bad too, I want more, I want all of you, everything."

She laughed, “That is a test you will be taking very soon.”

I reciprocated with a laugh of my own; she knew I was up for the challenge.

"Erm, I'm a bit lost here, where are we?"

Maja laughed.

"This is my front door," gesturing to the door behind her.

“And this is my garden,” gesturing to the small courtyard.

I laughed at her deviousness; her smile was wide and happy that she had won our game.

Taking her keys from her clutch bag, Maja looked up at the tall gable end of her house over the alleyway. I could see a small window with its lace curtain still fluttering as if disturbed. The window was ajar; I dismissed it for catching the wind.

We crossed her threshold.

"Now, you are mine,” she giggled, “I want more, much, much more.”

“And you shall have it.”

She pulled me close to her and kissed me with a soft tenderness, soulful, revealing.

“First, we will have some coffee . No more wine, you have a busy night ahead of you.”