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Make My Day

Sex with strangers
My best friend Lisa & I arrived at about 2am at the St. Louis night club. The club was packed with wall to wall people and the titty contest was about to start. We headed straight for the balcony with our drinks so we could get a good view of the night's drunken contestants who would compete for $100 bucks. Just as the titty contest got under way I looked to my left to see some dude in a nice suit going from chick to chick trying hump on them. You could tell he was about to get his ass beat a couple of times by pissed off boyfriends as one chick after another brushed him off. He continued to make his way down the balcony touching or trying to touch each woman he encountered.

I was pressed against the balcony rail watching as the girls danced & grinded their asses to the beat while flashing their tits to us when he slipped in behind me pressing his raging hard on against my ass. I didn't look at him or brush him off. I kept my eyes on the dancers below us and leaned back into him. He was just a little taller than me and our bodies fit together nicely. I already had a glimpse of him. He wasn't bad looking. Kinda looked like he had been in a wedding that night or something. I had on a mini skirt, thong, heels, tank top, with an over-sized jacket on. He nuzzled his face into my neck planting kisses and deeply inhaling my perfume like we were old familiar lovers. I felt his hands slip under my jacket to my breasts. He gave a tug at the tank top stretching it lower so my breasts were totally exposed. He softly squeezed my nipples I lifted my eyes from the dancers below, looked around at the crowd and realized everyone this guy had just pissed off was watching us. A couple of guys actually had their mouths hanging open. I didn't care. It felt good. I went back to watching the dancers while grinding my ass against him to his rhythm. He whispered in my ear, “You should be down there dancing with titties like these.” I said, “You like them, huh?” He softly moaned in my ear. I pushed my ass against him a little harder spreading my legs so that his cock could slip between them and get more friction.

My best friend standing next to me had a wild look of disbelief on her face because we had just gotten to the club and the next thing you know I am sexing it up to the high hilt with a complete stranger. I looked at her, smiled, and shrugged my shoulders as if to imply “So what!”

I felt his hand plunge down the front of my mini skirt under my thong and start working my clit. This dude was great with his hands. I was totally into it. I let him pull my thong out of my crack and to the side. The head of his cock pressing hard against his pants seemed to practically be begging to get inside me. As his excitement grew his thrusts became more urgent and forceful. He wrapped one arm around my waist and I thought he was going to unzip his pants and slip me his rock hard cock right in front of everyone, but he didn't. Instead he lightly lifted me so now his cock was poised to enter me. I opened my legs a bit further so the whole head of his cock with pants and all were now able to slide in to home base about an inch or so. The front of his pants were soaked with my juices. He obviously had on no underwear.

He kept asking me to go out to his car in the parking lot. I kept telling him no thinking he would realize if he was going to get some pussy that he would have to slip it in right there on the balcony. Now, there I am tits hanging out for everyone to see as he is bouncing me up and down on the head of his clothed cock with his hand down the front of my skirt working my clit. Any guy who just wanted pussy would have unzipped and fucked right there, but he kept begging to go to his car. I wasn't about to do that for all I knew he could have a choking fetish or something like that. So I pushed myself forward off of his cock and onto his hand. When he slipped his finger in me I let myself cum hard so he could feel it.

Then like all the other woman I pushed him off of me and told him to get lost as I pulled my skirt down and tucked my boobs back in to my tank top. He headed towards my best friend who yelled, “Fuck off asshole” at him. Then she reached over grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. I never saw him again.

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