Mardi Gras - Chapter 2

By kodiak1969

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The next day in New Orleans with Megan doing just about anything to please me.

Chapter 2

The next morning we slept until almost noon.  I ordered room service as Megan was just coming out of the shower. She picked out her pale blue lingerie and tan nylons and she slowly began to dress in front of me. She had just donned her stockings where there was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it." Megan smiled.
She put on her blue teddy robe, slipped into her heels and walked to the door. As I watched in amazement, Megan left her robe untied as she pulled the door open. The waiter stared at her sheer bra and panties, garter belt, and stockings! He was flustered, but obviously enjoyed the view as he pushed the cart in and prepared their breakfast! Megan casually strolled about in her lingerie the entire time, even pausing to smooth her stockings for his benefit!
After we ate, Megan finished dressing in a sheer blue blouse and plaid kilt and we went shopping. Passing a fancy lingerie store on Royal Street , we went in to look. I found a rack of lingerie and picked out a lacy corset.
"Megan," I offered, "here's something worth trying on!"
"Where?" she responded and I then realized we had no place to change clothes!

The young sales lady apologized and explained that they were too small afford dressing rooms. Megan grinned as she took the corset and walked to the back of the store. In plain sight, she coolly stripped down to her panties, garter belt and nylons! Of course she kept her high heels on, just for effect!  I stood by the front window, but I could still see her plain as day standing in the back aisle.  Megan didn't even turn her back as she snugged the corset about her waist. I watched her full breasts spill over the scant bra cups, nipples fully exposed in a cradle of black lace! Suddenly Megan nodded and ducked around the back of the aisle.  I turned to see three young college guys plastered against the store front window, silently pushing each other and pointing through the glass. Then I looked back where Megan was standing.  I could see her directly, but she was still completely exposed in the full length mirror!
The boys stared at Megan's lingerie clad body as she unhooked the corset. Then she turned to face the mirror, flashing her bare breasts and stocking glad legs for their benefit as she slowly put on her bra! Megan remained in full view as she stepped into her skirt and put on her blouse. I was hard as a rock by the time she finished and could barely count out the money to buy the corset!
On the street, I couldn't hold back.
"You really enjoyed that!" I spoke in amazement.
"I guess I did!" Megan admitted. "I finally realized I can do anything I want down here and get away with it!"

I grinned and grabbed her skirt, yanking it up as we walked down the street.  For the first time since I’d known her, Megan did nothing and simply allowed anyone watching to enjoy her display of black stockings, pale blue garters, and sheer bikini panties!  After coursing about the French Quarter for the afternoon, we grabbed sandwiches and returned to the room to change for the evening. Again, Megan dressed in front of the window, almost disappointed that she drew so little attention from the crowds below.
Wearing her low cut maroon dress, we went out dancing. The skirt was delightfully short and failed to hide her black stocking tops as we strolled up and down the streets.
By the time we found a bar with a band, Megan was pleasantly looped and showed it! She zeroed in on a couple of guys at the bar and slid in next to them, pulling her skirt up to flash her stockings! In no time, she struck up a conversation and we found drinks appearing in front of us. Megan picked the good looking one and asked him to dance. I watched as she moved about the dance floor, letting her dress fly up to show off her stockings and gartered thighs! Back on her bar stool, she paid no attention to her dress.  The skirt kept sliding up over her stockings and if it slipped down, I “helped” it back up again to enjoy the show. 
Well this went on for a half hour or so and the boys were in seventh heaven.  They were first tour sailors off a cruiser that came in for Mardi Gras liberty and, being a Navy man myself, we had a lot to talk about.  Bet of all, they kept buying us drinks!  Eventually, Megan’s dress fell into complete disarray.  Her neckline sagged as it slipped from her shoulders.  Her cleavage was more than casually exposed!  Then we danced a slow dance as the boys watched.  With one hand, I gently raised the back of her dress until I was actually stroking her garters in full view!  With the other hand, I began sliding her dress off her shoulder until I could look down at her breasts, barely contained inside the scooped low cut neckline.  The dance ended and we returned to the bar.
As she hopped up on her stool, her dress slipped farther off her should until her breasts were almost exposed.  Megan’s new friend was still waiting for us although his buddy had moved on with some girl he’d corralled on the dance floor.  We were getting ready to leave and Megan leaned forward to give her new friend a peck on the cheek and her dress simply melted away from her breasts! 
Blushing, Megan put herself back together and as I finished off my drink, I suddenly had a brainstorm and invited the guy to join us for a night cap at the hotel!  He agreed all too eagerly when Megan repeated the invitation.  Then, taking his hand, she led the guy out of the bar with me in tow. Back at the room, Megan asked me to pop some champagne. She opened our balcony doors and called her young friend over to point out someone on the street below.  I brought over a glass of champagne.  Megan shared her champagne with him and leaned against his shoulder. 
As they stood in the open doorway watching the crowd wandering on the street below, I saw Megan’s hand slip gently down to his crotch and begin to massage his cock!  I was instantly hard as a rock and looked over to the dresser where I left the camcorder.  Gulping my champagne, I silently switched it on and pointed it at Megan and her friend.  Then I sat back to watch.
Megan looked up and kissed him on the lips and he began to respond.  Megan guided his hands to her hips and then reached up to slip the dress off her shoulders.  It slid downward, nearly exposing her breasts and the sailor began to get excited.  His hands roamed her thighs and her dress was soon up about her waist, completely exposing her stockings and garters to the crowd on the street!  As his cool fingers touched her thighs, Megan visibly trembled and she reached behind her back.  In an instant, she had unzipped her dress and then stepped away from her sailor boy.
As he started in total awe, she slowly and erotically stripped!  The dress slid off her breasts and down to her hips, exposing the lacy elastic of her garter belt, and then floated silently to the floor!  Megan was the ultimate pinup in black lingerie, black stockings, and high heels!  Her nipples were fully exposed, nestled in the half-cups of her bra and her lush cunt was clearly visible through the sheer nylon of her panties!
Then she moved against him and grabbed his crotch! I sat down dumbfounded as Megan slowly stripped off his clothes! He was so turned on, he couldn't move and she slowly pulled down his jockeys and knelt in front of him!  Megan finally pulled out his cock and sucked him off.  I could hear the crowd noise growing outside and then heard the cheers as she deep throated the young sailor toward climax.  At the last moment, Megan pulled back and smiled into his eyes.  He just couldn’t stand it as she fondled his swollen cock and let him jerk off into her face in full view of the crowd blow!  His cum splattered across her cheeks and dripped slowly down across her lips, dropping onto her breasts below!  Megan then swallowed him deep into her throat as a last spasm erupted from his cock.  Then he simply wilted and dropped to his knees in front of her!
Afterwards, Megan dismissed him and smiled at me. After he dressed and left, Megan freshened up in the bathroom and came looking as hot as ever!  We lay on the bed drinking our champagne and watched the people in the rooms across the street watching us!  They were all guys and they waived and pumped their fists, beckoning Megan to return to the balcony!  She looked at me and I nodded.
Megan stood up and strolled about the room teasing the boys in the windows.  Then she grinned and motioned me over to the window for a repeat performance!   Highlighted by the bright lights in our room, Megan was once more instantly visible to the street below and it was mere moments before she caught the attention of passersby. Megan put her hands about my neck and slowly pushed me down in front of her.  Taking her cue, I reached up to her hips and easily slid off her panties, fully exposing her soft moist cunt.  Then I leaned forward and began to kiss her where it counts!
Whistles and cheers broke out below and Megan began to quiver, wholly exposed and debased for the entire world to see!  She came instantly and then pulled me up and kissed me passionately!  Reversing our places, Megan slowly pulled down my pants and jockey shorts.  I literally “sprang” into view as I stepped out of my clothes and then Megan began to lick my cock – gently at first, but with ever growing urgency!
We must have entertained the crowd for several minutes before she grabbed my balls and slid my prick between her lips!   Taking up a rhythmic motion, she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth!  The crowd started chanting, “Go! Go! Go!” and I wrapped my fingers in her long flowing her, forcing myself ever deeper with each thrust!  Eventually it was too much and I could hold back no longer.  Megan sensed my excitement and with one last push, took me entirely into her throat as I exploded deep inside her!
I never enjoyed sex more than that night!